Zindagi Gulzar hai Episode 3 – Outstanding Script And Flawless Direction

Zindagi Gulzar hai Episode 3 – Outstanding Script And Flawless Direction

Zindagi Gulzar Hai has it all; outstanding dialogues, flawless direction and brilliant acting. I must start this review by appreciating the director Sultana Siddiqui in particular for a job very well done. The way the day to day lives of the two lead characters have been shown running parallel to each other is just immaculate. Add to that Umera Ahmed’s script and a group of very gifted actors at heir best and you get a masterpiece ready to enthrall you on Friday nights.

Today’s episode opened with Zaroon and his friends sharing with each other how they felt about the new girl who topped the list and told “Zaroon the great” off! While Asmara and Zaroon are amazed at the kind of crowd that makes it to such top universities, Osama likes Kashaf instantly! On the other hand Kashaf’s first impression of the university is that studying with rich people was not such a good idea after all because she can never “compete” with them. At night when kashaf writes her diary she complains to God but she wakes up in the morning with a completely different frame of mind. Kashaf realizes that it would prove to be futile trying to compete with her college mates on the basis of clothes and status so she decides “kuprun pe time nahi lagana, parhai pe lagana hai”. This is what I absolutely love about Kashaf’s character, she may complain about a lot of things in life but at the same time she knows how to make life livable for herself, even against all odds. Zaroon and Kashaf both think about each other while writing their diaries and Zaroon thinks that Kashaf is proud and has no class. I did not quite understand why Kashaf felt that Zaroon insulted her in the class because the poor guy only said hi and did not get a chance to say anything else.

Okay so just when I started feeling that Asmara was acting unreasonable by getting jealous of all the other girls, we saw Asmara and Zaroon’s parents thinking of tying the knot. I have to say that this particular track of the story gives me a very “been there done that” feeling. Both the families and the girl eagerly want this proposal to go ahead but I have a feeling that the concerned boy is not going to jump on the idea (I could be very wrong of course). Why do I think so? Well because Asmara is exactly like Sara and Ghazala and why would Zaroon want to marry someone like that? Zaroon’s conversation with his father and everything else that we have heard from him till now suggests that Zaroon has very conservative ideas when it comes to how a man and a woman should run a household. It is very obvious that the women run the show in Zaroon’s house and the men are somewhat scared of even sharing how they feel about things. The men of the house are actually not allowed to intervene in anything, Ghazala just gets up and goes to Malaysia. Although Zaroon’s father has accepted the way things are, Zaroon would never allow his future wife to do all this to him. I have to say the relationship between all these family members has been very nicely portrayed. Had Ghazala been a housewife, it would have been difficult to understand why she exercises all this control and freedom.

Another big blow to Zaroon’s ego today had to be the C he got in the assignment, now how did that happen? I thought he was a very good student. I thought the scene where Zaroon is more interested in Kashaf’s assignment than his own was a very good addition; so many students do that in real life too. We see Kashaf aiming higher and Zaroon has some serious completion coming his way.

I like how the music from Hadiqa Kiyani’s version of the OST plays in the background in all the scenes with Kashaf in them and Ali Zafar’s version plays in the background in all of the scenes with Zaroon in them. Both the versions are well suited for these two characters that are entirely different from each other.

Today’s episode was engaging and entertaining but I have to say that I would have liked to see more of Zaroon and Kashaf “interactions” in some way. Shehryaar Munawar looks good in this role and I am looking forward to seeing more of him. Fawad Khan was absolutely brilliant in today’s episode and he totally owns the character. I am eagerly waiting to see how the story unfolds.

Fatima Awan.

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  • Wow that was fast Fatima:) Nice analysis!!! Yes ZGH keeps us glued; all day to day scenes are shown beautifully. Loved the way the rivals are conscious of each other even without having a direct interaction. But you are right I wish we could see an interaction between the two.

    • Thank you Azk:) you are so right aboout the rivals being conscious of each other without any direct interaction, totally agree with you and the credit goes to the script of course. keep reading and commenting. It is so nice when the readers add something new that I did not even think of, like you did.

  • excellent review……i just want to add i loved saminas acting and her portrayal of a mother protecting her daughters….in the novel interaction between kashaf and zaroon is shown in academic discussions in the class—in which they obviously disagree with each other—-maybe they will show this in coming episodes….
    everyone has done superb acting—-and the direction is just WOW—!!!!!
    Waiting for the next episode impatiently—–

    • Thank you Ghazala, yes Samina Peerzada is one of the finest artists we have. we should be proud to have actors like her in our industry. We are all so dying to see some more of Zaroon and Kashaf and I am sure we will in the next few episodes:)

  • sometimes men think that they can change women. i have a friend who despite being very conservative married his classfellow (very liberal) and believed he would be able to change her. he even once said that if he ever found his wife flirting with other men, he would become a living hell for her….(zaroon somewhat reminds me of him) ….anyway the liberal girl ended the relationship!

    it would be interesting to see if zaroon with a smiliar mindset gets engaged to ismara and ismara finds the relationship suffocating and ends it. hehe

    • Noor Hamza absolutely agree with you, I have seen many such men around me too and many women also who actually do change themselves for their husbands. Yes let's see how Zaroon reacts when he finds out about the proposal.

  • i m totally loving today 's episode………..
    especially zarooo0000n do the faboulus job xactly wat we xpecting from talanted FAWAD KHAN
    n kashaf s character is also played brilliantly by Sanam Saeed
    its gefunitely going to be a big hit:-)

  • I absolutely loved it. I totally understand and empathise with Samina's character and her situation, as I have seen such interactions in some households myself. Hence, to me the character of the father is very real and not just a 'black' character in a drama.Umera's script and characterisation is just flawless. The way she has observed our society, the pitfalls and the reactions of people is just amazing. The scene where Sidra comes to hold her mother to console her and then leans on her shoulder in order to be consoled herself,was very poignant and again very real as many girls go through such situations with their fathers, specially where fathers have their own agendas and other wives and families. Both Samina and Mansha have acted brilliantly in that brief scene. Again the interaction between the two sisters is very touching. Mansha and Sanam have great chemistry. Sanam and FK were superb as usual. I also loved the way they show Zaroon very interested in Kashaf's assignement.Every one else is absolutely fantastic. Sheharyar too has done justice to his role. I think Sultana has given us a blockbuster and I quite see it going the ' Humsafar' way. Congratulations team ZGH!!!!

    • NDL thank you so much for your inisghtful comment. I agree with you on all accounts. I discussed the father's attitude in the last review so did not mention it in this one , so thank you so much for adding to it. it means a lot. keep reading and commenting.

  • Nicely written fatima :)
    episode was good but i wanted some face to face interaction of the lead pair.
    Osama is taking interest in kashaf..was little shocking for me.
    I agree, the dipolar personalities of zaroon and kashaf are rightly shown by the two distinct ost.
    Me and my friends use to say"FRIDAY GULZAR HAI"
    Wating for next gulzar friday ;).

    • Xadee, yes didn't see that coming myself too. Poor guy once again he will not get the girl he loves, Shehryaar Munawar ke sath aisa kyu hota hai? Oh you are so absolutely right. whenevr someone asks me on Friday kia haal hai. i tell them aj tu zindagi gulzar hai!! In fact people have stopped asking me now they just say haan g aj tu zindagi gulzar hai na? lol

  • nice review, nice drama, loved Samina peerzada's scene. Although i found tht scene of Kashaf with her friend a bit exaggerating abt Zaroon,, aik hi tau bola tha becharey ney aur Kashaf ka dimaag ulta hogaya:)
    n seriously found this episode missing of Kashaf Zaroon interaction…acha nahi kia , ab aik poora week aur intezar:(

    • Zara I think Kashaf is justified in feeling this way because she is the defensive sort and won't let go of the churail awal dialogue soon lol. I think the ZGH is making us wait for Zaroon/Kashaf scenes on purpose:)

  • Fatima,I think now u watch the drama with ur hands on laptop;) yes its true that when all is fresh in mind that is the best time to write what u really felt..acha I didnt notice this thing about OST,but when u mentioned it then I realised it,and its effect too. u r right about direction, superb! and Umera toa phir Umera hain. very good review.

    • lol Mrs. Asim it is more like run to the computer right after watching the episode lol. You are absolutely right, i enjoy reviewing a play more if i do it immediately after watching the show:) Thank you for liking the review. This drama is only going to get better and I am so looking forward to it!

  • You are so FAST Fatima :) Enjoyed reading your review. I like how the main characters are differentiated like you said.
    Mansha and Sanam scenes are great and also the Behroze-Fawad scenes.
    I wish there was more to where the last episode left off. Zaroon randomly talking to a new girl in class and she telling him off – his reaction, her reaction etc. They ended the last epi on a high note but the continuation of it fell flat. Plus I am not warming up to Asmara's character at all – she is trying too hard to fit in to the whole college environment – it looks fake. The best scenes were between Z-Behroze, Z-father, and K-Mansha. Thankfully we had those to mellow out the loud melodrama at the end.

    • I so agree with you Annie. I too loved the scenes between Mansha and Sanam and also the ones between Mansha and Samina. When I see Asmara I am reminded of 'Ashk'. Her get up, clothes, dialogue delivery,mannerisms and her role are exactly the same. As far as Ayesha is concerned, It looks as if she has come straight from the set of 'bulbulay.What I like about Umera's characterization is how she has shown how two sisters from the same house deal with life's problems. One though negative, competes where she knows no one can beat her. The other by being positive and accepting life as it comes. Amazing script Umera and fantastic Direction Sultana.. hats off to both of you. FK and SS rock!

    • Absolutely agree with you Annie Asmara has to go. I hope she won't be there till the end. You are right about the Z behroze scenes FK and BZ both were spot on in them. I think Today's episode belonged to FK more than SS. I always enjoy reading your comments, you add something new to the discussion. keep them coming:)

    • Ibrahim Khan good point, thank you for reminding us and now that you have mentioned it, i thought some more about it and you are right:)

  • I agree with everyone. The best scenes were between Mansha and Sanam and also between Fawad and Behroze. The two scenes that stand out most: Fawad going through Kashaf's papers in Behroz's office and getting a 'C' grade and the one between Mansha and Samina when waseem leaves the house after shouting and screaming at his wife. I think ALL of us are dying to see more interaction between the lead pair as they have become our hearthrobs!! MR and Ayesha have good roles but somehow have not been able to bring anything new.They look fake and forced. However, I relished todays' episode! Well done to the entire crew and team of ZGH. Umera's weaves her magic !!!!

  • I am glad that the father is being shown as the unjust, zalim, khabees man that he is. On the one hand, he is rejecting the beautiful blessing of three daughters. On the other, he is acting like Firawn. Samina Peerzada is fantastic and I was also happy to see the way Kashaf stood up to this evil, evil man. May all men in Pakistani society who mistreat their wives and daughters be punished and rejected.

    • You are so right Maheen, there are many such fathers like that in our society and I am so glad Kashaf is going to prove him wrong! We need more daughters like Kashaf too:)

  • Fawad Khan is acting well, but were it not for the incredible acting of ALL of the characters, this drama would not be as excellent as it is. I think Sanam Saeed, Samina Peerzada, Wasim Abbas, Behroz Sabzwari, as well as Kashaf's sisters are doing an incredible job. Let's not put Fawad on a pedestal. He's good, but frankly, a drama is a joint production. Consider Ashk. Yuck.

  • fatima um becoming fan of yours rather the drama even :p
    what an analysis you have done…..simply Superb
    ZGH thumps up !! and yup i too expecting some interaction between the leading roles…Anyway anxiously waiting for next episode :)

    • Munaza thank you sooo much, you are too kind. Please keep reading and commenting. Yes we all eagerly look forward to fridays now:)

  • I wish i could tell you how much i loved today's episode.It was so awesome.Yes i also wanted to see more Kashaf and Zaroon scenes but i guess they have saved those scenes for the next episodes ;) And didn't knew that Osama will start showing affection towards Kashaf.And I really love the siblings scenes (unless they are of Zaroon and Sara ) lol :P but i really find them very realistic.

  • Nice review Fatima . How are you so quick and so good in your analysis? I need vitamins !!! .Agree about Fawad this whole thing would be nothing without his atr power. Bechari Mehreen Raheel ,why does it always happen to you?

  • i m jus totally shocked …. 1st drama n thn review n thn vote n much more………..an issue of shirt….OMG

      • i didnt read review or a any comment……………jus chk the highlights n shocked dat ppl r spending so much time on this………….
        i jus replied aft seeing a lot of comments n interes of ppl in dramas……………
        i jus wish ppl could show this interest 2 ALLAH………………

        • dear mr. waqas
          i really respect ur feelings for Islam and wish that all muslims including me feel the same..
          but id like to ask u one thing,, only the drama fans know about these websites, reviewit.pk , dramasonline.com.pk, how did u learn about this website??
          and if u havent read the whole article and/or any comments and/or didnt watch this drama how come u know the names like zaroon and kashaf??

    • mr waqas ap ny jtna time ye likhny mai comment krny mai or sary comment daikhny mai lgaya itny mai i think aap kch Allah toba hi kr laity… or thanx for ur suggetion… ktna fazOoool tym hai ap k pass//

  • Fatima,

    Once again, a great review. I am enjoying this drama and I do agree with you that more of Zaroon and Kashaf's interactions would be interesting. I did feel that Osama is interested in Kashaf as he was gazing at her from above when he couldn't focus on what Zaroon was saying to him.
    I loved the part where Kashaf says she won't compete for clothes but for studies, and that's going to be her core strength that kind of thinking can help her overcome any inferiority complex she may encounter. Her confidence, modesty, intelligence and independence is making her stand out from day one.
    I like your analysis of why Zaroon may not like the idea of getting engaged with Samara, but I think they do get engaged as it shows in a song.
    Thanks for writing the review.

    • Ms, F Khan thank you for reading the review and for your comment. Yes you are right they will end up getting engaged *sigh* but i was just saying that Zaroon will not jump on the idea. You are absolutely right about Kashaf, I really like her character.

  • Fatima, as usual, very well written. You have such talent to be able to see so much more in just that 1st viewing and put it down in words so quickly. :)

      • hehehe Thank you.
        I too was a bit surprised at what it appears to be that Osama is falling for Kashaf. I liked the way he stood up for her with Zaroon and Madiha. Madiha? Did I just say that? her behaviour when he was talking to those girls was crazy. Totally crazy. I think it could have done with some better direction to ease that out too.
        And then she tells Osama that he is always supporting Z, which was a bit bizarre again, considering he went totally against Z and Asmara, not mincing his words for admiration for K.
        Madihasmara is not working for me at all.

        • lol you are so right about madhiasmara that should be her new name. I just hope that she will dissappear after a few episodes lol go abroad maybe (any other suggestions??)!!I definitely would not want to see another love triangle.

  • ZGH is a superb shows. Casting was done very wisely, all actors seem fit in their roles except for SS. I don't find her suitable for Kashaf ' so role,there must be someone else. It could be Mahira, Alishba Yousaf, Saba Qamar or another actress. Need comments about it.

  • Fathma, u forgot to give review on this di alogue" Kam krny wali aorton ka damagh asman p hota ha or khud wo zameen p thokray khati phirti hai", this shows the mentality of our nation

  • i think i have no choice ….i have to wait for its eng sub…i like to watch it..but without sub i can't understand it…i saw half of episode 1… i didn't understand all dialogs …just a bit…a bit…but i can say their acting was perfect….

  • Dear Fatima,
    you was thinking why Kashaf misbehave with Zaroon. here is the answer
    in last episode when Kashaf came to see her name in list Zaroon make comment about top three girls with Churail-e-awal and churail-e-2nd.. and so she is already feeling complex in study with these upper class student and she was right according to her personality… as you see mostly upper class make fun of middle class so she thinks to not mixed up.

  • Absolutely loved the drama and the review. It's the first time i read this review and seeing the comments i am going to read your reviews for last 2 episodes also! Next Friday can't come early enough!

  • Many of the scenes of this Drama are similar to Humsfar’s. Actually What I think is that the producers are trying to get this drama to that higher Level of humsafar. I’ll just say that this is a Good drama but It is not competeable to HUMSAFAR. :)

  • dear fatima
    the reson why kashaf thinks zaroon has insulted her was that he caleld her " churael" in the scence where all the students were looking at acceptance list at ist day of university

  • I really loved your review, well done! I just want to say that someone mentioned Sanam Saeed is not good for the role.. not good? She is perfect! Her style, her way of talking, no other actress could do it that perfectly. I loved where Kashaf talks about how she's going to compete with her classmates in things that she actually can which is education. Education is way more important and better than clothes or status. This part in the whole episode was giving a really clear and strong message. I am totally looking forward to the next episode! I really wan't to see more interactions between Zaroon and Kashaf. I like Zaroon's way of thinking even though he lives in such an high-class society, it's really interesting to see.

  • why I find something Missing in this episode ? you are right abt. Zaroon didnt insult Kashuf at all ! its always Nice if we say Hello to each other in first class to all new comers . Also not a single Class room Scene in this Episode although when u read the Novel there were more of such " WARS " b/w the two in the class :)
    I hope the Editor did the right work & didnt misplaced any such scene ! Thanx for the Review Fatima !

  • OMG..I am just loving this drama so so much…everything abt this drama is just AWSOME….the direction,script, acting….everything is just amazing….hats of to ZGH team…

  • the title songs are nice but sadly in some scenes background music being played is the same that has already been played many times in serials like daastan and durr e shehwaar,, y hum tv gives background music least importance???

  • lets hope that this serial doesnt start resembling humsafar, as it seems like zaroon will marry kashaf against his mother's liking and she will not accept kashaf…

  • >