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20 Recent Dramas with Highest TRPs!

Pakistani dramas have been able to attract a huge audience which loves to follow the dramas that relate to the lives and culture of the country.While many people find it difficult to figure out the realities behind the success of the serials, it becomes easier to judge the ratings of dramas through their TRPs.  According to the authentic figures, been released by the channels, here are the top 20 latest dramas on the basis of their TRPs. Have a look!


1)Aik Nayee Cindrella

Aik Nayee Cindrella







Year:  09, april, 2012

Director: Haissam Hussain

Channel: Geo TV

TRP: 6.7

2)Ik Tammana Lahasil si











Year:  3rd October, 2012

Director: Syed Atif Hussain

Channel: hum TV

TRP: 5.4

3)Zindagi Gulzar hai


Zindagi Gulzar hai

Year: 16th November, 2012

Director: Sultan Siddiqui

Channel: Hum TV

TRP: 5.0



daaghYear: 10, January, 2012

Director: Sarmad Khoosat

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 4.8

5)Tanhayan Nayee Silsily


Year:  20th October, 2012

Director:  Marina Khan

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 4.7

6)Qudusi Sahab Ki Bewa


Year: 21st, April, 2012

Director: 5 Mazher

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 4.2

7)Barhi Aapa

bari aapa


Year: 1st, September, 2012

Director: Saife Hasan

Channel: Hum TV

TRP: 4.2

8) Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi

Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi

Year: 22nd, October, 2012

Director: Amna Nawaz Khan

Channel: Hum TV

TRP: 3.7

9)Mera Yaqeen


Year: 1st August, 2012

Director: Sarmad Khoosat

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 3.7

10)Mi Raqsam

Year: 21 

July 2012

Director: Sabiha Sumar

Channel: Geo TV

TRP: 3.5

11)Meri Behan Maya

Year: 17 september, 2012

Director: azfar ali

Channel: Geo TV

TRP: 3.5

12)Mil Kay Bhi Hum Na Milay

Year: 15 october,2012

Director: Faisal Bukhari

Channel: Geo TV

TRP: 3.4

13)Teri Raah Me Rul Gai

Year: 09, September, 2012

Director: Amin Iqbal

Channel: Urdu 1

TRP: 3.3


Year: 29, August, 2012

Director: Nadeem Siddiqi

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 3.0

15) Kahi Un Kahi

Year: 6th November 2012

Director: Asim Ali

Channel: Hum TV

TRP: 2.9

16)Main Gunahgar Nahi

Year: 2012

Director: Nadeem Siddique

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 2.8

17)Saat Pardoon Mein

Year: September 13

Director: Yasir Nawaz

Channel: Geo TV

TRP: 2.1


Year: 25 september 2012

Director: Nadeem Siqqique

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 2


Year: 18 october 2012

Director: Fahim Burni

Channel: Hum TV

TRP: 2

20)Mera Pehla Pyar

Year: 8 June 2007

Director: Robby Grewal

Channel: ARY Digital

TRP: 1.9

 Hope you enjoyed the list :)

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