Adhoori Aurat Review – Last Episode!

The whole journey of this show has been wonderful, and it was always a pleasure to review it, though the show did get a bit depressing at times. It had a serious of tragedies occurring one after the other which kept the viewer hooked and rooted to their seats. Though the story was clichéd, the execution was simply brilliant! The credit goes to the whole team of course!

The end was not as satisfying as I had expected. Zayaan did have his share of suffering and regret in the form of Faiza and his abnormal son. I had assumed Zayaan and Faiza did not have any child but it was revealed in this episode that they had a son who turned out to be abnormal. ‘meri galtiyon ki saza meri aulad ko mil rahi hai’ Zayaan confessed this to Ashiya with a lot of regret over his past deeds. I was expecting to see Nusrat and Afshah regretting their behavior towards Maryam, but nothing like this happened though they suffered their own share of miseries. The sad part was that Zayaan was still being selfish in Ashiya’s case. He proudly declared that he has the right to meet his daughter in front of Maryam.

photo 3(3)Jab Farz Ada Karna Ka Waqt Tha To Tum Kaha Thay’

This is what Maryam replied when he was declared his right on Ashiya. Maryam was hurt the most when Ashiya took Zayaan’s side when she had so proudly informed Zayaan that her daughter has no interest in meeting him. If only she had told the truth before than none of this would be happening in the first place! When Maryam finally tried to tell everything about her past to Ashiya, it was just too late as Ashiya was already brainwashed by Afshah. Ashiya would have never gotten to know the truth if Faiza had not told her everything in anger.

photo 1(4)Maryam was in constant fear that Ashiya would leave her and go to her father. She knew that she could never give her the life that Zayaan could with his money. She kept on praying for Ashiya to return to her, and her prayer was finally answered when Ashiya came out of the delusion about her father and got to know his true face.

‘Mein Apko Kabhi Chor Ker Nahi Jaongi’

photo 5(2)The mother daughter scene was extremely heartwarming when Ashiya comes crying to Maryam after getting to know the truth. Maryam was finally relieved and happy to see that Ashiya had come back to her. It was really hard for Maryam to give permission to Ashiya to meet Zayaan in the first place and even harder to live in the constant fear that Zayaan will take away her most prized possession.

photo 1(5)Faiza’s life may seem perfect from outside but she got her punishment in the form of her abnormal child. She had ruled Zayaan throughout the years, but Zayaan finally stood up to her for her daughter. The slap was rightfully deserved; not because she told Ashiya the truth, but because it was about time Zayaan stood up to her instead of being a puppet in her hands. Maheen Rizvi was the best choice for Faiza as she had beautifully portrayed her character throughout the show. All her scenes in the last episode were bang on! From her expressions to the dialogue delivery, everything was perfect!

I was looking forward to Zayaan’s apology to Maryam and I must say, it was beautifully directed and enacted by both the actors. Zayaan surprised Maryam by his apology who never expected someone like Zayaan to bow down in front of anyone. He admitted all his mistakes and what a huge blunder he had made by rejecting the most precious gift in his life in the form of her. His apology could never be enough for he had done, but Maryam truly had a big heart to forgive him.

‘Meine Tumhe Maaf Kiya, Apni Beti Ke Liyeah Tumhe Maaf Kiya’

photo 4(2)

The dialogues in this scene were simply beautiful. Faysal Qureshi’s superb dialogue delivery and Ayeza Khan’s expressions made the scene even better! But I really wish Ashiya had not kept ties with Zayaan; he did not deserve to have Ashiya in his life.

photo 2(4)The credit of the whole show goes firstly to its director who brought out the raw emotions in every scene, and made sure every actor gave their best. Secondly, a huge round of applause for the three main leads; Ayeza Khan, Faysal Qureshi and Maheen Rizvi who gave their 100% in this show. And lastly, I would like to mention that the OST and background music of this show was used perfectly and added another dimension to every scene. Even the camera work was brilliant! The angles captured were beautifully shot. The show might not have gathered good ratings in the beginning, but it definitely attracted viewers towards the end!

How did you guys find the last episode? Did the ending seem satisfactory?

Do share your views!

Mariam Shafiq


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  • It was a better drama from A&B productions especially it got better towards end, though it was also dragged a bit in end. The end seems satisfactory, had the shown apology of nusrat and afshan, it would have been even better.

    production quality, camera work was better, but background music at some places was very loud, i must say, no other production house can match HUM TV in production quality, like lighting, camera work, background music, even if drama is crap still production quality of hum tv drama is top notch. A&B needs to focus on production quality as well.

    • Thank you for sharing your views!

      Yes, even i wish there was an apology by Nusrat and Afshah.

      Oh yes, production wise no production house can match HUM Tv. A&B production needs better editors. I really get annoyed by their loud background music because we are not able to hear the dialogues properly then.

  • I agree with u mariam…. Drama was perfect in terms of acting.. Faysal, Ayeza and Maheen really deserve a huge round of applause !! A very well directed and acted drama… The ost was perfect in the scenes… ! The ending was not satisfactory in the sense that zayan should have suffered more because he did very wrong with maryam… i wanted him to regret aloooottt… :/ i wanted to see him alone n always guilty of what he did.. ! What about afshah n nusrat !! They should be suffering alot more than what was shown !! :/ i m quite disappointed from the end as the people didn’t suffer the way i wanted them too :D but everything else was perfect.. i enjoyed watching it !!

    • Thanks for commenting!

      Yes, Zayaan should have suffered more and he should not have gotten his daughter back either!
      Even i wanted a worse fate for Nusrat and Afshah and i wish they regretted too!
      But oh well, they tried to show a moderate ending i guess!

  • I really liked this drama.It is one of my favourite drama in this year. Casting is superb. I must appreciate the whole team of adhoori aurat.Hats of to all the team.Geo is ruling the Tv again. Background music is just amazing and really suits the drama. Outstanding review Marium Shafiq. Thanks

  • It was one of best drama from A & B. Faysal, Ayza and Maheen have done a wonderful job. Everything was just superb music, acting and the direction. The last scene was amazing. I think they showed that some people never change like Afshan and Nusrat.a

  • Honestly as a parent of a special needs child i was so disheartened that they had to show a child with a disability as a punishment.

    • Hello there!
      They wanted to show that the children may get the punished for their parent’s deeds. They did not really show them as a punishment but they tried to show how it was to see their child suffer because of them. The child was not the punishment but the feeling that they are the cause of his state, that was the main punishment.

      • i understand what your saying but what the character exactly said was that through his son Allah was punishing him for his sins, and honestly this isn’t the only drama that has used this analogyl. I hope i’m not coming across as being antagonistic, I’m just trying to bring forward a view of a different type of viewer that often writers forget about :)

        • Oh no, not at all. You are always welcome to share your views here.

          Its always good to have healthy discussion on topics like these.
          Such concepts should not be included by writers because they may hurt people’s sentiments. I totally agree with this. :)

  • This was a dreadful ending and I too found it incredibly offensive that a special needs child is supposedly a punishment, SHAME on the writer for adding to the difficulties and prejudice faced by families with children who have disabilities. Zayaan is the one who should have been punished and I don’t see much of that . In fact I felt Maryam punished herself by becoming some sort of recluse …what was all that grey hair and glasses about ?aaarghh!!! please Faysal Qureshi come in dramas that reflect your standing as a great actor ..please ……

    • Hey there!

      They wanted to show that the children may get the punished for their parent’s deeds. They did not really show them as a punishment but they tried to show how it was to see their child suffer because of them. The child was not the punishment but the feeling that they are the cause of his state, that was the main punishment.

      Zayaan should definitely have suffered more! And maryam again compromised for Ashiya’s sake and gave her the permission to meet her father.
      The ending could have been better!