Sannata – Episode 4 Review

For all those who dont know about this serial, Let me give you a brief introduction of it. Plot of show revolves around Rukayya(Saba Kamar) and her life. Rukayya’s aunt Husna(Sajal Ali) went against her family and ran away with a man. Husna’s father and brother died as a consequence of this incident. After that Aapa Bi (Sameena Ahmed ) gave Husna a title of “Daayan”.

Husna died on spot while giving birth to her daughter and Rukayya was the one who raised her daughter after her death.She named cute little angel as “Pari”. Time flew away and Pari grew up.Everytime aapa bi scold her,Rukayya was there to fight for Pari and to console her. Because of that, Pari considered Rukayya’s everything as her own property and got really possessive about her. All she wants is to become a shadow of Rukayya.

I want to add up here that child artist who is performing role of Pari is doing complete justice with her role. She is such a young and cute girl and giving unbelievable and unexpected output. Our artists (not all of them,ofcourse :P ) should take some acting classes from her.

Ashfaq ,being brother of Aapa Bi handles all the financial matters of their house. Aapa Bi didnot tell him that husna came back and died after giving birth to Pari.Rukayya and Pari met Ashfaq.  I can smell something fishy in Ashfaq character.Today was the first time when we came across Ashfaq’s role in serial,he visited Aapa Bi’s place after long time just to get the papers of house in which Aapa Bi is living with rest of ladies.

Pari grew up and her role is given to Sajal Ali again. Her entrance was beyond my expectation.With the passage of time,her hatred for aapa bi developed more and she was about to burn Aapa Bi but Rukayaa caught her on the spot. After that,Rukayya slapped her and it was for sure unexpected for Pari  and she got fits soon after that. Salma considered that its due to some supernatural power, Naseeban doesnt believe in that whereas Aapa Bi curses that tree under the shadow of which Pari spends her whole day.

Now coming towards the part where Naseeban,Rukayya and Pari visited Tomb of some famous religious personality. I really liked that part in today’s episode. The background score was truly magical and it was complimenting overall atmosphere created for that scene. Pari came across a strange man, looking much like Fakeer Baba, who keep on following her till she was in Tomb. Mystery man’s mystery is still a question mark. It may be revealed in upcoming episodes.

For the first time in television industry, I have come across a different approach to unfold the story. I really like how Saba Kamar, wearing plain white frock, is narrating whole story of her life throughout the show.

Without any doubt, this show is one of its own kind.Viewers have high expectations from this serial. Let’s see whether this serial will live up to our expectations or not.

Do give your feedback about today’s episode.

Stay Blessed,
Rabia Basharat.

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