20 Recent Dramas with Highest TRPs!

Pakistani dramas have been able to attract a huge audience which loves to follow the dramas that relate to the lives and culture of the country.While many people find it difficult to figure out the realities behind the success of the serials, it becomes easier to judge the ratings of dramas through their TRPs.  According to the authentic figures, been released by the channels, here are the top 20 latest dramas on the basis of their TRPs. Have a look!


1)Aik Nayee Cindrella

Aik Nayee Cindrella







Year:  09, april, 2012

Director: Haissam Hussain

Channel: Geo TV

TRP: 6.7

2)Ik Tammana Lahasil si











Year:  3rd October, 2012

Director: Syed Atif Hussain

Channel: hum TV

TRP: 5.4

3)Zindagi Gulzar hai


Zindagi Gulzar hai

Year: 16th November, 2012

Director: Sultan Siddiqui

Channel: Hum TV

TRP: 5.0



daaghYear: 10, January, 2012

Director: Sarmad Khoosat

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 4.8

5)Tanhayan Nayee Silsily


Year:  20th October, 2012

Director:  Marina Khan

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 4.7

6)Qudusi Sahab Ki Bewa


Year: 21st, April, 2012

Director: 5 Mazher

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 4.2

7)Barhi Aapa

bari aapa


Year: 1st, September, 2012

Director: Saife Hasan

Channel: Hum TV

TRP: 4.2

8) Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi

Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi

Year: 22nd, October, 2012

Director: Amna Nawaz Khan

Channel: Hum TV

TRP: 3.7

9)Mera Yaqeen


Year: 1st August, 2012

Director: Sarmad Khoosat

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 3.7

10)Mi Raqsam

Year: 21 

July 2012

Director: Sabiha Sumar

Channel: Geo TV

TRP: 3.5

11)Meri Behan Maya

Year: 17 september, 2012

Director: azfar ali

Channel: Geo TV

TRP: 3.5

12)Mil Kay Bhi Hum Na Milay

Year: 15 october,2012

Director: Faisal Bukhari

Channel: Geo TV

TRP: 3.4

13)Teri Raah Me Rul Gai

Year: 09, September, 2012

Director: Amin Iqbal

Channel: Urdu 1

TRP: 3.3


Year: 29, August, 2012

Director: Nadeem Siddiqi

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 3.0

15) Kahi Un Kahi

Year: 6th November 2012

Director: Asim Ali

Channel: Hum TV

TRP: 2.9

16)Main Gunahgar Nahi

Year: 2012

Director: Nadeem Siddique

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 2.8

17)Saat Pardoon Mein

Year: September 13

Director: Yasir Nawaz

Channel: Geo TV

TRP: 2.1


Year: 25 september 2012

Director: Nadeem Siqqique

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 2


Year: 18 october 2012

Director: Fahim Burni

Channel: Hum TV

TRP: 2

20)Mera Pehla Pyar

Year: 8 June 2007

Director: Robby Grewal

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 1.9

 Hope you enjoyed the list 🙂

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Nida Zaidi


  • Mohammad Awais

    plz upload list of best dramas andd there trps of 2012 πŸ˜›

  • kashhaf

    i dont know who make these TRPs. as far as i know almost every person is watching ZGH. 2nd ANC, 3rd Bari apa, 4th mera yaqeen and 5th NKTMN. personally i never watched MKBHNM, Mi raqsam and saat perdon mein

    • Marwa J

      Im agree with you…..Now a dayzz all are watching zindagi gulzar hai…..

    • zubi

      i agree ap nay jo list di hai wo sab achay dramay hain

  • samreen

    its v.true rating…i realy enjoy this……i love ik nie cindrela

    • nida_zaidi

      πŸ™‚ thats great Samreen

  • esha

    bakwaas ratings … jhooti hai ye

  • anjana anjani

    or qadosi sahab ki bewa to bohat bakwas drama hy

  • guest

    totally wrong every one watches zgh.

  • muneeba

    bhut he bekaar rating… zgh is bestest drama ever… or us k bad tanhaiyan

  • muneeba

    qudosi sahab ki beva or baqi sare hum tv dramas are all bulkshit now a days except zgh

    • DDs

      they are worse than all the turkish dramas and im not even watching them!

  • alia

    ye TRP's Turkey ma banti han:)

    • alia

      ma ne kya kisi ko gali di ha jo dislike ker dia πŸ™‚

      • nida_zaidi

        πŸ˜€ lol.. Good one Alia

  • Xadee_Xaib

    Nida what is your source?
    Wikipedia…i wonder
    if it is then.wikipedia is the most unauthentic source…anyone can edit information on it.i doubt it because of EK TAMNA LAHASIL SI thats not possible top dramas are zindagi gulzar hai,aik nayee cindrella ,tanhiyan naye silsaly and bari apa.
    Waisy ab wikipedia pe b ratings change ho gai han πŸ˜‰
    Anyhow,in pakistani there is no proper way of checking tv rating.
    One site says that ANC,TNS and BA suffers due to last episode of ishq e memno there z the link

    about quddusi saheb ki bewah…what i can say is i was not surprised because…on sunday people prefer it on yeh zindagi hai and mohabat jaaye bhar me…i really want to Recommend TALKIYAAN it is worth watching…it is inspired by novel named"god of small things".
    Timmins 8pm sunday on express entertainment
    but sorry to say admin is not uploading it instead uploading minahil and khalil.
    I request him to upload TALKIYAAN also.
    Nida TFS πŸ™‚

    • nida_zaidi

      Well, yes. the source is wikipedia, i admit. and thanks for sharing the link πŸ™‚ hope that facilitates the readers πŸ™‚

      even i was shocked to see zgh not being on number 1 :/

      • Xadee_Xaib

        My pleasure πŸ™‚

        • abcd

          the good thing is that they have proven all their news to be true

    • zam zam

      thanks coz i was shocked reading this list

      • Xadee_Xaib

        Same was the case with me πŸ™‚

    • firdous

      dont believe TV kahani. it is a gossip site.

      • Xadee_Xaib

        Firdous i am not believing anyone because in our country, there is no proper way to know about the rating…i just state that every site is giving its own ratings.

    • Xadee_Xaib

      Thankyou admin for uploading TALKHIYAAAN
      so nice of you πŸ™‚

      • FatimaAwan

        Xadee I intend to catch up with it too, is it good?

        • Xadee_Xaib

          Fatima just give your 15 minutes to its 1st episode and you will have no choice other than to follow it πŸ˜‰
          basically it is inspired from novel of indian author arundhati roy "god of small things"
          its very unique in story.sanam saeed(looking gorgeous in saree) in lead role with her two kids… very cute πŸ™‚
          acting,direction, script and location all are perfect
          and to top it all up…hina bayat in very different,negative role.
          I would love to know about your views πŸ™‚

          • FatimaAwan

            Xadee I will definitely watch it. Sanam Saeed is a personal favorite. Thank you for sharing the details:)

          • FatimaAwan

            Xadee I watched all the three episodes last night and God it was so depressing:( I literally woke up concerned and thinking about Zoya and jugnu and bibi! I really felt for everyone and you are right, the overall feel of the play is very different from the other plays. Oh yes loved Hina bayat in that role since we are all sick and tired of watching her perform the same roles over and over again. Sanam saeed has carried the sarees so well and i love zoya and jugnu but the older Zoya hasn't yet grown on me but then she is not supposed to be very likeable i guess, so she fits in the character. Whatever bibi's mom says about sons and her own son in particular maybe so true for so many households.I am wondering who that man is who stepped out of the jeep, I hope someone nice.

          • Xadee_Xaib

            All three in a go…thatz nice πŸ˜‰
            yeah its a depression one but i was so happy after watching its first episode that MASHALLAH there is so much variety in our drama if someone realize it.
            Yes sanam saeed is wonderful…kids are new and doing nice job…you are right about older zoya,she seems to be a newcomer.anyhow lets see how the story moves on.
            Fatima have you listen to its OST by mehwish hayat it is also very nice.

    • cartoon

      talkhiyan is an awsum play..acting,direction,location,script,ost almost everything is unique…it is one of the 3 dramas i look fwd to every week..a must watch drama

  • Mona s

    LOVE these ratings.

  • sobia

    What about bandi :0 its also a good drama !! And tanhayian and zgh are no.1 dramas these days..ratinga are so not true

  • Saima

    aik nai cindrella to bilkul fazool drama ha ya. i wonder how it came on top of the list. this rating is lie. i am not agree with it. aik nai cindrella ——————–

  • saima

    ek tammana lahasil ma aik story ha, zindagi gulzar, bari apa, mera yaqeen all are story based dramas. and aik nai cindrella aik pando cindrella uffffffffffffffff itni bakwas acting ha us ke ka bus number first pa.

  • Aqib Bhatti

    Na kaho tum mara nhi and "Zindagi Gulzar Ha" are best and should be on top of list.

  • kinza

    zgh should be on 1st . .aik nai cendrella . . :/ so cheap :p

  • sehar

    ZGH is the best 1…

  • shafaq

    Zindagi Gulzar hai should be on 1st, it iz da best drama right now…

  • honey

    ek tamanna lahasil si…………
    i love it yaro0o0o0o………..
    al the characterz r bbbbeeeeessst…………
    goooooood drama serial……..

  • Ibad Rao

    Saat pardoon main is much famous than most of the above listed plays but given a position much lower than it deserves.

  • Shireen

    v. nice aricle . i love the top ones on it

  • Hassaan

    Very nice selection. I agree with the ranking statistics except for Cinderella, it shouldn't be no#1 but still, nice choice.

  • Anila

    Zindagi gulzaar hai n mera yaqeen r the top ones

  • zubi

    i agree ap ne jo 5 ki list batai hai wo bilkul sahi hay

  • aqsa

    ist py zindagi gulzar ha or 2nd py tanhayan hona chahye very bad ranking

  • Farah

    Very good rankings. Thanks for sharing. I'm liking all the top plays.

  • nida_zaidi

    Thank you Farah ;:)

  • ahmer

    ye sari trp's itni hi sach hain jaisy k pakistan ky Hukmran dunya main sb say ziado emandar hain!

  • ahmer

    Turkey Dramon ki Trp's ko kitna bhi Chupalo…..wo logon k dil main likhi hui hain.

    • Love Pakistan

      fazul turkey dramas.r dekhne wale bh akal se pedal.my foot turkish dramas

      • ali

        TURKEY dramas are ruling in evry pakistani home. It has the highest ratings.

  • rukh

    these days all dramas are good it's very difficult to choose some of them so according to me rating should be ZGH, Tanhayan naye silsilay, kahi ankahi, bari aapa, mera yakeen.

  • hfatima

    1 drama he bakwaas he
    sare bakwaas he

  • Shazia

    Wow, excellent.

  • Ayesha

    just watching 3 dramas from this list. =D

  • arbeeha khan

    zindgi gulzar hai should be on no.1

  • arbeeha khan

    bakwas list

  • Atiya

    I love this list. Excellent rankings.

  • Noor

    Nida i don't really think these ratings are correct.. kahi un kahi is more rated then Ik tammana la hasil si. and zindagi gulzar hai is highest when it comes to ratings.. next time you publish any of such articles make sure they are correct and form a trusted resource.. Thanks keep up the good work

  • anoshia

    shuker hai zindgi gulzar 1st py nhi aya…… nayee cendrela kaha se 1st py agya

  • abcd

    saat Pardon mein is the best drama

  • Mohammad

    Very upset that i didnt saw BULBULAY in the top 5 πŸ™

    • katherine

      its a sitcom nt a serial/soap

  • Mohammad

    Qudusi Sahiab ki bewa , WHO WATCHES THIS DRAMA :@?

  • maimoona Ejaz

    jhooti rating ghar pe bana rahi hai kia???

  • aniqa

    thds nt faIR ..ZGH!! shoUld bE aT 1ST NO..

  • hijab

    zgh and maya r best dramas…..

  • m s kashif

    i don't like this rating

  • Love Pakistan

    sab dramas e awesome hen .i love tanhayan nae silsilay.

  • sam

    Quddusi sahab ki bewa IZ da chea[est drama .. n i seriously hate iT soo much !!

  • Anonymous

    What's TRP??