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Ek Tamanna La Hasil Si Episode 12 – Interesting except some details.

Ohkay well the serial is getting somewhat interesting. I actually find myself liking it & don’t find it hard to watch at least once. The story is taking its twists & turns but I guess some of the content shown in the drama could’ve been sugar-coated or presented in a less dramatic manner.

Nadia & Mohsin got the time for themselves & got to confess their feelings. Nadia has taken a few steps to encourage Mohsin towards her & I guess it is a duty of every wife to do that. Mohsin seems to have rekindled the feelings he had for Nadia but oppressed them because of his mother. Khala’s help to Nadia took a toll on her & she had to pay the price but I must say the way Ramla & Ahsan tackled the situation was brilliant. I liked the scene where Ramla & Ahsan clearly mentioned in front of Mohsin that the way Nadia is being mistreated is intolerable & Ruqaiyya should stop.

Ruqaiyya has clearly told her neighbour that she is now willing to get Mohsin married again because Nadia couldn’t give her a grandchild till now. I feel some of the details in this drama are gruesome & could’ve been handled in a proper way with some lesser details because the way they clearly talk about Nadia & Mohsin’s relation is a bit awkward. Everyone knows what they are referring to so they can cut the part where they have to explain every time that what Nadia goes through & how a distance is maintained between the couple because of the Mother in law.

I really couldn’t believe when I saw the promotion of amulets (taveez). I really couldn’t stop wondering about the Hadith where it is clearly mentioned that the Women would be the dwellers of Hell in a greater number as compared to men & this is going to be the main reason because they would involve themselves in Shirk. I know many would not agree but I fail to understand that how can a man-written piece of paper improve someone’s condition or relation? Nadia took the paper & dipped it in the food so that her in laws would start loving her? This is totally beyond the concept of Quran Majeed & Sunnah, so why can’t the writers or the whole team involved in the making can point out about it & cut this promotion of Shirk out of their dramas. No doubt there’s a trend of literally buying the amulets these days in Pakistan but showing it on TV might encourage the people who already have a feeble iman on Allah. They on their own are showing the reality but to show it in a positive light that the in laws actually started loving Nadia because of the amulet is despicable. No no man can improve the condition of other fellow being let alone make others love him/her. I condemn & I hope that the drama makers stop showing such immorality in our dramas & I pray for those who seek help from others except Allah.

The preview of the next episode was interesting too & we saw Ali making some plans with his girlfriend so that Hira can take divorce from him & once again Nadia is going to be the target. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Zahra Mirza.