Sajjad Ali’s Sons launched their Band ‘SK Champs’

A name that stands somewhere really high in the list of Pakistani music icons, Sajjad Ali is surely one of the most talented singers who have been entertaining the music lovers by producing some flawless beats. Starting her music career in late 70’s, Sajjad Ali has given the music industry plenty of tracks which reveals about the Pakistani talent in the field of music. From his ‘Baibiya o Baby’ to ‘Paniyo pe Chal rahi hain Kashtiyan’ from his exceptional performance in Coke Studio live to his latest Ghazal ‘Har Gham Tera Yaad Hai’, Sajjad Ali has ensure that he comes up on the expectations of his fans.

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 Following the example of their dad, Sajjad  Ali’s both sons, Shabi and Khubi have officially launched their band under the label of ‘SK Champs’.  One of his sons was also seen performing the keyboard in the said Ghazal, who knew this young talent will be emerging as a declared star soon.


 SK Champ has launched its first music track ‘We are the Guys’.

Listen Song here:


We wish these two teenagers a very good luck for their newly started career.

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Nida Zaidi

  • ammara

    wow soo gud boyz bst of luck to thm

  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    Not a surprise, Sajad is in singing, his brothers Waqar Ali and Lucky Ali are in singing, so his sons are following the traditions of father and uncles.

  • hoohaw

    ugh what on earth is this?

  • blue

    It shouldn’t be her career it should be his career by the way

  • Ghafar Kahloon