Haseena Moin Fails To Impress the Audience

When we think of legendary writers the first name that comes to our mind is Haseena Moin. She is a Pakistani dramatist, playwright and scriptwriter and she has not only written for Television, but also for Radio and Stage shows and has managed to gain International recognition and fame. She has been in the industry for more than the past 4 decades. From comedies like Shahzori, Uncle Urfi, Tanhaiyaan, to tragedies like Parchaiyaan. From romantic dramas like Dhoop Kinaray, Unkahi, Kohar to family dramas like Aansoo. She has written each play to perfection. She has also written several plays based on social issues like the super hit Aahat. She has given us other legendary plays like Kiran Kahani, Des Pardes, Pal Do Pal, Kasak, and Parosi, Bandish, and the list goes on. All these plays have managed to gain International repute. 

Haseena Moin is the recipient of Pride of Performance award. She has introduced many legendary Pakistani actors like Shakeel, Shehnaz Sheikh, Marina Khan, Nadia Jamil, Salman Ahmad, Babra Sharif. Many actors rose to fame by to her serials, including Roohi Bano, Khalida Riyasat, Azra Sherwani, Behroze Sabzwari, Badar Khalil, Sania Saeed and many more.

She has been inactive from the past few years but her shows are back again on television. Meri Behen Maya and Saray Mausam Apne hai are both written by Haseena Moin. There was a lot of hype about the new ‘Haseena Moin’ shows. Haseena Moin’s name is no less than a brand itself. A lot of promotion was done by Geo TV to promote both these serials. Everyone was excited to watch the new plays, especially those who have seen her serials like Tanhaiyaan, Dhoop Kinare, Unkahi. However, all the expectations went down the drain when both these shows were launched. Fans were extremely disappointed as both these shows were below their expectations as they lacked proper story and concept. The stories were Clichéd and did not go well with the audience.

Meri Behen Maya’s story revolves around two sisters Maya and Zarmeena whose father married again and their stepmother turns out to be evil. Sounds familiar, right? Saare Mausam Apne Hai revolves around around a girl named Eshal who is bold, confident, and full of adventure and who has been brought up by her grandfather. It is shown how different people manage to leave an impact on her life. Both these stories have nothing new to offer the audience. Why? Because the audiences have changed! Now people all over the world follow Pakistani shows. From youngsters of all age groups, to adults all have gotten hooked to Pakistani shows because of its uniqueness and appeal. They want to see new mature concept based on social issues. They prefer more realistic shows which they can relate to. Evil step mother is a very old concept which would not impress the mature audiences at this stage.

On top of that, the screenplay is boring and direction is average. The pace of the shows is also very slow. Saray Mausam Apne Hai is directed by Ali Rizvi while Meri Behen Maya is directed by Azfar Ali. Azfar is not a very experienced director and has failed to do justice with Haseena Moin’s script. Ali Rizvi is an experienced director but what the show lacks is a good cast. The lead Kanza Arif is a fresh face and her acting fails to impress the audience.

The trend in the Pakistani drama industry has changed over time and the content needs to adapt to these new trends. Now a hit needs a perfect mixture of story, acting, screenplay and direction. A lot of talented writers have emerged over the past two decade or so and there is tough competition in the industry.
As it is said, “Things will not always stay the way they are, people need to adapt to the change.”

Haseena Moin is a great writer, no doubt about that! But she needs to change the stories and adapt with the changing trends in the industry to be able to give hits like before.

Mariam Shafiq

  • Hira

    Kinda true, But Meri behn Maya is a way too better in time when you find rivalry between sisters in every other serial.

  • ash

    yh ….very true…sary mausam apny hain….bhohat fazool hai ,hasan sumroo yuk….yani itni bari age ka admi or acting 20 year ke age wali….hassina moin ka drama nai lugta …esa lugta hai k jesy na likhna aya na direct kerna aya….yhi script kesi sahi director k pas hota tu dramy ko char chand lug jaty na cast achi na director acha

  • Lubnarashid

    I think har insaan ka or har ccheez ka 1 waqt hota hai haseena moin no doubt buhat hi achi writer hain unho ne buyhat superhit dramas dye hain lekin woh un ka time tha ,ab age factor b hai or aaj kal k dramas ki demand b or hai har insaan har time period main 100% nahi desakta

  • Zar

    Haseena Moin's main problem is that she is still stuck in the 80's. she thinks that overly dressed step mother would be something that the audience would like to see, but she is wrong so overwhelmingly. I agree with Mariam Shafiq, that times have changed and the intelligence and preferences of the audiences have also changed over time. with out a doubt , I think that this is Umera Ahmed's era . she is damn good writer and she aspires people to think with her words .

    • NDL

      I agree. When you see Umera's dramas they are a mix of entertainment, romance and social issues. The romance is deep, committed with expectations. The repurcussions of heartbreak, the social issues that arise from it, the religious shades to the story become something that takes you to another plane. Her dramas make you THINK!! I know Hasina's Forte is Comedy, but did any one think putting 'surma' in that silly way when the aunt is screaming and fretting over her neice putting surma in her eyes ( first or second episode of TNS) was funny or cute? I think Coke Kahani has more light comedy with some sense in it. Maya meri behan is simply boring! The step mother and her get up is intolerable!

  • SRA

    good article,meri behan maya is so boring but u forgot to mention tanhaiyan naye silsale!!

    • Mariam Shafiq

      Tanhaiyaan naye silsilay is not completely written by Haseena Moin.
      Its written by Mohammad Ahmed and Haseena Moin.
      Only the first 7 episodes are written by her.

      • SRA

        yup i know! and in these starting episodes she couldnt prove herself

  • asya

    Haseen Moin Did not completely wrote this drama……………..

  • asya

    Spotlight: Haseena Moin speaks out

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  • Maroosh

    I agree to an extent with everything said. However I would just like to point out that if people were excited to see her new plays it was because they liked her dramas back then and many people including me still watch those dramas. Because one can class them as true DRAMAS. These days, the quality of entertainment has deteriorated. Although I have not watched her new plays but i think from everything said, more than the story, it is the teamwork and the work of the cast which is important as well. Indian dramas are always so cliche and not suited to the modern century. But the reason many people watch them is not because they are the best but because there is no other choice in what we watch. And if we do switch to Pakistani dramas, even the best dramas with good concept are slow-moving. They are incomparable to Haseena Moin's plays. No doubt Umera Ahmed is a brilliant writer but that does not keep me from saying that her dramas are still boring and slow although the story is good.

  • maria

    She doesn't need to prove her now. She is writer of great dramas like dhoop kinare, perchayian, tanhayian etc and we still like to watch them on CDs and youtube. As far as her recent dramas on Geo r concerned,we should also keep in mind age factor and also dramas of GEO have always failed to impress me.I think Hum tv is doing a better job and has given many blockbuster dramas recently.