Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 07.

So once again we’re left to solve the riddles all by ourselves & trust me it’s getting tedious. I mean I don’t find myself handling the whole ‘Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai’ dialogue again & again & again along with the unsolved mystery. I feel we’d be pushed to such a point; when the real issue will be revealed, we’d not be bothered at all.

Narmeen’s getting evil day by day & whose more evil is her mother. I mean all this while, when she knows that Narmeen is mentally handicapped, still she goes around helping her transpiring more malicious schemes in her married life. I think Narmeen’s mother’s suggestion of filing a complaint against Arham to the police was way too much. She unnecessarily blew things out of proportion. Narmeen is not only bothering Arham but her own husband as well, whom she herself fell for. I think the whole family is way too lenient in handling Narmeen. Arham who keeps on yelling to the point where his vocal chords hurt still can not make his point clear & Narmeen, who being in a joint family ignorantly keeps on paying her ‘devar’ some meaningless visits. This just all look so unrealistic. I don’t think in a joint family (no matter how big the bungalow is) it is possible to just go to anyone’s room. Even if we take it as a drama, I feel somethings should be made real.

I find the to’s & fro’s from present to the past & vice versa a bit too confusing to follow. All this while I kept on wondering if Arham was recollecting some of the bad memories from the past or was Shakeel having those outbursts again in the present day. May be some B&W effects would’ve made it easier for us to follow through their patterns of Arham’s miseries, like it was still easier when he was in the Islamic get up but ever since he changed himself for Narmeen, things have gotten difficult…for Narmeen & for us; the viewers too.

Finally one particular twist that seemed interesting was Narmeen’s one on one conversation with Areeba. I never expected such a calm person like Areeba to actually react the way she did & I think it was a high time she got her point clear & through Narmeen’s head. This was one move of Narmeen which was spot on in a sense that she herself told the driver to let Arham know, so that he can be tortured & then eventually he will end up blaming Areeba for not being the first one to let him know about Narmeen’s visit.

I still find it really odd that being their family friends since childhood, Narmeen was actually telling Areeba that she was Arham’s ex-fiancée. Even though they try revealing something new but it’s just one or two scenes in the whole episode, which is why the whole drama is becoming bore-some. Rest of the episode is always like the very first episode in which they kept on beating around the bush.

I kind of laughed that Areeba at first stated ‘Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai’ (almost making me bang my head into the cushion) & later just by Narmeen’s say, she was having second thoughts. I know she will over-come Narmeen’s negativity & won’t pay heed but for that moment I found it amusing. So, hoping to see some progress in the story next week but preparing myself to hear one thing from Mr. Shakeel, Mrs. Shakeel, Sarah, Shahiq, Arham & Areeba that ‘MUJHE KHUDA PE YAKEEN HAI BHAI’. lol!

The direction seems really unprofessional & the editing tops the unprofessional-ism. I see that they have not paid attention to minor details like in every scene their dresses changed just in a jiffy, which disrupts the continuity of the episode. Like Narmeen walked away after taunting Arham in front of the whole family in some other dress, but when she walks in her room & Shahiq is waiting for an explanation, she has a completely different ensemble. I don’t even find the dialogues appealing. Didn’t even come across a single dialogue that I could remember & sadly all the conversations just seem so repetitive with same words being uttered again & again & for this reason I fear that by the end of the serial my own reviews don’t end up sounding similar. lol!

Plus I never say that about anyone but I feel Momal Sheikh needs some good makeup artist who can actually enhance her beauty appropriately but sadly every time the case is otherwise.

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • When Areeba said “Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai” I was like REALLY!! That is totally brand new haha. You are right, the scenes are very confusing and the story is going nowhere. What is Narmeen’s problem any way, she is a very negative person and there seems to be no good reason (just yet) for her being that way. Her mother is as annoying as the daughter. I didn’t watch the entire episode, just some scenes but whatever I watched was not very impressive. I wish I was as impressed with Areeba’s character as Arham is but sadly she makes me want to throw a brick at her every time she comes on screen! Momal Sheikh’s acting is way too disappointing in this play. You are right, it really is strange that Areeba knows that Arham wasn’t always the person he is now but she knows nothing about the engagement, that is a big loophole.

    • Uffffffffffff loooooools you cracked me up so bad by making my imagination roll at throwing a brick at her. LOL! I know, I just got carried away with the whole star cast but I am satisfied to know that these brand names can disappoint us too. I want to blame it all on the director who just used angles of the gaudy furniture ridden mansion but failed to pay attention to the actual story which will actually sell the drama.

      Every character is just plain boring & I swear I want to smack Narmeen too, all this while when she was on-screen my mother had her side commentary going on about how Shahiq & Arham should hit her on her face. LOL!

      At the police issue, I said with finality that this drama is just so toot toot toot, LOL! Good to hear from you Fatima, trust me save a lot more time of yours & just watch 2 – 3 scenes, you’d not be missing much, that I can guarantee. ;)

      So Fatima, ‘Appko khuda pe yakeen hai’?
      ‘Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai’ ok? you get that right? done? locked? SURE NA? LOOOLS!

      • Lol Zahra nahi yeh phrase lock nahi ho sakta. Narmeen has everyone wrapped around her little finger, the men of the house really need to use their brains a little more than they do.

        • Haan jee, ghar k sab gentlemen are too busy in keeping quiet, Shakeel uncle must be busy dying his beard that he just can’t think rationally because he is too pre-occupied in getting the colors right. LOL! Shahiq is just a plain bore. uf!

          • I don’t know why Mikaal keeps on playing these characters, he is so talented but he hasn’t done anything noteworthy after DeS. Except for the telefilm ATMJH.He has been playing the loser husband for way too long.

  • This episode contained too much screaming,yelling and Arham getting sissy- like beating.And in this course the viewer gets verbally told what Arham actually did – he was found with some girl in his room.And although this isnt minor it didnt create the big OMG moment for the viewer.Partly because it is coming too late and this information was revealed as a sidetrack.The director has done a bad job here alongside in most part of this drama.

    And the confusion between figuring out the present and past and at times wondering who is thinking is very irritating.And the constant clothes changing and narmeens hairstlye changes adds to the confusion.I also take it as a major flaw making Arham and Narmeen wear exact same colours from top to bottom in the scene,when Narmeen goes un-invited in Arhams room.

    Although this drama contains many flaws Ahsan and Aysha should be atleast nominated for an award for their strong acting.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback & yes now that you’ve mentioned I think it’s right that even they slightly revealed what happened in the past, it didn’t come through to us rightly so. Even if you remember when Narmeen got married so I guess it was in the 2nd episode or what, she mentions in front of her mother that they have allowed Areeba as in some ‘ghair larki’ to stay in the home knowing what has happened & even Arham yelled once that why did Narmeen come to my room, she will once again plant something there & I won’t be having any alibi.

      They have been giving us some pointers but they are bursting before actually getting through to us LOL! heheheh!

      I know Narmeen’s hairstylist should’ve actually spoken to the director or the editor before making such moves on her head because they are actually confusing us a lot & that goes out for the dress designer too. ;)

      • Yes they have been giving hints ,but this time Shakeel uncle had mercy on us viewers and confirmed it lol.

        And its safe to mute the sound each time Narmeen sees Arham,because all this woman has to say is “gunah ka aitraaf karo”,gunah nahi bhoolna” etc.

        So far only one dialogue has strucked me,and that was in last episode.Arham:” maine koi neeki ki hogi ke khuda ne tum jaisi larki se … tour ke,eik aisi larki ke sath…. jor dia jo sachi bhi hai aur mukhlis bhi”. The magic of this dialogue was the dialogue delivery,body language and the expression in Ahsan Khans eyes.If only some girls in other dramas who were betrayed by their first loves memorize this line.There would be way less matam banake rona

        Although Areeba uses the overused line “mujhe khuda pe yaqeen hai”,the conversations between her and Arham have become so cute since last episode.Adorable pair

        • Yes, the only point keeping me going with this drama is Ahsan Khan. I’m not a fan actually but I do find his dramas nice because his acting is really good. I agree with the dialogue that you’ve pointed out, it did strike me too. Especially loved how Narmeen got speechless after that. ;)

          I guess Areeba used the line first time but Shakeel Uncle & Arham have literally ripped the dialogues into shreds by literally misusing it again & again & again & again. LOL!

          I don’t want to sound rude but I think Ayesha Khan looks hideous with her artificial pouting & those eagle-ly stretched eyebrows. I know she is playing her character but that doesn’t mean she should go around scaring people! lol!

          • In the current episode she did look nice in some of the red outfits.Her make up is deffo better than Momals.But theres no denying all that pouting and eyebrow stretching sucks.And i get the impression she is trying too hard to look like a young girl

          • Hahaha, if you read one of my previous reviews, I did mention that those braids & those heavy bangles were an unsuccessful attempt of looking young by Ayesha Khan, which she clearly & evidently isn’t.

            Yes, her makeup is better & ever since she has started to wear her hair down, she looks naturally beautiful. Just one major issue is – a rule of getting your hair dyed is that your eyebrows should match your head color & here she has almost red/brown hair & dark black eye brows, so that just looks so wrong!

          • Hehe mostly people don’t know the rule therefore no one notices it. & this is ONE major mistake that Pakistani women who get their hair dyed do. So, actually you can take it as a beauty tip or Zubaida Appa ka TODKA. LOL!

  • Thank goodness I didn’t watch this episode..Just tell me when the “so called gunah” is revealed :)

    Edit: Watched it some of it..

    And you forgot “baar baar merai samnay kyun ati ho”…!!!!

    • lol @ so called gunah:) You are so right about this dialogue too, maybe we should all make a list of dialogues that are getting repetitive and annoying!

        • Heheheheheheh LOL @ you two. Fatima I think this is the first time ever that you’re commenting more casually, hai na? :) I guess it’s the drama talking lol otherwise you always sound so formal & composed (not that you’re not composed now). hehehe, please keep up the spirit to brighten such a boring drama LOL! :D

          Amna even if you won’t watch it, trust me you won’t be missing much & how can we forget…’meinne kuch nahi kiya’ & ‘app kaisay bhool gaye jo hua tha’. I mean we’re done moving along on the basis of these dialogues. Please bata do k aisa kya hua tha k usay KHUDA pe aisa hi yakeen ho gaya k uski tape repetition pe chali gai, I need to refresh my Yakeen too. LOL!

          • Agree with you on Fatima too.. :)

            Yes, we need something to charge our Yakeen.. And it better be something “worthwhile” or else I don’t know Arham, you might be in trouble with all of us :P

          • Haye wo bechara to waisay hi russa hua hai, usay kuch nahi kehte, but haan mai Narmeen k baal khench doongi. LOL hahahahaah!!!!

          • Amna appko nahi pata Arham ne kya kehna hai end mai…’MUJHE KHUDA PE YAKEEN HAI’ & by listening to it I’ll run so because of that I won’t be able to hit him. ;) LOL!

          • Laughing so badly!!!

            I’ll do that on your part and then we will keep coming in front of him so that “tum bhool na jao jo tum nai kia”, “ghalti nahi, gunah kia” !!!

          • Hahahahah man I am going bonkers. I have this state of mine where I just say whatever I feel like & I am coming into that state of mine irrespective of this being a public forum. I so wish that one of the members of the cast actually read this & then they once again blurt k hamara drama HIT hoga kyunki ‘Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai’. LOL!

          • Hahahahahaha!!! Same here

            Serrously, I should to think why don’t they post your reviews on their fb page and I think they have come to the conclusion that one day or another you are going to admit that this drama was the best b/c every one them says “mujhey khuda pai yakeen hai”!!

            PS: Remember that drama “na kaho tum meray nahi”, welli sued to joke my sister that thw writer couldn’t think of what to name the drama and so she flipped the pages of the script. And the first line she saw was “na kaho tum meray nahi” and so it became the title.. As “Mujhey Khuda pai Yakeen” hai comes so frequently in the script, the write would have turned every page and saw that line so the title was chosen!

          • LOL! I actually saw their page & there they have posted my review for the episode 6 with a masoom si appeal k is this dialogue being used too much? We don’t believe on that because it’s a motivational line & all the fans have affirmed saying we need to hear this again & again. Then I guess they should play the OST in their iPods on a loop to get enough of this.

            Motivational dialogues can be said in so many other words, I never knew that Urdu got so confined to these 5 words ‘Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai’. LOL!

          • Fans want to hear this?????!! Waqi un ka yakeen bohat kamzor hogaya hai and us ko har waqt taza karna hai..
            Arham when are you giving them tutions??!!

          • Well even if Arham doesn’t, I will because the actual word to be used for Our Creator should & is & only be ALLAH. Not Khuda or Allah Miyan & I heard them use these both in the drama. Were the dialogue writers sleeping during their Urdu or Islamiyat classes, Allhamdullilah, I didn’t. ;)

          • It isn’t the writers fault only.. These word have somehow diffused into our langauge that now the teachers even don’t realize it..

            Yes, Arham will not because he would be in the hospital after I’m (& you too if you like) would be done with him :P

          • Abh jab Arham thore kadam door hai,coming out of his depression bubble aap log is masoom ki jaan ke peeche lage ho :P

          • maana ye drama viewers ke patience ko bohot test kar raha hai,lekin chalo koi baat nahi,koshish tou kar sakte hena optimistic ho ne ki ;)

          • Arham,better not give tutions to the females.What if theres another Narmeen who will fall in love with Arhams intoxicating eyes :P.Poor Arham will have a new headache. haha

          • And then CNG kin line ki tarhan Narmeeno ki bhi line lag jai gi.. Arham ap ko hamara yakeen hai???!!!

          • No we don’t need so much motivation especially when we can take a hint too you know. Repeating this dialogue over and over and over again is like questioning the intelligence of the viewers! You know when I heard this dialogue in the play for the first time (I think in the first episode) I thought wow for the first time I have heard the play’s title being mentioned in some way in the very first episode as opposed to one of the last few episodes but I had no idea they were going to make the most of it!

          • One thing is for sure that all of us will be in fits next time we see this play because someone will surely say it again.

          • Zahra you should keep count of how many times it is repeated in the next episode and mention it in the review. And then maybe we can enter this dialogue in the one of the world records’ competitions. I am sure it will qualify and win too;)

          • yes, it is bringing out the best in me, I must thank the MKPYH team:) I think we know ke kya huva tha, Narmeen had a change of heart and she thought this would be a good way to get rid of Arham and marry his brother!

          • LOL @ bringing out the best in me, hehehehe. & for that we’re thankful to the team too. I know, I am bored of Mikaal Zulfikaar’s stereo-casting too. Chalo if he likes to play safe, let him do that but then he should show versatility in her style or his body language or his get up…but no! All we see is an up-tight formally dressed man with a meticulously combed & gelled hair. LOL! He not even has boring characters but LOOKS boring too.

            & yes, when I heard the title as a dialogue in the first episode, I felt it was too forced & sounded really artificial but didn’t know they wanted to set the bar high!!! :P

          • yes, good point. he never wears jeans does he? and the gel backed hair and all. He is very talented, he has proved it but bechara gets stuck with these mediocre kind of roles. I would much rather watch the ads he is in, at least he is more versatile in them, in terms of expressions and dressing and he makes you laugh. he should do comedy.

          • Yeah, that’s a good suggestion for YOU Mikaal, if you’re listening to your bored viewers…heheheh!

          • Just saw the official page.. They said “Sad how people don’t know the story behind the serial and assume things “mujhe khuda pe yakeen hai” is a beautiful phrase and most moving sentence, we deserve to hear it again and again for us to make believe in it”..

            My answer: yes, we do have to assuma cause till now you guyz have been going around in circles and the story hasn’t been revealed yet. Plus, we are not assuming. We talk on facts and it shows that the dialogue is being repated again and again.. We do not have any objection on the dialogue.. Instead on the frequency it occurs in the show.. I think there is a huge vocubulary which could have been used to express the same meanings in different words.. Or was the writer’s dictionary only confided to these few words??!

          • Hahaha! You’re spot on girl, did you reply to them there on their page, if you did I can spot you from there ;)? Plus it’s really funny how these page people are getting so defensive when it comes to this drama. They’re just running a page so they should accept everyone’s opinions is stead of just trying to act all defensive about the show.

          • Havne’t.. But if you want you could post my comments.. So atleast my comments go out to them..

            Ya, I agree.. They all say we welcome “healthy crticism” so why can’t they digest it?? Plus if they are so pissed off, why can’t they jpoin us in our discussion here and prove us wrong?

            and Thnx for the compliment :)

          • Hahaha, I know, plus I find it funny that they’re being touchy about the project in which they had no say at all. Just run the page people & move on. ;)

            & Amna obviously our comments are going on to them, that’s why the masoom defense. :P

          • So to “who ever is reading our comments”..

            First read them carefully as to what we are discussing. Don’t get the other way round. Secondly, if you have the guts to post the review on a social media then you should also be brave enough to atleast “talk” with us.. We won’t eat you guyz if you give your side of opinion. And I’m saying that cause only me and Zahra ji and Fatima, Aiman (occasionally) have been involved in this discussion. So i guess you didn’t share your opinion.

            And thirdly, have the heart to accept criticism..

            @Zahra ji: Ya, why are are they getting touchy ???

          • The thing with miqaal is,even if he tries to have a bit of a backbone and puts serious face on and gives someone a good shout,I as the viewer end up cracking a laugh,because his voice is not masculine enough.May be he should change his body language and have a bit more rugged look

          • Hahaha I thought it was just me who thought he sounded too innocent especially when he was just giving someone a hard-core yelling. Awww poor guy!

  • Read your review,nothing much happened in this episode.I think it’s enough for me.They’ve stretched the suspense too long.

  • Is drama ko dekhne ki wahid waja jo mere pass Bachi hai is Aisha Khan warna baki saari wajohaat dam torr chuki hain..ohk i get it Arham ko Khuda per yakeen Hai, Areeba ko bhi Khuda per yakeen hai, Shakeel sahab ko Apni AANKHON per yakeen hai, Narmeen ko Sirf Apne Uper Yakeen hai, Shaaik ko Bhai aur Biwi dono per Yakeen hai, Ammi ko Apne Bete per Yakeen hai aur Behan ko apne Bhai per Yakeen hai…now can we Move on plzzzz…like seriously plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

    • hahahaha Aiman – nahi we will not move on kur lo jo kurna hai. Your comment is hilarious. Just one question – Kya ap ko mujh pe yakeen hai;) No you don’t have to answer it!

      • Nahiii Fatima jee..Mjhe Khuda Per Yakeen Hai…..lolxxx….is drama ne toh is itne khoobsurat jumle ka mazzak bana dia hai..patah nahi Arham ko Khuda per kesa yakeen hai jo har wakt apna tamasha banata rehta hai..jin logo ko Allah per yakeen hota hai woh aise kamzoor thori hote hain….

    • Ap ani to humay bhi pechay chor dia Aiman.. kia ap ko mera yakeen hai?? Nai, to kar lain please!! :P

      • hahaha….u knw yeh Areeba ko Arham ko kehna chahiye….takkeh humari jaan chohte Arham k roone dhone se…

    • Haha good one! They should really bring some life into the show or else everybody is going to crawl away eventually!nn1

      • agree..really itne high hopes thi starting main..bcuz of its unique storyline..but they have dragged it so much keh ab annoying ho gaya hai…

    • Oh My God! My apologies Aiman for not spotting your comment before, may be because I didn’t get any notifications or I thought we were done yakeen-ing on each other. But the award for the BEST COMMENT this week goes to you…TA-DAAA!!! :D LOL! It was just so funny.

      After receiving an award can you please tell k appko kiss pe yakeen hai? LOL!

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