Zindagi Gulzar Hai – The Finale

The best thing about his finale was that I felt for Kashaf, although I thought that I will never feel for her again. The wonderful aspect of the episode was ke Kashf ki zindagi bhi ab gulzar hai – how it happened? Solely because of Zaroon’s positive influence in her life and of course because love can do the impossible; something that I strongly believe in. Deep down all Kashaf wanted was a man in her life who will convince her of his love and make her believe that there is a God up there who has some wonderful things in store for ungrateful people like Kashaf too. I wish though that this change was shown to us in bits and pieces in the past few episodes and not “narrated” to the viewers in the last few minutes of the final episode. There were definitely a lot of loose ends and overall this last episode wasn’t exactly satisfying.

zaroon kashaf

I am sure many people out there, like me, were expecting this episode to be as much about addressing Zaroon’s double standards as it was going to be about Kashaf being grateful and realizing how wrong she had been all these years. Zaroon’s double standards were completely left unaddressed. No one laid down the rules this time around so I am quite unsure whether it is okay for Zaroon to meet Asmara or not!! And if he can meet his ex fiancé then can Kashaf keep things from him too?

I agree that most of the minor issues between couples do not turn into bigger misunderstandings if there is good communication between the two. The later part of the episode clearly suggested that Zaroon and Kashaf have bridged the communication gap that existed between the two. Kashaf takes a step forward, swallows her pride and calls Zaroon, primarily because she does not want her daughters to grow up without a father and she does not want to lead the kind of life her mother lead. This may have been the main reason for Kashaf calling Zaroon but it was quite evident that despite of their immature statements and acts (changing the names on the phones) these two cannot live without each other, they make each other complete and this is most certainly the most apt reason for any two people to be together. Zaroon does say in the end that he had the perfect life; a home, wife and wonderful kids, which made me wonder that he always loved Kashaf and had faith in her but there were still misunderstandings between the two often enough  – does that mean that all along it was Kashaf alone who needed to change her ways? Yes, I agree Kashaf needed to change, we all agree on that but to say that Zaroon was perfect all along would be so wrong too. But then it is also true that marriage is not the union of a perfect man with a perfect woman but in our society it is the union of an imperfect man and a perfect woman:)

zaroon kashaf

I think there was absolutely no need to show the meeting between Zaroon and Asmara. It just went to show that Zaroon did not feel any remorse at all and the entire conversation made no sense to me. Maybe, I missed out on something; it’ll be nice if someone who found this scene relevant in any way to explain to me please that why it was there at all. Mehreen Raheel needs to stop playing the “friend” who is always there to lend a shoulder to cry on whenever Fawad Khan is having issues with his leading ladies; first Dastaan, then Ashk and now Zindagi Gulzar Hai. I hope it ends here! Another scene, which I thought was prolonged for no reason was the HR presentation one, the presentation went on for too long, at least that is how I felt.


Today’s episode had some beautiful dialogues and to me the main message of this finale was as Rafia pointed out “Mohabat mei koi hisab nahi hota, koi ana nahi hoti”. Zaroon comes flying to Kashaf when she calls him, he forgets everything because despite of all their minor problems between them he knows that he wants Kashaf in his life. That was the favorite scene of tonight’s episode for me when Zaroon surprises Kashaf and Kashaf thinks it is a dream – surely dreams do come true. Kashaf finally tells Zaroon how much she loves him because she knows now how important it is to express one’s feelings, another lesson very well learned.


Zindagi Gulzar Hai was perfect in terms of good acting right from day one; all the actors did a commendable job and the person who chose these actors for the respective roles deserves a lot of appreciation. The concept behind Zindagi Gulzar Hai was great but somehow it was lost mainly due to flawed direction and bad editing. If Zindagi Gulzar Hai was an 18 – 20 episodes serial which focused on no more than a couple of tracks and issues, it would have been perfect. Like all Umera Ahmed plays it had some memorable dialogues to its credit. But the best thing about this whole show was the discussions we all had here. Last but not the least, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart, to all those who followed the reviews every week and took time out to comment. The Zindagi Gulzar Hai experience wouldn’t have been the same without all of you, I am honestly going to miss our discussions more than anything else.



Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Well, I think the reason they showed Asmara scene was to tell Zaroon about how wrong he was..For the first time, I saw a positive comment from Asmara when she told Zaroon how she feels sorry for being a cause of conflict between Zaroon and Kashaf, and then she tells him that it was Zaroon's mistake in the first place to hide things from her wife…I believe that was quite a positive comment and must have made Zaroon to re-think of his attitude..

    Well, overall today's episode was slow but the dialogues were amazing and well put, especially the talk between Rafi and Kashaf about the giving a second chance to marriage and loved ones over petty issues.

    well. it was an amazing serial right from beginning. The end was fantastic and will remain a memorable one for quite a long time :)

    Thumbs up to entire team of ZGH, as well as to Fatima for her wonderful reviews :)

    • Usman Zaroon was still complaining after the meeting, i think it was Kashaf's phone call that made him change his mind – it was just his ego getting in the way, nothing more and nothing less, that is what I feel. Even if Asmara was responsible for Zaroon having a change of heart, it wasn't exactly the best way to go about it.
      Thank you so much for following the reviews and for sharing your opinion, I really appreciate it.

  • Yes it was truly amazing……. and I totaly agree with u on that office meeting and zaroon and asmaras meeting ….. But I woul say that this seriel teaches us alot ….. :) and ……… WAQI ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI!!!!!!!!

  • Last episode was a BIG disappointment ! … It completely ignored the Zaroon's lack of honesty and loyalty to his WIFE.
    Zaroon's character rather endosered as if its ok to meet ex fiancé / friend … makes it worse when he goes and meets her AGAIN.. And bad mouths his wife…. Shows regrets for marrying her!…. What???
    On contrary Kashaf calls him and says she wants to o back home… Telling she was wrong in taking that step… I am at loss for words what to say…. Please people …. Do not give green signal to this male chauvinistic attitude dwindling on absolute unfairness…..
    No woman can ever forgive and forget breach in trust if she really and totally loves her husband….
    Kashaf's character depicted a typical woman indeed !

    • Moral, I am all for anyone in the relationship taking the first step as long as the outcome is such that both the partners acknowledge their mistakes. But in this case I fully agree with you Zaroon got away with it – lucky guy;)

    • Tum jaisi hi larkian hoti han jo na apna ghar bannay deti hain na kisi aur ka……..

      big dumbo ….. agar sorry ker kay ghar ban jata hai to is mein koi harj nahin

  • What a fantastic review, Fatima. Honestly, you did more than justice to an episode which was a disappointing finale. Not that I expected anything better. 25 weeks of complaining leading to the last episode full of shukar, trying desperately to address issues and resolve them, was going to be too much to digest.
    The cheesy romance, the terrible “filmy dialogues” of romance, and the sheer childishness of conversation between Zaroon and Kashaf made it worse for me. Honestly, changing the names on the cell phone was the height of kiddish behaviour.
    Marriage is beautiful and all marriages have trouble in different forms and sizes. For someone who has been let down because of trust, it was so juvenile to show how they made up. For someone who thinks marrying Kashaf was a grave mistake, is this how things are resolved in a jiffy?
    I also was appalled at Kashaf’s reaction to expecting girl children. She, more than anyone else , should have been proud about it, and should have been able to take it in her stride.
    The scene with Asmara was beyond disgusting. Zaroon actually telling her that marrying Kashaf was the worst mistake of his life, and then in 2 minutes he regrets hiding them meeting from his wife, and Asmara makes him see that? Give me a break!
    Fatima, thanks so much for a treat, week after week, after every episode. It was wonderful going through this journey with you, your thoughts, and your brilliant reviews. And I know that this is what I’m going to miss most every Friday. Where the drama is concerned, I acknowledge my gratefulness that is over and done with. I watched it only for Fawad Khan, and I think he has just proved his mettle all over again. My journey of the weeks of shikways have also ended with shukar. 

    • perfect review Roh!!
      someone gets it! total MALE CHAUVINISTIC ending-disgusting!!!– I guess the popular style… cheesy and disgrace to wives.

    • Roh, the feeling is mutual, it is always great hearing from you and you always added something very insightful t o the discussion. yes rafia ki mehnat bekar gaye – that is what i thought when Kashaf cried because she was going to have girls. What good was all the parhai likhai if it wasn't going to change her mindset and all she needed was a prince charming to make it all right. I thought the play was about girls' education as well but what I got from it was that if you educate your daughters well, they are sure to get married into wealthy families!!

  • To me this serial taught us that we have to accept and love our spouse the way he/ she is….in spite of their flaws. Do not expect perfection from a human being and there is nothing like complete and eternal happiness in this world. We have to count and value our set of blessings and Kashaf and Zaroun were blessed! and their Zindagi was gulzar !!!

    In a perfect situation Kashaf would have killed her ego soon after marriage and Zaroun would have loved her all their life like the first few weeks….they would have got a boy and girl….. BUT life is not perfect!

    • housewife, you put it down so nicely, I am glad ZGH was an inspirational play for you and many other people out there.

  • Thank God it's over.
    Having said that, I think we won't forget Kashaf and Zaroon that easily And the discussion these two have generated
    Will stay in our memories for awhile.
    I enjoyed the finale partly because it is over, and partly because it wasn't bad at all. In fact I enjoyed Kashaf/Zaroon
    scenes today. Both Fawaf and Sanam were brilliant.

    And thanks Fatima Awan for lovely reviews. I thoroughly enjoyed them all. Before saying goodbye I must say it has
    Been a pleasant association.

    • lol Anwar Sohail , Thank God it's over is what you end up saying when a play is dragged for no apparent reason! No Goodbyes please only Catch you later:) Will you be watching kankar? Thank you so much for being a regular reader and for your honest comments – for the praise and the criticism:)

      • Don't know anything about Kanker except that it is written yet again by UA, and I'm not(with due apologies) really a fan of hers. I'll surely be watching 'Numm' starring Fawad Khan, Sania Sarrd, Kanza & Usman Peerzada.

  • Needless to say but I'm great admirer of your reviews. Keep it up. Cheers.

  • Perfect Review…exactly how I felt. Also totally agree ith Roh! Not satisfied with it…some memorable moments throughout with some wonderful dialogues but how can they just make up with no deep and meaningful conversation after all the time they were apart…some jokes and cheesy lines and that's it??
    Zaroons double standards were not addressed and he never apologized. I totally agree that Kashaf had a lot of faults but zaroon just got off with no remorse for his actions??
    Kashaf finally did shukr in the last 5 mins…well that was to be expected! I guess the best thing about this whole show was the acting and chemistry between FK and SS!
    Also was aggravated with them talking about food and clean bathrooms, is that why zaroon was missing her? What
    was the point of her doing CSS then…did he Just miss her house work?
    I could go on but I would rather go watch the after show, thanks Fatima for always writing great reviews…will miss them!

    • Lol Sk I was wondering the same thing khana kharab hai, black suit nahi hai wear the blue one idiot and really she cleaned the bathroom every day? When did she go to work? Lol

    • sky: it irked me to no end the way Zaroon only missed his wife when it came to cooking and cleaning. And the way he was treating his domestic helper was beyond horrible. As a character, he too is rude and has this false pride, along with double standards.
      And when he told K that he will break her legs if she leave his house was another line that made my jaws drop! That's not funny. It reminded me of Murtuza when he said the same words to her, but atleast in that case it was befitting his character.

    • Thank you SK for following the reviews and the honest feedback:) Yes, so with you on that , kashaf wapis na aati tu bathroom kon saaf kurta!! I don't think any woman who can afford servants cleans the washroom in Pakistan!! Companionship definitely comes first for me too, the servants do a fine job of running the house too if they are trained well…so whatever!! Falak's naani was the same too, always telling her to cook and do the housework herself – which makes me wonder did any of these actresses, writers, directors – since all of them are smart, busy working women cook and clean for their husbands??? and if they didn't then what do their husbands miss about them when they go away on a trip and how are their marriages still intact!!

      • Annie, Roh, SK, Fatima, Sadaf, I think I need a break from UA's lectures (specially if they are unedited) par what if Behadd has more ?

        • Behadd looks very interesting – completely different from the usual shadi shuda zindagi ke maslay , lets see.

        • It does look different. I did read a summary somewhere. Don't know about lectures though. I guess they can be fitted in anywhere, right? ;)

      • I dont agree
        every hosewife or women has her peace Safety her Respekt with their mens and At home
        Allahtallah makes women very sensible Tat y she Should behave like women and Not like Men sure women Must be eductated so she can teach their chilldren and Support their family but it dosent mean that she has to work like a servant she is human been treat her Safetly and respectfull but she has own duttys and obligations and we have to be happy that we born as a Muslim womens we r Lucky Not everyone can Touch us like in Europe we dont have to prove naked for women as like in Europe ! So think about it

      • fatima excellent review. this last episode was not satisfying. Zaroon should have apologized for hurting kashf''s feelings. Umera Ahmad's plays do portray a kind of woman who should not have a professional life of her own. should just cook and clean. but a woman needs to be a good housemaker. she should be able to manage her home and care for her family. not necessarily doing all the chores herself

        • Ume talal thank you so much for liking the review and for the comment. I am all for women compromising and sacrificing – i loved DeS but I think there should be a balance like the way mansoor makes up for what he did later on in life. Oh well, hope Kankar delivers.

    • If my husband ever leave me …. I would surely miss him for the clean bathroom !!!!! He actually is obsessed with CLEAN BATHROOM !! Ha ha ha … Lucky me ! I never ever clean it myself ! Plus Kashaf has been shown as a clean freak in earlier episode , no big deal .

  • Well I guess today every scene had a relevant point to put across for the viewers…The office meeting foe example that Zaroon is unable to concentrate on anything because of not having Kashaf around…he wont admit it but yes kashaf did bring stability and order in his..be it cleaning the washroom…taking care of his food,,,his clothes in place..it was actually great to see that it irritated Zaroon that the washroom wasn't clean…that was a small and great change on Zaroon's part.

    I loved the way his worker Amjad answered back and made Zaroon realize that he's ncomplete without kashaf,

    Like u asked Fatima there was relevance to Zaroon and Asmara's meeting…sometimes a friend can get through to u like no one else…And be it whatever whether the audience likes Asmara or not, she was Zaroon's best friend and she does know him pretty well…and Zaroon had to hear that what he did was wrong…he should have mentioned about Asmara to Kashaf. I was actuallly happy with Asmara's scene because that definitely bought positive outlook with it.

    On the whole i guess the episode was perfect..I as a matter of fact loved the last 15 mins of the episode.

    Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed are two actors who prove that they hold their own space in a frame and give outstanding performances without overshadowing the other,

    And the last thing that they did not talk about Zaroon's double standards well i dont think they needed to because Kashaf never questioned him of having double standards it was us as viewers who questiones it and it was Asmara earlier in the show who questioned it…

    When Zaroon and Kashaf fought at that time yes she did mention the Osama incident but everyone is forgetting that Zaroon admitted that is was his stupidity and i guess we should leave it at that because we all noe that no matter how modern he was he was conservative on the inside and his double standards were clearly highlighted in the earlier episodes with Asmara..the double standards were a part of his character which with time he came to terms with..because kashaf and her characteristics and her imp changed that in him. The main promblem betweem these two was their Ego, trust issues and lack of communication.

    To me all the main issues were addressed perfectly.

    ZGH had the perfect Start and End and it was a great journey and i am a film-maker myself so i could see that where everything was coming from.

    Loved ZGH … it rocked

    and the last thing this is fiction and the world of media some people with agree and some will disagree…somethings will satisfy some people and somethings wont because we all are different and have our own perspectives.

    • I agree with you Zainab, we all look at everything depending on our own perspective and that is the fun bit too. It is not half as much fun if everyone agrees on everything. Thanks a lot for your detailed comment, i hope we will see you here more often now.

  • I echo Anwer Suhail … This long Nightmare is over . Zaroon ki tho Umer Qaid ki Sazaa is never over And laraki baji kashaf will never change . Thanks HumTV for telling us Wives are there for laundry and cooking becuase the servants just cannot be relied on . What ever happened to actual love and the caring and sharing of relationships which funnily enough has been the basis of marriage for all time? Really bad direction and the storyline completely lost it''s way.I salute your strength of character in watching this and finding something to praise . WHAT a wast ..thank GOd it's over vaqi last episode celebrations honey chahiye

  • @fatema loved your review i gona mioss it a lot amazing drama amazing perforamnces amazing dialouges…..Zindgi gulzar hai

    • Amir Butt, thanks a lot for being a regular reader. I am glad that you enjoyed the show:)


      • Yes girls should be over joyed as the message for them is "wives are there to cook, clean bathrooms and launder husbands black suit".
        Writer must be truly progressive, enlightened or shall I say visionary.

        • whats wrong in looking after your husband, doing his work , cooking , laundering.. as long as he respects you , loves you , and treats you like a queen of the house….its not bad…

          • Ranu there is nothing wrong with it but when the writers show that cooking and cleaning comes first and companionship second then it surely gives the wrong message.

          • yes companionship is the essence of the relationship it should come up first ahead of all other things. But perhaps these cooking, cleaning and khidmat stuff is a hit stuff as it is repeated in so many dramas and novels and general fiction. In many stories a husband remembers his wife most while eating something from other woman, or when he doesnt have crisp collars of his shirt pressed by other woman etc.

            They can also show a comparison in the life of a husband with and without his wife at different occassions and events like in events of grief, happiness or even a morning walk, so it should be a mix of both the hit formula stuff and also the other way round.

          • companionship is a culmination of everything … facing us and dowms… supporting, sacrificing , taking care of little things….. yes taking care of cooking , his laundryis an extra effort on a wifes part which strengthens relationship …. i loved it when kashaf bieng a working woman was taking care of zaroon, its the upbringing by her mom who taught her the ideals…if zaroon misses theclean bathroom and her dishes..its nothing but projecting his love for his wife… it was very well presented here….certainly zaroon was very appreciative of his wife in such matters… very nicely directed… i have seen american women do the same here , cooking , working taking care ofbills , kids so why should we make a bigdeak and we dont even have servants to help out as in india or pakistan…

    • Ranu, thank you so much for contributing to the discussions and for following the reviews, it really meant a lot to me. Yes, few of the scenes in today's episode did make me cry as well, they were quite emotional but as a whole it didn't wuite work for me and wasn't as perfect as a last episode should be.

  • Nice review Fatima :) I agree that Kashaf finally swallows her ego and learns to compromise! And Zaroon's ideas were not very clear. End was happy and good. All over loved Rafia :) she along with Zaroon made Kashaf realize that always be thankful to God. And Kashaf learned that too. Will miss ZGH and yes Zaroon Junaid *sigh* u will be missed dearly! :*

    • Thank you Natty – well time to move on I guess:) Will you be watching Kankar?

      • Kankar looks interesting. Might as well give it a shot. Sanam Balochi is a good actress. talented. and fawad's telefilm behad on its way soon and his drama namm. will it be aired by hum?

  • The Shukrana consisted of two Rikaat Nafiil done in a hurry !!!! ( kind of like our namaz when we were kids and did in jhat pat …maggie noodles style) .I so agree with you Faitima, this Shukrana should have been shown in steps in previous 3/4 episodes rather then wasting atleast 4 episodes in nonsense. Form 1st episode to 20th episode , Zindagi was Gulazaar in terms of the production, it has the potential to break the records as they had the best team, some how they drifted away from the plot and got lost. No complaints when it comes to cinematography , background score, sets, props, etc etc …and last but not least the ACTING was just amazinglybflawless, especially Sanam , as not many ( like me ) were expecting this kind of performance from her, she was just superb, she did not let Fawad Khan take the whole coke away, infact in many many scenes she was better then him ( in acting) I am just overwhelmed with her abilities and talent, no words ……I am upset with the writers to deprive us of a scene which I was looking forward to from day one….it was the scene between Asmara and Kashaf , meeting in a party , and Asmara had no clue about who Kashaf is married to, Ohhhh that scene would have bee fab , I could picture it in my head…..Mehreen in her arrogant style and Sanam,s killer smile !!! . I agree with Sadaf , Anwer and Roh completely. For me ZGH was going toward peak but then because of bad weather they camped on the level ground. All is well, still some memorable episodes with power packed performances.
    Lastly I like to thank, Fatima, SZ, Sadaf, Misty , Roh and all the friends who made the discussions interesting and sometimes better then the episode . Lets see Phir kidhar mulaqaat hoti hai….

    • Sheema it was great having you on board – your fun comments made us all laugh and loved the maggi noodles bit lol!! I remember you mentioned that scene before too – it would have been nice if it was shot and we could see it. Zaroor miley gay Inshallah, will you be following Kankar?

      • Not sure ! I am very fussy when it comes to serials , I don't follow everything , looking forward to Kadoorat only for Sanam as not keen on other actors , especially don't like Angelina Malik , she ruined one of my favourite novel of Umera " La Hasil " , I hated that serial because of the bad bad bad direction and acting .

    • Sheema, I too really enjoyed discussing the episodes with you. The only reason that I will miss ZGH is because the sharing of thoughts of this drama has now come to an end. :)

  • Great review to an expected finale. You're so right the core issues between the couple weren't fully addresses. It eas good to see that they were willing to work on their petty issues But if K hadn't called would Z have come flying in to her bed? Somehow the issues seemed to be temporarily resolved on the surface and then as expected we are shown a leap of 5-6 years and apparently all the issues have been worked out unbeknownst to us the viewers and as expected the shukar happened in the last five minutes.
    Some great camera work today by Shahzad so kudos to him and yes the bedroom scene was enjoyable :)

    • Totally agree with you Annie, that is exactly how I felt too. Yes the camera work was great but some of the scenes could have been shorter.

  • Hi Fatima,

    Yes , it was really fantastic episode and Fatima, i m gonna miss our panel of discussion on ZGH and of course i will be missing ZGH on every Friday :( honestly, i am really gonna miss it hard… :((
    in fact my husband too, though he is very against to Kashaf he always dislike her the way she keep crying and he keep saying , yaar ye aurat intii manhoos hai , day one se end tuk rooti rahu hai ;) :)))) lolxxx

    and i always try to make my husband understand it, com'on its a drama , try to learn from it…

    well, ur review and ur sense of analysis is really artistic, i would suggest u to come on the part of direction plzz :)))

    I agree that the series ZGH is not on a drama , teaches us the lot of lessons and experiences about marital life especially, i personally thinks that if there is any misunderstanding between a couple , it should be sorted out on the same roof and channel , shouldn't be prolong coz these sort of confusions really made up mess more …

    the best scenes of today's epi was the surprise of zaroon to kashaf and the way she was taking him as dream was fabulous. so sweeeeet and romantic.. zaroon was looking so cute in that scene and i really enjoyed the confession of kashaf for the love & feelings for zaroon <3<3<3

    I have learnt too a lot by this serial, especially today at the end when kashaf was doing a dialogue with Allah Almighty and she was accepting that she has been complaining to Allah for the scarcity , for the miss-happenings and for the unfulfilled wishes but she couldn't understand that wherever he does is the best for us… he is more oblivious then us to decide what is best and what have to do and what have to not….. there are things for which i am waiting and i m impatient ……………………….. but reality is , ALLAH knows better than us.

    Last but not the least, Zindagi Gulzar Hai…. Beautiful, Hatts off to Umaira Ahmed , , Mommina ,Sultana sadiqqui and entire team of ZGH, Entire behind the camera crew and of course , the entire characters of ZGH , special thanks to Zaroon & Kashaf :))))

    Honestly, Gonna miss it badly :(

    Fatima, lets start talking about Oloo Baraye Farookht nahi…. its another hit :) looking forward to see on it :))

    • Muzna really enjoyed reading your comment, like always:) I really enjoyed our discussions too and will miss them. Ullu Baraye Farokht is a very interesting play indeed, Nauman Ijaz has yet again proved that he is a very versatile actor. I have to admit that i had to fast forward few of the episodes in the beginning because it appeared to be too dark and gloomy but not this one, i like the way the story is moving forward and the mystery surrounding different characters.

      • Thanks Fatima for the sweet words :))

        It seems that i have nothing to worth watching on Hum tv now thats why am in the same mode of life where is no concept of even switching on LCD before 8 pm ;) coz i m not Tv freak and neither i was before ZGH ……………. i will be missing it :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

        Fatima, i would love to have ur review on Oloo Baraye Farokht nahi.. Looking forward to this :))

        Now, i don't have very particular to do except hunting for my Bhabi :)) Koii haii pyari sii , qualified aur achii sii larki tou mujh se raabta keray :))) honestly , i m seeking for it… my brother is really good with all characteristics :)))

        Raabta keroo larkiyooooooo, but here is a very important Note for all: need only a qualified girl who possess the same family background, and from lahore only… age limits are 24 – 27 years.. need domestic girl :)))

          • I have a question –Zarun left Asmara on the basis of life style of Asmara but it never reflected that he didn't love her ..same was basis for Kasaf selected –it was never indicated that he actually started loving her before marriage

        • hahahha lol you make me laugh
          bless you
          if my mom was reading this she would have gave you my name and what not
          but i dont fit in your criteria
          lol all the best though

  • End was Abrupt i think….Whole charm of drama is ended in last episode..Zaroon aur Kashaf ka patch up smoothly nahi dikhaya. zaroon actually regretted his marriage.. they should have shown how both gradually changed and realize own mistake…instead of showing bathroom, cooking and cleanliness issue…Agar ye sab qualities na bhi hoti kashaf me phir bhi wo achhchi biwi hoti aur zaroon uske pyar ko miss karke usko wapas lata…But they totally changed the track…

  • I totally agree that the ending was abrupt and could’ve been given a few more scenes to show us the transitions. The most disappointing moment for me was the first time we see Kashaf saying to Zaroon that she has mohobbat only for him and will in the future only have mohobbat for him and all he says is something like “yeah, I know”. Seriously? That’s all for the first declaration of love? Other than those two disappointments, I had no complaints about the rest of the episode.
    I agree with Zainab Pervez that the HR meeting scene was to show how distracted Zaroon is without Kashaf. He is annoyed by the things that are not ‘right’ at home and takes it out on poor Amjad. Bechara Amjad is also fed up and ‘khadi sunnata he’ …’mein pakana nahin bhoola, aap khana bhool gaye’ (or something like that). Rafia had advised Kashaf that she should take care of her husband (by cooking for him, doing other things for him) and he will appreciate her efforts over anyone else’s (something about tumhaare haath ka zaiqa, etc)…we see that this has occurred and now that Kashaf is no longer there, the lack of Kashaf’s presence and the way she does things is definitely taking a toll on Zaroon. These things do not portray women in a bad light, as if they are needed only for cooking, laundry, and cleaning. On the contrary, it shows (via example of cooking, etc) how a woman’s touch can totally make a home. (The lack of this ‘woman’s touch’ totally ruined the home lives of Zaroon, his father and Sarah because Ghazala didn’t give this care/tawajjo to her home) One of the biggest messages in this drama is that you can have a career if you like, but don’t forget that you should also take care of your home, husband and kids, and be thankful to Allah (SWT) regardless of what happiness or azmaish you are going through.
    Although Rafia did all of this, her husband still left, because she gave 3 daughters and no son. Kashaf, having grown up with this knowledge (along with Zaroon saying, what will I do in a house with 3 women) caused her reaction when she found out she was having twin daughters. (with all of Kashaf’s complexes and wrong assumptions, besides crying, what else would she do)?
    I agree with Zainab and Usman about the Asmara scene. All this time (due to creative editing) we’ve been thinking that Asmara is the evil one and a horrible person probably trying to get Zaroon back for herself. In the previous episode, Zaroon mentions that Asmara is happily married. There were friends before each of them married, so they see no issues in having lunch. (Zaroon admits he is clueless as to why he didn’t tell Kashaf and even notes maybe it’s because she wouldn’t have understood. To that, I say, “whatever”. Men definitely do that sort of crap rationalization). But we find out that Asmara has changed and is not the self absorbed, ‘cannot ever do anything wrong’ diva that she used to be. She tells Zaroon that HE is at fault and goes as far as saying if she was in Kashaf’s shoes, she’d do the same thing. This scene is very important because, prior to this, Zaroon was expecting Kashaf to call to apologize.
    Finally, to me, marriage is the union of two imperfect people, but the wife adjusts her perceptions to his imperfections and adapts herself to become perfect for him. After all that adjusting and adapting (not to mention after having kids) most wives will not leave their husbands (in our society) no matter what the husbands do. Sorry for such a long response!

  • ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI was by far a very splendid drama in every sense of the word. There were some loopholes in the story at some instances, which left us to fill in the gaps using our own judgement, but that doesn't alter the essence of the story in any way. I just have no words to express how commendable a writer is Umera Ahmad, for coming up with such wonderful themes in such a well knit way, showing the different facets of woman in our society with an underlying message, be it HUMSAFAR, SHEHRE ZAAT, MAAT, to name a few. I feel Zindagi Gulzar Hai was a drama with a very strong theme with leading pair having very strong personalities and coming to terms with such tePerament in a marital relationship, was bound to be a bumpy ride, shown well in the drama to a large extent. The last episode was wrapped up well to a certain degree, by showing that if Kashaf took one step to show she cared about her relationship, she was met half way by Zaroon by flying out to bring her home. The admission of her feelings for him by Kashaf Ade up for his real anger at her and which in a way drove him to find consolense with Asmara, that Kashaf never shared her feelings nor made him part of her inner circle, what he chose to do by seeing Asmara wasn't right, but was more out of frustration and lack of companionship with Kashaf. The meeting in the last episode wasn't really necessary, but I think the writer wanted to highlight the fact, that Zaroon held Kashaf in very high regard, and didn't expect her to behave like an aversge girl, as he so aptly replies to Asmara, that he would expect illogical behavior from her.,but not from Kashaf. Also with the resolution of lack of companionship in their relationship, after an exchange of expression of their true feelings for each other ( more on the part of Kadhaf than Zaroon who eas always expressive) ,and also about the issue of discord between them, they ironed out a lot of misunderstandings plagueing their relationship. I also don't feel their was a real issue of double standards on the part of Zaroon that telly neefed addressing, all he chain of events that led to that feeling, was in true sense kashaf's fault for opening up in the relationship to reassure Zaroon of her love and affection, which again reflects her deeper insecurities about life and relationships. In a nutshell I feel this is the whole basic concept of Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Nothing in life should be taken for granted,especially love , as love needs nurturing to live and grow,shown very well in the form of Zaroon's action after marriage,when all his love Kashaf remains indiffernt to his agfections nor return in same measure, the reasons for it known to all, that is why taking one step in the right direction, puts everything in the right perspective for their relationship,leaving no room for Asmara or her like in Zaroon's life. He was,is,and will be for Kadhaf is what he tried to show at every step of the, only it took Kashaf too long to reciprocate and have ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI , a statement defining her life with Zaroon and her kids.

  • ZGH has been a good drama. But I still think the relationship of father and daughter has been left untouched. Could have been better if they had shown some kind of bonding between the father and daughter as well…..Father, no matter how he is, deserves respect and honour. If she didn't give that respect to him earlier then after realizing the fact that daughters scared her too, she should have made some reconciliation with her father. Thats sad, the director missed that part. Poor direction by Sultana Siddiqui. Many bloopers have been noticed. She should observe that continuity of the scenes is there and unnecessary scenes should have been omitted.
    Still ZGH attracted a lot of audience due to its Romantic Scenes.

  • i really agree ith u .. they shd have done this in pieces.. and there was so justification showing asmara.. at 1st half zaroon says he has done a mistake by marrying kashaf.. and in second half its different.. i just didnt know why they had to show asmara here… other wise its not a CLASSIC ROMANCE like HS but a good journey of life

  • zarun and kashaf perfect couple.i am from india and my mom lke pakistani drams very much becoz it show the reality of life..a many congratulations to the team of zindagi gulzar hai………..

  • A very fabulous ending. I can't stop myself from replaying this episode again & again. :) Before this episode I was anxious about how the issue b/w Kashaf & Zaroon will be solved & story will be concluded but as usual UA is an immensely talented writer. Her talent was shown much clearly in the last part. Loved it & now I'm waiting for the DVD.

  • fatima this review was kind of a bit disappointing in the sense that you called the episode unsatisfactory..
    i think that was the perfect colourful end of the perfect drama..
    with the exception of that your review as always a pleasure to read

  • nice review.i enjoyed the last episode but when i saw the scene of zaroon and asmara conversation i thought that asmara kashaf ki zaroon aur asmara ke relations ko le ker misunderstandings door karegi but aisa nahi howa.anyways the drama was good and ek sanam ka drama khatam huwa to ab doosri sanam ka drama next week se start hoga woh bhi second f ke saath bas difference itna ke is me fawad thai aur us mein fahad hoongai.acting was good by everyone in zgh esp fawad,sanam and sameena lakin i cant understand one thing ke javed sheikh jaise itne bare legendary actor kyun apne aap ko small roles mein waste ker rahe hain pehle na kaho tum mere nahin mein and now in zgh.i know ke ab woh hero wale roles nahi ker sakte bcz of his age but phir bhi unhein aise roles kerne chahiye jin ka waqi mein audience ke mind per koi impact bane like samina and waseem abbas jo bhi characters kerte hain un ka koi to impact banta hai lakin javed sheikh to dramay mein hote hain lakin phir bhi un ki prescence felt nahi hoti hai anyways its his choice but its my own opinion regarding him.dialogues by umera ahmed were so brilliant ke un ke dialogues koi kabhi nahi bhool sakta and i will surely miss zgh and your reviews as well.zgh ke har episode ke baad mein aap ke reviews zaroor parhta tha you are a very good reviewer.

  • Fatima Awan,like u said the last episode wasn't exactly satisfying,let me add something more,your reviews have been satisfying throughout but your last review about last episode wasn't exactly satisfying lolz,no I am not kidding folks,I have been a great fan of Fatima Awan reviews but I have strong objection about one line in Fatima's reviews in which she says ''in our society it is the union of an imperfect man and a perfect woman" although i think otherwise but in general I should say "Not all men are bad and not all women are great"
    If female was perfect Allah would have allowed her to finish the marriage quickly like Allah Almighty allowed a man to do so and without prolonging this discussion I should say that we should look at the west and see why break ups are more common and one of the strong reason is equal right of divorce between couples so result is that out of every 5,3 marriages are broken in UK and 4 out of 5 are broken in USA according to a latest research by an International Survey so where lies the fault??could anyone think over this?
    Now a days I have felt that some of our eastern women are becoming so called liberals which I believe is another word of adopting western life style that is leading to increasing break ups even in our country.Here I should say that I am not supporting men in general just because I am a man also what I am trying to say is that if both husband and wife follow the religion and mutually respect each other along with deep love for each other then I don't think there could be any reason which could lead to any tension or break up.
    Coming to this drama I feel that both Zaroon and Kashaf were at fault initially.I have noted that people tend to generalize things just because of one person's fault and they don't look deep into matter.Even after marriage Zaroon tried his best to win her heart but just because of negative generalizations about all men Kashaf kept a distance between her and Zaroon.And Zaroon should have closed the chapter of Asmara and he should have told Kashaf about a chance meeting,anyways I feel overall this drama was one of the best and attention grabbing,cos we came across so many characters with their own issues and finally I feel Rafia's character was outstanding among all that's why Zaroon had more respect for her mother in law while his own mother is shown as a liberal woman who failed to up bring her children according to eastern cultural values.

    • I would agree with you ! As my husband many times say to me " tum toh mujhay kab ka Talaq day chukee hoti !! Hur Khanay Kay Baad , hur argument Kay Baad " …ha ha ha, and I agree with him on this as us women have some chemical imbalance in our brain and hormones !!! Not every case is women,s fault and not in every case men are either . But yes us women can make or break things very easily . I am a feminist and I believe in equality but I am also a strong believer of Allah,s rules and His book, Allah knows us best , I can't impose my beliefs on others but this is how I see things !

      • Wow Sheema good one and I am not praising u just because u agreed on my comment.I am praising u cos u admit that women are more sentimental and they can make or break things easily and I feel that if women like u think deeply about what u pointed out,then so many marriages can be saved and both husband and wife can spend a wonderful life together!

        • i totally agree with you dr.janjua because of the fact that ALLAH ALMIGHTY knows us better .
          Men are less emotional than women and they can see issues more deeply and analytically as compared to women .

          • Nice,if every woman starts thinking like u,so many marriages can be saved.

      • Sheema plz dont admit to this "chemical hormone" theory in front of these husbands who are right now getting very happy reading your women mystery. And NAAaahhhh! its neither easy for women nor men to break easily. Yes I would agree women make relations easily and honestly and strive their level best to keep things in good shape most often.!
        There is much much more to say on this topic; even I am a feminist but the facts of life are very different from our perspectives.

        • Ha ha ha !!! Unfortunately I have to ADMIT SOME flaws in us women ! Usually we are perfect most of the times …lol .i agree with you , every situation and circumstances are different , just as people are different . I work with people with mental illness , in my unit out of 16 only 3 are women !!!! Lol …tells a lot …nahi !!!!

  • Fatima Awan,like u said the last episode wasn't exactly satisfying,let me add something more,your reviews have been satisfying throughout but your last review about last episode wasn't exactly satisfying lolz,no I am not kidding folks,I have been a great fan of Fatima Awan reviews but I have strong objection about one line in Fatima's reviews in which she says ''in our society it is the union of an imperfect man and a perfect woman" although i think otherwise but in general I should say "Not all men are bad and not all women are great"

  • ZGH khatam ho gaya lakin buhat si tishnagian choor gaya.
    Last episode achi to thi lakin buhat jaldi main khtam ki gayi.
    Kuch batain reh gayin or kuch gair zaroori scenes add kiye gaye.

    Main soochti hoon k Asmara or Zaroon wala scene ager SARA or Zaroon k dermiyan hota to ziada acha hota. Zaroon apni behn say ager kehta k "MAINE KASHAF SE SHADI KER K GALTI KI" or phir Sara usay samjati to ye baat hum audiance k liye digest kerna asaan hoti bajaye is k k Asmara Zaroon ko samja rahi hai. (which was hard to believe atleast for me k hainnnnn asmara itni achi kab say ho gayi :))))

    Zaroon nay to Kashaf ko Allah ka shukerguzar bana diya lakin Kashaf nay zaroon ko Allah ka ibadatguzar nahi banaya.
    Novel main jab Kasaf ko Labour room main lay ja rahay hotay hain to Zaroon Kashaf ka haath paker ker kehta hai "Tum fikr mat karoo main ALLAH say tumharay liye duaa karoon ga." Ye scene drama main bhi dikhaya jana chahiye tha k Zaroon ko bhi Allah say mangna a gaya hai.

    Or sab say achi baat jo mairay khayal main reh gayi k KASHAF apnay abba ko muaaf ker daiti. Baap chahay kitna bhi na insaf, zalim or khudgarz kiu na ho us ki ziadatioon k bawajood us ka rutba kam nahi ho sakta. Akhir main jab Allah nay Kashaf ko sab naimatoon say nawaz diya tha to usay apnay baap ko bhi muaaf ker daina chahiye tha jaisay Rafia nay apnay shuher ki her ziadti, na insafi k bawajood usay muaf ker diya tha.

    Direction main bhi kuch flaws thay. Aik blooper jo shayed aap nay bhi note kia ho ga k
    last scene jo beach wala scene tha. us main Zaroon or Kashaf nay wohi kapray pehnay howay thay jab wo apni shadi k shoroo k dinoo main beach per ayay thay. Seepioon or motioon wala scene. Director ko is baat ka khayal rakhna chahiye tha.

    Over all drama acha tha. Friday gul o gulzar ho jata tha is drama ki waja say. Ab daikhtay hain KANKER hum sab k liye kiakia lata hai apnay daman main.

  • Finally it is over. Again, last episode was not impressive at all. I totally agree with you about the direction and editing of this drama. Wasn't bed too small on which Zaroon and Kashaf were sleeping? Being thankless for 25 episodes and turned around her opinion in one minute was ridicules. Maybe writer changed her mind in the end about it as I have not read the novel. In the last episode, too much time was spent for Zaroon and Kashaf through process. Anyway, this drama was good till episode 20 and after that there was very weak grip on the story as well as on direction.

  • Hey fatima, dont be so critic dear…Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder…Iss qadar khoobsorat Drama, wonderful production, superb acting, remarkable story with thrilling incidents, marvelous expressions, and much more…with all such if the drama is seems to be imperfect in terms of editing, script writing, or whatever you think…then, IT REALLY REALLY DOES NOT MATTER….Analysis is good thing but not required for all stuff in life…being viewer, we just need to pick the idea and perception behind the drama; its theme, its need, and the whole message the writer is try to convey…and from this perspective, the drama was perfect…it contains the real current issues of society and convey the very right message at the very best time…Hopefully you get me…We should utilize our talent for the welfare of our society….Do good and also, "write" good. The fact is that, if the drama makers take opinion of everyone before launching it then the drama would never happen to launch any day…Everything is imperfect in world and we just dont put our heads on negative side at all. Take drama as a neutral teacher. Besides, Hats off to "Zindagi gulzar hai" team and HumTv for giving us one more masterpiece entertainment. we literally enjoyed it from start to end. Very good job and very well done.

    • Well said USA. I agree 100%. Acha drama tha. ache lessons they. no marriage is perfect, but one has to make decisions to continue based on whether the pros are worth the cons, and not make a big deal of minor issues. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it- despite the timeline issues and could-be-better editting

  • Hi Fatima .
    I liked ur comment u asked a question about samara n zaroon. That scene was important as well bcoz first thing she is his childhood friend after that she was ex fiancé n I think u will also agree with me that it's bit easy to share ur personal problem with ur friend rather than any body.that scene showed how a good friend should behave when their friends need help n she did as she said to him that as a women she thinks that Kashif 's reaction was natural she would have done same thing instead of saying some thing wrong about Kashaf.n through this drama we got a very clear msg that ALLAH never does injustice to anyone.n he have already made perfect couple for each other it's depend on us now how we turn it good in our life bcoz there is no relation without "give n take". N I m saying it bcoz my life is just like Kashaf n now manshallah I have happy family. N I m very thankful to ALLAH. Any time me n my hubi got some prob for that we have already decided that think about each others good qualities when we r annoy with each other n We think how much we love n respect eachother that makes ur life so much easy n near to perfect as well.

  • Hello Fatima :)

    Just wanted to share my thoughts about the Zaroon/Asmara scene. I believe the reason they included that scene was to show that Zaroon accepts that he was at fault. He admits during that scene that he shouldn't have hidden their (Zaroon/Asmara) friendly relations. Also, the audience gets to see the development of Asmara's character as well in that scene. She first apologizes for being the reason Zaroon/Kashaf's relationship turned bitter and also she makes him understand that ANY girl (conservative or not) would've reacted the same way as Kashaf did. She goes as far as to say she herself would've reacted the same way in all likelihood.

    In addition, when Zaroon says in their conversation that he would expect anything (any reaction) from Asmara, but not Kashaf, Asmara replies, "Don't take to side THAT much." That goes to show Asmara isn't that jealous college girl who despised Kashaf, at least from her side, the relationship is now neutral.

    So this scene was vital because it really shows the character development (for the better).

    Lastly, I know Zaroon later says, "Why did I get married" etc but that's just his ego talking as we find out later :)

    Hopefully I was able to help some fellow understand why this scene was included!

  • good job fatima as always !!
    yeah last episode was a big disappointment to me as far as the shukar part is concerned.
    i know you havent read the actual novel but if you would have then u might have such a big shock after watching the finale. i feel they have totally failed in portraying the shukar part . there were many scenes in drama in which kashaf has actually did SHIKWA to ALLAH but there was no scene of SHUKAR !! how can this be of shikway say shukar tak ki kahani ?? i dont get it at all , if they have less concentrated on this asmara's stupid character then i think they might be able to achieve that goal but alas !! anyway i did enjoy it as a drama a lot !!

    • yes, there are flaws as far as lessons are viewed in this drama. did only kashaf needed amendments in her character? i have been waiting when hina byat's character was focused that she should be a good mother.. Javed sheikh's character had so many flaws.. remember when hina was invited to a conferene abroad.. the most important thing for her husband was his "black shirt"!!!! he should have talked about it if he didnt like her wife's career activities… this is absolutely unjust to put all blames on ladies of the play

    • As always – you write the same message. As always – you never get our message. As always – you are rude. As always – your punctuation is pathetic. As always – we know who you are.

  • That was the thing i was finding in whole drama the slogun 'Shikwe se Shukar tak ka safar', where was Shukar in whole drama except last 5 minutes, showing shikwa in 24 and half episodes and than Shukar 4 only last 5 min was the biggest weakness in the drama. Shehr e zaat was better in this aspect that Falak turned to Allah much before the end of drama and it was not done here. But ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI is very nice drama and i enjoyed college part more although whole drama was very nice.

  • Hi Fatima- great review of a not-so-great last ep. As expected, soooo many issues could not be resolved in just one ep. I was especially flabbergasted that the so-called jouney to shukar was actually a couple mins long monologue- talk about taking the easy way out… As was the case before in this show- there was more talk and less showing- they didn't bother filming the scenes which would carry her to that end of the journey.
    Sorely disappointed with this show- it had so much potential but the whole team (writer, director, editor) messed it up:(

    • Totally agree with you Afia, there were some great episodes that kept me hoping right till the end that things may look up in the near future but I have to say that the last few episodes were the ones that were most disappointing. I think good direction makes a big difference – i remember being hooked to DeS although it was all lectures too but the sort you hold on to and cherish – so very beautiful. You are very right about all talk and not showing. Will you be watching kankar? It is great to hear from you Afia – it always is:)

      • Kankar? patah nahin…will catch some to see what's it like though I've had quite enough of Fahad M. after the strange m. shows he's been doing…

  • yar itna zaida critise acha nhe he wo be sirf ak episode ke lie thats not fair we appreciate them as well

  • dragged …. dragged …. dragged ….. this serial is not more then 20 episodes long but thx to director for stretching it like chewing gum … or rubber band ….

  • >