Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si Episode 9 – Serious Yet Laughable.

 Well, I saw this episode light heartedly & enjoyed it a lot. The more serious it gets the more funny it seems to me.

All the quarrels & Ruqaiyyas’ input in the arguments is making the situation really funny in the drama. No doubt they have tried to project it in a serious way but to me it seems worthy of a laugh.

The story is making a progress at a lighter pace but is still showing something new every time. Finally we saw how Ali tackled the situation by taking about parting ways permanently with Hira. I thought after such a shock Hira would realize a little but unfortunately she still is the same. Jana Malik on her own is giving a lot from her side but I have a problem with her exaggerated expressions. No doubt she has big eyes but she shouldn’t express a lot through them because it makes her look appalling.

I liked the fact that they talked about Talaq in a proper manner where haq meher was also a part of discussion. Mostly in the dramas these days we see no attention being paid to such aspects as such & they project them without any consideration for example in Madiha Maliha, Maliha got divorced but joined the office of her Brother in Law whereas in Islam & in our culture there is a certain time period prescribed called Iddat for a lady who gets divorced in which she should stay at home. But on the other hand the ‘nariyal’ rasm was something I’ve heard for the very first time & to me it seems to be inspired from Hindus because I know there are a lot of non-Islamic rasms that happen in our society during weddings but Nariyal predicting the fate of Bahu is funny. Anyhow, In this drama we’ve seen Ali not being able to give divorce to Hira because of the huge amount promised to her in the name of Haq Meher. That is the reason he has allowed her to come back to his home.

We got to see a lot of scenes of Ahsan & Ramla this time too. I still feel she is too immature to play such a role, she was fine playing a role of a student but now she has become Ahsans’ wife. But as far as her character is concerned Ramla has shown how easy it is to present your opinion in a proper manner. She seems to be someone who won’t be taking the harsh words of Ruqaiyya & would present her opinion every time needed.

Mohsin & Ahsans’ quarrel was uncalled for & in the end Ruqaiyya blamed Nadia for all of that. We finally saw Father in law once again mentioning it in front of Ahsan while convincing him to apologize to Mohsin saying if you won’t say sorry to Mohsin it will take a toll on Nadia. Finally, we have Father in law, Ahsan & his wife Ramla as well who are going to support Nadia from now on.

I know many are still saying that they don’t need such dramas but I am amused to say that each one of us follow dramas of such kind with such a plot & story. So let’s watch it with an open heart & keep the criticism aside because we still follow it anyway. :)

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Zahra Mirza.

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  • oho main toa kabhi na dekhun aisay dramay,wo toa bs zara time pass krnay k liye.. ;) hahah ye acha kaha apnay end pay…waisay yes i also find this play amusing( just as my friend used to say k she watch punjabi film when she wants to laugh) acha han,MAdiha in fact technicaly was not in need of iddat, it was the same situation when iddat ends after baby's delivery..sorry acha nai lag raha but i had to explain. khair waisay b u r true k they dont care for such details in dramas.or han aik boht serious bat kehna hay apsay ..kk…Review acha likhnay lagi hain ap:) keep it up

    • Thank you so much Mrs. Asim. :) hehehe yeah we can just watch these dramas & laugh it off, because the way Saba Hameed acts & expresses she makes the whole situation amusing. hhehehe! Accha thanks for explaining but then again aggar dekha jaye to yeh tareeqa bhi Talaq ka Islam mai nahi hai. Talaq is supposed to happen over the period of 6 – 9 months jahan 1 talaq di jaye uske baad 3 months wait karne ka aur reconcile karne ka hukum hai phir bhi na baat banay to aur 3 months wait karne ka hukum hai aur jab phir bhi na baat banay to end mai final yani 3rd talaq hoti hai. Is tarhaan kharay kharay talaq bhi nahi hoti. :)

      • Pakistani men are mostly impotent personality-wise as even after getting ‘educated’ they cannot effectively communicate with their parents as to what they truly desire. I think marriage for them has become an institution that they think they have to jump into it just because their parents insist and to unleash a tear jerking drama all over. It is high time that Pakistani men realize that if they ‘man up’ before marriage and categorically point out to the parents and society in general, what they view to be correct, lot of problems of post-marriage can be dealt with effectively between the man and his wife. If a man gets into a matrimonial alliance just to appease his mother, it will always remain a big blot on his character and demonstrate a lack of personality development. Moreover, there is no guarantee if he can teach his own kids to follow self-righteous ideals and decide independently what they desire. So, in effect, it creates generations of impotent or spineless sub-standard Pakistani husbands no matter which strata of society they belong to.

          • See now you all are understanding the drama in your own way. The drama provides us something at least to ponder over & here you girls are presenting your opinions. We might dislike a drama but every drama has a lesson of it's own & this is exactly what ITLHS carries in itself, so enjoy watching. :)

      • yes u r right,its quite annoying that almost all the dramas show the wrong way…ye theek hay k mostly log b yehi krtay hain,but writers should indicate to the right wrong too sometime.

  • I just read about Idat comment in Madiha Maliha, I think as per firm believer Divorce was done when one of the lady has got the abortion, so there was no need of Idat, as Idat is meant to determine if a lady is pregnant or not.

  • buhut hi bakwas episode thi is ki ,pehley hi yeh itn a awfull lag raha tha k tutor ki bday celeberate ho rahi hai ghar pe ,none of his parents can b seen wht,s her daughter is doing then is episode mei tu hadd hi ho gayi k no parents r shown ,how a rich girl is married with this poor guy ,thr home etc itna fuzool lag raha tha aur waisey bhi sh,s too young to get married .and fahad looks like a donkey whn he is looking at his wife ev night frm window ,and abba ji tu bilkul hi bas kuch naa poochein uff hzam nahi ho raha drama.

    • hahahahah! lols @ donkey. hahahah! Waisay I find it funny too jiss tarhaan se wo chup chup k appni wife ko dekhta hai. :D

  • aj kal kay zamanay mey kon sa aisa beta hai jo apni wedding night per apni dulhan ko apni maa kay pas sula kar khud window sey jhankay.Or sitam ye kay saas kay sath her roz bahu soti hai or beta apnay room mein alag sota hai ye tu 50's ki film mey bhi nahi hota tha.Very very un natural drama ever seen.

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