Annoying Things About Facebook Pages

Like many other people out there, I find facebook very useful for many reasons. One of the reasons is that different dramas pages keep me posted about what our celebrities are up to, which dramas to look forward to and much more. But there are some things that I find annoying about some such pages. Here is a list of those things…..

1. Posting pictures of celebrities with their wives and then asking people if they look good together. There is nothing wrong with doing this but most often it is because the celebrity figure is well loved while the spouse may not appeal to the public……something that the admin who posted the picture already knows and that is the very reason that they post it. This happens a lot especially with Fawad Khan. I have seen that people can be very cruel towards this couple. They are always saying mean things. Why do these people forget that the celebrity may be “public property” because they derive their strength from the public and because they chose to opt for such a profession but dragging their families in is very immoral. Imagine how the wives and husbands must feel when they read such comments, why do we forget that these people we see in the pictures are living and breathing humans and not just pictures on a facebook page.

2. If an on screen couple is a hit, admins very often compare the on screen couple with the real life one. I have seen pictures on pages where we see Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan on one side and Fawad Khan and Sadaf Khan (his real wife) on the other and the admin will be asking people which couple do they like more! That is height of insensitivity; Mahira Khan is married and so is Fawad Khan, they are not a real life couple. Such posts obviously are only meant to get the attention of the public or the admins derive sadistic pleasure out of comments that bash people’s wives and husbands.


3. There are many pages which give attention grabbing punch lines and then make people click on the link that follows. When you click on the link , there is nothing new or attention grabbing in it. Such tactics can only work a few times after that people get annoyed and they stop clicking links on such pages.

4. Some pages focus on negative things only. The admins go out of their way to find “controversial” pictures of celebrities and keep an eye out for any mistakes by them and leave no stone unturned to question their values. I am in favor of keeping a check on the media but these celebrities have a personal life too which is their own personal matter. A drama critic should focus on the good and the bad and not concentrate on nit picking. I have actually unliked many such pages because they are really very annoying.

Do you use facebook? Have you liked many showbiz/dramas pages as well? Is there anything about these pages that you find annoying? Do you think that the admins should think a little more before posting things? Do you think they need to be more responsible.

Ayesha Ahmed

  • People are just way to over with Fawad and Mahira.Yes no doubt,they had a wonderful chemistry but it was just a drama and it ended.That craze should have ended there.You know some people even enjoy making fun of celebrities.For example Aamina Shaikh.People call her names just because of her color.That’s racism.Allah made all of us and we should not judge someone just by their color.Just for a bunch of likes,admins will do the unspeakable things.Like if you think,share if you love your mom! Oh come on,our love is not dependent on likes and shares! Every admin needs to read this article to think what they’re doing!

    • I totally agree! No doubt Fawad and Mahira looked cute together in Humsafar but comparing them as a couple with their real-life partner is definitely not right! I don’t know why people don’t like Aaminah Sheikh but she’s one of the best actresses in my list (the other two in my list are Bushra Ansari and Samina Peerzada) because her acting is so natural that it feels like the scene is actually happening in real life and I think she’s gorgeous! Facebook page admins really are very annoying! For me, #3 is the most annoying thing.

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