Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 25 – The Confrontation

This episode started off on a very positive note and I really did not see all the fireworks coming. Zaroon and Kashaf’s conversation about good parenting, sharing and not talking about problems was very mature and Zaroon deserved the credit for it completely. He wanted to listen to Kashaf’s problems and do something for her but Kashaf is still too used to solving her problems herself and won’t allow Zaroon to do so for her. The whole “sharing” conversation actually seemed ironic later on in more ways than one! Kashaf was so sure that Zaroon won’t hide anything from her ever …why would she expect that by the way if she believed in leading a “secret life” herself! Does Kashaf have double standards too? Okay that was a joke, lets not even go there!

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Of course we all knew that there was going to be a confrontation between the two but I had no idea it was going to be so intense and fiery. Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan both were brilliant in that particular scene and the timing was perfect. Kashaf said everything to Zaroon that she should have said and Zaroon also came out with everything that had been weighing on his mind till now. The confrontation could have been even better if the same issue of “why did I ever get married to you in the first place” did not pop up and Kashaf did not accuse Zaroon of having an affair directly. Kashaf did prove today that she really is too emotional and too insecure for her own good. Zaroon’s reaction to the Osama proposal now seems much less unreasonable considering what Kashaf did today. The accusation just went to prove that deep inside Kashaf still feels the same way about Zaroon as she did years back and had never really learned to trust him fully. Yes Zaroon is a hypocrite, he has double standards but surely a wife should know her husband better. My thoughts are based on what we have seen till now, in the next episode it seems like Zaroon is actually going to be talking to Asmara about his marital problems (Fawad Khan Stop doing that! First Madiha, now Asmara!). That of course is something very very wrong, So, I may have something completely different to say after watching the next episode. I am all for Kashaf walking out on Zaroon but only to teach him a lesson and to make him realize how wrong he was with his double standards, not because she thought he was cheating on her.

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Everything that happened in the past few episodes went to show that Kashaf was still in the process of trusting Zaroon without any reservations, so this new revelation came as a rude shock. Kashaf may have walked away from Zaroon but her reaction to the “divorce nightmare” went to show that she was not ready to leave Zaroon. It is obviously not that easy to walk out of a relationship and Kashaf realizes that now.

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The most satisfying aspect of today’s episode had to be the way Rafia refused help from Murtaza. Not only this, but Rafia also feels for Murtaza because he managed to ruin his life with his own two hands. She feels she has managed to make the most out of her life whereas Murtaza completely lost everything. I loved the way Rafia explained to Kashaf how she had won and Murtaza was left with nothing. This whole time Rafia was being “polite” to Murtaza only because she felt sorry for him and not because she wanted recognition from him. Today, after so many days I felt the same way about Rafia’s character as I used to in the beginning episodes; absolutely loved the positivity of her thoughts and the way she looks at things.


This episode proved to be very engaging and intense – I guess we all deserved it too! This was a great episode in terms of acting and the direction was excellent too. The only problem I have with the show is ke Kashaf ko shukar ki philosophy abhi tuk samajh nahi aye – wasn’t this shikway se shukar tuk ka safar? It seems like Zaroon and Kashaf’s problems will not be resolved in the next episode…how many more to go?


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • @fatema grt review agree with yo i dont know why KAshaf is still inscure hacing sucha wonderful life grt husband still she always try to pinch him…still Aamazing drama….Huge respect for Sanam for playing the Character Kashaf brilliantly and Fawad Khan is the power house of the talent..Just loved the episode……Cant wait what finale has to offer….Hatss of to you Sultana g.. @fatema i guess 2 more episodes to go…let seee

    • Kids of broken family always insecure because in the early years of their life they are deprived of the sense of security :( it's sad but the incidents like this in which kids suffer in their early years always affect them throughout their lives

    • Amir Butt, yes Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan both have done an amazing job of playing their characters. I am very waiting to find out how the story ends, I liked how the Rafia and Murtaza track has been wrapped up.

  • An excellent review Fatima! keep it up. Today's episode was just like episode 9, extremely intense! & may I say so that it wrapped many issues very decently, like of Murtaza! loved the way it ended today! I guess there are maximum 2 more episodes to go because the promos of "Kankar" have already hit the screens so sadly ZGH has only 1 or 2 more treats for us now! :/ I loved this episode very much & I liked your review very much too. You nicely summarised it

    • Thank you for liking the review Hamnah and for the comment, I am glad you did not hold your thoughts back this time around:) kankar has also been written by Umera Ahmed right? You should be happy – she is your favorite writer, right?

      • :D yeah, she is! But still ZGH has achieved a very very special place in my heart, much above than all the dramas of Umera Ahmed. The reason is it's realistic theme & most importantly Kashaf's character holds a mirror for me :) Oh & the chemistry of Zaroon & Kashaf is also splendid. The arrival of Kankar however assures the continuation of friday's entertainment but still it can't replace ZGH. It's the first drama for which I literally counted the days & hours, for whose DVD I've already been waiting since April. ZGH gives me a fun break during all the on going tension of studies. :)

        • Hamnah it is great to know that this serial means so much to you:) I guess it all also depends greatly on what we can relate to. Honestly speaking ZGH had tons of potential but I feel that it wasn't properly directed and edited. I looked forward to this play too with a lot of excitment, i remember how excited i was the day it went on air. There were definitely episodes which i loved and enjoyed but things got very confusing in the past few episodes in particular. For me DeS and Daam have to be the most memorable plays.

  • Fatima, great review and agree with you on levels except for one … you mentioned that a wife should know her husband, well, i think it doesn't work that way in real life, men can carry on affairs without the hint to the wife that there is something going on the side. perfectly happy couples and families and there is a side action going on completely hidden until somebody finds out… Kashaf doesn't trust him, but even if she did, it would be a red flag because Zaroon never mentioned Asmara, not even once in passing. I mean how hard is it to say, hey you know what "asmara mili thi ajj" he goes on and on about sharing but news flash for Zaroon charity begins at home. lol.

    • Agree with you on all accounts kckckc:) Great to hear from you, hope to see you here more often.

  • Fatima Salam, how are you and how is your mother doing? As usual, you leave no scope for anyone to comment on the contents or the acting part of each and everyone. Just cant decide who is better. Only, I feel that Kashaf should have given benefit of doubt to Zaroon and listened to what he had to say about his relationship with Asmara instead of just walking out. Sharing and communication is very essential for any relationships to sustain and here Kashaf is leaking in both. Last but not the least, Though I do say that everyone excels in their actiing,iI do have special and soft spot for FK
    Love watching his expressions – just too good.. Bye for now!

    • Renu you are right. A chip on her shoulder that is Kashaf, the moment Zaroon speaks to her, she turns a simple question into an argument. Their married life is nothing but a continuous debate. She is self-obsessed and VERY rude. I don't think any husband can tolerate it. Even '' Bari Aapaa's husband " :))

    • Hi Renu, I am fine and so is my mother, thank you so much for asking. How have you been? I think it was Roh who mentioned that kashaf never tries to resolve the issues between Zaroon and her but always walks out, that is how she reacts to everything. Totally agree with you there, she should have asked for an explanation because she deserves to ask her husband such things. Besides, walking away never solves any one's problems.

  • Writer Umera Ahmed’s dramas are a lesson for our young generation. In ZGH it illustrates how young couples should behave with each other. As seen in previous episodes both of the spouses should give some space to each other, as Zaroon checked Kashaf’s letters and cell. Men and women both should understand such trivial things to lead a happy married life. Anyhow, I am not going to discuss the lessons learned from previous episodes. Here I will shed some light on today’s episode of ZGH.
    Today’s episode was a happy start with a casual nice discussion between the couple. Both the actors are playing an awesome role portraying the relationship of spouses. Zaroon and Kashaf both reacted in wrong way. Zaroon should not keep secret of Asmara and even lying with Kashaf of going in a meeting. Zaroon himself reacted on proposal of Osama than Kashaf was also not wrong on reacting Zaroon’s friendship with Asmara. Tough, there was no wrong thing to be friends but Zaroon should have told her wife. But Kashaf also over reacted to Zaroon. She should have listened to Zaroon and shouldn’t leave her house in such a haste. It is a lesson for girls as in the end Kashaf was regretting her decision of leaving her house. Kashaf should admit she was very rude and should trust her husband. Sometimes what you always see isn’t right therefore, spouses should trust each other. Trust is the most concrete part of any relationship.
    In this episode Kashaf was seen rigid in sharing her problems with her husband. But Zaroon tried to show his concerns for her and she should share her problems with him. This is a nice lesson taught by Zaroon as both spouses are together to take the burden of life so they should share each other’s problem. It was really a nice reaction of Zaroon that he always respect Kashaf, he never taunted her of her status difference. Kashaf’s attitude shows her inferiority completed behavior that she belongs to a poor family so she doesn’t want to share her problems with Zaroon. Kashaf should come out of such inferiority complexes as Zaroon is always caring and doesn’t bother of her background, she should be relaxed and lead a normal life sharing her problems with him. Tough, its not important that Zaroon should support her materialistically rather he can be a moral support. Most probably, Zaroon will be happier if she shares her life with him as he says to share her burden with her.
    I think dramas are a source of learning some lessons in our lives and they should be learned and acted upon!

    • well said Mahira,
      I would like to add couple of things … I hope all drama should clearly and emphatically tell that it is NOT OK to go and spend coffee evenings with ex Fiance' … remember Zaroon advised his sister that no husband will tolerate that..why is he doing this to his wife. on second note… he was all against talking about maritial issues with anyother person.. he is doing it to Asamara… again double standard rather male chauvinism— All this is kosher for guys just because they are MEN!! I have been through a divorce on this same issue and I can relate to all the insecurities kashaf is feeling… its not because she is from a broken family … but because she expected basic right of loyalty from her husband.
      it is a good drama but lack certain aspects of reality sometimes– or may be reality is different for different people..
      I hope we as a society put our foot down for such behavior after marriage– there is no plutonic relationship –or just a friend after marriage — will Zaroon tolerate if osama had that relationship with kashaf–No!

        • that made a lol nyla:D i must say here ''a bad cat deserves a bad rat''so would be her case.the husband must be taking the refuge in his exez, that the most probability of it!!

      • Momal you are absolutely right! Zaroon has double standards. But still i think girls are more tolerant, they always make compromise for their homes. Anyhow, MEN should also understand whenever, they are wrong. As you stated the above rules which Zaroon himself created and was disobeying them (As telling his family problems to Asmara and meeting his ex-fiance though Zaroon doesn't like Osama proposing Kashaf). For Zaroon things are different, but what can be done. It is very difficult for a wife to make her husband realize such issues.

        • Yes you are very right Mahira…
          it sure is difficult to break the norm which is accepted from a wife … And it takes a world full of courage
          to take a step against it but believe me …when one does …the peace prevails over ones soul..it's priceless!
          My whole point is ..showing awareness on this issue from a wife/woman's point of view…I refuse to live with
          double standards.
          Our society has a long way to go….
          I find my life story's episode better than ZGH…. More satisfying and purposeful!

    • Mahira, thank you for the great insights. Really enjoyed reading your comment:)

      • Thanks for your appreciation FatimaAwan. I really appreciate the writer of the post is reading each and every comment and most importantly replying everyone :). This is your great hardwork and devotedness to your profession!

        • Mahira where would I be without all of you. What i do is only fun because you people respond to the reviews, replying to you all is the least I can do:) The best part of watching this play is reading what all of you have to say and participating in the discussions.

    • Mahira, I've seen it all the time. My Bhabi was always leaving with Kids and coming back after few days even when my brother didn't ask her to come back. I was not married at that time, lived with my Parents but decided there and then not to leave my home after marriage whatever happens. Thank God, I'm still determined after marriage.

      • Nice to hear Nyla. :) There are still those people who learn from others experiences. It's better to learn from other experiences rather than suffering yourself.

    • You are right on the pulse…. Very true..dramas are a source of awareness, recognition and lesson.
      I think dramas ( not talking about ZGH) can be very helpful with regard to patriotism and unity too.
      I wish good and loved actors pick up topics which can promote positive feeling for the nation and responsibility.
      Very proud of HUzm network for touching on these issues…

  • Fatima that is really a nice sketch by you. but still i think and i hope relationship of both will be settled.

  • How are you Amazing review again. Love thus drama some time I am really stuck in the dialogues of drama and the way some actor express those words really its give a life. I have really no words for Umera Ahmed. She really write those story which I think belong to each and every family. I don't know about Kashaf type girls feeling because in my family whether from my mother side or my father every body loves daughter in my family and in my family every daughter give respect to their father But after watching this drama I have really special feelings for those women whose husband only left them because they are mother of daughter. Umera Ahmed is superb and you are awesome to describe this drama in such beautiful words If i had skip some scene when I read your review and watch them again. Reaaly Thumbs for writer director actors and for You.

    • Sangel thank you so much for your appreciation, you are too kind. You are right about the dialogues and i think the acting is very good too, all we needed was good editing and direction. I am waiting to find out how it all ends.

  • nice one today…do aur episodes baaki honge…then my Fridays are not gonna be that exciting :(

    • Psychiatrist would give her Diazepam 5mg or Prozac, or Lorazepam !!! , 3 times a day ! Which she cant take in pregnancy , I would suggest a Psychologist and marriage councillor

      • We can give Zoloft in pregnancy lol. …docs in Pakistan will consider pregnancy before prescribing though ….yes a psychologist and counsellor could do well or turn to Allah ur biggest counsellor

        • well what i feel the biggest preference for kashaf is seeing a dermatologist instead of any phychologists or gynaecologists cos its growing to even more disgusting with every zooming of her face lol:Dhope she works on it in her upcoming project called kadoorat i guess:P

  • Very well written review Fatima. You surely don't leave anything. My favourite part of the episode was the scene with Rafia and Kashaf and I am sure both of them didn't need the glycerine as I got tears with out them !!! The dialogues were so heart felt , the USP of ZGH is the dialogues…so intense and realistic .
    Sanam and Fawad did a fabulous job, they carried there respective character with so much ease and very naturally .
    Feeling sad though … Awain

    • Thank you Sheema. You are right about the dialogues and the acting – totally agree with you.

  • Well written, Fatima. Read your's before seeing the episode. Right to the T.

    Someone else posted this on another line. Very philosophical. Quite like it:
    MeMyself • an hour ago −
    Message to Kashaf: Ego focuses on anger, but love allows the truth of hurt. Ego

    focuses on hiding/secrets, whereas love reveals all.

    Message to Zaroon: Ego focuses on control, yet love creates invitations. Ego desires power, and love creates equality.

    Message to both: Ego sees self, but love creates a heart that only sees Truth.

    • thanks for sharing those very meaningful lines. Its worth remembering them. :) So simple and absolutely true. If we all spent a little more time pondering over these when there are issues in real life, problems can be sorted out before they become ugly. Thanks once again for sharing.

  • With the current pace, maybe 25 more episodes because soon they are having twins and then more problems will start :)

  • i think Kashaf is right at her place (except of not being grateful to Allah ) ..she is self-made and what we say " khuddar" as she always saw her mother being humiliated when she asked for anything she needs for daughters so how can she trust another man so soon (one year of marriage is not enough to understand hubby's attitude when there is a "saas" whose conversation she has heard already) and when they both are not having much understanding as they r shown having fight all the time. everytime she just going to trust him somthing happens and she loses it . she loves her self respect.Zaroon is also not perfect , actually he behaves sometime so immaturely . the only problem with her character is she is more towards "NAGETIVITY" she just needs to learn to be thankful to Allah , every issue will be resolved .

  • i think this episode was a drag viewers are starting to get tired of the prolongation i think the conversation between rafia and kashaf could have been short

  • OK this one is off topic but just wanted to say that some how I feel saying "Tum" instead of "Aap" to Husband is not so polite,what u feel guys?I think no matter how much understanding and love is there between spouses,there should be an additional element of respect for Husband.May be some girls wont agree with me but I feel saying "tum" while addressing husband is bit weird.
    Today's episode showed Kashaf's lack of trust for her husband,if she has suffered from harsh past because of her father's ignorance towards his daughters that doesn't mean everyone will be like her father,moreover just by seeing simple text messages between Zaroon and Asmara doesn't mean that affair is going on. Zaroon's response to Kashaf's reaction was expected and in fact Kashaf should have paid much attention towards Zaroon's explanation rather than leaving home against his wish which added fuel to fire.Having said that I feel Kashaf's personality is bit pessimistic rather than optimistic and she should try to pay more attention towards building trust for her husband rather than making false conclusions and Zaroon should also come out of this Asmara factor in his life as soon as possible to have a stable marital life.
    Today's episode once again showed how great is Rafia's character who still feels sorry for her husband who has given her nothing except mental torture and personally I feel wives and mothers like Rafia are true blessings for the society in general.

    • I agree Dr. Sb. Love and respect are two most important factors in the relationship between husband and wife and Aap sounds much more appropriate and polite. You can still maintain the same level of frankness and comfort even without resorting to 'tum' and simultanoeusly be respectful.

      • Thanks Ehsan for liking my comment,u r absolutely right,in fact I noted this thing in real life,one of my Doctor friend who is a thorough gentleman got married here in UAE and his wife always used to address him by "Tum" instead of "Aap" and I felt he was always uncomfortable with this and one day he expressed his concern with me by saying "Meri wife kuch badtameez si hai,mujh Se 3 saal choti hai aur mujh Se Tum Tum keh ker baat krti hai"

        • I agree with you that is 100% correct. I was watching a short video on TEDx Education about the medical approach to relationships and the doctor said that psychologists have found that women who show humble and vulnerability are more attractive to men. I understand and agree that men do have a need to be I charge but many a time men exploite this and take advantage of the vulnerability of women. This does not mean women should be impolite towards their husbands. Now speaking in terms of the drama it is this very thing that kashaf fears- she feels if she opens up to zaroon about her complexes and insecurities he may take advantage of her and look down on her and try to impose a sense of control on her as she has given herself away as 'weak'. I get the feel she wants to trust him but no matter how hard she tries she can't forget her past and that keeps interfering with her fear of the future.

          Lastly, a husband or wife should NEVER intereact with friends of the opposite gender the way zaroon has! I'd like to see his reaction if kashaf went for coffee meeting with usama he'd go ballistic so I rightly understand kashaf a reaction although this is not how one should respond.

    • I fully agree with this and speak out of experience as after I got married, I would call my husband by AAP and we once had a couple over for lunch and the wife would call her husband by TUM, and once the couple left, my husband told me how he did not like it when a wife calls her husband by TUM and is glad that I do not do that even though nor he, nor I are extremists, but we both like tradition. So I think the way Zaroon is and the way he idolizes tradition (never mind his hypocrisy and double standards), I think he would feel more respected if Kashaf called him AAP. True, it's a small point, but good one.

  • Thanks indeed for comprehensive review and analysis. Enjoyed this episode and feel better about Rafia.
    But no matter how we look at it, I'll say that Kashaf needs a psychiatrist, and we all may need one if drama continues in same painfully slow pace.
    Nevertheless, despite flaws in story line, overall the drama is enjoyable Hence we'll stay loyal to ZeG.

  • Thanks indeed for comprehensive review and analysis. Enjoyed this episode and feel better about Rafia.
    But no matter how we look at it, I'll say that Kashaf needs a psychiatrist, and we all may need one if drama continues in same painfully slow pace.
    Nevertheless, despite flaws in story line, overall the drama is enjoyable Hence we'll stay loyal to ZeG

  • Fatima, as always, so much more insight into what we saw in the episode, after reading your point of view. Par brilliant! 
    Really, Kashaf seems to have double standards now. And as you rightly said, lets not even go there. In that complicated head, one really doesn’t know what else one will have to try and understand! Lol
    The confrontation between K and Z, for the 1st time was a complete scene for me in terms of dialogues, acting as well as a message. Till date every issue, between them have left me feeling that there was something more that should have been communicated to the audience and substantiated. So this was a total surprise and a real treat.
    I want to applaud Z, when he nailed is by calling her complexed. And one who must have her own way all the time. Its like its her way or the highway!
    I have to also admit, that this has come a bit late in the day, and I too am wondering how many more episodes are there to go. I was ready for it to end, but I doubt it will wind up next week, the way things are right now. On the other hand, if it does end next week, I feel it will be rushed and go right back to the way the story has been moving in the last few weeks.

    • To be honest what I thought annoyed kashaf was when he i don't need your permission when she says you should have known I wouldn't have given you the permission to meet Asmara. I would love to see zaroons response if kashaf after marriage went and saw usama just to have coffee.

    • Roh i totally agree with you, I have no idea how all the issues will be resolved in one more episode. These issues should have surfaced before. simply loved the conversation between the two and the confrontation later on – definitely a good surprise.

  • Kashaf na Bachpan sa hi murdoo ko aisa pay aa aapnay aapnay baap ki wujja sa wo kabhi bhi murdoo pur trust nahi kur sukti na wo apni problem apnay husband sa share karay gi Bcoz he is a man

    • that is your opinion and we respect it— having said that please do consider that on a flip side zarun would never have tolerated this plutonic relation between kashaf and osama. —reason is simple its a male chauvinistic world–
      If we for a second give benefit of doubt to Zarun —- dont you think wife has a basic right to LOYALTY and Commitment?

  • Mai kuch batain karna chahta hun, 1. Don't Read Reviews and their Comments because when u read reviews Dramas going boring, when u dont read review dramas going interesting, mai ne 15 episodes k baad reviews parhna shoru kiyay to drama boring lagnay lag gaya us se pahlay aeisa nahe tha, mujhay ye samajh nahe aati k Drama abe chal raha hai har epsiode k baad kitni episoe rahgaye hain kub khatam hoga Ep 23 par FATIMA ne gaya k 2 epsiodes rahgaye hain lagta ahi, lekin door door tak nahe lagta aaj ki ep 25 thi, abe uper Hamnah ka comment parhlo k 2 more episode to go , Fatima ne b e likha hai k 2 more episodes to go , why why why? Dramay ka sara interest khatam hojata kabi kaha jata hai k direction theek nahe thi kabi kaha jata hai ye wala seen dalna nahe chaheyay tha, Dramay ko khatam kardo aub bor horaha hai, lekin mujhay aeisa nahe lagta , aub ye thori k marriage hogaye drama end . abe to wo marriage k baad realities dikharahay hain k kia hota ahi shoru me to waday hotay hain ye karaingain wo karaingain, plzzzzzz Dramay ko apni Hadoun par chalnay dain, na k hum usay apnay mutabiq banayen un houna chaheyay youn hona chaheyay, Reviews auchay b hotayhain lekin us k oper comments par hazar mun hazar batain, agar mere batain kisi ko buri lagain to maaf karna

    • well I mentioned that very sadly Muhammad Zubair :/ I don't want it to end but as the official blog of Hum Tv revealed that next episode is going to be LAST. I agree with you on few points. It seems that the negative comments are more infectious than the positive ones but this review writing trend is actually very good! It provides an opportunity to discuss the story line & messages which are put forward by a certain drama. Still there are some websites who in fact use this opportunity to express their biased & one sided pessimistic opinions, reviewit isn't among them so you can gladly boycott those websites, I have also done that. I agree with you that this drama offers a very different way of handling the issues & that's why it is so widely discussed. You can't stop people from presenting their opinion. As long as they aren't biased, you should let them use their freedom of speech & have a discussion with them. Every one has a different mind, everyone perceives differently. :)

    • & don't you worry! The writer of this play is very confident! :) I have read several interviews of her. The criticism has never affected her way of thinking & writing. She in fact never follows the feedback given on public websites. If you want your feedback to be read by her, you can email her. Other than that, she is never conscious about "what people will say" so I'm sure that she won't change the style of her script just because of few biased reviewers (of other sites) & few negative comments.

    • Well Zubair contrary to what u expressed,I really enjoy reading reviews by Fatima Awan,in fact without reading her reviews I feel something is missing in whole episode.
      I believe reviews are good source to know what our community thinks about different issues and it also shows how people react to what is being shown in our media and I also think if writers & directors start paying attention to critics review they may come up with better ideas next time!

  • this Drama os going to be booring
    You know Boooring felaaaaaaa
    its going to be crappppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • yeh thek kia kashaf ne jo chli gai itna b shak ni krna chahiy tha zaroon ko

    • also why is our society so forgiving if men do something wrong but if a woman does anything its unexpectable–
      our society has double standards.
      dramas should promote basic rights that a wife has — front and foremost is Loyalty and sincereity-
      and having ex fiance' as a friend is not one of them.
      its not kashaf' s ego –its her right!!!!

    • well your question is totally right, why there are separate standards for both genders, but its a double standard that exists in our society and perhaps will continue to exist, atleast i dont see any chance of it being fade away in near future.

      Being a male which i am one enjoys many luxuries, which a female cannot. we try to control female relations in our life in the name of customs, traditions and in the end we use our religion and putforth the concept of sin in any particular act. We are such mean and selfish that to fulfill our interest we disgrace our religion without any shame. Its not Islam which is narrow minded, its us muslim who are narrow minded and to justify our shameful act we even dont spare our religion.

      Also a very interesting thing, we the male part of this society generally (not whole there are exceptions everywhere) dont follow religion when it comes to morality, modesty, courtesy and many other aspects. But each of us suddenly remember religion (that religion has given male supremacy over females) whenever our sister, daughter, wife or in some cases mother has some tough question for us.

  • well i would blame kashaf for all this.zaroon is trying his level best to be an ideal husband.who on earth cares so much about his wife even asking to call his mother in law to stay with them?kashaf by now should have realized that zaroon isn't like her father.for how long will she take her past baggage along with her and spoil her future and present?yes zaroon's reaction over osama's proposal was absurd,but then he is a man;he is an ideal husband but he does has that XY genes in him.she has to be dumb not to see the love for her in zaroon's eyes;the affection and care which he shows.

  • Fatima, your reviews encapsulate the episode quite appropriately. Well done. Hope Mother is well recovered by now.

    What's interesting is that when Zaroon met Asmara accidently a few episodes ago, he was not only hardly friendly but made it very clear that he does not casually have friendships with women. That was his saving grace to the promise he made to Kashaf on their wedding – that he will change her opinion of him. And lo and behold, the leopard does not change his spots! Zaroon is back to his old ways. However, Kashaf and Zaroon did an amazing job of communication and argument. Hats off to them for that. Hopefully Kashaf will change her philosophy of life and trust after what her mother has to say to her in this episode. Hopefully Kashaf will trust her dear mother's approach to life, discuss her issues and get advice from mother dearest on how to handle it.

    Yes, children of divorces are 'once bitten, twice shy' but Sidra and Shaneela don't seem to have suffered that as much as Kashaf has. If this drama has to end in the next episode, the only resolution is if Zaroon, in person (goes to Karachi) apologizes to Kashaf for his activities. He was wrong on both records – Osama and Asmara. And I am mighty glad that Kashaf pointed it out to her 'dearly beloved husband'. I think by Zaroon showing up in person, Kashaf might breakdown and entrust Zaroon with her fears of her dream, maybe.

    Zaroon does not exactly come across as a very attentive husband to a pregnant wife either. Esp one with twins. Level of exhaustion is higher too. It could have been a very caring and nurturing expression that would soften Kashaf too.

    Kashaf feeling the way she is after her dream, makes her more empathetic to her mother that yes, at times women get so committed in a relationship that doesn't matter what, sadly they put up with anything from the men. I think Kashaf is upset more with herself for feeling vulnerable this way – out of control of her own emotional state – than she is with anyone else.

    By the way, the comments about tum and aap and age differences. Both were in the same class. Nowhere has it happened for us to know that which one is older. And truly tum and aap does not make a respectful relationship. We have historic proof of the wife being older by 15 years and yet it was a very, very, exceptionally respectful relationship.

    Couple of times in this series, Kashaf has mentioned that she does not think she is beautiful. I am surprised that Zaroon has not picked up on her level of insecurity on this subject and not barhaowed and charhaowed her on it. Yes, Zaroon has only momentarily noticed it, not in a huge way that it could actually turn the relationship around.

    Diazepam, Lorezepam, Zoloft, etc. all can be skipped if only these two would trade their personal diaries and read it objectively. Dono kay unhealthy parental relationships ki sensitivities ka hul nikal aa jaaiga. Pakistan mein kown psychologist kay paas jaata hai, esp for the fear of even being seen of going to one, let alone discussing it! And finally go for the honeymoon they never did. Just away from everyone and the environment. They might discover personality traits about each other that they might actually have an appreciation for.

    • omg!you always get the facts for me under cover at the angle of 360.whatever i feel like jotting here is already done by you.i desperately am waiting to hear kashaf's qualms of conscience n when it comes about my wondering of how they will be winding it up at such a peak, it barely seems to e done in the way ''seven years later'' lol,because that the only seeming of all the ways out.and it simply takes me by conflicting when i see asmara hanging out in the show despite the official announcement of her getting retarded:/meesage to her:please get a life with your might be husband leaving the duo living theirs n get all of us one big sigh of relieve:Pto kashaf's mother:simpler is far better to tell what u feelin like,i'd openly appreciate it if u get us an easier approach to your philosophies and of all to kashaf, i suggest her see a dermatologist:D

  • OmG, Here is a good one that epitomizes the activities we are warping on:

    “All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.”
    ― Seán O'Casey"

    Certainly Kashaf and Zaroon. Each in their own way. They need to turn their reactions to positive note and complement each other and then the world will be their oyster WITH the children too.

  • Relationship requires nurturing with mutual trust, faith, understanding, flexibility and above all 'ego out of the window'; which they both lack. A great contrast between the older and younger generation has been shown. Acting was superb!

  • Hello Fatima,
    Your review over this serial is always very close to the point… u r right in every aspect which u have pointed out … I m totally huff on Zaroon this time, why do he thinks himself something out of this world??? Why do he take the edge of being “ MALE ‘’ and why do he always promote the same old thoughts of primitive society, Yes it’s a male dominant society where the Man, A husband can do anything without valuing the family norms and traditions even the higher education couldn’t made a much to him.

    My point is, if kashaf was wrong regarding the case of Osama, then why zaroon is fine with his relationships??? Why didn’t he meet up Asmaraha before even he didn’t invite her on his wedding… so why he is meeting and doing chit chat with her??? Is she her only a friend? Moreover, she was her fiancée, and now he is meeting with his Ex-Fiancé.
    The reaction of kashaf over this case was really natural, I was keeping myself there on her place and if I was her, so definitely I won’t spare my hubby at all……….. How he can even dare to do this all bullshits: O
    I ought to be like more of her 
    The second point which is really disgusted , why zaroon is discussing his personal matters to Asmarah, OMG, the girl who is already passing through the phase of jealousy of this couple… Oh God, ye mard bhi na merii samajh se bahir hain, no one can satisfy the nature of a Man, though I have very sweet husband <3 Mashallah…

    Well, I hope the misapprehension among psycho lolxxx, zarron & kashaf is not going to be long one.

    • Hello Muzna, How are you? I can tell that you are not at all happy with Zaroon – we have all criticized him enough for his double standards but I want to know how you feel about kashaf? What has she done to contribute to this marriage? Do you think her attitude is right? I am not supporting Zaroon's male chauvinistic ways in any manner but I think we have been a little too understanding of kashaf's insecurities and complexes as well. The next episode is the last one, which means all the issues will get resolves – i wonder how!

      • it will get resolved if zaroon shows passion and undying love.. like bending his knees and loads of flowers…and that how he cant live without her, tears from him ….will finally melt kashaf…. and getting asmara to meet kashaf along with her husband fr a cup of tea …tra la la la….

          • Lolxxxxx, actually we are just waiting for kashaf to now and show a bit flexibility this time for the final and last episode, but truly the drama was excellent in the beginning o really enjoyed the deepest role of stamina peerzada, waseem abass and of course kashaf and zaroon. The characters of both of them are their identity now which is meant lot for a actor
            Hatts off to sameena peerzada:)) Mashallah she is ever beautiful and ever green…

            Thoroughly I enjoyed this series other then the flaws and lot of bogus , unrealistic aspects and unnecessary dialogues & scenes… even this all of the scenario, loved the drama and will be missing on Friday…. just wanna request to all directors and producers to avoid copying Indian phobia plzzzz … we have good name in our drama industry let it to be flourish more…

          • Looking forward to another on air drama serial which comes on Tuesday " Oloo baraeye farokht nahi "" till yet its classical series, thanks God its other then the stories of 2 marriages and love stories. Ufff really tired of now. The drama possess good and different story.. interesting.. lets talk about it now :))

      • i agree that kashaf did nothing to secure & to lead his married life in such a good manner that she could do…. i dont give her any credit for this as she is very complex character and need to get her check up by a good psychiatric dr…..

        yaaaaaaaaaaaaar kya masla hai? humtv ko kya hota jaa raha haii lagta hai apnay credit ko sambhaal nahi paa rahay ye log, hur drama aisa lagta hai k koii indian movie ho, which starts from the new born baby and end in the old age in just 3 hours and now amazingly , they take only 2 hours to complete the life of a person which takes 60 years..

        Pagal ho gaye hain Hum tv walay, stop doing this all yaar.. see Hum nasheen, ohhhhhhhh God ek episode main becha b hoghaya hai aur ab wo jawan b :O


        • lol Muzna, I have to agree with you that Hum TV's weekend dramas aren't exactly what they used to be. I miss the good old days of Durr-e-Shehwar and Bilquees Kaur. Hamnasheen is actually a play I watch just for fun and never have high expectations from it, same is the case with Dil-e-Muzter, you can't really enjoy the play if you question the details a lot. I really like the lead pair in hamnasheen , both of them are really good actors. Coming back to ZGH, I am wondering how they are going to wrap up everything in one episode; I saw the promo and it seems like it is going to be a case of something like a "few years later" too.

  • Zaroon kyun krahah hai aisa? Jb wo Asmara ka fiance tha to usko kisi se milne pr objection krta tha lekin ab to wo khud kisi aur ka husband hai aur Kashaf, wo to hamesha ki tarha negative, pure drama mein sb se -ve aur bura character Kashaf ka hai jo bs khud hi khayal sochti rehti hai khud hi sawal banati hai khd hi jawab banaleti hai phir us pr yaqeen krleti hai aur use haqeeqat bana leti hai.But a nice drama.

    • omi

      Practise what you preach.

      You seem to have pretty bad manners and equally bad English.

    • We have got your point many times over. Now when will you get ours? Possibly a case of not understanding our pathetic English by you.

  • Dear Fatima: I simply love reading your reviews. In fact I look forward to reading your reviews more than the drama itself. I also love the "round table discussions." These discussions have so much warmth like you all are part of one big family.

    It is my understanding from reading some of the discussions that the writer of ZGH is very big on addressing social issues, however does the channel (in this case HUM) or the writer use the services of professional consultants, as is done in the States, to make sure that the message is delivered the right way or with the maximum effect otherwise such dramas are meaningless or can do more harm than good.

    Keep up the good work and hope your mother is feeling better. Kind regards, Nargis

    • Hello Nargis, thank you so much for your sweet words. Yes, we all are like family and I look forward to the discussions just as much as you people do. I have made some really good friends here and am very happy to be a part of this page. I don't think that the writers take help from the professional consultants, you do have a point , I hope someone out there is listening:) Hope to see you here more often now. My mother is fine now, thanks a lot for asking.

  • Hi Fatima how are you? I enjoy reading your review, look forward to read on Friday ZGH . I am very big fan of Marina Khan and Rahat Kazmi and Faysal Qureshi. This is the first time I am writing to you. Hope to hear from you.

  • When the differences get really very intense, it is good to get away from each other for a short time. When the temperatures calm down, we start realizing the positive side of your relationship. The separation should be short. When the good moods return, one must discuss the factors which lead to an unbearable situation. One does need advice at this point but go to people who are neutral and wish both parties equally well. Zaroon was quite wrong to renew contact with Asmara and more wrong to discuss marital difficulties with her. Asmara,s reaction was very mature. I haven,t seen Zaroon apologizing to Kashaf for this mistake. Modern marraiges are ending quickly,mainly because women want perfection in marraige right away. It is not easy to live with anyone, be it a sister, brother or mother then how can it be easy with a new husband. sarala Basu new Delhi

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