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Kadurat Episode 13 – Even More Plotting and Planning!

I must admit that after watching this latest installment I truly felt for Mahmood’s character. He may be a dimwit but no one should have to go through what he is going through. The fact that his own daughter is putting him through so much distress makes him even more pitiable. Mina’s unfeeling attitude towards her father in particular has made her character completely evil. She is blindly out to take revenge without taking into consideration what effect it is having on others.

Shaheen continued to harass Mahmood in this episode too. Atiqa like always tried her best to make Mahmood open up to her and he finally did share something with her even though it was an indirect reference. One thing is for sure that there is no rescuing the story of this play now because it has completely gone haywire but I must say that the acting stayed top notch in this episode too and the direction was very good as well. What a waste of talent!


Alina’s confusion after watching Shaheen and her father together was portrayed nicely. Momal Sheikh’s acting is much better in this play as compared to some other plays that she has worked in.

Asma’s resignation came out of nowhere and once again Asad seemed more desperate than anything else. There was even more plotting and planning in this episode as well. Shaheen and Mina could easily pass for bullies who will do anything to ensure things go their way. They have trouble written all over them.


This episode was strictly okay. Honestly speaking, I am gradually losing interest in the play. I feel like I have been watching Shaheen and Mina scheming for way too long although the play has 13 episodes to its credit till now. Sanam Saeed is brilliant no doubt but the story is going around in circles. Something drastic happens and then there is calm before yet another storm. Having said that, I must say that sadly some of the plays on Hum TV in this season are flawed in so many ways that there are still aspects of Kadurat that can be appreciated. If the story was taken to another direction, this could have been a very powerful play.


I think Hum TV’s production values and picture quality is unmatchable and I hope that the channel will give us some unforgettable plays in the coming future too like it has in the past. I must say that the preview of the next episode did not appeal to me at all because the way things have been going this new development will lead to a dead end too. I am quite sure that there are many other people who are watching this show in fast forward mode out of sheer curiosity or of course for the love of Sanam Saeed because she really is the star of the show. I can still remember the excitement with which I looked forward to the show in the beginning because I was so hopeful that the newness of the story and the treatment given to it will give us something extraordinary but unfortunately that is not the case anymore.


Fatima Awan