Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si Episode 13 – Ahsan-Ramla Spot On

Well there were some developments in the story this time but still it seemed stagnant to me at some parts.

Finally what Nadia had been doing has been revealed & that too in a shocking way. I guess the panic of Hira & her mum was justified & for once I didn’t find them overreacting (ignoring the death part) because anyone would be shocked to see the daughter in law dipping amulet in the food. No doubt they ignored the ‘acchai’ part but I guess the amulets come with a huge baggage of fear, emotions & faithlessness. Nadia couldn’t put her word in for why she was doing so but for the first time I felt what happened wasn’t unnecessary, the action could’ve been a little less dramatic but a few things had to be conveyed to Nadia too.

But then again Hira & Ruqaiyya were seen taking amulets from some fake peer who states that Nadia & Ramla are scheming something horrible. This is exactly what I wrote about in my last review too. According to the authentic Hadith the women will be hell-bound because of not believing in Allah. I wish they had shown an ounce of reliability on Allah in this matter but alas! They showed what actually happens in our society in a harsh way. Whether the amulet is written to bring good to the concerned or it may be used for bad things I believe no piece of paper can hold such power & I wish people following this trend should learn and be ashamed of the gamble they do with their condition in the Hereafter when they seek help from others & find tranquillity in such meaningless papers that too for this immortal world & to fix/spoil the life which is going to end.

It was an intelligent move by the director to have Hira & Ruqaiyya exposed in front of Ahsan & Ramla who already knew of their nature but they couldn’t believe that Ruqaiyya could go so far to actually involve herself in the ‘jadu’ scene. Ahsan’s decision of leaving the house is totally right but I guess he will take some time before making a final move or will try to fix things before he materializes his decision.

I am actually kind of waiting for Hira to have a final reality check but the story at present is revolving around Nadia. No doubt they are covering the loopholes of Hira’s married life too but I want to see more of it & actually more of Hira’s serious side because for now she is in a state of oblivion & is hounding Nadia day & night whereas I feel it’s a high time she should get what she deserves too, that she focuses on her life & her wrong-doing more rather than spoiling & interfering into Mohsin & Nadia’s life. Even though she knows Ali has something going on with other girls behind her back but she is pretty normal & thinks she has nothing to worry about. At this point I feel she should mature enough in order to deal with her married life.

Ali’s girlfriend fails to impress big time. No doubt the character she is playing is obviously detestable but I guess if one is working on a TV they should work on their linguistics as well. I heard her saying ‘garantee’ & ‘parposal’ which left me in a laughter fit. No doubt the looks matter to be on the TV & you can refine them with the help of some make up artists but the dialogue delivery is the main weapon of any actor be it a side actor of a supporting one. No one can help you in the dialogue delivery or your communication skills but your own-self  I hope we get to see even more lesser of her because she is a downer & I hate seeing Ali’s scenes too probably because apart from this drama too I never saw the actor himself in some decent roles.

I kind of enjoy the fact that Ahsan & Ramla are always on the spot of action. Be it the amulet scene or Mohsin-hit-Nadia scene or Ali-abuse-Nadia scene. They always act like the police of the house & take situations in their hands. I find this couple near to reality all the time. I hope to see them more & wish they can fix everything ASAP.

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  • i don't understand what wasi shah has written and what he is trying to prove. he should have done what he does best and stay away from writing dramas. what kind of society and social values he is portraying in this drama. where do these things happen and why mohsin's wife is speechless all time. i have not come across any such idiot who marries according to his own will and from day one his wife sleeps with his mother. either the writer is a dick-head or he thinks we are. instead of showing positive values this drama is getting more negative as the time passes. worst i have ever seen………

  • Please stop this drama – what a waste of time

    Extremely poorly written. Full of negativity

    Last 8 episode nothing really happened – with the exception of new zulm ideas on Nadia,

    Where does this happen in real life?

    As an audience my patience of watching this torture has run out.

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