Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 24 – Calm Before The Storm

Let me start by confessing that the excitement with which I look forward to the next episode of Zindagi Gulzar Hai every week was completely missing during this week. Honestly speaking I was not exactly looking forward to being disappointed more. The last two episodes of Zindagi Gulzar Hai did not work for me, although there were bits that I enjoyed but they were not the kind of episodes that would make you look forward to more.

Zaroon and Kashaf finally talked about some of the most important things in their lives today. Kashaf makes Zaroon understand that even if two people are married, they still need some breathing space and trusting each other was such an important part of any relationship. Zaroon and Kashaf both were much more mature about everything today which was a relief and the communication between the two was much better than it had been in the previous few episodes. Kashaf may have married Zaroon but she has not completely made him a part of “her” world. The reason for this obviously is that she does not want to be “rait ki dewar” because she is too scared of being led down. I was expecting Zaroon to start another fight over the loan issue but that did not happen – another thing to be thankful for. Kashaf also did not react immediately when she found out that Zaroon had been reading her mail and later on when they talked about the issue, they resolved it like grown ups.

kashaf letter zaroon 1

Zaroon shares how he felt about not having a mother by his side when he was young with Kashaf in detail and Kashaf briefly tells him about how difficult it was for her to trust men because of the kind of life she has lived. Kashaf may not write it in her diary or say it out loud but it was very apparent from her behavior that she still isn’t sure if Zaroon will value daughters just as much as a son. Honestly speaking, the last scene did not exactly leave me with anticipation to find out what would happen next because I am quite sure that Zaroon will have absolutely no problem with having two daughters. He will probably have something nice to say about having two daughters.

rafia kashaf

Ghazala had a complete change of heart today and she pleaded guilty! Kashaf has proved to be a role model for her which goes to show that she isn’t such a bad person after all…at least not even half as bad as Murtaza – the real culprit who seems to have gotten away with everything. Rafia’s reaction when she sees the roses in the living room was actually very cute. She asks Kashaf who bought the flowers and when she tells her that Zaroon brought them, she inquires “kis liye”!! I really felt for her at that point, obviously when you are married to someone like Murtaza such things do strike as odd!

murtaza rafia

So, Murtaza apologized in the previous episode, handed Hammad over to Rafia and we thought everything was sorted between them but it came as a surprise that Murtaza is not going to help Rafia out with her problems. So, it is still a one way road; Rafia is going to go out of her way and help Murtaza out with his problems but she should not expect Murtaza to do the same for her. It was good however to see Kashaf and Sidrah helping their mother out without even informing her – all parents should have children like that.


How many married men and women out there could relate to the line, “Yeh jo tum poochnay se pehle poochti hun na us se mujhe bara dur lagta hai”?  Apparently, Zaroon will only have coffee dates with Asmara only if he does not have prior commitments with Kashaf and the two are not on good terms with each other.  The preview for the next episode suggests that Zaroon’s ties with Asmara will cause a major rift between Zaroon and Kashaf. I hope that the entire issue is handled nicely and Zaroon finally realizes that in most cases the same rules apply to husband and wife both. I have to say that this episode covered a lot of things but it did seem like too little, too late. The preview for the next episode, however seems very enticing indeed, let’s hope that it delivers. Today’s episode can best be described as the calm before the storm. Please share your views about this recent episode.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Hi fatima !

    I havent watched the episode yet but I quickly went through your review since my daughter is sleeping at this hour and i cant use speakers :D:D aahhh…. mothers are we …
    I just want to let you know that though I may not be able to comment on your reviews but i read them frequently and the least I can do it rate them 5 stars…. I hope someday when DH and DD are sleeping I can really discuss and review the drama and of course your reviews… Thumbs up :)

    • What a sweet comment, you made my day. Hey use headphones;) I can totally relate to your situation, I have two little kids myself. Thanks a ton for taking time out to read the reviews, for rating them and most of all for commenting today. I hope we can talk more often.

      • :) you really want to hear? because I have quite unique thoughts about this episode, unlike the most comments here. :)

      • okay :) so my apology in advance if this comment gets lengthy. Throughout this episode I was just in awe of Umera Ahmed's script, like always she beautifully concludes many things & I could feel the episode addressing & concluding many issues but of course how can I dare to forget the fantastic director & talented cast for making this episode a fabulous one, full of deep insights! I've watched this episode 2 to 3 times till now & I still feel that I haven't understood the total messages because each dialogue, each scene proved to be so meaningful for me, specially the scene where Kashaf & Rafia talk about the roses. I even enjoyed the Ghazala scenes, her character is no natural & good, wonderfully played by Hina Bayat. The conversation of Ghazala & Zaroon was also so nice, I enjoyed her "Saas hun mai, tum hi yaad dilatay rehtay ho k mai saas hun :D" The conversation of Kashaf & Zaroon on the dinner table was the highlight of the episode for me where both open up about their insecurities. Zaroon rightly said that "wo buri maan nahi then, han magar buhat ghair zimedar then" Their conversation was awesome & the direction & acting just added char chand to it :) Kashaf realized that there is nothing like perfection & I can see her now beginning to realize just how much she is blessed. When we compare ourselves to something which seems perfect to us, it always results in ungratefulness. What a deep message silently conveyed by the writer! oh & I'm loving the "Hayee, Ly" of Zaroon & "Acha" of Kashaf while blushing :) both of them say these words in such a cute manner. Rafia disappointed me today when she said "Allah sy hamesha achay ki dua krni chahye" but I'm happy because this finally contributes in breaking her perception of "an angel" in my eyes. She is after all, an human & I love it when she gives Murtaza the pangs of guilt.
        Zaroon & Kashaf both are doing mistakes & I really like that because instead of a non human "masum aur mazloom heroin & a loving, jaan denay k wa'aday krnay wala hero" if I get to see such a human "mistakeful" couple where no one is perfect, I'd prefer the 2nd option. In this episode both were on equal foot. I'd have gladly favoured Kashaf as I'm one of the "Kashaf lovers" ;) but when she talked very rudely about that loan with Zaroon, I couldn't favour her. Despite all she went through & I even agree with her is she don't want to tell about her loan, still she could've used a softer tone & words, but my grief vanished when I saw her pondering over it. Zaroon lost points when he checked her mail & her phone but he gained those points again when he behaved in a very mature way after that in both conversations with Kashaf. ZGH is increasing my expectations week after week & thankfully I've never been disappointed! I have immensely high hope about the ending of this serial (although I still don't want it to end :( will miss it very much but of course I'd never want it to continue like "Ye Zindagi Hai") One year ago when I initially heard about the shooting of this drama, I could have never imagined that ZGH can become so important to me but it has :)

        • Hamnah first of all, a big thanks for taking time out to share with all of us how you felt about the episode. I am glad that you liked so many things about this latest installment and you put them down in words beautifully too. Yes, I also liked the part when they open up to one another and share things. I can also understand why Kashaf would not want to tell zaroon about the loan too. I just feel that the play has been dragged unnecessarily but it is great to know that there are many viewers like you who do not want it to end. Don’t ever hesitate to share how you feel; I look forward to your input:)

          • My pleasure, Your positive response encouraged me to share such a big point of view :) About the "dragging" issue, I don't agree because ZGH is unfortunate in an aspect that it sets a very unique trend & every beginner experiences criticism because people aren't used to it. If you think about our drama industry, don't you feel that there are similar topics throughout, if they start with a marriage the couple is sure to be separated. If they start with other things they will always end with a marriage. I feel that marriage has somehow become the center of our dramas which is not right. we can highlight other issues too, why restrict only to it? I love this unique quality of ZGH that although some may consider it dragged but if it touches other aspects & marriage isn't focused that much then it's awesome. I'm a female student & I can relate so much with Kashaf's attitude from 1st episode till her marriage :) I never found this quality in any other drama that's why I consider it an inspiration. It shows me mirror

        • That was really nice of you to put down how you are seeing this with so much detail, Hamnah. Its nice to know that it is working for you, and I'm sure for many others who think the same way. I always like to see another point of view, and I truly appreciate that you made the effort to share that here. :)

  • good review.zgh is my favourite drama per ab writer ne kuch ziada hi stretch ker diya.pehle osama wala issue kashaf aur zarron ke beech misunderstandings ki wajah bana and now asmara will cause another major rift between them.but ek baat jo mujhe writer umera ahmed ki achi lagi hai woh yeh hai ke woh dialogues bohat zabardast likhti hain shehr e zaat main bhi un ke dialogues bohat zabardast thai aur zgh mein bhi in ke dialogues bohat zabardast hain .lakin jo kashaf aur zaroon ke beech osama ki wajah se misunderstandings howe woh track writer aur director ne sahi tarah se handle nahi kiya but still i am watching this drama because of fawad and sanam's great acting.nice review but i want to ask you one thing ke aap ka zgh ka review ab reviewit.pk ki site per nahi aaraha aur ab us site per articles bhi post nahi ho rahe kahin woh site band to nahi ho gaye hai.

    • yar this drama is not alll about time pass they are trying to deliver somethin and that is the reason the drama is being dragged…..plus point in my opinion

      • mujhe aap ki baat samajh aagaye.shaaid zarron ko agle episode mein pata chalega ke us ne osama ko le ker kashaf se naraazgi ikhtiar ki aur ab jab kashaf us se asmara ko le ker sawaal karegi then zaroon ko samajh aayega ke kal jo us ne kashaf ke saath kiya wohi ab us ke saath ho ga ho sakta hai is se zaroon ke double standards khatam hoonge.still its my favourite drama.

      • Disagree.
        There won't be any solid message, thoudh we may try to find the a message.
        Pathetic story line, so typical of UA.

        • If u r so tired of UA's scripts then I wonder what bother you to watch her stories and write so much detailed comments on every review of UA's plays????
          Simply don't watch the play if you don't like it..
          I m seriously tired of your monotonous comments…UA have weak grip on story,she writes typical etc. etc but still u r watching plays written by her..Is it hypocrisy or what????

          • LOL Hasan man. I absolutely agree with you. For every review there is a trademark anwar. suhail comment criticizing the drama's story.

    • fahad yes i agree with you UA's dialogues are great. I think the Murtaza/rafia track needs to be sorted too and I hope that things will be tackled nicely in the next episode too.

  • sorry mein ne comment post kerne se pehle dekha hi nahi ke yeh reviewit.pk ki website hai.actually kafi dinon se mein reviewit.pk ki website per ja raha tha lakin wahan koi naye reviews aaye hi nahi rahe thai zgh ke aur phir mein dramasonline.com ki website ke zariye se hi review parhta tha.once again sorry.

    • fahad thank you for letting us know, we will definitely fix the problem asap.

  • My heart broke when Raafia asked about why Zaroon got the roses. What can you expect from a man like Murtaza?

    • yes very true. I hope Murtaza helps Rafia out with the house without her asking him otherwise I will feel like Murtaza got away with murder.

  • I think that husband and wife have a right to some privacy of course, but Kashaf was rude the way she handled the loan issue. She lost her cool but thank God Zaroon didn't exaggerate it. I did however really like how she was very calm and firm about the fact that she does not like Zaroon looking through her mail/phone and that is her choice as a person and he should respect that. She didn't make a huge deal and actually even explained that she has had a hard life/hard time trusting men. She allowed herself to be vulnerable in front of Zaroon for the first time. Very grown up of Kashaf.

    • You are right, totally agree with you. I think Zaroon deserves the rudeness etc and I am glad Kashaf doesn't trust him completely, he does not deserve it.

    I agreed with ur review … its to the point and i love it..

    yaar i always notice the way zaroon call his monther '' Maa'' so beautifully, but this time when he was talking to his mother and was doing chit chat to his mother , the word Maa was too good, very sentimental and full of love..

    mazaaa aagayaa….. :))

    overall episode was so so, but the coming up next episode is alarming. why do the men feel their selves like something extraordinary ??? why zaroon is again connecting to asmarah as he made a huge issue on osama's case????????????????????????????????

    Hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Muzna, how have you been? Fawad Khan is really good at infusing emotions into his dialogues, got to give him credit for that but honestly speaking I am a little tired of seeing him romance on screen. He needs to do something completely different, like play the bad guy or something. Yes this was an okay episode but I think it was slightly better than the last two, at least Zaroon and Kashaf talked about things, lets not think about how they will be back to ground zero in the next episode. The story is going around in circles now and I am getting dizzy watching it ;)

      • Hello Fatima, i m fine and howz ur mother now???

        i hope that she is enjoying her health now IA :))

        yes u r right zaroon could have play the role of somethhing else then romantic one, i mean he is always around romance..

        i guess, this drama is heading towrad something non-necessary things like, expanding it without no need.

        But still, i love to watch may be there is no worth watching it then ZGH :))))))


        • Hi Muzna, my mother is much better now Alhamdulillah, gave us such a fright. I am glad you still love ZGH and look forward to it:)

  • a nyc review indeed but actually i was super excited for this episode don't know why i think because it showed a little break towards their fights[although i enjoyed them too] looking fwd towards the next big fight over asmara…
    i think kashaf should not over react because zaroon has remained so expresssive in terms of his love for kashaf and she should have realized so far that their could not be such a thing from zaroon's<3 side

    • blue I am glad you enjoyed this episode. Thnak you for sharing your thoughts:) . Don't you think zaroon has double standards? and he needs to change the way he thinks?

  • Very good review Fatima! you always have a great way of summing things up. I completely agree with you – thank goodness we have grown ups now in the marriage and yep too little too late ;) I wish this episode had come around 3-4 weeks ago. Now at episode 24, I am wondering how many more do we have before Z and K both figure out each other's temperaments? Right now they only thing they agree on is Earth Day and respecting each other's privacy (thank goodness for that :)) By the end of the episode, it still felt like these 2 were trying to adjust to being married (nothing wrong with that) but I wish these conversations would have happened a while back. I wonder when we'll see K open up a bit more to her husband…maybe never? Or do we have now 28+ episodes planned because Z has softened up a bit but K has a long way to go? ;-) No expectations for the upcoming episodes. The only thought I had after seeing the preview was 25 episodes and still no resolution. Now Z has to learn a lesson about talking to the opposite sex, and how the same rules apply to him. (wow did not see that coming ;)) But will the bigger issues of insecurities and trust and opening up and letting go be ever addressed? I think Umera Ahmed ne pen ka 10 pack pura use kar liya hoga iss drama ko likhne mein :)

    • Thank you Annie, I know what you mean, I have a bad feeling that the ending may not be very satisfying and I am hoping they are not going to drag the play further. You know the saddest part is that we know exactly what is going to happen next and are just sitting and waiting for it to happen. And everything may just happen over a cup of chai!! One of the reasons I am very disappointed is that I was hoping that Kashaf will be much more mature after marriage and will be the “knight in shining armor” but that did not happen. Sanam Saeed did say in one of her interviews that Kashaf would be the savior but nothing like that happened. I think actors should be very careful while giving such sweeping statements especially when they are false because they raise expectations and also lead you look forward to something that is never going to happen. The story is going around in circles and I am so not enjoying the ride anymore. A request to Fawad Khan, please do something completely different in your next project.

      • LOL Fatima you are probably right – they will resolve it over a cup of chai for sure!! :)
        I did not read Sanam's interview thankfully because I had somewhat of an idea that this "next big thing" had fizzled out a while ago when we were going on and on about Rafia's electricity bills.
        Khair we'll continue with the dragfest.
        I do hope FK explores more options than the "chocolate boy hero"

    • Anie that is exactly what I was thinking . What do these two talk about all day. They are all alone in Islamabad so what do they talk about if not these issues? This stuff should have been dealt with straight after the wedding . But then we had to give time to the real hero heroine Murtaza and Rafia and we needed to beat up on Ghazalla too .. This episode should have been two or three weeks ago

      • Agreed Sadaf and Roh! This chewing gum effect is quite boring now esp. as Fatima said we know exactly what's going to happen.
        LOL@ Sadaf – I know you are so right! what do they talk about over those ENDLESS cups of chai!!! I even had a Humsafar deja vu moment when Z said "pi lain gai" to K's "chai piye gai?" aahhhh
        And I felt so horrible for Ghazala. She seems like a decent nice mom and wife from the 80% we've seen of her.

        • I have always felt bad for Ghazala. Bechari has been made a scapegoat, and has even been given dialogues to accept that she has wronged the other 3! She is was the only sane and consistent character in her actions.
          @Sadaf: that is real food for thought! what in the world have these 2 done to build a relationship? lol I won't say what I'm thinking ….

    • bang on, Annie! Agreed with all your points. This has really made me tired now!

  • As always a thorough and comprehensive reviews. The story seems to be prolonged unnecessary, as far as novel is concerned all the events in the novel had occured apart from one, where kashaf will leave home after a quarrel which is expected in next episode.

    • Thank you so much for reading the review Rashid. There were so many expectations attached to this serial and I looked forward to every episode expecting something better. My positive attitude landed me nowhere and sadly I looked forward to things that were not meant to be. I am hoping now that the play will not be dragged further.

  • Is drame mein har nai bat pr dono yehi kehte hain k '' hum ne ghalat rishta jora hai ''. Ab drame ko Asmara ka issue le kr chalain ge. Is drame ki ending kb hogi aur last episode kis cheeez pr base karegi?

  • HI Fatima..

    A very good and succinct review as always.
    The two are opening up to each other. I loved the dining table scene when Zaroon confesses his issues with his mom. It was like two grown-ups talking and supporting each other. I think that Zaroon is a fast learner than Kashaf. I would like to leave it at that. I didn't like the way Kashaf shut him out off the loan issue. He asked a very valid question to her outburst… he has never ever put any boundaries on her spending or never asked her about how she spends her money, or given her any reason to think that way. Kashaf was taking privacy and dont-want-to-share-everything-with-you to a whole different level.

    Like you said, I am not too concerned at what Zaroon's reaction would be when they ended the drama today. I am sure he will say something very flippant which would put Kashaf's mind at ease.. 'cos I dont think he really has any issues with the gender of his child. His character build-up till date hasn't given us any reason to think so.

    But I am concerned about the later part of the preview.. Why is Asmara back in the picture? why does he keep meeting her? I thought we were past all that? especially after the curt message that she sent on their wedding day? So why is she back?
    Don't like that bit..

    Wonder if they are gonna hurry up and end the show in the next episode.. or will they drag it to couple more?

    • Hi Molly, how have you been? Thank you for reading the reviews. Most people here think that Kashaf’s reaction to the loan issue was wrong but I think Zaroon deserved just that. He obviously does not deserve to be trusted completely because he still has double standards and also I think Kashaf will never completely open up to Zaroon, she will remain the “twisted” character that she is right now Oh yes please do not drag the play further, we want a respectable ending soon.

  • Fatima, I have been saying the same thing you mentioned in today's view that in the last few episodes content is not much and things are being stretched. Honestly speaking this way, this drama can go upto 100 episodes. I have started losing interest in this drama.

    • AJQADIR totally agree with you, I wish we would stop stretching the stories like a chewing gum.

  • Nice review Fatima. :) I yotally agree for the pat 2-3 episodes not much is happening and Friday 8 pm fun is kind of disappearing. But yes Zaroon and Kashaf finally resolving their issues like grown ups was a good sight. Like their conversation on the dinner table. Felt bad for Rafia completely. Murtaza is a heartless beast. Ghzala being positive is good. Finally the problem of Ghazala and Junaid is more vividly described. Well if Asmara is a coffee buddy I think Zaroon should tell Kashaf about it despite asking for space but Kashaf has a point she was Zaroon's ex fiance! Well I hope the next episode brings back the spark in the drama and hope the drama ends soon with a good note. :)

  • great review Fatima u summed it up so well:) really the only problem with this play is the way they have tried uselessly to stretch the play, anyway this episode was better than the last one. personal privacy part was so relatable , marrying someone doesnt mean that u own ur spouse, Allah doesnt ask us not to have our privacy after marriage. hope for a better episode next time;)

    • Mrs. Asim, thank you, great to see you here. I hope they don't drag it even more. I am now at that point where i don't really care what happens next. I was really expecting things to be very different from what they have turned out to be. do you think kashaf will ever open up to Zaroon completely?

      • ah! hmmmm may be after 20 years of marriage;) but seriously I think in natural enviournment it should take just a couple of years more for a K type girl to trust her husband completely.

      • Dear Fatima, i do respect your views, but i like the drama and i want it draged, the issue is that most of us know all these things but sometime dont notice them in our lives and when we see them in others lives even if it is drama we find out our own problems. beside being an entertainment for me it is an educational program too, i see where are my short comings and how to change it for making a better life for myself, where to stop family from interfaring? where to support? how to support ? that it will not cross the limits, for young and inexpereinced couples it is very nice to see it with the tiny details and understand where the problems come from.

  • I loved this episode @ fatima and i am gona miss Zindgi Gulzar hai big time…i loved the small small messages in the epsiode and this drama has changed my life and make it more understandable and depper as far as relations are concerned hats off to Fawad for wonderful act..Sanam Saeed is simply mind blowing…i loved it

    • Amir Butt I am glad that yo u are still enjoying the show. Thank you so much for following the reviews and for sharing your opinion:)

  • Fatima, I agree with you 100% reading the first paragraph of your review. I feel, now this drama is turning into a crash-course " How to win your spouse" or bickering and bantering all the time. :)))

  • i luv that background music.. :D taraaaaaaaa taraaaaa taraaaaa taraaaaaa :D hope everyone loves it :P and episode was bit boreing in btww but overall i feeelll sb ki zindagi aise he gulzar ho ameeeenn :D

  • Thanks Fatima. Agree with you.
    Hardly a near average episode. ZeG has somewhat lost its impact.
    With due apologies, I think it is an ordinary common story one can find in any Khawateen digest. Thanks to the team and star value that we are still following this drama.
    Take care.

    • Ditto!
      please keep ZGH interesting enough so one looks forward to it…
      not anymore— it same old same old!
      Fawad khan" acting was improved in this episode—
      lets wind it up now…
      adding in Asmara's khawateen digest issue was really boring—-need I say again –SAME OLD SAME OLD!

    • I think Fawad Khan needs to do something different for a change, i am actually growing weary of watching him romance on screen. He should do a negative role, one that does not involve women lol

      • Faima, I found more realistic couples in ' KOILA HO GAI MEIN ' Please I don't want Fawad doing negative roles. Meekal is already being wasted. Leave it to Ahsan Khan and other guys. We should start to protest for non-stop noise pollution produced in the name of background music in Geo tv and other dramas. :)

        • Nyla I am not watching the play but will definitely catch up. Yes Geo plays take noise pollution to another level.

          • Fatima,sometimes I find good stories on channels, I never heard before, like 'Talkhian" I didn't know any thing about PTV channels, not living in Pakistan. My sister asked me to listen " Woh Humsafar thaa'' on utube I Ioved the Ghazal and Pakistani dramas. That was my first time. :))

  • Yawn… Yawn … how boring …Zgh….Why oh why are u loosing interest sultana siddiqui….

  • Quite enjoy the promptness and thoroughness with which you write your reviews, Fatima. Actually I quite enjoyed this episode. It was nice to see that Ghazala has taken her daughter's comments to heart. They actually humbled her and she was able to look at her life in retrospect and be willing to change it "…No, I am not giving up anything, just changing my priorities…". Commendable. On the other hand, it is nice to see Zaroon humbled. He is actually being a rather sensitive spouse. Previously what would rile him up about Kashaf, now he was not so nitpicky and even accommodating at times. What was brilliant in this episode is that both were willing to drop their facade and let the other one see some of their missconceptions/insecurities about each other. Previously both have had an 'assume' role about each other. In the process they have made an ASS out of U and ME (assume). Its very humbling for both of them to know how wrong they were. Its almost like both tore a page out of their diaries and discussed it. They need to discuss/understand a few more pages from each other's diaries. Also it was impressive how Kashaf was able to tell Zaroon off about the mail and the cell phone violation of privacy. Glad to see it on public television. Maybe some species will take the hint and apply it to their own lives and improve the communication amongst themselves.

    What throws me off about Asmara is that firstly is she married (Zaroon asks after her husband in an earlier episode), and has she moved to Islamabad that meeting for coffee might be that easy – did I miss something here?

    • SZSZ it is always great to hear from you. really enjoyed reading your comment and I am glad that you liked the episode. lol you are right about Asmara, maybe she moved to Islamabad after her wedding but she sure has a lot of time in her hands. It was great to see Zaroon and Kashaf talk about all those things but honestly speaking like I said it seemed like a case of too little, too late. that of course is my personal opinion; good to know that ZGH is still working for many people out there. It is always great reading different views here and on other forums.

  • Hello faitma how is your mother now? We missed ur review… Totally agree with you in last two episodes they r just dragging this drama so boring episodes specially last one , to b v honest it's a hard job to spend time with kashaf she is so rude , I know she spend v tough life but now she has everything money mother good hubby and inlaws but she she is not thankful to god, in the begining title is shekwey se shukar tak k kahani mgr end hone ko hai shukar to ab tak na kya kashaf ne …v frankly speaking every hubby keep eyes on eath n everything of his eyes either he is educated or not specially in our society,,,, I don't like that she even didn't tell him about loan issue it's not a big deal if he share with zaroon…. Main problem is inher mind she is difficult girl to understand ,,, anddddd plz rafia murtza scene stretch Karna khatam kr dain….ye drama 15 episode pe b end hosakta tha

    • Hello baachaa, I am good. How are you? My mother is much better now Alhamdulillah. Yes I have to agree with you, I understand where kashaf is coming from but seriously I was hoping that the shukar ka safar would have started and culminated sooner. I have no idea how I am going to be satisfied with the end and am expecting no great surprises. The concept was good and the acting is super, it could have been 18 episodes plus and still be interesting but it hasn't been handled properly.

  • Can you please write more articles about something else then zindagi gulzar hai because this page is getting booring .

  • well, i think since kashaf have so many insecurities , she should either get counselled or go to a psychiatrist……fawad cant help .. she has post traumatic stress disorder….

  • Fatima I loved the review . I am at the end of my tether with Kashaf . The scene with the flowers was wasted …bad direction and a meandering story but Ok we get to see fawad every week

    • Thank you Sadaf, you know your appreciation means a lot to me:) FK is putting me to sleep too now!! Bano and Hassan, I miss you!!

  • Fatima, yet another very well written review of an episode which was full of scenes just thrown in there.
    Its really sad that I’m now humouring myself by watching this, the sole reason being Fawad Khan.
    Ghazala’s character is so badly etched and created only for blaming and now taking the blame. Junaid admitted that nothing can come between him and the study when he is at home, but I guess being a man, he is getting away with it.
    Communication is so important in a marriage, and while Kashaf made sense in spouses having their own space, I don’t think it is right to include money matters in that privacy. She was being ridiculous. And Ghazala thought of her (Kashaf) possibly passing on money to her family, soon after marriage, when she didn’t know Kashaf. That has changed now, and she thinks the world of her daughter-in-law, but Kashaf is still holding on to old opinions? Or is it just another one of those things here that don’t connect and make sense. Just one of the scenes, that I’m commenting on in detail.
    Every scene was okay by itself, but put together as the 24th episode, it really is not going anywhere. I think there will be this big huge fight, and then there will be sweet making up, and the response will be that everyone melts. Then there will be a leap, and the twins and the happy family will have everyone swooning and all the incoherence in the last few months will be forgotten. Oh well! You pinned it – calm before the storm. 

    • agreed Roh! kiss and makeup in a couple of weeks and then a giant leap of 5 years after the twins are born to show a happy Z-K relationship.

    • Roh you are so so right, Junaid sounded like someone who has no time for family at all but that should be okay bcz he is a man!! apparently the perfect scenario is when women run after men so that they will give them some time. if it is the other way around it is wrong!! Junaid’s attitude was so so so wrong but if Murtaza can get away with everything then it really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Well Kashaf will be Kashaf; too afraid to be the rait ki dewar..she is incurable.

      • Roh and Fatima,

        you are looking at them from different point of view, you will never get a second chance to leave a frist impression, and the first impression makes you or destroys you. now with kashif personality, you can not expect from her to get help from her husband who will get help from his father and his mother will be proven right for what she said. and exactly kashif wanted the money for her mother, yes the way she did it was wrong coz she could share it with her husband and made him understand her postion.

        for Junid, for over 26 years he has done the samething now it is his habit, when he wanted his wife to be there for him she was not now how can he get changed in a very short time, in many years it was the first time that her wife asked for something like that which made him shocked too. and for Ghazala, it shows that any person can get changed as long as he/she surrounded by good people. it shows how brave and great she is that she admits her mistakes, it takes too much guts to accept your faults and admit it, most people never do that. it shows that even we think that we are right maybe we are wrong and we underrstand it late.

  • OmG! Just saw this on the remake of The Great Gatsby site! (btw Amitabh Bachchan has a cameo part in it). A letter written by F. Scott Fitzgerald to his 11 year old daughter! Looks like Kashaf and Zaroon would do exceptionally well to take heed to this advice! OmG does that mean they are behaving like 11-year olds? I actually think so, a lot of times. Scarrrrry thought:

    In 1933, renowned author F. Scott Fitzgerald ended a letter to his 11-year-old daughter, Scottie, with a list of things to worry about, not worry about, and simply think about. It read as follows.

    (Source: F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Life in Letters; Image: F. Scott Fitzgerald with his daughter, Scottie, in 1924.)

    Things to worry about:

    Worry about courage
    Worry about cleanliness
    Worry about efficiency
    Worry about horsemanship

    Things not to worry about:

    Don’t worry about popular opinion
    Don’t worry about dolls
    Don’t worry about the past
    Don’t worry about the future
    Don’t worry about growing up
    Don’t worry about anybody getting ahead of you
    Don’t worry about triumph
    Don’t worry about failure unless it comes through your own fault
    Don’t worry about mosquitoes
    Don’t worry about flies
    Don’t worry about insects in general
    Don’t worry about parents
    Don’t worry about boys
    Don’t worry about disappointments
    Don’t worry about pleasures
    Don’t worry about satisfactions

    Things to think about:

    What am I really aiming at?
    How good am I really in comparison to my contemporaries in regard to:

    (a) Scholarship
    (b) Do I really understand about people and am I able to get along with them?
    (c) Am I trying to make my body a useful instrument or am I neglecting it?

    With dearest love,


  • Ifeel fawad khan shouldnt do a negative role but something different … like a doctors role..and a romance along just like Tanhaiyan…with his dignified looks he can look like a super Doc… what say guys….

    • Ranu I want him playing a piandoo if not a negative role, somewhat like what he did in Akbari Asghari….or maybe play a spoiled son of a landlord, something like that. He has played tons of dignified roles, to me he looks the same in all of them now. That of course is my personal opinion please feel free to disagree:)

  • Agree with u Fatima.
    Wese es drame mein esa hy kia jo No.1 pe jarahr hy. es se ache dramas aj kl on air hain un ki tu itni ratings nhi hy. ye sultana siddique ka drama hy es liye hum wale zabardasti es ki highest rating de rahe hain.
    Fawad Khan always do signature role koi versitality hi nhi hy us ki pesonality mein. please Fawad do something different. banda ek hi tarha k role kr kr k thakta nhi hy. Ufffffffffffffffffffff headache seeing him in same role all the time.

  • Its just a hype people r following this drama otherwise it has lost it pace and lustre

  • yes the drama is dragging for last two episodes,
    about the couple, they dont look like a husband and wife who are in love:(

  • I missed your review as usually someone send the link to FB and may be in election blues people forgot :(
    I liked the episode as I agree with Kashaf about wife and husband having there own space, I would be really really mad at my husband if he ever check my messages or emails or letters , not because I am doing something wrong but as a matter of principal you really don't tell everything to everybody, some things you would tell your husband which you can't share it with any one else , others which you can share with your best friend but not with your husband and the same rule applies to wife as well, one should not be nosey pokey with the husband just as same. I also loved the way Kashaf and Sidra sorting out there finances to buy a house for there Ammi!!!! Even the thought of it brought tears to my eyes as women who have children like Rafia are truly blessed who do love and care for there mother and can do anything for her.
    As always loved your review as with out it episode is not complete for me . Sanam is absolutely marvellous and phenomenal in her role, the way she depicts inner turmoil of Kashaf is just perfect as I am out of adjectives to describe her!

  • >