Aasmanon Pay Likha Episode 5 – Qudsia Finally Speaks Up!

I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s episode as it was full of surprises that were least expected. Aaliyan is slowly realizing the gravity of the situation, and that it is not as easy as he thinks!

photo 4(1)Natasha created havoc after hearing the news of his marriage, and the situation got worse when Qudsiya entered the picture. Aaliyan was already trying really hard to convince Natasha that the marriage was a sham, but Qudsiya’s pleaded him to not give her divorce and this made Natasha angrier, and Aaliyan was left in a difficult situation. It is about time he realized that Nikkah was not some casual matter and it has to be taken seriously at any cost!

photo 2(3)I always had the feeling from the start that Qudsiya would find any ally in Dudi, and this is exactly what happened. Dudi is the only one who thinks that Qudsiya is not after money and wants to stay at their house because she is in Aaliyan’s Nikkah, which is a justified demand. She patiently heard her side of the story, and also made it clear that the real daughter-in-law of the house would only be Natasha because their family matches up to their status. She wanted to make everything crystal clear to Qudsiya about this situation, and she understood Qudsiya’s problems too. I hope Dudi sides with her in the future because she is in for a rough time ahead!

photo 3(2)Mehmood’s reaction to the whole situation was completely justified. No father would continue the engagement in such a situation even though he was given the surity that the marriage would not last long. Mehmood seems like a very practical man because after what Aaliyan did to his daughter he should have broken ties with the family. Sultan’s lie also got revealed when Qudsiya came in front of Mehmood; she made her position clear that she does not want divorce because of her father’s deteriorating condition, and I was shocked to see Mehmood showing kindness to Qudsiya instead of being hostile towards her. I wish Natasha had also inherited some of Mehmood’s traits; she is such an immature person!

photo 5(1)The highlight of the episode for me was Aaliyan and Qudsiya’s first fight. I am glad that Qudsiya spoke up for herself instead of pleading and crying in front of Aaliyan. After hearing Aaliyan’s rant on ‘my personal life is getting disturbed’, ‘I went against my family to help you’ Qudsiya got angry and gave him a reality check.

‘Mujhe Nahi Pata Apko Is Neki Ka Mashwara Kis Ne Diya Tha’

Aaliyan was totally shocked to see Qudsiya angry and his ‘bas bas kitna bolti hai ap’ dialogue made me laugh out loud! The scene was power packed and Sajjal completely nailed it. It is just surprising to see Sajjal’s versatility in such a short span of time. Actor takes decade to show the kind of versatility she has shown in the matter of 2 to 3 years. She has done unique roles in shows like Sannata, Nanhi and the telefilm Behaad which I had thoroughly enjoyed! I wish I could say the same about Sheheryar; his dialogue delivery did not impress me in this scene and his expressions were also overdone in my view.

photo 1(3)

Another surprising discovery was that Sultan’s current wife is not Aaliyan’s real mother. In her discussion with Sultan about the current Nikkah situation, she told him ‘uski ziada tar aadatein apni maa per gaee hai’. I am sure we will get to know more about the past in the upcoming episodes. I am also looking forward to Emaad Irfani’s entry. I am curious to know what role he will be playing in the show.

Really looking forward to the next installment!

Do share your opinion about the episode!

Mariam Shafiq


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.


  • I think qudsia was a bit aunty-like when she screamed at aaliyan… I don’t know, but somehow I don’t sense any chemistry between both of them… I hope that changes soon!

  • Only watching this serial for cutie pie shehryar… Hate sajjal! Why couldn’t they cast someone else for her role…

  • The point you raised about Aaliyaan’s mother.. Never thought about it!!.. I just assumed she was talking about herself.. Mehommod’s reaction was astonishing yet I appreciated it. He is blaming the right person for sure unlike Aliyaan’s parents..!!

    • Hello Amna!

      I am sure not many people noticed this. But it was made clear in this week’s episode. Will write more about this in my review. I am kind of late this week. Will post soon.

  • Nice take Mariam.

    Well, the way this show has got highest trp is really strange. I know its only because of Shehryar that people watch this show but on serious note, I have always observed lack of expressions on his face.. even during serious scenes,he sounds and looks like he is smiling (Maybe its not his fault :P) .He has to work on it. Plus there are no pauses,ups and downs in his dialogue delivery skills. In short, Bhaie apni good looks se he kaam chala rahay hain.. :D

    Overall, I havent found this serial much engaging. Still, I am looking forward to see that how Aaliyan will fall for Qudsia.I know it will be a gradual change.. Lets see how they will present that gradual change to the viewers and whether it will click us or not..

    fingers crossed :)

    • Hello Rabia!

      Sorry for the very late reply!

      Sheheryar’s acting.. Well. Its pretty HORRIBLE. And i am putting it nicely.
      He tries to hard to act, if only he would let the acting come naturally. His good looks are the only plus point so far. He looked so good in MDKZM where he did not have to speak. And well, i love him the National food advertisement too! :p
      I hope he improves in future.

      Its gaining TRPs because of the romance. People always like romantic shows. The promos were pretty eye catching..
      And yes, the gradual falling in love process will be beautiful of course and most people are looking forward to that. (Especially me)

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  • Why are all you ladies blinded by Shehryaars looks his acting is abysmal. To the point where I want to forward his scenes but cannot because they are important to the story. And the sajjal hate is it jealous projection? She is actually one of the saving graces of the serial.

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  • I don’t care if he has expressions or not in your opinion, I just watch this show for him and only for eye candy shehryar! And I don’t care if sajjal is a good actor, she just acts like an aunty and I miss the innocence in her acting!

  • It’s not jealousy, hello? Sajjal is a very pretty and beautiful girl, but she has this certain chalaaki in her acting and that just sucks! She should act age appropriate, but with her current career takes she falls for me in the same category as urwa mawra tabbar.

  • the story of show is far from reality, but still it is interesting and entertaining enough to grab highest TRP. Some may argue it is due to sheharyar, if that is so than it is a huge achievement on part of sheharyar, its only his fourth play, after meray dard ko zuban milay, kahi unkahi and zindagi gulzar hai, out of which only kahi unkahi have him in lead role. its also sheharyar first play with some other production house other than hum. Some say he is promoted on hum as he is relative of sultana siddiqi owner of hum tv, as his full name is sheharyar munawar siddiqi. But this drama shows he is not dependent on hum tv and can give hits with other production houses as well.

    • I think the chemistry between the leads and the romance is what is attracting people. Sometimes we need a change from the social reality based dramas.
      Yes, the show has loopholes but its good entertainment.

      Yes, i have also heard that he is some relative of Sultana Siddiqui, and thats how he go the break in the first place. Sheheryar is an eye candy and is definitely one of the reason why people watch this show but his acting seriously needs improvement.

      Well, i am glad he is opting for different production houses now.

      Thanks for commenting!