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Rishtey Kuch Adhoorai se – Sisters Rivalry

This episode has nothing new to tell yet it gave us certain minutes issues to discuss.Starting from Gaiti curiosity to solve out Nikah issue arosed due to her absence from home, her every action shows that she loves Arsal and want him in her life desperately.For that purpose ,her argument with mother was a complete dose of emotional drama.Once again Irsa gee and Gaiti stole the show.

I really like how Gaiti’s father show concern towards his daughters , despite of the fact that he is not at all a perfect husband. He didnot arise any question when Arsal sent a cell phone gift for Gaiti.Or aiteraaz hota bhi kaisai..Gaiti and Arsal are an official couple now.Gaiti was so confused that what should be her next step and in the meanwhile Arsal called him. I was really shocked to see that Arsal is no more different from typical husbands.I can see clear difference in his attitude after Nikah.But at the same time, it was natural too.Because for him,Gaiti is his wife and any wife on very first day after Nikah cannot disconnect phone call when her husband tries to congratulate him.

Kiran reaction after coming to know that Arsal is coming to take Gaiti along with him was quite surprising for me. I thought that after that Nikah incident ,she will wholly solely try to make her sister satisfied and happy.. Par yahan kuch or he daikhnay ko mila.Kiran was considering herself to be his official wife and at many points like on their way to home and when Dadi gave those Family Kangan to Gaiti, Kiran’s jealousy was at its peak. Gaiti ,on the other hand was equally feeling uncomfortable after observing ultra friendly attitude of Kiran with Arsal.

Today,I also came to know that “saas tou saas he hoti hai”. One can easily observe that jealousy in Arsal’s mother eyes,when Dadi gave those Kangan to Gaiti.And Alia’s post-meeting discussion with her mother narrated rest of the story too. Alia, finally got succeeded in influencing her mother regarding her views about Gaiti.

Gaiti wanted to tell everything to her Dad and for that purpose she went to her Dad and inspite of narrating whole story, she returned to her mother.It was only because of her father’s height of frustration and anger for new millennium youth.He said it rightly that youth of our country is ruining itself.

Till now,every scene of this show is perfectly executed and performed well by every single character. But I am really looking forward for some unexpected twists and turns that will make every episode eventful.

Do share your views about today’s episode.

Rabia Basharat.

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