“The Honour Deception” awarded Best Documentary in Delhi Films Festival.

Our Drama Industry completely failed to satisfy its viewers in terms of great story lines but Pakistani Film Industry is seemed to be flourishing this fall.

Sharmeen Obaid’s Saving Face has been awarded two Emmy Awards at 34th Annual News and Documentary Ammy Awards Ceremony. This documentary won awards for Best Documentary and Outstanding Editing, Zinda Bhaag is another investment that got submitted from Pakistan in Oscars after 50 years, Waar broke all Box Office Records and if it is not enough, Ayesha Gazdar’s short documentary “The Honor deception” won the Jury award for Best Documentary at Second Delhi Shorts International Films Festival.


She earlier told The Express Tribune, “I feel honoured that this film is being screened, amongst a host of others.”

  The Honor Deception was screened at Delhi Film Festival on October 12th,2013 where 80 films (feature and documentary) were showcased from countries around the world including, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, New Zealand and India.

The Honor Deception is 16 minutes documentary that has been made in collaboration with Action Aid Pakistan. Documentary is about the tribal customs of honor killing and how it got re-demolished in our Modern lives through law of Qisas and Diyat (retribution and Blood Money) that allows the family of a victim to make a strong compromise with the one accused. As majority of marriages in rural areas of Pakistan take place within extended family, so these laws are a fine way to escape. This documentary also put a light on how can we made an effort to put a full stop to this practice.

Ayesha’s previous file “Silent Voices” was based on women who work from home. That movie also won an award at the Canadian Labor International Film Festival in 2011.

For all those who dont know Aisha’s background, Let me tell you that her father, (Late) Mushtaq Gazdar, was an eminent documentary film maker. Her mother, Saeeda Gazdar is well know short story writer.

I expect and hope that our Media Industries will flourish in heaps and bounds.

Stay Blessed,
Rabia Basharat.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • Honor killing is a reality that exist even in literate circles of our society it has general acceptance in maasses, I remember in 1997 -98 one girl samia sarwar from an elite family of peshawar was killed on the name of honor as she was demanding divorce from her husband but since her father was friend of senator ilyas bilor, an influential family of KPK, he was not probed. BBC made a documentary on this and also interviewed ilyas bilor who told there is nothing wrong in it, it is a custom he will always defend. Ilyas bilor or bilor family proudly declare themselves “secular” but also defend honor killing.

    So I guess Aisha Gazdar just have to wait before she will be awarded with comments like agent of RAW or ISRAEL who has brought a bad name to Pakistan. The same way Sharmeen Obaid is termed as an alien agent. Shoaib Mansoor is also there in this foreign agent list.

    • I must say you have a vast knowledge in almost every field that we come across. Its always nice to hear from u.. !

      And for Aisha, even I am afraid. Sharmeen, Shoaib and even Malala has got same comments of some US agent.

      I hope that people of our country will realize that everything has to be taken in constructive way rather then heading towards destruction every possible time they come across with such controversial topics.

      • well well well don’t know abt shoaib mansoor but Malala!! have u seen her videos on youtube in which she is criticizing Pakistani army, his father’s slogans against Pakistan, or have u read her book???? have u ever watch her interviews???I live in USA i know how it feels when people ask u questions abt her propaganda against Pakistan, If someone is secular its his personal matter but when someone tries to damage the reputation of Pakistan it becomes every Pakistani’s affair.yup everything should be taken in constructive way we should not head towards destruction that’s what these people need to learn, they can highlight good aspects of Pakistan, yes these type of topics should be highlighted too but this is not the right time. About Sharmeen Obaid u can watch hasb-e-haal in which Azizi told the truth of her that how she manipulated the situation of the victim(who played as protagonist in her documentary too). And about awards don’t worry they will give awards to every such type of documentary, i heard Indians and some journalists in Pakistan r criticizing Waar, why???? though its a big hit and breaking all previous records!

        • sm1 at Mehreen Jabbar’s Fb Page was saying “aap Malala k upar film banalain…name hi kaafi hai OSCAR milne k liye, buss to agla Oscar Mehreen Jabbar ka”..hahaha..i think mene sub kuch keh diya hai agar samjha jai….
          BTW abhi mene perha Malala ne apni book main likha hai “Kia hi acha hota hum india se alag na hote..sath rehte etc”…it says all keh woh kis keh isharon per nach rahi hai..

          • I like ur comment :), well hamara media itna bika hoa hay k har reality saamne nahi ane daita,agar lay man zara sa google & youtube say jaan sakta hay to kia ye famous journalist jo roz 1-1 ghanta political program k name pe awam ki tensions may izafa karte hen inko nahi pata ho ga??? when she was shot main b os k leye duayen karne walon may say thi, but now I regret for that

          • agree but media toh chorain humari awam ko aadat hai baghir research k GORON ki baat per yakeen kerne ki…

        • Sumbal on malala, I havent read her book, but its really sad and condemn-able if she or her father is criticizing Pak Army in USA. In Pakistan too many person criticize pak army, and its a fact that army and its wrong policies has a great role for the suffering of our country. But its a more bigger fact army is our strength and savior as well, it is our last hope. All the criticism on army is bearable as long as it is in Pakistan, outside Pakistan any criticism to our country or army will only give disrepect to pakistan and us. I have noticed indians in India criticize their country, government, but outside india they never criticize their country. Ideally same should be our behavior.

          Also its not that all “secular” persons are against pakistan or pakistan army. The religious leaders and parties especially ullema-deoband were the biggest opponent of Quaid i Azam and creation of Pakistan and proudly call him Kafir-Azam. Also since 9/11 many religious leaders of same school of thought who opposed pakistan openly condemn and bash pak army, and even say those army officer who got killed in fight with militants like taliban are not shaheed. There is no widespread condemnation from some prominent section of ulemas of suicide bombings and other killings by militants in pakistan.

          On sharmeen her movie is not released in pakistan, nobody has watched it in pakistan but it is on the plight of women with acid burns. I live in lahore for more than 40 years, and believe me acid burn is a regular news, found in urdu newspaper every other day, atleast twice a week. So the topic of ‘Saving Faces’ is not something not happening in pakistan, it is a fact occurring regularly in pakstan. But still everyone can has own opinion on her and her work.

          On waar, I totally agree with you, it is really sad that some notable journalists like Hamid Mir has criticized it and called it a propoganda funded by ISI, Waar has been a superhit and a step towards revival of a new cinema in pakistan. Its success is success of pakistani cinema

          • Sir I was expecting some harsh criticism :) but I appreciate that u do respect difference of opinion, nahi to yahan to log even Fawad KHan ya Mahira Khan k name pe abusive language pe utar ate hen:) , anyhow u can find both videos on youtube, 1st one her documentary with bbc, 2nd her father’s slogans against Pakistan aur ye osk accident say bohat pehle k hen,The Taliban said the attack on Malala was because of her anti-Islam remarks and not her pursuit of education, but EVERYWHERE u will find the opposite ap google Karen youtube or whatever it is u’ll find that she was shot because of her persuit of Education. I am not saying that Army or everything else is just perfect in our country but its certainly our internal matter, nobody has the right to dishonor our army on bbc.

            I am not saying that topic of saving faces is not happening in Pakistan, and its really pathetic but don’t u think that Pakistanis ko ise pehle dekhna chahye tha to learn the lesson??? aur aj kal Pakistan downfall ka shikar hay iska acha image jana chahye jab ye stable ho jaye to jo marzi bana len ye log.kis society may problem nahi hotay???Europe America India kia perfect hen??NO, Indians ko dekhen kia kuch nahi hota wahan? per wo log apna soft image rakhte hen dunya k samne, kia woh Oscars k leye aisi koi documentary approve Karen ge ??? NEVER, agar Pakistan k latest Happenings ki baat hay to Drone Attacks pe kiu nahi banate documentaries ye log??who to England say aa k Jemima ko banana par rahi hay jo k bohat say logon ki nazar may Jew lobby hay

          • yes i think the protocol should be, not to wash dirty clothes outside of home, like indian or even afghans do, keep all fight and hatred at home, instead of resolving it on foreign lands

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