Mera Yaqeen Episode 19 – Maha Is Back!

We go to see a lot of twists and turns in this episode. This show is finally picking up its pace. We saw Maha trying to get her hold back on her house. Everyone was surprised at first and then happy to see her on the wheelchair. Asfand was in a state of disbelief, his happiness had no bounds and even Nazish was seen happy.

Asfand asked Nazish if she was not happy that Maha recovered. And her reply was ‘Kya ap bhi Maha ki tarha sochte hai? Ap bhi meri niyat per shaq karte hai’ Asfand felt bad about doubting her. Nazish also said this line ‘Maha aur mera rista hee aisa hai ke sab ko lagega ke mein uske theek hone per khush nahi hoon.’ True. Anybody who does not know her would think like that. But is she truly happy now?

he highlight of the episode was Ahmer and Nazish conversation and Asfand overhearing it. I am not sure whether he heard the whole conversation or just bits and pieces but he did seem angry when he saw both of them together. However, he did not say anything to Nazish. Nazish asked Asfand ‘Do you still think I meet Ahmer secretly?’ Asfand hesitated a bit before giving the answer. Does it mean that he still have doubts in his mind? I really want to know whether he has heard the conversation or not.
Maha is turning Nazish’s world upside down. It was like Nazish was living in a bubble and Maha had burst it. The few peaceful months spend in Asfand’s company was like a beautiful dream for her. She no longer feels secure in the house. Maha is everywhere now and she does not like the changes Nazish made, both in Asfand and the house. She commented on the changes she saw in Asfand like his sudden preference for tea without sugar. She intends to take the control away from Nazish. She countermand every instruction that Nazish gives, and is trying to make her feel unwelcome. Nazish’s voices her insecurity to Asfand when she said that maybe she should go back now that Maha has recovered and that she was brought in the house because she was needed at that time. Asfand again tells her that he is not going to leave her and nobody ever said that she would have to go back if Maha recovers. I am really glad that Asfand is always by her side and supports her every time.

Maha is making ever possible attempt to separate both of them. I just hate her selfishness. When Asfand wanted to take Nazish out, she pretended to be sick and stopped them from going. Asfand, on the other hand is trying hard to keep a balance between the two. When Maha and Asfand were having tea, Asfand also called Nazish to join them, but Maha could not accept that he was treating them both equally because according to her she is better than Nazish in every possible way. She again made Nazish feel unwanted by taunting her. Nazish did not utter a word but went to her room silently. Nazish really needs to speak up. She has the right as Asfand is her husband too. Her silence can get really annoying at times.

Nazish had taken Maha’s place in Asfand’s life. We saw this when Asfand could not find his tie and he called for Nazish but we saw Maha coming to his room and she made Nazish realize that she is a new comer and is not as acquainted with Asfand as her as she has just come into his life while she had been a part of his life since years. Asfand is also getting irritated by Maha’s antics. Poor guy! I feel sorry for him.

Maha is finally able to stand now. The steroids have done their work. She made Nazish’s life miserable when she was on the wheelchair, what will happen now that she can walk? I am really afraid for Nazish now. She gloated in front of Nazish that she can finally stand beside Asfand. Will Nazish ever speak up for her rights? Or will she let Maha play with her life? The show is getting more interesting by the day.

Mariam Shafiq

Fatima Awan

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