Kadurat Episode 14 – Mission Accomplished!

The story of the play is progressing along the same pattern which it has following since the beginning. When one issue moves towards resolution, another one surfaces. It was all good fun for a bit but now it seems like the writer took the viewers for granted and thought that a few shocking twists and turns after few episodes will keep the viewers hooked. Mahmood shares his concerns and all that transpired with Asad in tonight’s episode and when he did so once again I could not help but wonder how this man made it as far as he did! The entire Mahmood/Shaheen marriage track was badly conceived; that is mainly the reason why many people have been put off by the show.  Mahmood’s character always came across as simple but after the incident my opinion about his character has completely changed. He has gone from being simple to just plain brainless.


This time around the misunderstanding between Alina and Daniyal was much more convincing unlike the last time when I found it hard to believe that Alina could fall for Mina’s trap. No doubt Alina had warned Daniyal about Mina’s intentions time and again but the fact remains that Daniyal has never experienced Mina’s scheming ways first hand. Not to mention the fact that all the men in the play seem quite dim-witted except for Asad so it is no surprise that Daniyal believed Mina.


Shaheen and her cousin seem to be brewing up a storm. The looks that they shared in the restaurant showed that they may just be taking Mina for a ride as well. Will Mina have a family left to turn to once Shaheen turns her back on her or will she be left alone? Mina’s character has lost all my sympathy for obvious reasons and the story has come to a point where I am completely detached from Mina’s feelings. This of course shows the failure of the writer to develop a seemingly good character in a decent way. The writer could have taken the story further on the same track without resorting to extreme measures and at the same time Mina could have remained the scared, vulnerable and insecure girl she was in the beginning.


Once again I couldn’t help but watch a few scenes from Darmiyan while changing channels during the commercial break and I have to say that I am slightly scared that this trend of young girls pursuing silly goals may be followed by other writers as well. I really hope though that it stops right here with these two plays. What is happening in both the plays is definitely not being appreciated so if the writers have any consideration for the sentiments of the viewers, they will not go down this path again.

Last year we had phenomenal plays like Durr-e-Shehwar and Hamsafar and definitely the hope that our drama industry is headed towards the right direction but this year there has hardly been a play that truly stood out. There were a few dramas this year as well which kept us looking forward to more but was there a play that remained exceptional throughout? I don’t think so. Here is to hoping that we get to see more quality dramas in the future since we have tons of talented actors, writers, producers and directors.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • I agree that last year we saw amazing story-based dramas like Mata-e-Jaan, Durre Shehwaar, Shehr e Zaat, Bari Apa, Bilqees Kaur & many more but I guess 2013 has to be labelled as the worst drama year ever because it seems that the writers are picking up a few bits & pieces from here & there to make a story….

    Like they say ‘har suraj ko zawal hota hai’ so 2013 is zawal for Pakistani drama industry. I really can not think of a single drama that I actually loved in this year except Mirat ul Uroos. I think the writers were sure of their dramas getting hit even if they poured a garbage on our screens but I’m sorry to burst their bubbles, it ain’t the case any-more. There are a million industries working to produce best dramas in their respective languages, so people have other resorts too. Like I do, in terms of Korean Dramas & I’ve been a proud fan/follower since 2004!

    Apparently, when our industry personnels fumed over Turkish dramas getting viewer-ship in Pakistan, they picked up every pathetic idea they might’ve thought in their bathrooms & made it into a drama just to grab the attention & attain the TRP’s. What was the raving about if people loved irrational unrealistic Turkish stories? What good did our own industry do for us – the viewers in stead? Rather they gave us more below the belt productions & spoiled every single relation one does experience in life.

      • It was a nicely executed drama but with a very weak & predictable script. By no means I am saying that it wasn’t a good drama. I personally liked it too but the story was just bland.

    • Zahra this season in particular has been very disappointing. Like some people here pointed out we had some watchable and entertaining plays this year too but there seems to be a trend lately of resorting to shortcuts like you pointed out. And I also agree with those who are saying that we are sadly following Indian dramas , God knows why though because everyone knows that Pakistani dramas are far better than Indian ones. Many people who follow Turkish play have told me that they some of them are very well acted out, directed and the production values are unmatchable but yes not all of them are good of course. Pakistani viewers are very intelligent and our writers and directors in particular should not doubt that for a second. People who come here and share their opinion know only too well the difference between quality scripts and the ones which don’t have much to offer. There is excess of negativity in our plays. I still have faith that our talented writers and directors are quite capable of giving us quality entertainment all we have to do is to give them honest feedback so that they can correct themselves.

      • Yes, I agree that we did see some nice dramas but a very few of them. What amazes me is that even a heavy star cast isn’t doing wonders on our screens. Don’t know what is wrong these days.

        I know. Pakistani drama makers are just following the league of India, where whenever someone sights a mood of rubbish, they turn it into a drama. This is exactly what’s been happening in our industry too.

        I think this is the easiest way of letting the industry personnels know what we are actually feeling about our dramas these days. I loved HUM’s dramas & only watched HUM TV all the time but right now I am utterly disappointed.

        • Zahra I think that the stars have nothing better to choose from either. A star cast can do no wonders if the script in particular is flawed and a badly directed play can ruin a good script too! So it has to be a complete package I think the only aspect that can be slightly compromised is production values. That is the reason why Hum even with its epic production values is lagging behind because the stories are useless.

  • Despite seeing some poor dramas this year there were a few good ones: Rehaai, Dil e Muztar, Aunn Zara, Bari Apa, ZGH (to some extent), Kahi unkahi, Kankar, Coke Kahani.

    • Ehsan I agree with you the year started off on a relatively better note but this season has been quite disappointing. Kankar is the only play I truly look forward to and even Kankar did not grab my attention right from the get-go. ZGH wasn’t perfect in any way but the discussions made it fun and of course some episodes were really good which made the viewers look forward to more. The ending was rushed even though the play was dragged like all others.

      • I think, the only play that I seriously in 2013 was Kahi Ankahi, although it was poorly directed and there were weak dialogues, I somehow enjoyed it. Whereas Umera Ahmed has disappointed me with plays like ZGH and kankar.

  • First of all welcome back Fatima :) …. We missed u n ur reviews… !! Coming to the episode Everyone knows about mina n her scheming but still they get caught in her trap. How come people trust her so easily again !! I still watch it although it lacks the element which sticks one to the drama.. !! Mina doing the silly acts, shaheen playing her own game, I mean what is this man,.. !! Seems like everyone is under the control of these two silly girls !! How can a sensible person like mahmood act like stupid who have no idea what he did n what is being done to him !! Mina will learn soon that she did wrong when shaheen will ditch her !!

    • Thank you Silver Eyes I missed reviewit too and all the discussions here:) I was away on a holiday but I am back now and here to stay:) lol stupid is the word! Our drama makers should be thankful to us because we continue watching these unimpressive shows only because of our favorite artists lekin kub tuk! Can you imagine how much further these girls will go in the next 7 episodes or so. I am not sure for how long I can continue watching this show, my curious nature makes me watch it week after week otherwise even the love for SS is not motivating enough anymore!

      • Fatima u took my words… i think waqai sanam’s charm has ended :D i was crazy but after watching her in depressing serial like “ek kasak reh gai” n “plotting mina” …. i dont want to see her more in such roles… no doubt she is brilliant but kadurat is not that impressive … :/

        • Mina ko gurday ke qurbani denay ke baad bhi kuch nahi mila;) That girl Mehak Ali (Raania) simply cannot act I can only wish that she should have stayed in a state of coma;) So not looking forward to her terrible dialogue delivery!

          • I agree raania ko bilkul act nai krna ata :D the same as kanza wyne cannot act in numm !! they need proper classes.. lol i can act better than them :p

  • Wednesday is celebrated as revenge evening by both ARY and HUM, by playing Darmiyan and Kadurat simultaneously. Darmiyan looks just a seduction tale, but kadurat has more variety in revenge tactics. Perhaps due to these two shows, Asmanon Pe Likhha on Geo is taking all the viewership.

      • He has atleast controlled his smile which was always there regardless of situation and dialogues in a scene.

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