Rishtey Kuch Adhoorai Sai – And enigma goes on..

This serial is becoming dull and boring with every passing episode. Honestly speaking, there was not a single point which drew my attention and made me attentive towards today’s episode. I was literally yawning while watching it and on serious note, I was enjoying commercial breaks more than this show today.

Gaiti visited her mother to get rid of tension she faced throughout the night. In the meanwhile,Arsal came to a conclusion that prime reason of Gaiti’s hesitation towards Arsal is because of Nikah issue that she told him. He is aware of half-truth that Gaiti is confused whether she is wed-locked to Arsal or not. And to get rid of this issue, Arsal decided to go to a Mufti alongwith Gaiti but Gaiti refused to go as she knew that two sisters cant be wed-locked to same man at a time.

1   Kiran is living in her own fantasy world and expecting that some magic will reverse the situation and Arsal will be all hers.Though, Arsal is Kiran’s husband (according to the Fatwa generated in this serial),still Kiran is unaware of the fact.I can bet my life on that the day she will come to know about ugly truth, she will no longer stay away from Arsal.


Arsal’s brother is taking interest in Kiran but Kiran has completely fallen for Arsal.Aliya’s attitude is beyond my understanding level. She should have became normal with Gaiti till now but she is moving with high speed in reverse direction.


On daadi’s advice, Arsal took a positive step and tried to ease up Gaiti by asking her that they will be friends from now on and he wont ask anything from Gaiti till she herself will be comfortable and ready to tell him. At that time, I was pretty sure that Gaiti’s heart will melt and she will shake hand with Arsal but what happened was beyond my and Arsal’s expectation.. :P .


All they are doing is just slowly dragging this show and forcing us to stop watching it. Credit of this worst aura goes to poor direction and failure of production house. Knowing the fact that the issue that has been arose in this serial is too sensitive to handle and even to talk about, they should have done proper research and should have added some side tracks in the show too. With these silly discussions all the time, viewers get irritated and frustrated to their worst. If there will be a side track, there will be some attraction in serial and viewers would be able to bear this unsolved enigma.

Hope to see some developments in forthcoming episodes.

Do share your views about today’s episode.

Stay Blessed,
Rabia Basharat.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • Nice review rabia…well i really enjoyed reading it specially your ironic statements…i had missed some of the episodes but it was pretty easy to catch up the story cox of its extra ordinary “high”pace..expecting to see something better in coming episodes

    • LOL.. :D .. Thanks for your say Blue.
      I am literally fed with this show. And don’t expect anything from next episode either. It has nothing new to show.. Gaiti will only realize that Arsal likes open minded and out-spoken kind of girls like Kiran and Aliya will come to know that there is something fishy going on with Kiran.. :)

  • I’m actually getting irritated by Gaiti/Suhai Ali’s roti surat. I want this confusion to untangle & this drama to end ASAP.

    I laughed when the mother said Kiran ka deemagh kaccha hai, uske samne aisi baat nahi karna. C’mon, she is a pakki amaan within, who can say she’s a kacchi bachi? Please!!!

    • Seriously.. I am so messed up between Sohai roles in KKC and this serial. I dont remember a single serial where she was seen laughing and smiling continuously except Tanhayi..

      I dont know why she is not making intelligent choice in choosing her roles and characters in serial. Aiza Khan is doing same thing,wohi roti dhoti aiza har show mai.. I mean they both are talented girls with good looks as well,they should think before choosing their roles.

      And Kiran amaan is such a weirdo, she should be open about what she thinks.
      pata nahi kya ho ga end.. :)

  • Very bad review!
    This drama actually stands out and is on a different issue, a logistical one! Not based on love or anything, but pure logistics! It is unique. RESPECT THAT MOFO

    • Well,everyone has right to come up with one’s own point of view.You have your own point.

      90% of masses are not really liking this serial due to too much dragging and no side story line.

      Honestly speaking, I loved this serial till its 3rd or 4th episode and you can read in my earlier reviews that I admired direction,cast and crew at that time.. After that,it become slow paced with no side story.. Just one Nikah issue.. I am not saying that its a bad drama but it is now leading towards failure,they should now open up the issue in front of Arsal at least so that viewers will get engaged to it again.

      I hope I am clear with my point.. :)

      Healthy criticism is always appreciated.

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