Kadurat – Episode 08

Honestly speaking, even after everything that Mina has put her family through I find it impossible to dislike her character. It could be because Sanam Saeed has played this character so brilliantly that she has completely overshadowed every other character in the play. I am not quite warming up to Aleena and Daniyal’s romance; they do not come across as cute at all. Aleena’s character is likeable but the romance between Aleena and Daniyal seems forced. The highlight of tonight’s episode was Mina’s attempt to kill Aleena. I couldn’t help but wonder that why didn’t the “poison” that Mina add to the tea made it taste bitter! This particular development was very unconvincing and why did Aleena have to think so much when Mahmood asked her that who made the tea for her! Since, she wasn’t sure how good Mina’s intentions were in the first place.


Mina’s plan to fire the secretary on the other hand was very intelligently planned and executed. The blackmail worked like a charm and Mahmood was left with no choice but to side with Mina. Asad, like always could clearly see through Mina but was completely helpless. The introduction of the new character Asma seemed a bit out of place. Asma’s character failed to impress me primarily because the acting of the actress playing the role was extremely unconvincing. The dialogues were not very impressive either. It was quite evident that Asad was completely swayed away from this girl’s confidence but aren’t secretaries supposed to be the kind of girls who follow orders as opposed to telling their bosses right from wrong? She could have been fit for any other job but definitely not for the job that Asad wants to hire her for.


Shaheen’s attempts to woo Mina’s father continued throughout the episode; Mahmood is not “warming up to her” at all. I do not like this particular track of the story at all; it is sad to see a young girl belittling herself the way Shaheen is. I must confess that the only character that truly leaves an impact on the audience is that of Mina and the only reason for it being so is Sanam Saeed’s brilliant performance.


Asad finally decides to retaliate to what Mina has been doing. He seems like one of those people who either ignore things or retaliate in a very ruthless manner. Unlike, the past few episodes, the direction wasn’t very impressive in this one. There were times when I felt that the scenes ended abruptly. Like, when Atiqa gets up to ask Aleena about her consent and we were taken straight to Asma’s house. Atiqa’s reaction to whatever happened to Aleena was once again very strange. I would have expected her to go frantic but she was calm enough.


The preview of the next episode showed that Mahmood will stop trusting Mina altogether. For once she tells him the truth but he reacts in the worst manner. This is only going to make Mina’s condition worse; where is the psychiatrist in all this? The counseling is not helping Mina at all but it almost feels like Mina is taking the psychiatrist for a ride too!

This best thing about this latest installment just like all the previous ones was Sanam Saeed’s flawless portrayal of Mina. She is the one who makes this show worth watching and she actually makes it hard to dislike Mina’s character because she portrays Mina’s insecurities and fears just as well as her negative side.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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  • good review.yes i agree with you that the direction was little bit weak in this episode and out from nowhere they introduced the character of asma and i for one second thought that i am watching some other drama but sanam was again fabulous in her acting.and i dont understand one thing that why aleena had a tea with mina and another scene where daniyal was having a conversation with mina on cell phone to daniyal ko to mina ke intentions ka pata hai to us ne usi waqt us ko yeh kyun nahi kaha ke ainda dobara mujhe phone mat karna but instead he said meri tabiat theek nahi i mean come on mina tried to create a rift between aleena and daniyal and about that girl asma well i saw her in drama mein gunehgar nahi and their also her acting was worst she is expressionless and shaheen ke role ke liye kisi aur ko hona chahiye tha i think maheen rizvi could have been better for this role well what do you have to say about this.but its sanam saeed who is superb and because of her i am watching this drama.

    • Thank you Fahad. I think Daniyal was just being diplomatic because he didn’t want to agitate Mina. You are right, Nida is not acting well at all and now we have another person who cannot act in the drama – that is not good! Maheen Rizvi is a very good actress and there are many more who could’ve done much better. Yes, I am watching it for Sanam Saeed too, she is one of my favorite actresses.

  • hey fatima it was avery good review as i always say,, well, um back!!! i also wanted to comment on numm and i was very happy that u r reviewing another one of my fav serials and i’ve also tried to comment on it but didn’t work at all!!! okay. this drama is now going awsome and i really liked this review of yours !! tc

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Maham, welcome back. How have you been? Why couldn’t you comment on the Numm review? I am glad that you will be following another show that I am reviewing:) We can stay in touch more often now.

      • thnx Fatima U have been great as always!!I have been good Fatima and was very busy in the past 2 weeks still i took time and tried to comment
        on both kankar and numm review but the site wasn’t working at all!!! but from now i’ll be available and be in touch more often I.A!!!!take care

  • It is just my opinion but honestly saying that in the begining this show was brilliant but now Iam getting bored of this drama………the story seems a little repetitive………Mina continues harming her family and putting them in trouble……….I know that her insecurities made her this negative but it is all a misunderstanding and her wrong doings which lead everyone to stop loving and trusting her…………Aleena and Daniyal love each other but I think that they don’t have a good chemistry and they don’t look cute………..Shaheen is trying to woo Mina’s father and her acting and dressing is awkward…………Asma’s track came out of nowhere and personally I don’t like her acting at all………but no doubt that Sanam Saeed has portrayed Mina’s character very brilliantly and she is my only reason of watching this serial………….I apologize to all who are hurt and don’t agree with my opinion…………………so sorry……:(

    • Not at all sparkling star, I am certain that you didn’t hurt anyone with your words. You are right the story is getting repetitive and like you the Asma track didn’t appeal to me much either. Sanam Saeed is the star of the show every step of the way and she is the reason why most of us are following the show. The show still has potential, there are bits that are interesting but the Daniya Aleena track is totally yawn worthy! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, keep visiting.

  • Sanam is no doubt a brilliant actress….perfect for the role !! this time the preview for the next episode was so great…. waiting for next wednesday .. :D Agree with you about asma’s track… that was completely lame… drama was going fine without adding that family… !! people might not be liking drama but i dont miss even a scene :D

    • I am glad that there are people who are still as excited about the show as some of us were till the sixth episode even. I haven’t given up on the story completely just yet, it can still prove to be very interesting. Good to know that we agree about the Asma track. Thank you for your feedback:)

  • Fatima, a very good review, seems you watch drama by putting on magnifying glass :-). This episode was really a bit off-color when compared to previous episodes which were near perfect. But still this drama has been different from all other shows. To somewhat i agree with Sparkling Star, that story is now getting a bit repetitive with in every new episode Mina firing a new shot, which misses its target somehow.

    • lol, I am glad that you like the analysis:) I could say the same for you. Yes, the story is going around in circles at this point and the initial excitement that we felt will die off very quickly if there aren’t some interesting twists in the story; something that seems unlikely at the moment.

  • As every episode goes by, nothing changes. Sanam Saeed’s acting is very good but every episode she’s troubling one or another family member. As for Alina’s character, why can’t she be strong enough to stand up to Mina. Also, how dumb was she that she took the tea mina made for her; Mina hasn’t treated aleena well before, why will she ever?

  • Hi fatima. Nice review as always. I couldnt comment on some previous reviews as we hav moved to a new place and the dsl connection was off. Well now i am back.:)
    Meena has been really very cruel lately. Loved the acting she did when asad was dragging her to an unknown place.Asma’s character looked quite unwanted and at one time I thought that my brother had changed the channel bcz it didnt look like kadurat. Anyways the next episode reminds me a story from my childhood. The “sher aya sher aya” wali. Meena seems to be portraying that young shephard boy’s role. Now her father wont listen to her bcx of her past record even when it all will be true. Waiting for the next episode. Fingers crossed. =) x)