Mera Yaqeen Episode 18 Review – Seeds of Doubt Planted

One word for this episode: Brilliant. The pace was fast and the story has finally moved on to the next phase. Maha is back! Yes, she is finally able to move and is on the way to recovery, thanks to the steroids. The progress is slow but she will recover pretty soon.

Since she has kept her recovery a secret from everybody except her nurse, I am waiting to see how everyone will react when she comes downstairs on the wheelchair! I am eager to see their reaction. How will Asfand and Nazish react? How will the children react? Will they be shocked or surprised? I cannot wait to find out.

Nazish is finally accepting the house as her own and making changes to it. However, Maha does not like this and Asfand and Maha have an argument. I absolutely loved the dialogues when Maha asked Asfand “Kya tumhe usse Muhabbat hogaee hai?” And he replied, “Shayad”. Maha was shocked to the core and replied “Aik aam si larki se?” I doubt she will ever stop degrading Nazish. She also taunted Nazish that it is because of her that she is in this house; otherwise she would be at her parent’s place, married to someone of her ‘status’. So much has happened to her but her arrogance is still intact. *sigh* Will she ever learn?

Maha has also managed to plant seeds of doubt in Asfand’s mind about Nazish and Ahmer’s relationship. For the first time, Asfand was upset with Nazish and spoke to her rudely. It was the first time I saw distrust in his eyes. His doubt further increased when Nazish lied to him that she went out to meet Amna, when she actually went to meet Ahmer. Asfand knew she was lying because Amna and her husband were sitting at his house that very moment! I think this was the biggest blunder Nazish could have ever made. She was caught red handed. However, Asfand did not tell her that he knew she was lying, not until she confessed herself.

Nazish realized her mistake when Asfand scolded his son, Ali for lying to him. She went to him immediately and confessed her lie. One could see the relief on Asfand’s face when she told him that she went out to meet Ahmer to remove his misconception about their relationship. Another dialogue which I liked was when Nazish told him that she did not want to increase his worries by telling him about Ahmer and he replied that, ‘A husband and wife relation is not only for sharing happiness, but also their worries’. Asfand never asked Nazish “Why are you meeting Ahmer?” but instead he said, “Why is Ahmer trying to contact you?” This shows that he still trusts her and has realized his mistake of doubting her.

Now, what is wrong with Amna? She was actually giving Nazish advice to go back to Ahmer and leave Asfand. I liked Nazish’s reply that marriage is not some game and she will never leave Asfand. Nazish was also seen angry at Maha as she had crossed her limits by encouraging Ahmer to contact her. Another highlight of the episode was Amna and Maha’s fight. Amna bluntly told Maha what she thinks of her and it is her attitude that is making people leave her. Bravo! I loved the verbal spat between the two. Maha definitely needed a reality check.

But did it have any effect on Maha? The answer is NO. Now she has started insulting Nazish in front of the kids. I liked the fact that kids took Nazishs’ side. They respect her as she loves them and cares for them so much.

The most heart touching moment for me in this episode was when Asfand promised Nazish that he will NEVER leave her no matter what happens. Nazish’s face lightened up when he said these words. She has full faith in Asfand now. But the question is will he be able to keep his promise?

Overall the episode was great. Nazish and Asfand’s scenes were executed brilliantly and left an impact on the viewers. I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. It’s a must watch!

I am excited for the next episode now. What will be everyone’s reaction when they see Maha? Would things get more difficult for Nazish? How will Asfand be able to deal with them both now? Let’s see what happens!

Mariam Shafiq


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