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MKPYH Episode 09 – Bari Nazuk Surat-e-Haal Hai!

So, before I proceed it is my obligation to admit that I laughed a lot during the whole episode, just love the humor of the director & everything about the story. I wish I could have enjoyed the episode a bit more because during the course of it, I was busy making pointers for the review & couldn’t stop thinking about the interesting comments that will follow. But please bear with me for a longest review ever as I don’t want to miss a single thing out because it’s my time of glory. :)

This episode was a total FAIL & reminded me of the old Urdu proverb which we have modified a little & that goes like ‘khoda pahar, nikla chuha…wo bhi mara hua’. I must say the to’s & fro’s were as always difficult to follow & we were helping to make each other understand what was going on as a flashback & was was shown as a present. The very first fail was Areeba & Arham’s conversation, but for a change it felt good to hear Areeba said ‘mujhe app par yakeen hai’, & Arham for the first time used the word ‘Aitbaar’ in stead of ‘Yakeen’ , which made me think that our rants have paid off & we have taught the dialogue writer some substitutes for the word ‘Yakeen’.

The second fail was when Arham went into a flashback after Areeba agreed to listen to his story – they were seen in their bedroom but after they came to the present & were still conversing, they were sitting in a garden with a complete change of dresses (& I’m relying on my fellow viewers Amna Salam & Views on MKPYH for exact details of the dresses). I believe if you start a conversation you end it right there or given the history, Arham was about to tell his wife the biggest secret that ruined his life but still in the middle of such an intense conversation they both managed to change their dresses & location – may be they were suffocated in a room & felt like breathing a fresh air while talking about such a heart-burdening secret?

In the past I found Shakeel’s character completely irrational (not that he has changed in the present). He gave lectures to his wife & degraded her saying she must be happy that Arham changed the way he looked. He was raving about the wrong decision he made by shaving his beard but that seemed completely out of question because IF Shakeel Sahab was such a staunch Muslim, he wouldn’t approve his wife’s haircut & his daughter’s ‘be-pardagi’ (I am just raising my opinions on the characters & I don’t intend any disrespect to the actors). Shakeel thought that the whole Islam revolved around Arham’s beard & as if when he shaved it, he shaved the morality he was taught. I would’ve loved Shakeel Uncle’s verdicts a bit more if we were shown that every family member had some modesty, but seems like Shakeel sahab were satisfied that 1 out of the family of 5 was doing things right.

Arham swooped in to talk his father out of the prejudice he had against Arham but I felt that these two conversations were shown way too late. It should’ve been shown ages before especially when Arham actually changed himself. Ohkay, Arham claims that it was HIS decision & he wants to live his life sticking to his decisions. But I am sorry Arham, when was that your decision? When did you EVER make your decisions? Wasn’t it Narmeen who convinced you for it? & yeah, after shaving your beard you learnt shouting at your parents which highly spoke of how Islamic you were! LOL!

Now coming to the ‘gunnah’ which Shakeel claimed to have witnessed himself. I am sorry but that was the third fail of the episode. The scene had absolutely NO grip & left me laughing like hyenas. That scene had so many sub-fails that I won’t be able to number them as I’ll run out of my maths vocab. Narmeen is shown to be staying at their place especially after her return from UK, so after all the chaos she moves to her mother’s place? What was the need of staying at her Pupho’s when she had a place of her own too in the first place? Ohkay even when her Pupho agreed to keep Narmeen at her house, couldn’t she give her a single room out of so many that she has, for which Narmeen had to sleep on a sofa? The way Narmeen got up from the sofa was the funniest, Pupho couldn’t afford a quilt for her bahu-to-be & that makes me wonder how did they afford such a huge mansion? Anyways. The girl who was shown as a culprit was their maid’s daughter & Narmeen actually asks ‘tum kaun ho?’, if she was a maid’s daughter, wouldn’t Narmeen had seen her before. Out of NO WHERE her mother comes yelling her lungs out to the point where she damaged my hearing, but where did she come from? What was she doing on the 1st floor? Ohkay, her beti must’ve sleep-walked in Arham’s room but aren’t maids supposed to stay in their servant quarters which are for sure NEVER on the 1st floor? Sarah’s verdict & assumption was the hideous thing I heard. She started off with false accusations that the maid ki beti slept in her room & later must’ve gone to Arham’s? I mean c’mon can anyone tell me WHY would a maid ki beti sleep in Sarah’s room in the first place…FAIL # 4!

Maid’s beti changed 2 statements…First one was ‘meinne kuch nahi kiya’, the second one was ‘Narmeen ne bheja’ & it was such a shocker that no one actually heard what she said because by that time Sarah swooped in with her – 0 IQ & thought she made a winner judgement. When everyone knew Arham had some inclination towards ‘deen’ then how did they ignore the girl’s confession? This whole chaos started off during the time of Fajr but the maid got the medical reports (sick) & some Faarigh NGO workers in a jiffy? I am wondering did the business commencing hours in Pakistan shift from 8AM to 5AM? That was quick & easy, haan? Fail #….? Ah! Forget it. & what’s with the medical reports asked about these days? Mehmood in Kadurat wanted Shaheen’s medical reports & here maid herself bought her beti’s medical reports. Chee!

During those chaotic moments, I didn’t help but notice Arham’s formal shoes. I mean who wears those during Fajr time or may be he sleeps while wearing those, just like SRK did in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Narmeen still had the guts to look into Shakeel’s eyes & say things on his face & when such a huge thing happens, the whole family sticks together but how did Narmeen manage to have a one-on-one conversation with Shakeel? Sorry but that calls for another fail. Later, when Narmeen’s crying she has a change of dress with matching bangles. A girl who sleeps on a sofa in her Pupho’s home still had some storage & then the time for her matching accessories to be worn at such a time? Fail again.

Samina calls Narmeen’s mother at her home asking if she ate something while a few moments ago she took a tray & walked out of Arham’s room. Aunty khana hi chorh detin bete k liye! LOL! I don’t know but the whole direction & the dialogues were below the belt. Nothing worked to make the episode work. Nothing was in a sequence it should’ve been & nothing was right & no dialogue or situation matched the other.

I must’ve felt for Arham a lot more if the whole episode had been right, he was crying & we were wondering ‘aisa hua kya hai?’  because there was no weight in the situations before. But if we forget Arham & his formal Fajr time shoes, I will definitely commend Ahsan Khan for his acting. Even when his mother doesn’t give him food, he still has a stamina to shout. & in the end, I think they were shown rich enough to afford security guards to protect their home & the family so why did the peace loving, bearded man – Arham had a gun? Sorry, but it doesn’t make sense to me but why am I even trying to make some?

So, this is what we were waiting for & it feels like there wasn’t anything to begin with for the whole team. I think everything in this drama was left on spur of a moments & whoever suggested whatever, that was materialized to make this drama. Really & utterly disappointed at the fail of a direction but definitely going to watch because I love to laugh. :)

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.