MKPYH Episode 09 – Bari Nazuk Surat-e-Haal Hai!

So, before I proceed it is my obligation to admit that I laughed a lot during the whole episode, just love the humor of the director & everything about the story. I wish I could have enjoyed the episode a bit more because during the course of it, I was busy making pointers for the review & couldn’t stop thinking about the interesting comments that will follow. But please bear with me for a longest review ever as I don’t want to miss a single thing out because it’s my time of glory. :)

This episode was a total FAIL & reminded me of the old Urdu proverb which we have modified a little & that goes like ‘khoda pahar, nikla chuha…wo bhi mara hua’. I must say the to’s & fro’s were as always difficult to follow & we were helping to make each other understand what was going on as a flashback & was was shown as a present. The very first fail was Areeba & Arham’s conversation, but for a change it felt good to hear Areeba said ‘mujhe app par yakeen hai’, & Arham for the first time used the word ‘Aitbaar’ in stead of ‘Yakeen’ , which made me think that our rants have paid off & we have taught the dialogue writer some substitutes for the word ‘Yakeen’.

The second fail was when Arham went into a flashback after Areeba agreed to listen to his story – they were seen in their bedroom but after they came to the present & were still conversing, they were sitting in a garden with a complete change of dresses (& I’m relying on my fellow viewers Amna Salam & Views on MKPYH for exact details of the dresses). I believe if you start a conversation you end it right there or given the history, Arham was about to tell his wife the biggest secret that ruined his life but still in the middle of such an intense conversation they both managed to change their dresses & location – may be they were suffocated in a room & felt like breathing a fresh air while talking about such a heart-burdening secret?

In the past I found Shakeel’s character completely irrational (not that he has changed in the present). He gave lectures to his wife & degraded her saying she must be happy that Arham changed the way he looked. He was raving about the wrong decision he made by shaving his beard but that seemed completely out of question because IF Shakeel Sahab was such a staunch Muslim, he wouldn’t approve his wife’s haircut & his daughter’s ‘be-pardagi’ (I am just raising my opinions on the characters & I don’t intend any disrespect to the actors). Shakeel thought that the whole Islam revolved around Arham’s beard & as if when he shaved it, he shaved the morality he was taught. I would’ve loved Shakeel Uncle’s verdicts a bit more if we were shown that every family member had some modesty, but seems like Shakeel sahab were satisfied that 1 out of the family of 5 was doing things right.

Arham swooped in to talk his father out of the prejudice he had against Arham but I felt that these two conversations were shown way too late. It should’ve been shown ages before especially when Arham actually changed himself. Ohkay, Arham claims that it was HIS decision & he wants to live his life sticking to his decisions. But I am sorry Arham, when was that your decision? When did you EVER make your decisions? Wasn’t it Narmeen who convinced you for it? & yeah, after shaving your beard you learnt shouting at your parents which highly spoke of how Islamic you were! LOL!

Now coming to the ‘gunnah’ which Shakeel claimed to have witnessed himself. I am sorry but that was the third fail of the episode. The scene had absolutely NO grip & left me laughing like hyenas. That scene had so many sub-fails that I won’t be able to number them as I’ll run out of my maths vocab. Narmeen is shown to be staying at their place especially after her return from UK, so after all the chaos she moves to her mother’s place? What was the need of staying at her Pupho’s when she had a place of her own too in the first place? Ohkay even when her Pupho agreed to keep Narmeen at her house, couldn’t she give her a single room out of so many that she has, for which Narmeen had to sleep on a sofa? The way Narmeen got up from the sofa was the funniest, Pupho couldn’t afford a quilt for her bahu-to-be & that makes me wonder how did they afford such a huge mansion? Anyways. The girl who was shown as a culprit was their maid’s daughter & Narmeen actually asks ‘tum kaun ho?’, if she was a maid’s daughter, wouldn’t Narmeen had seen her before. Out of NO WHERE her mother comes yelling her lungs out to the point where she damaged my hearing, but where did she come from? What was she doing on the 1st floor? Ohkay, her beti must’ve sleep-walked in Arham’s room but aren’t maids supposed to stay in their servant quarters which are for sure NEVER on the 1st floor? Sarah’s verdict & assumption was the hideous thing I heard. She started off with false accusations that the maid ki beti slept in her room & later must’ve gone to Arham’s? I mean c’mon can anyone tell me WHY would a maid ki beti sleep in Sarah’s room in the first place…FAIL # 4!

Maid’s beti changed 2 statements…First one was ‘meinne kuch nahi kiya’, the second one was ‘Narmeen ne bheja’ & it was such a shocker that no one actually heard what she said because by that time Sarah swooped in with her – 0 IQ & thought she made a winner judgement. When everyone knew Arham had some inclination towards ‘deen’ then how did they ignore the girl’s confession? This whole chaos started off during the time of Fajr but the maid got the medical reports (sick) & some Faarigh NGO workers in a jiffy? I am wondering did the business commencing hours in Pakistan shift from 8AM to 5AM? That was quick & easy, haan? Fail #….? Ah! Forget it. & what’s with the medical reports asked about these days? Mehmood in Kadurat wanted Shaheen’s medical reports & here maid herself bought her beti’s medical reports. Chee!

During those chaotic moments, I didn’t help but notice Arham’s formal shoes. I mean who wears those during Fajr time or may be he sleeps while wearing those, just like SRK did in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Narmeen still had the guts to look into Shakeel’s eyes & say things on his face & when such a huge thing happens, the whole family sticks together but how did Narmeen manage to have a one-on-one conversation with Shakeel? Sorry but that calls for another fail. Later, when Narmeen’s crying she has a change of dress with matching bangles. A girl who sleeps on a sofa in her Pupho’s home still had some storage & then the time for her matching accessories to be worn at such a time? Fail again.

Samina calls Narmeen’s mother at her home asking if she ate something while a few moments ago she took a tray & walked out of Arham’s room. Aunty khana hi chorh detin bete k liye! LOL! I don’t know but the whole direction & the dialogues were below the belt. Nothing worked to make the episode work. Nothing was in a sequence it should’ve been & nothing was right & no dialogue or situation matched the other.

I must’ve felt for Arham a lot more if the whole episode had been right, he was crying & we were wondering ‘aisa hua kya hai?’  because there was no weight in the situations before. But if we forget Arham & his formal Fajr time shoes, I will definitely commend Ahsan Khan for his acting. Even when his mother doesn’t give him food, he still has a stamina to shout. & in the end, I think they were shown rich enough to afford security guards to protect their home & the family so why did the peace loving, bearded man – Arham had a gun? Sorry, but it doesn’t make sense to me but why am I even trying to make some?

So, this is what we were waiting for & it feels like there wasn’t anything to begin with for the whole team. I think everything in this drama was left on spur of a moments & whoever suggested whatever, that was materialized to make this drama. Really & utterly disappointed at the fail of a direction but definitely going to watch because I love to laugh. :)

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Zahra Mirza.


Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • I can’t believe how disappointed I was in this episode… I was dying to see it and finally find out what the incident was. But the back and forth was so choppy, I was confused for a moment what was going on. And it turned out to be so anti-climactic. Awful. And like how you noticed Arham’s formal shoes, I was thinking the same about Shaiq when he came out lol, I thought who wears dress shoes just went they get up?! At least Sara was realistic and was wearing flip flops. And why couldn’t the maid ki beti speak up herself and say nothing happened??? She was able to speak up enough to say Narmeen sent her to Arham’s room (and like you mentioned, why would she be sleeping in any of their rooms?!) Aghh! So many frustrating points. I hope the serial picks up now and shows the redemption of Arham and the downfall of Narmeen.

    • LOL! Was Shahiq even there? LOL! An eldest sibling but still he has NO say in whatsoever was going on in the house. He just came to show his face with gelled back hair at 5AM in the morning & where did he go, I failed to notice!

      Sarah did look casually & rightly dressed given the time but her thick black kohl’ed eyes didn’t do justice even. Naukrani’s Kal-muhi did retaliate but later when the reports were shown she stood there numb. What was going on, No one can tell!

  • Hilarious review :D I’m really amazed how you turned which should have been the most talked about episode of the year,into a joy of laughters.So many flaws.At least the director should have directed this episode into his best one.It felt like the scenes were totally mis-joined like a wrong puzzle.For once i thought they might have accidentally played the second half because of Narmeen talking with Arham about that incident.And God,Arham should have shooted that Zainab naukrani for such over acting.And that woman was even Disappoiting.She seemed like Damn,when is this scene getting over?! Couldn’t Arham at least tell that he was sleeping that time when she came out of his room.And believe me,i’ve been noticing those dress shoes since the drama began.The one in charge of shoes might have gotten them on sale.Servis-shoes for everyone and every scene! I think their house is more like a guest house.Anyone can come and live with them with no relation necessary.First Narmeen,then Areeba,i wonder who’s next.I agree that Momal is suppposed to be a very,extremely good person but all those over-the-top dialogues were really necessary? Sacchai ki hamesha jeet hoti hai.It reminded me of Hatim,an indian TV show for kids.I really don’t know what is going to happen next,in the upcoming episodes.It’s the 9th one only and i don’t know what will they be doing for the rest ones.I think you should save your time and probably write an overview after a few episodes.It is going to be Narmeen VS Areeba,that i can guarantee!!

    • LOL! Thank you. No no, it ain’t me who made it funny, it was the team that executed the episode so perfect to fit our humorous side. That Maid’s beti looked like she was actually laughing when she was getting a beating from her mother. LOL, that wawela machanay wala duo looked anything but serious.

      I know the dialogues were just so poor & especially when Shakeel came with his pinching dialogues to his wife ‘tum to bohat khush hogi, tum to bohat khush hogi’, it was completely unnecessary….

      Even I want to see how Areeba will avenge Arham from Narmeen. That MIGHT be interesting to see.

  • An episode which should have actually meant to be engaging,gripping and emotional turned out to be the funniest one so far #direction fail.
    The storytelling started very bad.Why was shakeel having an angry fit out of the blue?Anyone have any idea or was that shakeels reaction to Arhams recent transformation?

    Scene 2 and 3 were misfitting.Scene 3 (arhams call to Narmeen regarding sleeping peacefully ..) gave the impression,Arham had misbehaved with Narmeen and may be alcohol was involved too.Unveiling the stories should be transparent to viewers,but this one just left the viewer more puzzled #direction fail.Did anyone actually understood how the maids daughter entered Arhams room? Talking of maid,the maid and her daughter ruined an otherwise well acted scene with their OTT acting.

    I believe the medical report,NGO staff aswell as the maid and her daughter were all paid by Narmeen.In the heat of the moment the family members must have failed to noticed the availability of the report early in the morning. And neither is the medical report a proof of Arham being the culprit,as he should have been examined too.

    Cant resist to mention but the dim lights in the living room enhanced the beauty of the mansion and the director chose the perfect location for the scenario.And thats the only positive of this episode.Even Ahsan Khans brilliant acting of meltdown didnt make the viewer have complete symphaty with Arham.However felt sorry for Ahsans energy getting wasted.The crying/feel was overshadowed by the mixture of echo,music and cringe dialouge (meri maa,mera baap….).This scene should have been directed similar to when Areeba caught him crying for the first time alone in his room whilst writing in diary.

    I agree with zahra,there was no need for Arham and Areeba to change location and outfit whilst he was revealing his story.Now that it happened atleast Areeba should have worn the garden outfit at the start of the conversation. She was looking more fresh in that rather than in the awful apricot dress with the greasy hair.Narmeen too should have remained in her first outfit throughout the entire “faithful” night.Narmeen changes too many red outfits from one scene to another,which is difficult to follow.Sara should have opted for natural lip colour,the shiny lipgloss at 5am didnt go with the scene.

    The drama is so full of flaws thats its almost good LOL.

    • I agree & like I said, it was too late to show Shakeel’s frustration over Arham’s decision & later Arham/Narmeen’s phone call & Arham’s convincing debate that he laid in front of his parents…everything was timed wrongly.

      Even if Narmeen had paid the NGO workers & pre-printed the medical reports, why didn’t anyone bother to at least question their availability at such an odd time? I don’t know how can they ignore such details & end up looking like unprofessionals with no experience in the drama-making.

      I agree, the whole episode was so full of flaws that even when Arham broke down, we had no choice but to laugh at him because the whole episode was just so non-serious that to see him getting so serious by the end of it looked absolutely unnecessary.

  • I couldn’t tolerate this play so after watching 2,3 episodes I am relying on Zahra’s reviews. And I am sure, not missing anything. I really don’t like the acting of this girl Areeba…and of course no need to say anything about play…It seems like play of 1913… top flop

    • LOL! You’re saving yourself from the torture but if you sight the mood to laugh like anything…you’re for sure missing out something BIG, trust me. ;)

      Yeah! I was never a fan of Momal Sheikh (Areeba), never found her acting convincing & thought she wasn’t even fit for the side-roles that she does & I thank her for NOT proving me wrong. ;)

      • I lost count of the number of fails in this episode! It was just painful to watch the randomness. It’s almost like nobody knows who’s calling the shots and the actors are doing whatever it is they think they are supposed to be doing! What an utter waste!

        • Even I just can’t imagine that such an aged director can be so unprofessional. Saw one of Hum’s transmission dedicated for the introduction of this hideous drama & saw the director there. Couldn’t even imagine how poor technically he must be that too after directing so many plays before. He’s just as good as a novice or may be newbies don’t commit such mistakes which this director has committed, may be he over-estimated his abilities thinking of the experience he has, but FAILED because these old-school least-bothered-about techniques don’t work in this age.

  • I stopped watching this idiotic drama few weeks ago! It seemed like “Mera Yaqeen” in terms of dialogues with the repitition of “yaqeen, yaqeen” By the way Zahra, I have a humble request for you, Can you or Fatima write an overview of “Sheher e Yaaran”? It’s quite different from ordinary soap serials & the story is a bit unique too. Moreover the lead pair is doing a good job & the direction and the screen play are very nice too. I think that may be you should give it a try.

    • LOL! You’re wise Hamnah. :)
      Aw thanks for even considering that I can do that job. :) Yes, I did hear some nice reviews about it from my mother. I will see if I can do it but right now I’m at my limit which is 3 drama reviews per week. :D May be when Aunn Zara ends, I will take it. :)

      • yes, I can understand Zehra, that’s why I wrote “overview” not review. I can understand how difficult it is to review a drama & difficulty increases if it’s a soap that’s why I’m requesting you to write it like an article. I just feel that this drama is being underrated because of the channel & the way it’s being presented i.e. as a soap. Please do watch it & tell me your response whenever you can. :)

        • Awe! Yes sure, Insha Allah once I’m free after Eid I will dedicate a day or two to it & will post an overview because it did catch my attention when I heard the story. :D

          • Thank you so much! :D yeah, the story is very unpredictable & this is why I’m watching it. For now, it has something new to offer.

  • Zahra, your review and comments are better than the drama. Keep them rolling weekly. Iam having a great time laughing!!!!!!!!.

    • Thank you Nuzhat I take pride in making it at least bearable for the audience. Haha! ;)

  • Salam. I agree with all flaws of the drama and everything, but one of the weirdest thing I find in almost all dramas is, when a son does something bad, the husband blames the wife: ‘tumhara beta hai’ and when he does something honourable and good he becomes ‘mera beta’ as well? How awkward! :)

  • agreed…. episode was funny…but according to my perception…with all the flaws in the serial,theres one lady who still is doing her best n that is aisha khan….she looks the best n acts well too….though its hard to accept her in a negative role but she still is doing her part well…according to me inlaws attitude towards the elder bahu is unjust…areeba even b4 her marriage to arham was preferred over narmeen…arham is yet not proved innocent but all the sympathies of the family r wd him rather thn wd narmeen…even shaiq never fofgets to talk ill of hs wife infront of his family specially his brother….

    • Thank you Kiran for your say. This was something that I mentioned in may be the first or the second review that I am looking forward to Aisha Khan in a negative role & I agree that even though she is doing her best in fact all the actors on their own are doing great but as a whole it isn’t paying off, it just isn’t & for that reason no actor has been able to make a mark because of a faulty direction.

      I’d agree to disagree that Narmeen’s in-laws are unjust towards her in comparison to Areeba. We mustn’t forget that Narmeen was the one who at first changed Arham which agitated Shakeel against her, then she spoiled Arham’s reputation agitating each & every member of the family. Shahiq is putting up a lot with Narmeen & I feel he never said ill about her, he always just stopped her from going over-board wherever Arham was involved. & then he was seen making others understand her mind-set & always was patient with her even when Narmeen insulted him every now & then in front of the whole family.

      I know everyone has an opinion but in general I don’t have any sympathy with Narmeen because she stirred trouble for no reason. She had no right to first commit to Arham & change her mind – ohkay, even if she changed her mind she had no right to walk out of that relation in such a way which she chose. She could’ve easily told Arham that she likes Shahiq better. :)

      & as compared to Narmeen, Areeba is definitely a better bahu because she accepted Arham even when he was at his worst behavior. She was insulted by him like a million times but still saw that soft-hearted person in him whereas Narmeen forgot everything Arham did for her, how he treated her & just chose to ruin his & his family’s life.

    • Well in our culture the daughter-in-law first has to make a place in the family members heart.Only than she earns respect from her in-laws.And although Areeba was liked by the family members before her marriage to Arham,he pointed out to her that she still has to make a mark in the family. No extra brownies for either daughter-in-laws wether good or bad

  • i totally agree with u…… it was very disappointing…… and few things i didnt notice like shoes of arham lolllzzzzzz….. it was really a stupid episode

    • Thank you. Please make sure to notice changing dresses, bangles, hairstyles & shoes…that’s some tips they’re giving us that despite the deep pit we’re in & irrespective of the time of the day, we should always look good. ;)

      • always looking good sounds nice.Could someone convey this message to Areeba immidiately :P.

        • If Areeba’s listening, I am willing to give her all the tips…seriously ALL of ’em to make her a tinsy bit better!!!

    • No Sana, I am just a regular reviewer. The admin is Shozib & yes he is doing a great job & on his behalf I thank you for your appreciation. :)

  • ohk i give up…buss ab aur torture nahi ho skti jst bcz i love Aisha Khan….infact aap se guzarish hai ek new drama start ho raha hai “shukk” starring Aisha, Adeel, Sanam Saeed and Jibran…..aapne promos dekhe honge na….to MKPYH ko chor ker i think uss drama ko try kerna saturday start ho raha hai…..BTW aapka review 100 times better hai khud drama se…….atleast hum hans toh sakte hain isko parh ker…

    • Thank you so much Aiman. I think I’ve have over-dosage of Sanam Saeed so I am not interested to see her at all….:/ But lol, keep coming back for more in this thread as we’re gonna laugh till it ends.

  • The direction and script of this play is extremely shoddy.Yet its still in top 5 in tv rating.Some audience might regard this drama as flop but the ratings for this drama has been quite steady.

    Top pakistani drama of the week 7th october to 13th october
    1.Aasmanon pay likha
    3.Adhoori Aurat
    4.Aseer zadi
    5.Mujhe khuda pe yaqeen hai

    • Yeah because the viewers got carried away by looking at the star-cast, I mean it was the motivation for me to watch the show but the direction is disappointing & the way the project is handled is hideously unprofessional.

  • Well this is a typical drama of Barkat Sidiki, some typical symptoms of Barkat Sidiki dramas are
    heavy start cast
    lavishly decorated houses

    some scenic locations if abroad mostly its malaysia
    expensive cars
    expensive dressing, outfits and jewelry

    and normally all this cover the flaws in production and direction, but this time he is badly exposed, there are far too many loopholes in this drama, it looks more of a comedy drama than a serious one.

    • Yes, thank you for telling the fact & in my opinion these are the things which seem so unimportant. I think he & Fahim Burney are brothers because I saw two of Fahim Burney’s dramas on GEO when he was following the Indian trend with lavish Sarees & unrealistic hair up-dos because the story had no substance. Similarly, Barkat Siddique has relied on these resorts because he knew what he, technically speaking, was capable of.

      & I think you’ve missed the Genre tab in the beginning of the review. I have added SERIOUS COMEDY as the genre from last two episodes because it is unrealistic to the point where is it funny.

  • and the irony is that hum tv blog calls it ” The flashbacks coming from the past are absolutely an amazing pattern to depict the story that nicely and interestingly. As good as the story has been written, it has been directed even more well with the efforts of the entire team. -” and “Perfectly directed and presented in an amazing way”..

    Oh man! I’m going to faint for sure!
    Zahra ji ap nai to in reality “dhajiyan ura din” is drama ki! lol!!

    read it for your self. Page admins thought it “a much better review” so had the guts to put it up onto their page. I dont think your review will ever get a spot on that page until you optimistically say “Mujhey Khuda pai Yakeen Hai” and “best drama of the season”!!!!

    • Firstly, so glad to have you on this thread as I missed you & your comments, & yes, I’m winking!!!

      Secondly, I am wondering if Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai has two completely different versions? May be they show something else to the Pakistani viewers & we Middle Eastern viewers are being deceived by shown an unfinished/unedited/un-directed product?

      I am still wondering & scrolling through my memory to at least recall was that a perfect episode? I think I’d have to start eating almonds as my memory’s gone down the drain & I need to change the number of my specs ASAP because I miserably failed to see all those perfections that episode embodied! :(((

      I’m doomed but Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai k mujhe badaam milenge & mujhe acha optician bhi milega!!! :)))

      • Oh so nice to hear.. You see I didn’t catch the episode so I thought that it would be useless to comment anything.. But MKPYH is one of that dramas which forces you to do stuff!!

        Well, I’m from Pakistan and I assure we get the same one as yours. Maybe they have decided to only show the finished product to the “deserved ones”. Since hum nai un ki shaan mai koi karnama anjam nai diya so we clearly don’t classify in that category..

        I think what we need is to watch it again and again and again until our minds accepts that “Mujhey Is dramay pai Yakeen hai”.. And MKPYH kai this will work.. Or else Zubaida Apa kai totkay akhir kub kaam ain gai..

        Looking forward to your next review more than the drama.. lolzz..

        • LOOOOOOOOOOOLS! hahahaha! I love your humor. ;)

          I will Insha Allah post the review for this week’s episode but after 2 – 3 days. :D

          • I hope its better than Umer sharif’s .. lol!! No prob.. A drama like this needs a good reality check!!

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