Zara Noor Abbas Speaks On Body Shaming

Beauty industry all over the world is filled with double standards. These standards penetrate into society and become a norm. Our society has a lot of standards set for colour, shapes and sizes and anyone who does not fall into the “acceptable” category gets bullied. Even parents in many cases are seen shaming their children on their colours and sizes.

Celebrities counter a lot of people in their daily lives. From fans to colleagues, each and everyone is giving out their opinions to the celebs on their appearances. Due to this, we have seen a lot of celebrities using photoshop and facetune. Many brands and designers also only have a certain shape as their acceptable one. Actress Zara Noor Abbas is not a super petite woman and is beautiful and confident. She took to her Instagram and shared an original and a photoshopped picture from a shoot as she called out people who body shame others:

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Zara has indeed delivered a great message of self-love to all the women out there!

Pakeeza Dar