Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 21 – Setting The Rules

This latest episode started with highlighting the different ways in which Rafia and Ghazala think. While on one hand Rafia is constantly advising her daughter that she should try her best to do everything she can in order to live upto the expectations of her husband and to go the extra mile to get closer to her in laws, on the other hand Ghazala is bent on proving to Zaroon that Kashaf is a typical girl from a middle class family to whom money matters more than anything else. When she asks Zaroon about his visit to Kashaf’s house, her intention clearly was to highlight the class difference between the two. Rafia was right when she told Kashaf that she had not spend enough time with her mother in law therefore she did not know Kashaf well enough to judge her on the basis of who she is but judges her on the basis of her background…this goes to show that Ghazala is prejudiced and like Kashaf said she will have to work very hard to change the way she thinks about her.  The fact that Kashaf tried to get closer to her in laws despite of all her fears only because her mother made her realize that it was the right thing to do, went to prove that no matter how we perceive Kashaf’s character, she is actually your normal average typical girl who wants to do whatever she can in order to make her marriage work. The way she reacted when Zaroon did not tell her just how much he missed her when she called to tell him she had reached and her reaction to Zaroon being busy with his friend’s later on went to show that like any other new bride, she longs for her husband’s undivided attention and wants to hear him tell her just how much he loves her.

ghazala zaroon

I really like Zaroon’s approach when it comes to tackling different issues; he listens to his mother patiently and does not tell her that he did not agree with her even though he clearly disagrees with her and even after the argument he has with Kashaf after she does not answer his calls all night, he still takes the first step and sets the rules as he goes. Kashaf may not tell him just how much she misses him but he is quite happy with the clues she leaves him with and derives the right conclusions from them. Zaroon Junaid has certainly grown into a very sensible person and Kashaf has clearly changed too. Kashaf does not even give a hint to Ghazala that she heard what she said about Kashaf and that certainly says a lot about how much Kashaf has changed.

kashaf rafia

The scene that followed after Kashaf heard Ghazala’s conversation with Zaroon was simply heart breaking. The way Kashaf tells her mother “ami mujhe chor samajhte hai vo” and breaks down was heart wrenching. If Kashaf was still the person that she used to be, she would have given up on Ghazala altogether and would have given Zaroon a very tough time too but she knows that she has to work hard to make this relationship work and she is willing to spend the rest of her life trying to convince Ghazala that she is not a greedy person. I really like the way Rafia explains things to Kashaf, when she tells her “hur class ka admi dusri class ke bare mei ghult fehmi rakhta hai”; this is something Kashaf could relate to because she had a lot of misconceptions about people belonging to the upper class too. Kashaf’s reaction to the news that she has been transferred to the news was too cute for words; she couldn’t stop smiling.

It was good to see that Asmara has moved on and that chapter is closed, whatever she thinks of Zaroon now does not matter much now does it;) This particular scene seemed quite unnecessary though since Asmara had nothing new to say really. The precap for the next episode seems alarming, just like the last one did but it was good to see that there was no big misunderstanding between Kashaf and Zaroon today.

kashaf1Here are few of my favorite moments from today’s episode:

– Kashaf sitting and wondering whether she should call Zaroon or not and then deciding to call him.

– Zaroon establishing rules for a healthier relationship.

– Kashaf’s attitude towards the people at the workplace changes after the phone call from Zaroon.

My favorite dialogues from today’s episode:

“Vo log tu hamare khanda ka hisa nahi banay beta, tum unke khandaan ka hisa bani ho, is liye tumhare paas un ke liye wakt hona chahyeh”. Totally agree with Rafia’s advice, a girl always has to change herself and work hard to adjust in the new home. Obviously it is the duty of the boy’s family also to their best to make the new bride comfortable and not judge her but if that does not happen than the girl has no choice but to change the way her in laws feel.

 “Pata nahi aj yeh ghur itna khali kyun lug raha hai”.

“kher ab tumhe itna bhi sukoon nahi hai, agur hota tu tum pagal na ho jati mere phone na kurne pur”

“so kur dilkhao mujhe”

The funniest dialogues from today’s episode had to be “you insulted my intelligence”…really Asmara, you have got to be kidding me ;)

Share your favorite scenes and dialogues with us…looking forward to your comments.

Fatima Awan


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • hi, Fatima Thanks for the review, agree with all the advice given by Rafia, its the answer for many fans who had question last week for Rafia not giving advise to Kashaf regarding her in-laws, its my first comment ever, I like to read your reviews and read all the comments by fans.

    • No word, only one to say Superb Awesome your each and every episode review love to read it.

    • Rafia, This is the first time I'm talking about ZGH. All of us 've insecurities and douts about each other before and after getting married & in some cases a bad image from our parents' married life. It is Kashaf's attitude I don't like how long it 'll go on? Unplug the phone, not returning his calls is the limit she crossed in an arranged marriage. Being an educated and mature girl Kashaf is really rude to her loving and caring husband who is trying his best to keep her happy. She has feelings for him why not show it what he wants . No doubt he is thinking about Usama's proposal and the only guy she used to talk. The most sensible mother is Rafia I've seen in these situations in dramas. A lesson for all married daughters.

  • Fatima, you outdo yourself every time with your super fast, beautifully interpreted views on the episode.
    Yes, the story is moving on now. Zaroon and Kashaf are settling into the realities of marriage, though it is still long distance. The romance is flying out of the window. :D As much as I am a die-hard Fawad Khan fan, I have to give this episode to Sanam. She was fabulous.
    From her restlessness of getting news of Zaroon reaching home, to getting upset that he set out with friends right away,(though he told her he would be lonely when he came home after work), and making herself unreachable on the phone – she was super. Even her expressions after she walked out of the kitchen, it was so evident she had heard what her MIL had said about her. She withdrew and went back into her shell. The moments she shared with Rafia, like you mentioned, she was so hurt that she was perceived as a “chor” was really heartbreaking.
    Loved the way Zaroon was handling the situation. From her not taking the calls, to telling her firmly that is she didn’t take the money it was her call, but she would still be his responsibility. Even the way he handled his mother on both occasions – when she was warning him as well as when he confronted her. He handled it the way a mature man should. Most often you see men flying off the handle and giving the wife hell, and also not saying anything to the mother.
    I fully agreed with Rafia’s advice as well. One must not give up trying and keeping a cordial relationship with the IL’s. Zaroon has gone all out and made the effort, and Kashaf must do the same. They might not end up being the best of friends, but at least one can be cordial, keep a distance and make them feel that she will always be with them.
    Why was Sara so surprised at Kashaf’s call? Knowing and not knowing birthdates? I would think those are the easiest parts of polite conversation, while getting to know people.
    Asmara’s flashback was completely unnecessary. She drawled slowly, ad suddenly the pace of the episode not only went back in flashback, it also slowed down with the long pauses of now irrelevant dialogues. What was the point of having this shown now? Unless Asmara and Usama are both going to be the cause of the forthcoming trouble.
    Asmara’s intelligence. Right! All I remember is wondering how a birdbrain like her ever got admission into a prestigious university like that. I really laughed out loud when she said her intelligence was insulted. And she was so offended too! Lol!

    • Lol at Roh! I found that funny too…kya intelligence?? And why was Zaroon looking so guilty and sad…didn't he want to break up to…thought it was a mutual decision!!

      • LOL yep when I saw the whole sequence starting I hit the forward button on YT and then realized 'oh yeh tow end ho gaya drama!' so rewound a bit and saw the whole puppy dog face they had Zaroon showing – it was so unreal and funny! ;) It almost reminded me of the constipated look in Ashk.

        • lol @ the Ashk look. But I loved the way he handled Asmara as an ex. He was like "how are you and I really don't want to have anything to do with you and have a great day" :)

  • This episode showed some side effects of marriage lol,I think nobody is perfect and imperfect people should try their best to make things perfect in life,I highly admire character of Zaroon and he is shining in each episode,the way he handles different issues and calms down in alarming situations is highly commendable,this is what a man should be cos I feel by nature some women r more emotional and get panicked quickly and if man starts doing things like that,it will be a mess and this drama beautifully depicts human nature and emotions in different situations.Kashaf as usual is excellent but I think pulling out landline cable was bit overboard. Rafia’s teachings to her daughter are always phenomenal and this is what every mother should teach her daughter how to tackle things in marital life.In today’s episode there is a memorable dialogue ” hur class ka aadmi doosri class ke bare mein ghalt fehmi rakhta hai”

  • Chalo Zaroon ki saari behno – Zaroon needs Kleenex and chicken soup asap. Bechara is beemar and without a wife in Islamabad. Kashaf should have dropped everything and caught the first flight and gone to take care of him – Rafia ki saari naseehats bhool jaati hai yeh ladki!
    First the good parts – Thanks again for your simple yet fabulous and timely review :)
    FK was looking good in a new suit (mubarak ho!) the "naraz manana" sequence was well put together. Also the scene you pointed out in the bedroom when she's upset after overhearing the MIL's convo – it was well done. the episode showed that both Z and K are changing for the better (I liked that file scene too Fatima and how the" I have a cold phone call" put K in a good mood lol)
    The whole episode moved at a snail's pace. And the editing/timing of the scenes was yet again confusing. Rafia's commentary on calling the in-laws while Kashaf ironed her clothes came before she went to Badeen after the 2 week vacation. Why would she call them while she was living with them for 2 weeks? Oh maybe call them on the intercom when she's upstairs and they are downstairs ;)
    And agreed the Asmara sequence (and the chota munna bhai sequence) was totally unnecessary and added to make the episode 35 minutes since they are going to stretch this one out to possibly 24 epis.
    If Zaroon is being shown to be so mature and understanding (of the two) so far, then his behavior over getting upset w/ the lame-o Usama proposal doesn't make any sense. What a flimsy excuse to cause a rift in the marriage. I was expecting a much better reason to be a cause of trouble. Where is Samira Fazal when you need her and her funky ideas ;)

    • always good to read from you, Annie. What is this chota munna bhai sequence? Not sure if I missed something in the recording I caught.
      I agree, that if Zaroon makes a mountain out of poor Usama's proposal molehill, it is really lame. But then again, we were expecting exactly that to cause the rift. I guess it will just be to take the story further. I remember waiting for many episodes to see how Kashaf will finally agree to marry Zaroon and that cup of tea was really disappointing to me.
      Now that you mention it, Rafia's advice did come at odd timing. I guess we are still trying to get used to the out of whack timeline.
      The story is going to be pretty predictable. A lot was given in the preview too. While I'm still looking fwd to the next installment, I'm not getting ulcers in my stomach. ;)

      • Maybe Usama will trigger it and something else happens too?? Remember the khats kashaf is holding in ost, there must be something else that happens too. But yeah we were expecting the usama proposal to start it off , but just that would indeed be flimsy!

      • Thanks Roh! :) I was referring to the Rafia's stepson visiting. Not sure what purpose that served either. i ffwd the sequence anyways.
        With Zaroon being so accommodating and generous etc. it just seems odd that an old proposal would set off the fireworks when he's not even an ex-lover. I have to agree with SK here and hope there is MORE to the anticipated temporary breakup than just that!
        Oh I am glad for no ulcers or any other stomach/heart wrenching issues :)

        • Annie, Rafia's stepson and his Parents are selfish, shameless characters trying to establish good relations & planning to send their son to USA .Biryani is the first step. Remember his conversation with Zaroon.

        • oh yes! Hammad! another scene that got me wondering what the need was. But I have to admit that he did his part well. He obviously has the same amount of contempt for Shehnila, only that he is a nut! :D

  • Assalamu Alaikum Fatima, how are you? By now you must be used to hearing reading all the praises and the adimirations being showered on you! We all eagerly wait for your reviews as much as we wait for the next episode of ZGH. When I watch the play, i don't at feel that it is not real. Every dialogue and expression seems so real. While all the praise for FK and SS, I have a special praise for Samina Peerzada as Rafia. She has given real good values to her daughters and the way she advises KF to deal with her iLs is very touching. Her expressions seem very real. Wish could meet her in person. By the way, I have to let you know that I do have a pic of Dr Ahmer of the play Dhoom kinrae. A friend of mine had visited Pak long time ago and she met him at a party and God was I jealous? I have preserved those pics ever since. lol.if you meet her please you must give her my regards.thanks

  • Asalam o Alaykum Fatma….As usual Loved your review….Well i agree with you that Asrama Sceene with Zaroon was completely un neccesaary and after meeting with her Zaoron got upset was also unjustify …And i am amzed Zaroon mom never told and listen to her husband but want zaroon to keep control his wife by giving him lecture "Itnay khully hath sy bhi mat dia kro..Kia pata wo apni family ko pass on krti ho..!!…
    Later on Kashaf Scene with her mother that her Saas think she is chor was simply outstanding….. Umera Ahmed Writing is simply amaZIng.. Her way of saying is simple yet very very meaningful…..
    @fatma but i dnt want typical larae jagra among kashaf and Zaroon and Preview of next epsiode showing same…Sso let seee
    My fingered crossed:)
    God bless yo and keep writing grt
    Best of luck

  • Fatima great review!! You come out with such a great analysis soon after the episode! I enjoyed the episode…it showed the reality of marriage! Once the honeymoon period is over and real life sets in, can you adjust??
    I loved the phonecall scene….I was laughing because I have felt what Kashaf was…who should call first, why did he not call back, out having fun…all those thoughts were so realistic, loved that whole sequence!! Although she went a bit far in pulling the cord out,!
    Zaroon was very mature in the whole money scene! I think he dealt with it so well, the way he spoke to his mom! A lot of husbands do not know how to deal with moms or wives in a balanced way, so that was very enjoyable to watch as he still showed respect for his mother yet told her she was wrong!
    Well Rafia eventually did tell kasgaf about inlaws..we were all wondering about that last week….impatient lot we are. I actually loved her advices today…it was very much needed and Kashaf does end up listening to her mom so you could tell she was acting on it!
    Other than that love that Kashaf is smiling more and happier!
    But next week looks like the problems we were expecting, let's see how it gets to become such a big issue, I am sure there will be more than just Osama!

    • yes, I too am hoping that this Usama's proposal which didn't go even a step further, has something more to it than just Usama. Zaroon looked very upset while driving and thinking of Asmara in flashback. He almost reminded me of Ashar driving after he met his daughter. Lets hope the storyline has something substantial, and doesn't let us down.

  • Hi Fatima,
    ur review is always good to read and its always to the point…

    today's episode was really surprising for me, i wasnot expecting such a disgusted attitude of Ghazala towards kashaf at all..
    if she belongs to a high upper class and very bold highfi then she shouldnt have such narrow thinkings regarding any matter of life… ohh God itna difference …

    well, my most fav scene of todays epi was of kashaf when she was treating her client in office and she was very harsh and to the point & didnt show any flexibility to them, but later on, after recieving the call of zaroon, she changed into polite & helping one.. so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

    Mohabat ka positive asar hota hai i believe so :)) :))

    2nd thing which i love that is the acting of kashaf at the point when she was discussing to her mother about the doubts and wrong perception of her saas towrads her , was really heart cracking moment :(( :((

    the precap of the next episode is really alarming, zaroon shouldnt be reacting in such a way… he is wrong here…

  • Once again a very well written and awesome review by you, you do it every time Masha Allah… A review worth waiting i must say…:)
    Another amazing episode, relatively a slower one but brilliantly done – from romanticism to the reality check, developing understandings and avoiding misconceptions. Rafia's advices are bliss for Kashaf's life, always on the spot and actually leaves impact on one's mind. she depicts the realities in such a nice manner, wonderfully written character. It was worrying to see both Zaroon and Kashaf fight, but on the other hand it was a pleasure that Kashaft has actually started being upset about him, the way she reacted showed it all. :) i was just thinking ke mobile tou off kar diya, what would happen if he calls on the landline and the way she detached the phone line was rightly on the spot. The angry mood discussion it the morning was wonderful 'shadi bhii azaab hai biwi ko report dou tou masla na dou tou masla' and all the dialogues of Kashaf :) she was clearly very angry on his behavior and the way he puts everything straight and resolved the matter was outstanding.. 'but i miss you.. kion? coz i love you' <3 mindblowing expressions by Zaroon and was so adorable and worked so sweetly and she immediately gets ready to sign the file.. haha.. and their late night telephonic conversations and settings the rules are a delight to watch. 'mera intezar karo gii, nahin, kion… kion ke agar koi kaam parh gaya and tum nahin aa sakey tou mein upset hojaaon giii.' – i think this was the very first direct emotional reaction she showed.<3 <3 they both are changing themselves, and a change in Kashaf's attitude is worth appreciation. Ghazala's attitude was so disturbing, how could she… she taunts her in every line:( the conversation between her and Zaroon was again worrying from Ghalaza's end but it was good to get a glimpse later that she realized she shouldn't have said this, may be only i noticed that, when zaroon said ke aap ko aisey nahin kehna chahiye thaa and all the other lines,
    it was also awesome the way he handled the situation with kashaf and understood ke kuch tou ghalat hua haiii, I wish yeh aisey hee misunderstandings ko dooor kartey raheyn but this does not seems to be happening from the precap of next episode.:( dangerously alarming next episode! and the way she broke into tears infront of Rafia was indeeed really emotional, heart breaking , she was badly hurt…:( :( plus another beautiful scene was about her transfer, its like a dream come true of both of them…<3
    Asmara's glimpse was only good in this perspective-the way Zaroon responded, haha.. he was not at all in a mood to talk to her, amazing expressions :) <3
    looking forward to the next episode and i think Zaroon reacted as the news came from the third person who is none other than his friend himself, it feels like osama is there to act like a problem creating women, or more appropriately the phapey kut'ni…:( :( and positive thing is sir abrar's involvement.

  • After watching drama i just rush to review..u did really well fatima.. and new thing is u mentioned best dialogue :P for sure..and yeah now about drama.. going really well.. i hate asmara but reallyy i didn't expected asmara to end up the engagement i thought it could be zaroon.. but i was asmara..:s ending up and those pathetic expressions at zaroon's face while his breakup with asmara.. i didn't get it i was expecting him to be sort of angry..well.. and yeahhhh i love kashaf murtaza… girllll u rockkkkk.. rafia is the best mother very sensible .. promo shows alot of the next episode but i must say there must be something which is hiddenn.. because they dont let us knw everything in promo..! over all good… :)

  • "Honeymoon is over" and back to realities of every day life. Still pretty good episode .
    Zaroon showing maturity while Kashaf acclimatising and adapting to realities of married life and in-laws.
    Kashaf is making effort to change herself. ..But only a "Big Bang" can help Kashaf to get rid of her negative traits.
    What next?

  • Hi Fatima Awan,
    Nice review as ever. BUT you are being too kind and generous to Kashaf, picking all possible positive points.
    Kashaf's reaction on not receiving a call from Zaroon was over the top and reminded me of class room spars.
    Enjoyed the episode, but no…..no favourite outstanding scene tonight.
    Looking forward to next Friday.

  • As usual, this episode had some un-necessary scenes just to stretch the drama. I repeat my previous comment that this way, there can be 100 episodes. I disagree with mentioned funniest dialogue. Zaroon knew her since childhood and the life style she has and the class she belongs to justify her saying he insulted her intelligence. Everyone has his/her own level of intelligence and people are proud of that.

    Kashaf is very self centered person who believes in my way or highway. Not picking up phone and even removing the phone wire was such a rude act. Her mother's advices are not only for her but for all the ladies watching this drama. I wish all mothers nowadays guide their daughters the same way Kashaf's mother guides her.

  • Yes Fatima Awan does a good job. This is an excellent play of reality of life in Pakistan today.
    Kashaf is sure showing cracks in her veneer. Glad that Zarun is noticing that.
    Rafia doing a good job of advice. Well placed. But Rafia has to change her whiney tone. the intonation definitely has to change. Very tedious right now.
    Interesting how Kashaf returns to Badeen with only hand luggage after 2 weeks of being a new bride. Seems so unprofessional how Kashaf takes a responsive personal phone call right in the midst of a meeting.
    Strange how Zarun does not communicate with Sidra as to why Kashaf is the way she is (clearly she's carrying a lot of emotional baggage), considering that Sidra has extended her hand in friendship to Zarun too. Strange as Zarun has no male friends in his school days. At least none invited to the engagement or wedding. Aik dost Osama and did not even invite him and thus not as close to Osama either. Zarun does not even attempt or viceversa to befriend the humzulf.

    Liked the maturity with which Zarun handled his first meeting with Asmara. Very politically correct. With the way that meeting ends, how in heaven's name do they end up having a chat. What would be freaky is if Asmara is married to Osama.
    Next episode: What 'cheechorapan' did Osama do by telling Zarun about the proposal! Which guy in his right mind tells his friend that he had proposed to Kashaf when he knows she's married to Zarun and had rejected his proposal. Doesn't have much self respect, does he?

    • SZSZ: Every point raised by you is really valid. From Rafia's tone to kashaf's luggage. Everything. Including questioning the need for Usama to tell Zaroon about his proposal.
      I completely agree with all the issues you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

    • well I don't find Rafia's tone to be whiney, in fact it's so kind & love for her daughter seems to reflect from it so beautifully, if you have noticed Kashaf's servant also had a bag behind her & that luggage is enough for 2 weeks conisdering the fact that she also spent some time at her mother's house before & after marriage & of course she would have some clothes there, it's not like she permanently shifted to Badeen. It's not unprofessional to receive a personal call because if you noticed, it was not an official meeting, some poor men had come to clear their files so of course she can receive call during it, the criticism about Zaroon not communicating with Sidra & having no male friends is pretty lame because Sidra just left so do you expect her brother in law to call her in USA to ask about her sister when there isn't even an issue.

    • Zaroon & asmara were also friends & even if the engagement between them breaks, they can communicate yes not frankly after that horrible meeting but formally, I personally know a friend of mine who was once my best friend & then we had a terrible fight after which we didn't communicate for two years but now as she is in the same educational institute as mine, so we sometimes meet but quite uncomfortably like Zaroon & Asmara, remember many years have passed since that engagement is broken. about next episode is that it's a reality that many guys do not understand the seriousness of the issue, Osama is zaroon's best friend, he can mention that in the flow of a pleasant & cheerful talk & from the preview, it seems exactly like this

  • cant u just prove read ur stuff by someone good enough in eng b4 publishing. its really pathetic to read such substandard eng

    • Right back at you. I'm sure you will then understand how pathetic it is to read your pathetic comments in your pathetic English and pathetic spellings.

    • You are beyond help my dear. If you loath it so much, why you visit the site?
      Do us a favour. Leave us alone. We shall be eternally grateful.

  • Achi aur khandaani maa (Mother) aisaee hee hoti hain jasay k Rafia hai, kitni achi polite way main advices dee apni beti ko… i felt the picture of my mother in her , my mother is like her… keep advicing me to do this and do not do that.. etc ;)

    Its reality, as the mother is ,so the daughter will :)))

  • Great review Fatima ! I also loved the way that Zaroon was setting the rules with a maturity that belies the precap. Kashaf is trying her best to adjust, but I feel realy sad to see her struggling with herself to withhold her spontaneous feelings. It just goes to show how the environment we create for our children as well as how the parents attitudes can affect the people that they become. Looking forward to the next episode to see how Zaroon manages to control his inherent posessiveness regarding Kashaf.

  • Thanks so much Fatima for your review coz this website n comments focuses more on positivity and good things in life…gulzar hai beshek… Can't stand silly negative mind sets reviews…fussy about little things in the drama…who wants to spoil their mood…picky picky nakhrey :/ just stay on positive gratitude side of drama review n yes then can see zindagi gulzar hei…journey from complaining to grateful attitude:)! Just hate others complaining attitude of tiny matters and good things in drama… Writers like UA is trying that qawm ko shuker guzar banain…

    • I completely agree with you, there are some other websites who are always promoting criticism for the sake of criticism, & I don't understand what problem they have with ZGH, just got too fed up of them now, don't even bother to check because frankly they just don't even acknowledge the great combinations of ZGH

  • Always hated Asmara's personality, dressing, socialising attitude and I couldn't stand it as a girl so how could zaroon :)! Love Zaroon's approach and conservatism. If he dislikes his fiancé or wife intermingling/socialising with boys then hurray!!!!!!!!!!!! This Pakistani nation needs that perspective before more couples/families go into increasing divorce rate like west. West wish to learn that how we can live happily as a family in a home together for years forever till death. Yes there are exceptions but percentage is less…however increasing with the attitude of Asmara/Sara mentality type girls on rise. Hope writers like UA n others keep showing dramas such as shehrezaat, dur shehwar n ZGH to put sense!!

  • my favourite dialogue:
    saas ko maa bananay ki zarurat bhe nai hai. Ye rishta to sirf respect ka hota hai :)
    har kamyab aurat k peechay aik peechay aik zaroon junaid jaisy husband ka hota hai..also kashafs dialogue following this: har pareshan aurat k peechay bhe

  • Hi Fatima good review but episode is just ok…. Plz kashaf ab bus b kar do ye to khush he nahi hote… New bride ho Kuch ache ache kapre he pehan laity…. Just hate aasmara… Next episode seems alarming, pher kashaf k gussa r larae

  • good drama and there is a lesson in rafias words and i think every girl should follow it amazing acting by rafia. kashaf is totally change as time pass and it is the proof that she want to fulfill the relation. next episode ohh osma is back and miss understanding arises. but it seems zroon is trying to break his own rules. bt hope all is best and zindgi gulzar hai. ghzala should also change her behaviour

  • Another interesting episode and ofcourse a wonderful analysis by you all. Always find it absorbing to read the different views..
    Loved Rafia's words of wisdom to Kashaf. I guess this is what moms the world over would tell their daughters. To adjust and to persevere in winning over the other family. Zaroon's mom was always class conscious but I think that she is changing her attitude towards Kashaf gradually. The very last thing she says was how Kashaf met with her before leaving and how very normal she was. Zaroon says that that shows Kashaf's sincerity and how much she respects his mom.. and that statement got her thinking.. May be its my wish but I think she would mellow down.. The best part of them all is always Kashaf's diary. I find that she puts down her emotions so beautifully that it always touches some chord in me. And of-course the nok-jhok betwn kashaf and zaroon, … whats not to love!!! It would be great if Zaroon and Kashaf get to read each others' diaries! That would really make my day!

    The preview…

    Like I mentioned last week, I have not read the book so I have no clue how much closer to the book this story is being played out.
    I think, the meeting with Asmara, reminds him of her words that he wanted a puppet for a wife and close on the heels his meeting with Osama kind of pushes him over and I think that would be reason enough for Zaroon to lose his cool with Kashaf. Kashaf being kashaf, tells him in no uncertain terms (and she is fully right and justified here) that Osama was just a proposal and nothing more than that.
    But I what I found interesting in this episode, and something which I hope that he remembers in the forthcoming ones.. is his rules.. which he himself made.. and that he would realize that his reaction was a bit overboard and that he would come back and listen to her and make peace with her.
    Anyways.. another interesting episode.. and hopefully it will be good next week as well.

  • Hi Everyone, Thank you so much for reading the review and for the comments. My mother has been unwell so I have been busy looking after her, my apologies for not being able to contribute to the discussion.

    • nothing new now they are dragging the drama because in novel toward ending it was great. In drama they didn't showed dialogue between Asmara and Kashaf, and Asmara with Zaroon in the party. PLEASE DON'T drag the drama

      When they are making drama on PEER-E-KAMIL Excellent novel. I am waiting for that

        • what do you want to know? I've sort of memorised the novel or I should say "short story" by now :D what do you want to know?

    • Hi Fatima I was wondering. What happened to your mother and how is feeling now? Hope she gets well soon. Missed you.

      • I missed being part of the discussion too Renu. My mother had a heart attack, she is better now. Thank you so much for your concern.

    • Fatima, I can understand how you feel. I'm praying for your mother's fast and full recovery. Insha-Allah she 'll get well soon.Take your time, our comments are not important in this situation.

  • zindagi gulzar hai this is my favrat drama hy my bohat shook sy dahkti hun ya mara bohti hi zaida boht hi zaida boht hi zaida favrat drama hy

  • waiting for today,s episode of zindagi gulzar hai….i think this is my first pakistani,s drama that i have watche .but i have no words to explain the drama and acting of kashaf .Zaroon is also well but kashaf is awesome.Hope that there comes some happiness in kashaf,s life .we can't bear so much disturbness and hoplessfullly in kashaf,s life so plz Zaroon don't make neck rope for kashaf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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