Mera Yaqeen Review – Last Episode!

                                                           ‘All’s well that ends well’
This phrase applies to this show. It may have many flaws but its ending was superb. The whole episode was mind blowing! I was totally hooked till the end. Usually last episodes turn out to be really disappointing but this episode was way better than my expectations.

The whole cast has given their best in this show. The performance of Faisal Qureshi, Sawera Nadeem and Nimra Bucha is commendable and praiseworthy. Even the supporting roles played by Farhan Ali Agha, Shehryar Zaidi, Sami Sani and the rest have been played brilliantly by all of them. The story had been written well by Seema Munaf and Sarmat Khoosat has done a satisfying job as a director if not a very good one. I doubt he can give another masterpiece after Humsafar, but it will always remain a benchmark for all his other shows. He has also performed well in his cameo in this show. A good director is one who can also act well. The dialogues in this show were simply outstanding but the screenplay could have been better. Last but not the least, the OST of this show is beautiful. The melody always gave a very piquant feel. It is used at the right moments and it really helped to uplift all the emotional scenes.

The best part of the show is its lesson, ‘Pride and ego is never liked by God’. Everything is given to us by the Almighty and not to thank him for it and to think that it is our right to get all the favors given by him is a very wrong perception. Maha and Nazish were shown as two opposite personalities. One was patient, kind and a firm believer in God. Even after being through so many hardships in her life, she always remained optimistic and always liked to spread happiness all around her as it made her happy to see others happy. The other was a selfish, self centered woman who always considered Nazish inferior to her in terms of looks, personality and status. Maha always thought that Nazish could not pose any threat to her if she got married to Asfand, but things do not always turn out the way you want. Nazish managed to create a place of her own in Asfand’s heart even with all her shortcomings. Maha realized her fault when she had lost everything; her husband, her children, and her house, all belonged to Nazish now. This is when she realizes that God is the only one who has the power to bestow you and he is also the one who has the power to take it from you. She leaves everything she had been proud of all her life and goes away to spend the few years of her life that was left to serve people.

This scene was the best part of the episode. When Maha looks at herself in the mirror and realizes what she truly is. An empty person inside out who had lost everything to a person she considered way out of her league. I had goose bumps when I was watching this scene. Sawera Nadeem was simply outstanding!

I was glad that Asfand finally raised his voice against Maha. She had crossed all her limits and it was high time for Asfand to speak up and show Maha the mirror. He lost all his patience when Maha told Nazish to leave the house. Faisal Qureshi’s acting was spot on! I would have liked it even more if Nazish had stood up for her rights herself instead of giving in repeatedly to Mahas’ demands.

The end was satisfying as Maha and Nazish both got happy. Asfand found Maha and asked her to come back. I would not have liked it if Asfand had left Maha for Nazish. The ‘yaqeen’ of Nazish was not broken and in the case of Maha, it came back. The last scene when Asfand goes to take Maha back was beautifully enacted.

On the whole, the show was good. I wish they would not have dragged it to 21 episodes. It could have easily been summed up in 15 episodes. The show was engaging in the beginning and kept the viewers hooked but it lost its charm somewhere in between. However, the twist and turns in the last few episodes made the show interesting again and the viewership returned. I really hope to see Faisal and Sawera in another serial in the future. Well, all I can say is that I will miss this show for sure!

Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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