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Sanam Baloch’s First On-Screen Appearance After Marriage

Sanam Baloch and her husband Abdullah Farhatullah made their first on screen appearance on the Morning Show of Sama Television. Regular visitors of the show along with prominent celebrities gave the couple a very warm welcome. Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah had a candid chat with the people present at the show. Sanam and Abdullah shared with their fans and friends some of the personal details of their relationship and also discussed how the marriage took place . The couple looked full of life and very happy.

Sanam’s family was also present on the occasion.The show was hosted by Sanam’s sister Sabreen Hisbani.Sanam said that she considers herself very lucky to be married to a nice person like Abdullah. The news of the wedding was nothing short of a shock for most of Sanam’s fan because there was no news about the ties between the couple prior to the marriage. Apart from this, the marriage function itself was a personal affair. Sanam also shared the news that her husband gifted her Quran as muun dikhai and also added that it was a very moving moment for her. Sanam said that she could not possibly ask for more. According to Abdullah Sanam is even closer to his family than him which is a matter of pride for him.

It is great to see the newly married couple happy. We wish them both a wonderful life with a lot of success in the future too.

  • Bohat kam log aisy hoty hain jo sirf “zahiri” khoobsoorti ko ehmiyat nahi dety … aur yehi soch her “sache Momin” ki honi chahiye… kiouke Allah ki nazar bih Tumhare cheroun (faces or beauty) per nahi he balqe tumhare dilou (hearts) per he !!

  • I was having respect to these people but no number one beghayrat usi ki bewi dusray admi si galay melti hai ore wuh khush hai kiya zama agaya hai us ki bewe dramay dusri mard ki dulhan banti hai agar me istarah sirf suchta hu to insan kayliye khususan isah pakistani logi par hayran hu jo khud eik tarah ka samaj raknay walay be kehtay hai hayran kistarah insan bardasht karta hai hayran bewe uski or dil mera bora huwa or jis ki bewe hai wuh khush

  • Mashalllah dream couple
    Allahtallah hasidon Badtameez jalne wale or Allahtallah ki banee huwe joron p etraz comments krne walon se farhatsanam ko humeshaaaaaaaaa dooooooooooooor rakheeeee Ameeeeeeen Sumameeeeen
    Allahtallah un ki saurat pr bhiii aise he comments ae jese wo Badtameez log tere banae hui saurat pr comments kr rahee hain!

  • I do not know why ppl KEEP complaining abt the guy, whn there is nothing wrong wth him.
    PPL saying tht Sanam’s personality is much better, it’s like ppl know her personally.
    And ppl talking abt tht guy is ugly, well i bet those ppl who are saying tht are 10 times uglier, paki ppl has this very dirty habit of complaining abt evry freaking thing, they shud rather fix themself first.
    Im not a fan of Abdullah AT ALL i just got 2 know who he was after Sanam got married. But i didn’t know Sanam had such pethetic fans, really ppl have no right 2 say such things abt a guy they don’t know.

    • u r right, Allah ki bnai hui cheez ko vesay bhi ugli kehna gunah hay but uskay janvron valay hair style ko tow criticize krna chahye. coz ye tow uski apni choice hay or vo change bhi kr skta hay.

  • menay 1st time video dekhi Abdullah ki, pehlay tow stills he dekhay thay. pics mein mammy daddy type bnda lgta hay. mgr baat achay tareekay se krta hay. itna bura bhi nhi jitna pics mein lag rha tha. apna huliya (hair style) thek kr lay tow kafi reasonable lgay ga. mgr sanam bloch se tow vaqei koi mukabla nhi.

  • Such a cute and happy couple mA. ALLAH inko hamesha khush rakhey Ameen. aur aap log jo negative comments pass kar rahey hain doosrey par tanqeed karney sey pehley apney aap ko dekh liya karein.

  • It appears that Sanam Balooch didn’t like/love her parents. As she said Abdullah was the best person she ever met. Sorry, Sanam didn’t expect from you. Wish you happy married life.

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