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Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 07.

So once again we’re left to solve the riddles all by ourselves & trust me it’s getting tedious. I mean I don’t find myself handling the whole ‘Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai’ dialogue again & again & again along with the unsolved mystery. I feel we’d be pushed to such a point; when the real issue will be revealed, we’d not be bothered at all.

Narmeen’s getting evil day by day & whose more evil is her mother. I mean all this while, when she knows that Narmeen is mentally handicapped, still she goes around helping her transpiring more malicious schemes in her married life. I think Narmeen’s mother’s suggestion of filing a complaint against Arham to the police was way too much. She unnecessarily blew things out of proportion. Narmeen is not only bothering Arham but her own husband as well, whom she herself fell for. I think the whole family is way too lenient in handling Narmeen. Arham who keeps on yelling to the point where his vocal chords hurt still can not make his point clear & Narmeen, who being in a joint family ignorantly keeps on paying her ‘devar’ some meaningless visits. This just all look so unrealistic. I don’t think in a joint family (no matter how big the bungalow is) it is possible to just go to anyone’s room. Even if we take it as a drama, I feel somethings should be made real.

I find the to’s & fro’s from present to the past & vice versa a bit too confusing to follow. All this while I kept on wondering if Arham was recollecting some of the bad memories from the past or was Shakeel having those outbursts again in the present day. May be some B&W effects would’ve made it easier for us to follow through their patterns of Arham’s miseries, like it was still easier when he was in the Islamic get up but ever since he changed himself for Narmeen, things have gotten difficult…for Narmeen & for us; the viewers too.

Finally one particular twist that seemed interesting was Narmeen’s one on one conversation with Areeba. I never expected such a calm person like Areeba to actually react the way she did & I think it was a high time she got her point clear & through Narmeen’s head. This was one move of Narmeen which was spot on in a sense that she herself told the driver to let Arham know, so that he can be tortured & then eventually he will end up blaming Areeba for not being the first one to let him know about Narmeen’s visit.

I still find it really odd that being their family friends since childhood, Narmeen was actually telling Areeba that she was Arham’s ex-fiancée. Even though they try revealing something new but it’s just one or two scenes in the whole episode, which is why the whole drama is becoming bore-some. Rest of the episode is always like the very first episode in which they kept on beating around the bush.

I kind of laughed that Areeba at first stated ‘Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai’ (almost making me bang my head into the cushion) & later just by Narmeen’s say, she was having second thoughts. I know she will over-come Narmeen’s negativity & won’t pay heed but for that moment I found it amusing. So, hoping to see some progress in the story next week but preparing myself to hear one thing from Mr. Shakeel, Mrs. Shakeel, Sarah, Shahiq, Arham & Areeba that ‘MUJHE KHUDA PE YAKEEN HAI BHAI’. lol!

The direction seems really unprofessional & the editing tops the unprofessional-ism. I see that they have not paid attention to minor details like in every scene their dresses changed just in a jiffy, which disrupts the continuity of the episode. Like Narmeen walked away after taunting Arham in front of the whole family in some other dress, but when she walks in her room & Shahiq is waiting for an explanation, she has a completely different ensemble. I don’t even find the dialogues appealing. Didn’t even come across a single dialogue that I could remember & sadly all the conversations just seem so repetitive with same words being uttered again & again & for this reason I fear that by the end of the serial my own reviews don’t end up sounding similar. lol!

Plus I never say that about anyone but I feel Momal Sheikh needs some good makeup artist who can actually enhance her beauty appropriately but sadly every time the case is otherwise.

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Zahra Mirza.