Adhoori Aurat Episode 5 – Fast Paced and Brilliant!

I am glad that we finally got to see a fast paced and extremely entertaining episode this week. It kept me hooked throughout and that does not happen often. I usually lose interest after a few minutes and skim through the rest of the episode to get an idea of what happened. The first 15 minutes were mainly focused on Maryam’s family contemplating and speculating whether to agree to Zayaan’s proposal or not. I am glad that they showed this because it would not make any sense if they agreed to the proposal wholeheartedly despite knowing that Zayaan’s family is not in favor of the marriage.

Zayaan had clearly told Maryam’s family that his mother is not happy with his marriage to Maryam as she wants him to marry someone else and she would not be present in his wedding either. He tried to convince them by giving them assurance that he would keep Maryam happy no matter what the circumstances are. Zareena was the only person in the whole family who was keen to get Maryam married to Zayaan but the rest were being more practical and thinking about Maryam’s future in Zayaan’s house.

Maryam’s father and her brother were not in favor of her marriage to Zayaan but when they heard Mariam’s opinion on the marriage, they also agreed. It was very apparent that Sultan was still not in favor of the marriage. Zareena was the happiest to hear this and she immediately Zayaan to give him the good news. I personally liked the way Maryam’s father clearly gave her a fair picture of what the circumstances would be once she marries Zayaan. She would face a lot of difficulties and would need to work really hard to make a place in that house and once she gets married, there would be no tuning back. Maryam’s final words, however, convinced him that she is up for the challenge:

“Ap Mujhe Per Yaqeen Ker Sakhte Hai, Mein Har Haal Mein Nibhaongi’

I personally think it was wrong of Zayaan to agree to his marriage with Faiza and then take his proposal to Maryam’s house at the same time. He should have said no to the marriage when Maryam agreed to get married to him but he remained silent and let all the arrangement for his marriage to happen. He was not right to break Faiza’s heart and dreams in such a cruel manner. He was being pressurized, I agree but he should have had enough sense not to create such a big mess! He should have at least thought about Afshah and how her life would be affected by his decision. It was very selfish on Zayaan’s part to keep his family in the dark and get married to Maryam and bring her to his house all of a sudden and shock everyone.

The scene in which he brings Maryam to his house after his Nikkah was too dramatic! He confidently came inside the house with a scared Maryam in tow and that too in the middle of the proceedings of his Dholki. He managed to shock everyone to the core and later his mother gave him a fair piece of her mind. Maryam had acted very brave before but his mother’s reaction shook her and she got extremely upset. However, Zayaan managed to console her and gave her the assurance that his mother would calm down very soon and accept her. It was one of my favorite scenes of the episode!


I knew Khurram would not remain silent after what happened with his sister and he did the only thing that was in his hand in the current situation and that is to leave Afshah. He kicked her out of his house and told her not to come back! I always knew something like this would happen as Khurram has always been very sensitive whenever it comes to Faiza.

I am waiting to know what will happen next! The preview for the next episode seemed pretty interesting. I must say, Maheen Rizvi was brilliant today as Faiza. The scene where she breaks down in front of the mirror was just brilliant! The role suits her perfectly! I do not think I need to say anything about Faisal Qureshi, I can never find anything wrong with him. He can easily fit into any character very easily. Ayeza was also good but Maheen stood out more in this episode.

So did you guys like the episode?

Mariam Shafiq



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  • I really like Faisal Qureshi and Aiza Khan but im not digging this story line…. I think Zayaan is to blame for all the problems. He should have talked to Fiza's family and clearly called off the rishta instead of shocking them like he did. it was extremely irresponsible. After calling off Fiza's rishta, he should have waited a couple weeks THEN brought Mariam home. What he did was really foolish and the consequences of his actions are going to affect Mariam's life forever. theyre going to affect her life more than his.

    • I cannot agree more with you. Zayaan should have been a bit considerate. He had no right to behave in such an irresponsible manner. He not only broke Faiza but also his mothers'
      He did not even think about his sister and what she would go through by his careless actions.
      Yes, Mariam is going to suffer alot because of Zayaan's follishness.
      I always found Zayaan selfish and self centered and he proved me right by his actions.

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