Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 06.

Finally Arham & Areeba are tying the knot & everybody is stoked about it. Even though Arham is skeptical about hiding the truth from his wife-to-be, Samina & even Areeba don’t feel it’s the right thing to do. Areeba is ready to accept Arham for his present & the upcoming future but is least bothered about the past. I think it is the right thing to do but for our sake, the reality should be revealed. ;)

Ohkay, this episode made it clear that Narmeen is not only evil or negative but is also a psychopath. She at first wanted Arham all by herself & just exactly the way she liked it. But just the sight of Shahiq made her regret the decision she took. I was shocked to see the changing colors of both ‘ma, beti’. Chalo, Narmeen is mentally handicapped to think things through but how can her mother just support her daughter in every move that she makes?

I found one thing as a finality that Arham has no opinion of his own. He just likes to follow the lead of others. He changed himself for Narmeen, changed what he loved doing & what he liked to carry just for the sake of this girl. Then just because Narmeen had brain-fed him, he was ready to get into argument with his father. At this point I thought ‘mutawwa baghawat pe utar aya’. I mean it sounded just so unlike Arham to get into some sort of uneasy dialogue with his father where all this while he was seen as a modest person. Even coming to the present, where he feels it’s right to let Areeba know about the past, he just followed the lead of his mother. I think this trait of him makes him a weakling.

Once again I had to listen to the dialogue ‘Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai’. OHKAY! A shout out to the whole team & the dialogue writer in particular that WE KNOW what the name of the drama serial is, can we please NOT listen to this again. I don’t know how can such facts be ignored which we were taught in class 6th I guess. I remember our Urdu teacher taught us that the word used for Almighty is only Allah, Khuda is not the right term & also ‘Allah Miyan’ whereas Areeba said it. Not exaggerating but I swear I cringe every time I hear the word Khuda. It just sounds so odd & inappropriate.

Anyhow, things have progressed a bit more & we’re close to unveiling of the reality. Till now the grounds have been established pretty well that Narmeen would be the one at fault. It was nice to see that Arham & Shahiq shared such a nice brotherly bonding before everything happened but now it’s just Shahiq who is busy in his business & Arham who is depressed & they have no relation left whatsoever plus I don’t see Shahiq making any effort towards fixing his relation with Arham too, either he is busy with himself or his wife. Arham has started to change towards the good so let’s see what more can Areeba do in order to sort the uneasy situations.

I appreciate that Ayesha Khan has undone her funny braids which just looked like some unsuccessful attempts at looking younger, she looks fine this way but I feel she has started to pout a bit too much while talking which shows that she is putting a lot more effort in speaking. For the first time I noticed the shades of dyes Shakeel Sahab has used in his beard. I think the hair-dresser must’ve had a hard time in getting those shades right. I think it’s important to age gracefully rather than the otherwise.

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  • Finally the drama is moving along….it’s pretty interesting but I don’t understand how come Areeba and her father are not aware of Arham’s previous engagement with Narmeen, especially when they have been shown as close family friends. If Arham was just in love with Narmeen fine but come on an engagement with a large lavish function is a big deal.

    • Thanks a lot for your say & yes, this is something which I have mentioned earlier in my reviews too especially after Areeba came to their house & started probing about Arham’s attitude & the tiff between him & Narmeen. It does look odd that at one hand she is shown as the best friend who has been coming to their home since childhood but on the other she has no idea that Narmeen is Arham’s ex-fiancee.

  • the drama has some nice and appealing story to sit n watch..but how much the editing and technical detailing in story is important, the drama’s loop holes shows.e.g areeda being shown a childhood family friend, doesnt kno any thing about areeba n arham engangement, areeba once said that she doesnt need any thing to kno about the past of arham, but in next scene she seems curious of what happened with arham, and also guessing that might it be any property issue or what, that seems annoying n funny.,

    • Thank you Qudsia & yes I agree, that if the drama was handled a bit more wisely it would’ve been a huge hit considering the strong cast. The story is also different that this time it’s a guy who is suffering but I guess they invested more in the screenplay rather than the intricacies of the story & especially the execution, hence, it looks like just another drama that we might watch & forget. Doesn’t look something extra-ordinary.

      Editing is a major fail of this drama, apart from Areeba being curious another one of the biggest mistakes I came across was the Narmeen & Shahiq fought on Arham/Areeba’s rishta whereas their parent’s had not at all discussed & nor Arham or Areeba had any such sort of a discussion between them. By then it was a hidden matter whereas Shahiq claimed that Areeba is really happy as this is happening as per her wish, whereas Areeba at that moment says to Sarah that she is just sympathizing with Arham & nothing more & no such proposal was under consideration. I don’t know how can they commit such mistakes with being at a certain level of professionalism.

  • So finally, Arham has come out of his shell. And facing Narmeen even though its because of a girl.. I mean this guy needs to take his decisions himself now. I liked the fact how he opened up to Areeba and has begun to change himself.

    One thing that i do’t like is the reasons Narmeen is giving to Arham on making him believe that nothing he did is wrong.. I mean she could just have said “Its your life, do what you desire” instead of saying “kai sawab aur gunah ki fikar mai na khud khush re sako gai aur na dosrun ko rakh sako gai”

    Desperately waiting for the “gunah” I mean spill the beans already!!

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