Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 23 – Clash Of Egos And The Khushkhubri

The clash of egos continued for most part of this latest episode and most of the things that Zaroon said in today’s episode sounded very contradictory. He told his father that the reason he was mad with Kashaf was that she did not ell him about the proposal, after his father talked to him he also accepted that he was the one at fault but later on he told Kashaf that the reason he was so angry was because she had told sir Ibrar everything that had happened. He also said later on that it was her mistake and she should have made the first move and set another rule to guide them through the way!! Zaroon was being completely childish today but it was nothing that was not relatable. I am sure there have been times in everyone’s marriage when one of the partners may act unreasonable and the other one may not be willing to give in too. Sara finally gets married and despite of all their differences, Zaroon and Kashaf manage to put smiles on their faces when they are around people but also exchange meaningful glances whenever they can.

sara's marriage

Some of the scenes today were quite nice and I actually found them funny and relatable as well. One of them had to be when Zaroon decides to swallow his pride and tells Kashaf “achi lug rahi ho” but when she doesn’t give him a positive response he decides to cancel the lunch and thinks to himself “itni bhi achi nahi lug rahi, hud hoti hai batameezi ki”. Kashaf and Zaroon made up soon enough when Kashaf tells Zaroon that she was expecting and honestly speaking I was left wondering what was the purpose behind showing the misunderstanding between Zaroon and Kashaf when it was not going to change anything between them or change them in any way.

Kashaf’s pregnancy should have come as a good news to her but try as she may, Kashaf cannot get over what she has gone through all her life, all her life she has been made to feel like a lesser human by her own father  because she was a woman and unconsciously she also thinks now that she needs to have a son in order to be accepted by her In laws and maybe the society, although she knows only too well that Zaroon and his family members are very different from Murtaza but she will need more support from Zaroon. She needs to be assured that Zaroon will be there for their children and in the next episode, Zaroon will do just that.

kashaf zaroon

I agree that Nigaar in no way is the perfect mother; she really is one of those women who spend more time being concerned about what is going on in the neighborhood than what goes on in her own house but Murtaza or Hammad in my opinion were not really in the position to judge her parenting skills. Yes mothers have a big role to play in their children’s upbringing but fathers have a very important role to play as well. Hammad is mature enough to know his own acha bura and he isn’t a little child who needed guidance every step of the way. Muratza showered him with gifts all the time despite of his failing grades and now he holds Nigaar responsible wholly; I would most surely call it scapegoating. “agur meri maan bhi parhi likhi hoti tu mei bhi laik faiq hota” sounded like a very wrong thing to say. Nigar all of a sudden has decided to turn to Rafia for every possible thing. Rafia, no doubt has been an ideal mother in every respect but I wonder if it is such a good idea that now she will be raising Murtaza’s children as well. Finally Murtaza apologized to Rafia and she also said everything to him which she had not said all her life. Rafia’s long struggle has won her the acceptance and recognition that she had never even dreamed of.

kashaf in laws

I have a question, what did Asmara want to talk to Zaroon about? That particular scene came out of nowhere. And why is it okay for Zaroon to meet her ex fiancé without informing his wife? Doesn’t he owe some “loyalty” to his wife as well? He did question her loyalty to him when he found out about Osama. Anyway I guess we shouldn’t be asking such questions now because it looks like all is good between Zaroon and Kashaf now and it will stay that way.

Today’s episode had a great deal to offer but somehow Rafia’s “triumph”, Zaroon and Kashaf’s patch up, Kashaf winning over her in laws and Sara’s happy ending failed to leave the impact that I was hoping they will have. Share your thoughts about this latest episode.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Fatima, hats off to you for a very well written review. Its not difficult to review good episodes, but when you can put your thoughts down so coherently on such an incoherent episode, it just shows how talented you are in reviewing and putting your thoughts across clearly.
    This episode turned out to be a question box for me. In addition to some of the things you have mentioned, I have many more buzzing in my head.
    I will wait to read everyones responses. I might just find some answers in them. :)

    • you are right..
      very confusing and disappointing episode…
      I think its time to wind up—
      I think the fame and glory has gone to Fawad khan's head — as I said before he is not putting an effort in acting–
      too inhibited at places where I am sure sultana siddiqui must have given great directions..
      poor performance.

    • Roh Thank you for always being the first one to read and comment:) Oh yes tons of questions but I guess we should all know by now that there are lots of things which we have to figure out all on our own with our collective intellect lol…isn't it a good brain storming exercise that lasts the entire week. ZGH is certainly keeping us busy for sure.

  • salaams Fatima… as usual very nice review.. i really expected zaroon to apologise that he said to kashaf he is suffering by marrying her.. the make up scene should be more romantic and meaningful..thts my view…

    • sadia_rezaq thank you for liking the review and for commenting. I guess we do tend to say such things to each other to make the other person feel bad more than anything else but yes an apology would have been grand. Honestly speaking the fights between the two seemed more real to me today than anything else.

  • i am wondering how sidra got a baby so soooon??????? and were kashaf and zaroon fighting frmonths that the anniversary is so close by… confused , please clear my confusion…. i thought zaroon would jump overeact at the thought but his reaction was far from what i expected….

    • i agree im confused as well…. kabhi sidra ne wapis abroad jana hota hai to kabhi baby ho b chuka hai. n whats with shehneela? can somebody tell me? as far as i remember shehneela was getting married, there was a 'too good to be rejected' sort of proposal for her before kashaf's wedding. but she is still single. n hammad k kitney results anay hain akhir is drama me? kisi ki zindgi aik month b nahi move kr rhi to kisi k annversary b agyi hai or kisi ka masters ka result baar baar aye ja rha hai.

      • Sidra went aboard two weeks after their marriage & they showed the leap of some months, now 8.9 months have passed since the marriage of Kashaf & Zaroon thus Sidra has a son now, Shahneela got engaged but she is still studying, it was mentioned that she would get married after completing her studies which means that after 1 or 2 year(s) Hammad's result of inter was mentioned before, at the time of marriage of Kashaf & zaroon, he was in the mid of his masters & now the result of his masters has come

        • How come they showed zaroon and kashaf fighting…and if the talking mode was not there how come she is preggos,,, cannot accept it…….

          • the talking mode is there but it's not normal, I mentioned it above that they are behaving coldly towards each other but that doesn't mean that they aren't on talking terms

        • So Zaroon and kashaf were fighting for 9 months?? Sidra was pregnant in last episode when Rafia told kashaf in phonecall and now she had a son. So how the heck did kashaf get pregnant if they are not talking…please explain??

          • They weren't fighting, they were should I say "cold" towards each other for many months

    • yes they showed a leap of some months, probably 8,9 months have passed since the marriage of Kashaf & zaroon

    • may be he would jump if Kashaf wasn't crying, her reaction surprised him

  • nice review as usual…. before i comment on episode i would like to ask hows your mother now…. i hope she is in best of health :)
    zaroon's behavior made perfect sense to me at least. many times in relationships people specially men do this. they know their mistakes, admit in front of others as well, but not in front of concerned person… specially if the other person is wife. how zaroon make rules and then forgets them and when gets over the anger and fights he establishes new rules is something i have seen many people doing… i must admit i have done this many times as well though i'm a girl not a man ;) but to me his behavior was quite natural and sort of understandable… people often do this.
    what i like about this drama the most is that no one is 'the perfect' character. so we are not left wondering aisey loag kahan milty hain. every character has strengths as well as weaknesses which makes them relateable except for rafia. she is that 'farishtaa-sift insaan' that i have not come across in real life.

    • Aish my mother is better now Alhamdulillah:) thank you so much for your concern. Yes you are right about Zaroon, agree with you there; the confusion in the episode overall got the best of me. Can we please get rid of Asmara once and for all!! I know one farishta seerat woman like Rafia BUT I really would have liked it if she told Murtuza to clean his mess himself for once. Murtuza should have been blamed and punished and not Nigaar etc Rafia was too nice to him, he didn't deserve that.

      • agreed! the only thing that doesn't let me feel bad about ZGH reaching its end is that with the end of ZGH asmara's character (and mehreen raheel) will give us a break hopefully. such an annoying character asmara is n that too played by none other than the most annoying actress we have….
        good to know that you know a woman like rafia and i'm glad that such people exist.

        • lol so true…agree with you completely. I guess two more episodes to go or maybe one more.

      • well I also hate Asmara's character, in fact it has become the most hated character for me but I think & I also got the hint from OST that there's still one misunderstanding left which will rise due to the double standards of Zaroon, he can meet Asmara freely but he can't bear Osama proposing Kashaf, Zaroon still has to learn

    • I agree with you. I have seen & I'm seeing so many Kashafs & Zaroons around me, also many Sidras, Hammads, Murtazas, Saras ;) but yes, a character like Rafia is very rare in our society & very valuable but it does exist, I wouldn't be saying that if I hadn't seen a character like her in reality. ZGH has proved to be a very inspiring serial for me.

      • hamnah I really appreciate your love for the drama:) You are right the characters are very relatable indeed.

        • thank you Fatima & I appreciate that you respect my opinion :) by the way lots of prayers for your mother

    • Salam Renu, she is much better now, back home for now.. Glad to be out of hospital. Thanks a ton for asking, really means a lot to me.

  • Fatima, Husband always think himself superior. No need to inform his wife before visiting his EX or anyone else. This is her status as a wife for life time. When questioned, the usual answer is, " kya meri aapki Muqablaa bazi hai? " :)) I hope your mother is feeling well now. May Allah keep her healthy for you.

    • Yes such double standards do exist in our society but seriosly Zaroon really should have known better by now; the scene came across as completely irrelevant because i think Kashaf and Zaroon have had their last fight and it is time for the happily ever after now!! My mother is much better now Alhamdulillah, thank you so very much for your concern and prayers. Ameen to what you said.

      • I don't think this was the last fight. I would want zaroons double standard to be addressed and it hasn't been so far at least by kashaf. I think the osama issue waa a prerequisite for asmara and how he is a hypocrite. I for sure want that addressed along with Zaroon finding out the reason of her insecurity, and kashaf finally becoming shukarguzar, so I think there will be 2 or 3 more.

        • yes, from the ost I'm getting the hint that there's still one misunderstanding left which will address Zaroon's double standards & finally he will learn the balanced concept of freedom of women. there must be 2 or 3 more otherwise the story won't be wrapped up nicely

    • Most Pakistani husbands are hypocrites who do not follow Islam in a just way. They follow a double standard they have chosen to adopt due to cultural attitudes toward women. It is wrong for Zaroon to meet Asmara alone. Any good, moral husband would never see another woman in private

      • Correction. Not most, but many. And I am sorry for using hypocrite. There are a number but not all.

  • As usual, good review, Fatima. Hope Mother is doing well.

    I was disappointed at the cool response of Zaroon to his wife’s pregnancy. He was not as exuberant as he should have been. He has always been shown as a person who is very expressive and yet the best news of his married life, father-to-be of twins to boot and yet… He is certainly not living up to his betrothal night promise either, to change the image of him in Kashaf’s mind. For all the happiness that Zaroon is feeling at the pregnancy news, what is he doing contemplating all alone at night on the balcony? and not alleviating the fears that Kashaf is feeling by giving her more reassurances of their partnership. Kashaf’s fears are very much also due to the fact about seeing the cracks in her marriage and now a pregnancy on the way.

    You are right Fatima, Zaroon’s explanations are very contradictory. Also his ‘pehlay chori phir seena zori’ and the double standards, is sad. He knows he is upset because of Osama – in fact the ego issue is not that Kashaf did not tell him, but the fact that Osama recognized Kashaf’s strength of character before him. Ironically Zaroon, supposedly very happy about the pregnancy, does not even give the good news to his parents! Very strange. At least Kashaf tells her mother rightaway.

    I think Kashaf puts up a far better smiling face for the wedding than Zaroon does. He’s scowling all the time.

    Raffia’s ‘triumph’ was certainlly very nice to see. Even nicer was the humility with which she accepts it and gives her daughters the credit for it. Very classy. Nigaar dumping on Raffia all the time (Hammad at Raffia’s frequently, help with daughters’ marriages, now the schooling, etc), is unfair. How does a school principal.teacher plan to help a Master’s student with his studies? First these 2nd marriages in Pakistan and then the first wife having to give in without any retribution from Murtaza seems like the societal message is even worse.

    Kashaf does win over her in-laws in the same classy/dignified way (thank God Zaroon at least gives Kashaf the credit with his family) with her dear mother’s style is lovely to see.

    You are right, Fatima, what’s all the complication of Asmara? Again the loyalty issue: What’s good for the goose again does not seem good for the gander. Not only is Zaroon entertaining Asmara’s call but with great delight too, as per his facial expressions and not in the same tune as the cold reception he has given Asmara previously. And I thought Zaroon is in Islamabad and Asmara in Karachi. How are they connecting the same evening…..

    Overall a good episode.

    • Thank you SZSZ, yes my mother is much better now…so relieved. Zaroon doesn’t know yet that they are having twins lol, Kashaf was too confused/nervous to share the news with him Someone else here also mentioned that they expected Zaroon’s reaction to be different but I thought it was just fine but yes I did find it odd too that both of them were awake but by themselves at night, they should have been talking to each other or calling family members to share the good news. You know men are not exactly geniuses when it comes to alleviating women’s fears ;) I am so with you as far as Murtaza is concerned; the women in the drama; Nigaar and Ghazala, have been made out to be bigger culprits than Murtaza, which really is very strange because all along I thought he was the real villain but guess what he got away with murder!! I really wanted Rafia to tell him that she couldn’t help him out with his son, so now Rafia will make a good person out of Hammad (just like you I wonder how that is going to happen) and probably marry Murtaza’s daughters as well aur phir vo surkhuru ho jai gi..what fun!! Really enjoyed your comment SZSZ, hope to see you here more often  which other plays are you watching nowadays?

    • Thank you hamnah:) I am glad you enjoyed this episode and are enjoying the show.

  • for how long Kashaf and Zaroon been fighting? it has been a few weeks as per what zaroon was saying key itney haftey baat nahin ki… etc…. and she seems to be in the early stages of pregnancy … so well yeh baat kuch hazam nahin hui … lol.

    • um are you married? (just curious) because it is completely realistic that she is pregnant… unless she is one of those miserable people who use marital relations as a weapon and to manipulate her husband and it just doesn't seem that way from what we've seen from her character.

  • Glad to hear that your mother is doing well Alhamdulillah!

    All I can say about this episode is that this is what happens when you extend a story to beyond 20+ episodes – both the writer, director, and actors forget parts of the storyline! just like our Zaroon sahab has totally forgotten why he was so upset. Ugh!
    And the other thing – YES I PREDICTED THIS – Please drop your donations in the mailbox nearest you.
    Now let me go watch Silvatein where at least I cannot predict what will happen next!

    What a complete waste of money, manpower, talent, time, etc. etc. Sanam I am glad you did Talkhiyan and Fawad please find a good project to put your signature on next time.

    • Sanam is great, in Talkhiyan she is superb. Also, i find that her emo scenes feel like she is feeling them for real. the scene with her mother in which she is telling her about her CSS result, the scene when she is telling her mom that her in-laws think she is chor and this scene when she is telling zaroon about her pregnancy, she awesome.

      • Yes she's def. got Kashaf down pat! She should play the angry young woman more often ;)

    • Annie, I thought of your predictions throughout the episode. And I couldn't agree more with what you said here. Bingo!

      • I know when he softened up at the preggo news I clenched my fists and yelled no no please don't let this be true!

        • Annie I would have totally agreed with you if the pregnancy is what caused his softening but he had softened prior to that and admitted his nastake albeit internally and had already tried to make up with her in the mirror scene. Men have weird ways of making up, instead of just coming out and saying sorry .But obviously kashaf was now mad and the ego thing became an issue.

          • Sky, I think the pregnancy caused the softening. Men might have weird ways, but Zaroon has been very upfront and straightforward about all his apologies. While proposing to Kashaf, on the wedding night, apologising for his mothers words….so why is he making an issue out of a non-issue and then making apologizing the issue? :D

          • ummm… I think that Sky is right. yes, Zaroon has been very upfront about his apologies but he didn't have ego problem in those issues Roh, he knew that he had done something extremely wrong in the university days & also that Kashaf would never accept his proposal without this assurance from him that he's sorry for those mistakes & he has changed, Also in the issue of his mother he knew that his mother's words weren't harmless. He accepted it but in this issue first he has the male ego problem because of osama's involvement, secondly he thinks that it's always him who apologizes, why can't Kashaf do it for once? & well, this is a very natural feeling, it's hard to be the one who always bends & specially in the case of a man, it becomes harder. Third he doesn't consider himself as completely responsible, he thinks that Kashaf is also responsibly partially for creating this issue

    • I strongly disagree, ZGH is the best drama so far in my eyes & I really can't thank all the team enough for giving me this serial, it changed my vision & inspired in so many ways

        • :) but I'm not glad while reading your point of view, I respect your freedom of speech but I think that you have completely missed the point, this isn't a disney or a barbie movie where everything ends with marriage & then "happily ever after" In my eyes this was essential & it doesn't seem like they are stretching it, the story is well balanced. Both lead characters are on their way of learning about their mistakes.

      • No Hamna….. Fawad actully deserve projects like Ashk and kpkpbt..Umera Ahmed,Momina Duraid Production and Veteran Director SS deserve better thn him…esp UA he should avoid her projects othervise "mashoor ho jaye ga"….btw humsafar was by Momina Duraid right??? its hum tv na jisne inko Hassan,Asher aur Zaroon banaya but u know what hum tv.. u deserve better bcuz his fans only watch him baaki keh scenes woh forwad ker dete hain……..BTW what do u thik agar hum tv/momina duraid na hote ..yaani hassan,ashar,zaroon na hote to aaj FK kidhar hote??? i think woh "ashk part 2" mein hote…..ya phir entity paradigm keh zariye world mein apne computerized sur phela rahe hote….

        • :D thank you for your comment Aiman, you make my day, I agree with every thing you say! where would be FK without Hum TV, he owes this network for giving him chances. by the way is your full name Aiman Paracha? ;) just a guess

          • Yups..my better half..lolxx…BTW i love ur fb dp..and waits for ur comment, ur insight on zgh gives me feeling keh ohk..Thanku Allah Pak.. i m not the only 1 who thinks like this..there r actully some ppl who watch zgh for what it is made for..not to see faces & dresses..

          • :D see, I recognized you. thanks for loving my fb dp. by the way same feelings here Aiman ;) I was also in search of those who can discuss the theme & messages of ZGH with me, not the bloopers, cast or dresses & thankfully I got a forum finally where I can express freely, looking forward to the discussion now! :) will you be there?

          • sorry sorry but I just made a correction in my views Aiman, I think that Sky has got a point. When there's a will there's a way, Although FK owes Hum Tv but Hum Tv now also owes him , it's like "give & take" even FK & hum tv alone can't produce a mega hit, they need good supporting actors & most importantly, a good writer. A block buster has all best ingredients

          • Yaye i knw its always gv and take..koi aap per ahsan nahi karta…ALLAH apko aapke naseeb tak pohchata he aur koi nahi…bt as i said was frustated bt i would clear my point a little..jst minus dastaan,humsafar,zgh frm FKs profile..wat remains thn?…i do blv actors cn b replaced with nxt bst option if the TEAM is gud enough….

        • this is disgusting wtever u say about fawad khan
          everyone makes his way to success in some or other way HE IS SUCCESSSFULL BECAUSE HE IS HARDWORKING AND GOD GIFTED
          hum tv no doubt is the best but it brings up tonns of actors dont single him out….FAWAD KHAN IS THE BEST AND WE LOVE HIM

        • I'm sorry but I do not agree. If there was no him tv, then he would have found another way. If you are going to be successful you will find a way. Hum tv is not god, they make a million other dramas too with lots of other actors .Why don't you look at thim way Maybe if Fawad wasn't Ashar, hassan or Zaroon, then those dramas wouldn't be that successful. His acting and expressions take him above and beyond.l and he owns the character .However we cannot say one person can do it, eg like you said Ashk. You still need a good script and story and director However going the other extreme is wrong too, you should give credit where its due.

          • Exactly my point..its not 'only' FAWAD KHAN who made humsafar succesful..agar Mahira Khirad na hoti, Naveen Sara na hoti, Waqar ka music,QB ki awaz,Nasir Turabi k lyrics,Farhat ki script,Sarmad ki direction ya Shehzad DOP na hote..to Humsafar na hota.Dastan was more abt Bano's struggle but ya FK was an imp part like Babrik,Ahsan,Saba,Mehreen or any other actor..infact abv all Razia butt ki story na hoti ya Sanam 'Bano' na hoti..to Dastaan na hota…it disgust me when ppl say humsafar/dastan were hit bcuz FK was in it..infact they say zgh is hit bcuz FK is in it..infact for some FK is 'only' saving grace of drama…so hellooo it shld b me or those dumb ppl who shld learn to give credit to other things/ppl aswell other than FK & ya hum tv is not God…bt patah he kia Fawad k saare(can count them on finger tips..1,2,3..oops finish?) big projects..jinki wajah se aaj woh Mr.Khan hain r by hum tv..ppl who thnk they can say anythng on the name of 'freedom of speech' jst wanna say every action has a reaction.

          • well sky your comment made me change my mind :) thank you! & aiman, don't be angry but here is the balanced version which I thought "For a success of a project, whole team is necessary starting from writer, director, actors to the camera men, each is a part of it & the project truly reflects the hard work. I agree with Sky that Fawad is a good actor, in fact a superb one, mere looks can't account for majority of the audience, most of us judge by the acting & how much the actor owns his/her character so Fawad no doubt, gets full marks in this criteria, but for success he needed a good story, good direction, good co-stars so that's where Aiman's point has it's importance. In a nut shell, now I think that like Fk himself has said it often that for a hit project you need all, that's why now in my opinion we can't question which part is the more crucial one, without which a project can be hit or flop, there's not one part, the whole team does it. I hope that I've made my point clear

          • Hey may b u r getting me wrong…in my comment which says 'FK is not ONLY reason' mera mean yehi tha na..he is not ONLY reason for any drama success its WHOLE TEAM bt ppl get so biased as i mentioned in my prev comment..as far as his acting skills r concerned…i have always said that he is fab…bt ya dnt mind me saying he is not 'constant'..in 1 project he cross the line of perfection bt in very nxt projct he goes even below lame(thts nt only his prob mikal,imran all new comers r same)..as i compare them with our senior actors like Noman Ijaz..jinko jo bhi de dia jai karne ko they never disappoint us..bt yet so under rated….my 1st comment itself show hw frustated i was..infact nw when i read it again i was laughing and reading it again and again with huge smile..keh wat i hv written..bt i thnk my 3rd comment saying Fk nt only reasn make sense…han? Meri koi dushmani nahi he usse..i love him like every1 here loves him..bt sorry i cant blindly gv all credit to him…its always team work..one man show nahi hota koi bhi drama..

      • Infact u never know abhi kissi hospital mein lete apni NOSE keh baad apne face keh kissi aur hisse ki "plastic surgery" kara rahe hote Mr Khan…..BTW Fatima jee gud to knw that ur mother is doing well now…and m sorry if any1 feel insulted or whatever….but it was building up from months..so socha apni "Freedom of Speech" ko mein bhi use ker loon….

        • lol Aiman itna ghussa acha nahi hota:) i am glad you decided to vent out here, you're welcome anytime.

          • Hy fatima love your reviews..do u review on other dramas to aur is it speacil treatment fr zgh.x

        • yeah exactly Aiman, It was building up from the first episode, well finally after the 16th episode I thought that I had enough reading silently the immature & childish views, why not use our freedom of speech too?

          • oh Fatima, don't take it wrong! I wasn't talking about your reviews, they are really good! :) there are in fact some other views which annoy both, me & Aiman. Healthy criticism is always appreciated but criticism for the sake of criticism only is an extremely wrong approach.

    • Yes Sanam was fabulous in Talkhiyaan, I really miss Talkhiyaan now that it has ended. There isn't much story left now, I heard there are two more episodes. i think they should wrap it up in the next one.

  • I totally agree Fatima, the misunderstanding was just small pothole. I just liked the way Zaroon and Kashaf argued after Sara's rukhsati. And loads of scenes like that, reminded me of their university days. Finally Ghazala has gone sane and has accepted Kashaf in a very positive way. Rafia is someone to hail at. I have seen many women like her in reality who have sacrificed so much in their lives just to get respect from their husbands. Loved the scene of Kashaf telling Zaroon that she was expecting. That was so sweet andfunny. But later Kashaf expresses her feelings in writing that she was insecure of having a baby girl plus her ordinary looks. This issue has been raised up rather nicely as people in this modern and so called educated era leave their wives and daughter in laws because she is a mother of a girl. I am also confused wha has Asmara got to talk? Maybe that also changed Zaroon's attitude towards Kashaf. I think it should end soon now otherwise the TRPs will lose it.

    • Yes Natty totally agree wit you, I also enjoyed their nok jhok and found it more relatable than anything else today. Sanam Saeed was absolutely flawless in that particular scene, I didn’t know why exactly she was so upset at that point but could relate to all the emotions overpowering her. Two more episodes to go I think or maybe the next one would be the last one.

    • I loved this drama till today… but today's episode was disappointing ..
      here is why, fawad khan's acting is declining, he doesnt seem interested in acting anymore–there is effort and looks as if he is been drinking —
      Episode confused me as in how many days have passed since they had an argument — is it weeks or months–??
      more than few flat story lines, poor acting by fawad khan .( I never thought I would say this!)
      the best thing in today's episode was Sanam saeed's SUPERB and REALISTIC acting–
      its time to wrap up the drama– its definitely No Humsafar!

  • I still have the same opinion about stretching this drama unnecessarily. Writer and director seem lost in controlling the events happening in the last 3 episodes. It's time to finish this drama on a happy node without extending this further.

    • don't agree, I think that the writer has a firm grip on the story & the director is executing it brilliantly, the lead characters still has to learn some crucial lessons before the Zindagi finally becomes Gulzar.

  • @fatima….welcome back and btw i hope ur mother doing grt now…i prayed for her and i will as Moms are blessings so i hope and wish she stays well..As far as drama is concerned i am agree with you that some scenes were not justified like most important one which i need to mention is the Kashaf and Zaroon patch up as it gone so long and ended up with so undigested situation and i can really related Kashaf insecurities and why she were crying when she get to know about her pregnancy that she gona deliver twin baby girls …LEt seee how zaroon take it in up coming episode as no matter how educated we are…we get to tend so selfish when we become father of baby girls have seen personally in our soceity and even in my fmaily…Aprt from that Zindgi Gulzar is indeed best serial these days and i gona miss it a lot after two weeks when it will be ended….Sanam Saeed has matched Fawad Khan in each Scenes and i loved their chemistry and perspective acting in their characters.And i loved your reviw thankyou and stay blessed…..

    • Thank you so much Amir for liking the review and for your feedback:) I agree with you on all accounts. i am actually hoping that the next episode will be the last one.

      • no Fatima, actually there are two or three episodes left now, because Kashaf still has to take 2 or 3 steps to get rid of her insecurities & be a grateful person so two or three more episodes are needed

  • Great review Fatima , glad to hear your mother is doing better. I finally found some sympathy for Kashaf and yes Sanam saeed was really good this week . I too am desperate to know what happend in the zaroon Asmara meeting ….

  • they were talking about the kashaf's pragnancy in last episode also and now kashaf is acting like she got to know about the news just now…… and there should be some mention of asmara and zaroon's meeting…. zaroon is acting like he didnt talk to her at all let alone meet her

  • Another question has or is Umera Ahmed doing a serial on her other novel pir-e-kamil?

    • yes, she is writing a sequel "Aab e Hayat" of "Pir e Kamil" which is expected to come in market in the last few months of this year

    • oh no, she isn't dramatising it & she has declared it that she will never allow it's dramatisation as long as she's alive

  • A very good analysis as usual Fatima! You are right, some very confusing parts and also some very relatable ones too. The whole fight was very relatable for me even though the reason was stupid. But Wah 9 month ka jagra? Long time nahin? Although ego can be an issue I think they messed up timeline yet again!
    SS was fab though, her scenes made up for it…really felt bad for her!
    Hoping we get some worthwhile resolutions of Zaroon double standards and kashaf insecurities! Waiting…

    • Thank you SK yes enjoyed all the nok jhok for sure. I have stopped worrying about the timeline because thinking about it just gives me a headache, i guess we should just assume ke kitna time guzra hai:) indulge!!

  • First of all Fatima, thanks for providing a complete and detailed review, your review raise some very interesting aspects which are normally not being observed. I would especially want to emphasize the point you raised regarding rafia and murtaza conversation and role of nigar in upbringing her children.

    You have very rightly pointed that it was not the mistake of only Nigar, Murtaza should be equally blamed for downfall of hammad and nigar daughters (which are not shown in the drama). In this scene, murtaza should have admitted that he should have some check and balance on hammad, and he is equally responsible for his plight. Your observation on this scene is spot on, mother and father are both responsible for upbringing of their children, agreed a mother may have a slighter big role than father, but father can never be put out of the equation. Whatever bad that hammad has faced is not only due to his mother nigar, his father murtaza is also responsible in every possible manner and that should have been depicted in that scene.

    • I am glad you agree Rashid, it seems like only the women are held accountable for their wrongdoings and not men. Murtaza was the real villain in this show but he got away with everything so easily…all it took was an apology and now Rafia is willing to do such huge favors for him, not fair. Murtaza has realized that he was wrong and that is good enough…i think not!

      • I agree with you at that point but you know, our society is a male dominant society. Holding them accountable is something very unrealistic which we don’t see often, may be that’s why they didn’t show it but the point was to get the message across which you & many others have picked, but I do hope that UA gives one more hint about it, knowing her writing style I’m sure that I won’t be disappointed IA

  • I think this is an amzing realistic drama. yes almost all men have double standards.

    why this is real hit because we can relate to it.

    one dialogue that made me angry was when zaroon family was giving. credit to kashaf and zaroon replied kher yey to uska farz tha…. why men think that all the efforts done are just farz.. zaroon had given kashaf hard time and despite kashaf not feeling well she did help in wedding of her nand. Credit should be given by zaroon atleast. word of thanx instead of saying i f were born again i would not marry again. ..

    • Sara, being a wife has always been a thankless job in our Culture, considered below the dignity of a husband. He doesn't like the reputation being a ' Zan Mureed' I'm glad my Kids are learning to say thank you to family and friends. I say thank you to my Kids & husband all the time . We should try it just like Assalam- Alaikum.:))

    • sanam saeed" acting is making Fawad khan look like an amature actor… she has performed at highest level of acting THROUGHOUT!
      Much congratulation on Sanam saeed's acting!!!!

  • I really like your review Fatima, much better & mature approch of writing, keep it up! :) About the episode, it was an excellent one, the scenes were so relatable, I liked every scene but yes, for once I wanted Rafia to come out of her good self & just say it to Murtaza, well she did say but that was not with a strong way, like Kashaf would have said if she was there, for once I wanted Rafia to be Kashaf. Kashaf was superb & I could feel Fawad khan for the first time struggling to match Sanam Saaed, although he did a good job but she was fabulous & matchless in this episode particularly, I could feel for her so much. oh how fathers can break their own daughters just by ignorance, ignorance is no less than a mental torture, much worse than a physical torture. Rafia was right in saying that murtaza gave all three daughters a sense of insecurity specially Kashaf as she was the eldest, this fear can't leave her even now, I do hope that Zaroon doesn't follow Murtaza's footsteps but by the way, did you notice the look on Zaroon's face in the promo when kashaf says "what if they aren't good looking like me"? I didn't like that look & I want to hear what Zaroon will say in response

  • well for all married women out there you can imagine whats going on in this episode coz my husband is totally like zaron lol ..his ego is greater than his height and age (he is 5 9 ) :) so its totaly fair when zaron just wana keep his hand up for every reason



    • you are so right!
      Sanam Saeed is at PAR EXCELLENCE!!!
      Its a treat to watch!!!
      I hope she stays inPakistan not head to bolly or hollywood!!
      We all need to be proud of our Pakistani talents in entirety…

    • yes I think the novel 's ending is pretty sad….i wish drama is happy and less dramatic .

  • The drama, though excellent seems very fragmented at times and lacks continuity in scenes. But still I love every minute of it.

  • hye fawad n aii of themm… i reallyy like ur drama n ur acting r reallyy good tc.. Salam aii of u.. ;)

  • hyee salam too all .. ;).. mai zindagi gulzar hai bohot shoq sey dekhta hon or mujy ap ka yeh drama bohot pasand hai or fawad ap bhe n i wana meet you.. :).. hheheheh … tc.. :)

  • Kuch bhi ho ye drama acha hai bcoz it is vey near to reality, is mein college life married life ki thori bohat reality hai. Another fact is that Zaroon ne ne college mein buht si girls pataen hongen balke girlz khud patne k lye tyar then par Zaroon ne us se shadi ki jo pati nhi kisi waja se bhi, kyun k wo diff thi. So msg to all

  • Shehryar Munawwar is undershadow to Fawad in this drama which should nt be happen bcoz he is a good actor too.

  • I love tis serial har episode is k mai ne 3 br deka. Hai wonderful drama ever

  • Salam Fatima,

    How r u doing gal ? :)))

    Howz the health of ur mother now? i am sure she will be doing good now IA :)))

    Ur review is always good enough to read and ponder over it…. :))
    i love being part of ur review and as well drama ……………
    Sorry i was unable to watch ZGH this week coz i was at lahore and u know the freaking load shedding there : ((((((

    OMG, kasay awaam hain yaar, khi main tou sub roads pe aajatay hain…. well i m too part of lahore just got married in recent past and now lives in khi where is just a minor load shedding.

    well i come to the point, i love the latest epi lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…. oh my God, waseem abbass acted so goooooooooooooooooooooood, the way he was guilt & ashamed of his overall attitude & act with his family was very close to the reality….
    wah mazaa agyaa…

    on the other hand, ufffffffffffffffffff ye bibi kashaf rooti huw duniya main ayii, uskay baad ZGH main ayiii aur in overall drama she keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep crying over things. kabhie richness pe issue, kabhie poverty pe roona , kabhie shaadi na honay pe tou ab conceive kernay ka roona…. ufffffffffffffffffffff bibi jee buss kero itna roona acha nahi hota ;) lolxxxxxxxxxx

    well, i dont know why do asmarah comes in now??? what is the purpose of her entry now??????????

    what do u say Fatima?

  • Drama is good but now the new issue of pregrancu nd dat all is ruining the family fun

  • The drama (novel) is clear portrayal of man's double standards. However, as the five fingers are not equal size, so are human beings either. One should not take the other for granted.

  • >