Kadurat Episode 13 – Even More Plotting and Planning!

I must admit that after watching this latest installment I truly felt for Mahmood’s character. He may be a dimwit but no one should have to go through what he is going through. The fact that his own daughter is putting him through so much distress makes him even more pitiable. Mina’s unfeeling attitude towards her father in particular has made her character completely evil. She is blindly out to take revenge without taking into consideration what effect it is having on others.

Shaheen continued to harass Mahmood in this episode too. Atiqa like always tried her best to make Mahmood open up to her and he finally did share something with her even though it was an indirect reference. One thing is for sure that there is no rescuing the story of this play now because it has completely gone haywire but I must say that the acting stayed top notch in this episode too and the direction was very good as well. What a waste of talent!


Alina’s confusion after watching Shaheen and her father together was portrayed nicely. Momal Sheikh’s acting is much better in this play as compared to some other plays that she has worked in.

Asma’s resignation came out of nowhere and once again Asad seemed more desperate than anything else. There was even more plotting and planning in this episode as well. Shaheen and Mina could easily pass for bullies who will do anything to ensure things go their way. They have trouble written all over them.


This episode was strictly okay. Honestly speaking, I am gradually losing interest in the play. I feel like I have been watching Shaheen and Mina scheming for way too long although the play has 13 episodes to its credit till now. Sanam Saeed is brilliant no doubt but the story is going around in circles. Something drastic happens and then there is calm before yet another storm. Having said that, I must say that sadly some of the plays on Hum TV in this season are flawed in so many ways that there are still aspects of Kadurat that can be appreciated. If the story was taken to another direction, this could have been a very powerful play.


I think Hum TV’s production values and picture quality is unmatchable and I hope that the channel will give us some unforgettable plays in the coming future too like it has in the past. I must say that the preview of the next episode did not appeal to me at all because the way things have been going this new development will lead to a dead end too. I am quite sure that there are many other people who are watching this show in fast forward mode out of sheer curiosity or of course for the love of Sanam Saeed because she really is the star of the show. I can still remember the excitement with which I looked forward to the show in the beginning because I was so hopeful that the newness of the story and the treatment given to it will give us something extraordinary but unfortunately that is not the case anymore.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • My mother’s verdict on this drama is ‘kya betukka drama hai’ followed by ‘fazool’ lol. & I personally think that there’s nothing left in this drama anymore. I really have to commend the writer’s single evil mind to conceive two evil minded characters in the form of Mina & Shaheen. As a matter of fact one does feel relieved when they pen down their inner frustrations on the paper so I’m hoping the writer found an ounce of peace after blurting all the negativity out on us through a piece of paper for which I ain’t forgiving her. Out of the whole episode I guess I must’ve seen only half of it that too with no such interest because there’s nothing to be seen except Alina’s ‘masoomiyat’ & Mina’s ‘zalalat’!

    I have always been a HUGE fan of Hum plays but the current lot is a major time flop. Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai, Rishte Kuch Adhoore Se, Khoya Khoya Chaand & even Kadurat are just utter non-sense on the screen these days. One lacks the story & the other has no direction, one is typical & other is predictable. The only top-notch star-studded drama in terms of production is Kadurat but as you rightly said it is a waste of everything from talent to the resources too. Can anyone tell when will our Wednesdays be free of such a senseless story? What has happened to Hum Tv? Halki Si Khalish looks really seen-before which I do watch but not like a fan to actually remember the day & time it airs on. Aseerzaadi out of all is good!

    • I’d say UBFN is the only show worth watching. Rest is all crap, totally crap. Aseerzadi isn’t going to hold the audience’s interest either. The only attraction is Saania Saeed.

      • Oh Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi was something that didn’t even come to my mind which shows that it ain’t tolerable for my taste. I can’t watch those faces, I don’t know why! :/
        Aseerzadi may come to a standstill after a while but for now the newly wedded couple is pleasant to see & they are showing something new for sure. :)

        • Aaaahhh you’ve missed a masterpiece. I say so because it has the most powerful and amazing performances I’ve seen in decades and I’m kind of disappointed no one wrote a review on that :(
          And I agree, Ainy Jafri and Noor Hasan are indeed pleasant to the eyes :) even Fatima is cute despite all the hate and negativity :P

          • No doubt I loveeee the direction, the feel & the direction of photography of this drama absolutely. I feel they have portrayed the emotions of each & every scene perfectly by also relying on the ambiance & lightings too. It is for sure a work of a professional & it shows. :)

    • Zahra, your mother’s remarks are always fun to read – keep them coming:) You are right, that is exactly what I was thinking too that some plays are lacking story wise and others are badly directed. There is hardly a play that makes you stand up and take notice. I have not been watching AZ because I get my weekly dose of Sania Saeed watching Numm. Other than that all the other plays you mentioned are a waste of star power as well. I feel for these stars too, they give their best and its almost like they have nothing better to choose from. Kankar has to be the only play with a quality script, good direction and wonderful portrayals. Yes, I am following Halki Si Khalish too primarily because of Raania and Javed Sheikh’s character. I am not much interested in Mehreen Raheal and Shehzad Sheikh’s track. Mehreen’s acting gets too filmy at times.

      • Hehe you know why I have punjabi humour? That’s because of my mother lol. I love her side commentary when we’re watching a drama & she hates Kadurat LOL!

        I agree, all the dramas are just below the belt & seems like Hum has dropped their standard & quality. Halki Si Khalish has some typical characters but I don’t know it has this feel which I can & want to see. I’m not a fan of Mehreen Raheel ever since but find her tolerable in this one may be because she ain’t playing a spoiled brat in this one.

        Oh & yes for now Kankar beats all the records of perfection in comparison to the current lot on-air these days. Can’t wait for the next episode tomorrow. :)

  • I agree Fatima! Lately, Hum TV is churning out flop after flop. I don’t get what’s going on. I never found Kadoorat interesting- the story of revenge tends to get exaggerated to the point it becomes hard to believe. Yes, Meena has had a tough life but enough already! She couldn’t stand her step-mom and her kids- believable. But her father abandoned his own flesh and blood and gave preference to his wife’s children and raises them as his own? I find that absurd. Meena comes back seeking revenge- fine. But she makes her father’s life miserable by insinuating he has raped her best friend??? Seriously! She drags him out and makes him get married to her best friend and then doesn’t blow the cover? So what, exactly, was the point of the marriage?

    • There was no point seriously. Our writers have started watching too much of starplus I guess. Pointless senseless evil plots that’s all they can think of!

    • Kanwal, they will drag it till the end and then blow the cover since it is the big bad secret! Honestly speaking, I am also waiting to find out how cooler than an ice cube Atiqa will respond to this news since she does not react to anything! I don’t like the way everything is leading to the same scenario, now they are going to ‘frame’ Alina! How original!

      • How on earth will they try to justify that Daniyal ends up breaking his engagement with Alina over those ridiculous photos???

  • I completely disagree, this episode was one if the okay ones but still I love kadurat, the more I watch the more I love. I can understand that some people may not think it is proper, but nowadays people do worse things than this next to your home and you’re judging a drama that is by far one of the most well directed and with the best acting. Also why didn’t you mention Adnan? I think he may have an upcoming role in Kadurat so we may see more of him based on the hints. Another thing I noticed Fatima was that for this review you kind of lowered your standards. Usually your reviews are stellar, but this one not so much. Please keep watching Kadurat!!!

    • I am glad you are enjoying the show:) I guess the reviews are reflective of the kind of impact a certain drama has on me. The only drama which I truly look forward to nowadays and the one which is very close to my heart is Kankar. Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion.

  • I totally agree with the review, I’m watching this drama just because of Sanam Saeed.. her acting is fabulous and expressions are just perfect otherwise story is too boring

  • Hi fatima! I totally agree with u on this point that kadurat has now been removed from my “must watch” list. I mean…in the beginning ..I felt that this play would soon go ahead and beat the previous ones bur now I even dont hav any enthusiasm on Wednesdays 8 pm…..the storyy is just moving like a pendulum here and there….nobody knows how will mehmood cope with the situation…..on the othr hand asad has his own issues……aleena is preparing for her owm marriage though I cant understand when is the marriage and are her parents preparing or not……atiqa is also thinking day and night instead of going directly to the point infront of mehmood……..meena and shaheen are on the same track……no proper involvement of all the characters…….one thing new noticed is that …I hav a geeling that some time or other shaheen is sure to deceive meena …… maybe she will join her cousins and both will prove harmful for meena……….this is just an assumption drived from the looks of shaheen and her cousin in the car……

    • Purple Gem, I also feel that Shaheen will deceive Mina. In fact I can’t help but wonder why she is still helping Mina because she has achieved her objective. People like her are never honest with anyone. I hate Alina and daniyal’s romance scenes; nothing about them comes across as cute.

  • The media is becoming increasingly irresponsible> What message is this play giving to our audience?

    • Some families have certain attention seeking individuals, often negative due to abrupt change in loyalties in their past that make them troublesome. At this stage this drama seems to be showing only the the troublemakers’ thriumph after one failed attempt, what it ought to be showing later is how well the family can positively handle the situation. From my personal experiences thrôugh these dramas I have learned a lot about the psychology of such individuals and about how to positively nd tactfully defend from their negative moves. Otherwise I was a lame duck . Hence the media is more likely making us more responsible in our reltionships

  • I m loosing my interest in kadurat too …. :/ Feeling sorry for Mahmood !! Mina has gone very far for the sake of revenge ! She didnot even think once that what will happen if everyone get to know the reality.. n how her father will feel when he will know about all the plotting !! Mina wanted to take revenge from atika …. she shouldn’t be taking that this way !!
    Hum tv has really disappointed us this time…. dramas are loosing their charm :/ Still remember the blockbusters like humsafar, dastaan, durre shehwar… missing that time… !! Btw fatima are you watching aik kasak reh gaye,,, waiting for its reviews :)
    All the best !! (Y)

    • Silver Eyes, I remember you still had hope for this play when we all thought it was headed towards disaster – it really is sad and disappointing. And it is also a waste of a perfect plot! I am watching EKRG but God the overall feel of the play has A&B written all over it! The background score is so depressing. The story is interesting but the picture quality and the constant depressing cum annoying background music coupled with the slow pace is slowly making me lose interest. I am watching it for SS and Mikaal only, otherwise I would have stopped watching after the second episode. It should get interesting from now on, here is to hoping! Someone commented under the drama video “Is shadi ko bachana ke liye aik gurday ki qurbani deni pare gi”. That was hilarious haha

      • yes storyline of EKRG is good, but its production value, lighting, makeup, sanam looks aged even her younger sister in drama looks more aged there is no freshness on the faces. Hina Bayat looks dull instead of graceful. No production house can beat HUM TV or MD productions in production quality, but current quartet of HUM TV is really suffering with dramas based on some wayward ideas.

      • lol @ “Is shadi ko bachana ke liye aik gurday ki qurbani deni pare gi” :D :D well i agree it is sort of depressing… i m also watching it for sanam :D i am exactly thinking the same about this drama as u have written…. hamari soch kitni milti hai Fatima :p :D

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