Ten Reasons you should go and watch Waar

For those who pooh pooh at Pakistani Cinema,Waar comes as a shock.Why shock,because Pakistan can produce such a high quality movie which leaves them stunned.I have personally watched this movie and would recommend it to everyone and I am one who has rarely sauntered into a cinema hall.So take my recommendation and do watch this movie in a cinema hall nearest you. Here’s why

1- The theme of the movie is terrorism which hits a chord with all of us,we are a witness to many of the visuals shown in the movie including 2009 attack on Lahore Police Academy.It would be akin to reliving experiences of everyday life.It’s neither a fantasy nor a tale you could dismiss as ‘where does it happen’.


2- It is a very stylish movie,crane shots,aerial shots,close ups you name and they have it all there.From grand mansions to ultra luxurious apartments to the fort in Northern Pakistan everything and every moment is covered in style.Even though the film is in 2D and not 3D,you would definitely enjoy the shots taking.I can guarantee you that it’s something which you haven’t seen in a Pakistani Movie before.

3- The movie showcases Islamabad in a never before avatar.From Monal to basement of Margalla Towers to Gun Club to Convention Center you have it all right here.Get ready to fall in love in Islamabad all over again and for those of you who have never been to the city,watch it in a glamourous avatar.


4- Shan is synonymous with lacha-kurtas and gujar brand movies.This is your chance to watch him in stylish denims puffing cigarettes and speaking English which would put many to shame.Although his backstory is cliched,yet Shan plays his character with such aplomb that you remain mesmerized even when the end credits have rolled down.Watch Waar for this powerhouse of talent if not anything else.

5- The villians duo Meesha Shafi-Shamoon Abbasi put in equally powerful and convincing performances.They appear sinister and evil to the core yet smart in their own right.

6- The much talked about ‘fake accents’ of actors in the movie.You need to watch it to check out whose accent was fake.I personally found no fake accents.The actors got schooling in institutions where such accents are common plus Ayesha Khan grew up abroad,so you cannot blame actors for ‘fake accents’ still you can confirm on your own.


7- The loads and loads of criticism heaped on the movie including from local sources (Geo,Express Tribune,Jang,The News etc) and foreign sources (hindustan times,other Indian newspapers,channels etc).If a movie generates so much hype,there would be something about it that is upsetting so many people.What made so-called liberals led by Hamid Mir,Nadeem Farooq Paracha,Rafay Mahmood,Zarar Khoro etc (who munch on all anti-Pakistan movies willingly and joyously) declare this a propaganda movie funded by ISPR.As if it is the only propaganda movie ever made and as if they have proofs that ISPR sponsored it.Give them anything anti-Pakistan they would love it,anything Pro-Pakistan they would rise up.Plus why is a single movie from Pakistan giving sleepless nights to Indian media and public so much so that they are spitting venom against it.


8- The film has been rated 8.3 on popular movies website IMDB.So it needs to be a good movie if it has gotten such a rating at IMDB.This is also a slap on the faces of those who are criticizing it for no reason.

9- It arises in you a patriotic spirit like never before specially in the scene when Hamza Abbasi goes to give a sacrifice and chants the national anthem or when he says ‘un ka khayal hai ke yeh mulk la-waris hai’ besides many other scenes.It also makes you realize the sacrifices your security forces have given in this long war on terror.

10- Get to see MI-17s,Cobras,other real ammunition used by security forces and terrorists.The authenticity would stun you plus the action scenes have been supervised by real police and military highups so it’s authenticity galore.

Haseeb Ahmed


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • I loved the movie. I think it had no flaws. And since India has made a number of Anti pakistan movies. There shouldn’t be a problem. Its just a Movie :)

  • As much as i appreciate the Pakistani cinema and the people trying to revive it, i couldn’t fathom the fact that the actors were speaking in English. It gave a sort of unreal feel to the movie. Lets be real, on a daily basis one doesn’t talk in English all the time. I can ignore the fact that the movie was very predictable from the start owing to a job well done by the actors and of course our director, but the ‘English’ element was a put-off for me. Apart from this major flaw i think the movie was superb.

      • I cant say i am surprised to have this sort of a ‘naive’ reply..it was long coming. Anyway to address your ‘issue’, i was talking about the unreal feel the english conversation gave to the movie. I am sure if you talk to me in person i would ‘talk’ in urdu. Its one thing to write reviews in english and another to film a movie in english. As for living in 2013, i don’t get how you relate living in 2013 to filming a movie in english? If you meant that we want to show ourselves as the developed nation by showing the the world that we can talk in english…then i am sorry but that’s a very simplistic argument. There is a reason our ‘maadri zabaan’ is urdu and not english! I hope i clarified my point to you.

    • i also feel it should have been in urdu but maybe its targetted more towards international audiences,still there are people who watch hollywood action movies without understanding them so it can be watched as it features many terrorist incidents which we have been witness to and can relate to plus new to the world stories are rare,mostly stories showcased in media remain the same

    • I agree with you that it should have been in Urdu but there are lots of people who watch english action movies without understanding them


  • coa
    کیونکہ نمبر1اس فلم کو پڑھے لکھے لوگ بنا رہے تھے
    نمبر 2فلم میںکام کرنے والی ساری ٹیم اپنے کام یا اداکاری میں
    Excellent تھی
    نمبر 3 فلم کے ٹریلر سے انداژہ ہوا کہ جس ٹاپک کی ہماری عوام کو ضرورت ہے اس پر بنی ہے
    نمبر 4 شان ایک ایسا اداکار ہے کہ جب وہ کسی فلم کو خصوصی طور پر سائن کرے تو وہ دیکھنی چاہئے
    نمبر 5 ( اب فلم دیکھ کر)پتہ چلا کہ آج بھی فلم گند ے مصا لحے کے بغیر بن سکتی ہے
    نمبر 6 فلم عشق عاشقی کے بغیر بھی بنتی ہے اور انتہائ دلچسپ ہو سکتی ہے War کی طرح
    نمبر7 حب الوطنی کا جزبہ معدوم ہو رہا تھا اس فلم کے بعد لگتا ہے کہ ہر پاکستانی کو پکڑ کر کہوں کہ
    War فلم ضرور دیکھئے گا
    نمبر 8 ہمارے پختون عوام کو مذہب کی آڑ لینے والوں کی کچھ نشاندہی ہوئ
    نمبر 9حساس اداروں کے سر براہ فلمی کردار نہیں لگ رہے تھے ان کا ہر مسئلہ ہر کام اصلی لگ رہا تھا
    نمبر 10( آپ نے دس پوائنٹ کہے ورنہ میں لکھتی چلی جاتی)Its really a fantastic film .

  • our bikkaow media was against this movie from day one. coz its a pro pakistan and patriotic movie… plus its a super duper hit movie… they couldnt digest this fact… hats off to u Waar Team…

  • 101 % agreed with # 7, give them some Indian or anti-Pakistani stuff they r gonna love it, will propagate it because they have platforms to do this. This man Hamid Mir is the one who brought Malala into limelight, hate him for this. Being living in USA I know how much damage she is making for the ill reputation of our country. Lifafa people inko mout b yaad nahi.

  • waar is a good movie but commercially a flop, its cost is 20 crores and it must earn atleast 50-60 crores to be profitable for distributors and cinema owners… released on around 36 cinemas nationwide it earned 7 crores in first five days due to eid holidays and total earning has still not reached 10 crores… In order to earn 50-60 crores it needs as many screens as India Has

    • it has already crossed 10 crores and it cannot earn 50-60 crores from our market,it will be released internationally and then it’ll earn much more money Insha Allah

  • Well apart from what shortcomings the said film exhibits and regardless of the English-Urdu Medium the Feature film emanates into! For once in my living memory while watching Indian Cinema(off and on) over the years now, I cant help but to feel elated that the propaganda one “force-fed” with, It felt great to be on the other side of the fence that watching a Pakistani Movie which certainly have all the ingredients which a Indian Cinema would churn out to defame and malign Pakistan!!! Secondly, seeing the dearth of quality Movies for decades now WAAR would prove to be a great impetus for reviving dilapidated Pakistani Cinema!!! what underlines most is the movie has potential to do some business at box office and soon many would follow suit to produce/finance into Pakistani Cinema!!! love the Movie nevertheless!!!! haters can hate but the effort is worth to watch!!!

  • Agree with all ur points..esp 4,5,6,7..yeh “afeem paracha aur rafay” to is kabil bhi nahi keh is keh barey main baat ki jai…aur mjhe samaj nahi aati how can u say sm1 is hvng FAKE ENGLISH ACCENT….koi mjhe bataiga British,American,Canadian,Australian etc main se konsa accent sahi hota hai aur “fake” nai hota..Aisha ka accent pure canadian hai..mere kuch relatives hain Canada main , born and brought up their…and Aisha Khan ka KPKPBT main accent dekhne k baad they were like..dude hw can she b tht PERFECT..thn i told them keh iski schooling abroad main hoi hai..

  • couldn’t agree more with your comments 7 and 8 :), we enjoy indian movies and conveniently ignore their anti Pakistan dialogues in those films. i would watch it again and again coz its our movie and its our time to tell the world about our side of the story

  • agree with all of your points, i just googled why some notable journalists are speaking against waar, here are the tweets from hamid mir on waar, he seems to be upset on support of ISPR and funding by ISI

    • this traitor needs thousand shoes on his back and its not against any politician,it shows politicians in good light also but indian money and love for india has blinded this man and so many other like him who do not want to make us proud or good about pakistan at any cost

  • flawless film…hats off to everyone involved…its nodoubt one of the best ways to revive the dead partiotism in pakistanis…lov each n every character in it specially aisha with her flawless beauty n xpression…a real decent film that u can even watch ur father n brother wd no bolywwod like filth n sillly item numbers…

  • m in love with this movie since i had watched the trailer…..and indian media and some pakistani as well should remember that this is also a movie, why they are having nightmares now….. where were they when anti pakistani movies were made?

    • the pakistan ppl criticizing it are funded by indians and their love for india makes them bash this movie while the indians cannot digest that their wrong doings have been highlighted by a Pakistani Movie

  • hellloooo m v muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh happy about this , just forget about alll the things at this moment . v as a nation v happy after a long time & enemies can not bear this either in country or foreigners . m dying to watch this movie , m in indonesia right now & have to stay here for 3 years for study purpose , can not see on u tube but please tell me an other source that i can watch

  • WHt i don’t get is tht evn India has made Anti pak movies, in which paki ppl were the terrorists. I stopped watching Bwood movies long time back. But i deffo remember having seen few movies, where i thought y is it always pak ppl who are the villains.

    Anyways coming 2 the movies, sadly i cannot say ANYTHING abt the movie, but i really wanna watch it.

  • i just loved it..shaan n hamza abbasi.loved every bit of it.and the english waah waah.hats off to the team.i totally agree with all the reasons.believe me u wil be at the peak of patriotism at the end..

  • what a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no words to express the feelings while watching the movie. a slap on all those indian anti-Pakistan movies…… just a single Pakistani movie left all the traitors and indian media sleepless…this movie showed the real face of indians…. INSHALLAH Pakistan will stand against all these terrorist funding countries that try to manipulate Pakistan and kill innocent Pakistanis. loads of love and prayers for Pakistan army and WAAR team. May ALLAH keep Pakistan safe. AMEEN. INSHALLAH Pakistan will win the war against terrorism and terrorist countries. LOVE PAKISTAN…….

  • n yes one more thing the indian media is saying that *we are the peace loving country n this movie targets our peace loving country* so my question is *bhai what will u say about ur *Ek tha tiger* ? i have seen the movie n i havent seen anyone using ur country name or talking about ur army n all ye to woe bat hoe *chor ki dhari mai tinka* Please guys go get a life this is a slap on ur face *
    the indian media is declaring that they are the peaceful country so bhai why are you attacking at the borders ?
    why you always plan to store water n will open the dams while rain has already started in our Country ?
    Bilal Lashari has set up a new trend movies can do business without munni badnam , sheela n chikni chambeli
    hats off to Bilal Lashari (y)
    keep up the good work man :)

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