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Foreign Dramas are a Serious Threat to Pakistan Drama Industry- Mubashir Lucman!

We recently shared an article about the Turkish dramas been aired on local channels and the response that we received was somehow a mixture of different ideas and believes. We respect all of them. However, as predicted, Pakistani Celebrities are finding the telecasts of such dramas more than a threat for not only themselves but for the entire media industry. It was last night that the issue was given a huge platform on ARY, where Mubashir Lucman invited Asif Raza Mir, Humayun Saeed, Samina Ahmed and Faisal Qureshi on his show ‘Khari Baat’.

Before the show could even proceed, the host mentioned that the media industry is a source of generating more than Rs. 25 Billion per annum, contributing a good share in the current economy of Pakistan, but it seems more like a conspiracy against the welfare of the country that the foreign dramas are now given a platform to saturate the market for the local projects.

Mentioning the Channel Urdu 1, Mubashir highlighted the double standards of PEMRA. He highlighted that it is becoming more like a trend that we give preference to the foreign talent and that has taken away some best singers, actors and directors who are now serving other countries,leaving Pakistan.

Just as we, the viewers did talk about the vulgarity and boldness which is a measure part of these projects, Mubashir also considered it to be a source of spreading vulgarity in the society, which might be a culture of other nations but is forbidden in our country.

However, Asif Raza Mir did defend Urdu 1 to some extent, blaming PEMRA for giving the rights to these channels. Humayun Saeed criticized the culture that is shown in Ishq-e-Mamnoon and also raised the question that why dont they air the Pakistani dramas in their country then?

It seems that the show was conducted, keeping in view the thoughts of the viewers as Samina Ahmed countered the idealogies that we even saw on our forum, she said that though people say that let it be, the craze would going to end itself, it wont be a threat to the local dramas, even if its true, it would take more than 2 years to settle things down and by then the actors and directors would lose all their interest in the industry that somehow degraded them.

With this show, there is one thing clear that the foreign dramas are certainly a threat to the Pakistan Drama industry. As a devoted Pakistani, I personally condemn the telecast of projects that do not belong to us. Share your views about it, how far do you think, the issue would go and what do you see in the near future, is it what that Mubashir said? Is the next target our News Channels? What do you say?


Nida Zaidi