Aasmanon Pay Likha Episode 6 – Aaliyan ‘The Saviour’

The show is currently moving at a steady pace and they are showing the post marriage consequences in detail. The wedding might have been rushed, but attention is paid to the reaction of each and every member of the three families.

Though, Aaliyan’s whole life has turned upside down, he is still adamant to help Qudsiya through this problem. He does get frustrated and rude at times but at the end of the day, he always comes to save her. When she called him up and requested him to come to the hospital, he blatantly refused but then ended up in the hospital because his conscience kept on pricking him. ‘Mujhse kisi ki pareshani nahi dekhi jaati’, this is what he told Dudi when he informed her that he went to the hospital to meet Zaheer.

aaliyan 2The conversation with Zaheer made him highly uncomfortable because the poor man was thanking him for helping him through this tough time and considering him a farista but in reality, he was going to leave his daughter soon. The blind trust Zaheer was showing in Aaliyan made him feel guilty, and he left the room as soon as possible. Zaheer might play a very important role in Qudsiya and Aaliyan’s life. He might be the reason behind Qudsiya ending up permanently in Aaliyan’s house.

aaliyan 3Qudsiya’s family was in trouble again when Sultan purposely changed the policy concerning medical bills. Aaliyan once again turned savior for Qudsiya’s family when he gave the money for the hospital bills, and changed the policy. Aaliyan is truly a man with a heart of gold; he might be immature and careless but his kindness overshadows the other traits of his character.

aaliyan 4The scene where he did not recognize Qudsiya when she called him up and she actually had to explain ‘Qudsiya Jis Se Apki Shaadi Huwi Hai’ was truly hilarious! I felt so bad for Qudsiya; it must be so humiliating to know that your husband does not even remember your name. What I noticed in this episode is that Qudisya is finally warming a bit towards Aaliyan. Her expressions when Aaliyan paid all the bills without being asked could not be missed. After everything that he is doing for her, it is natural for her to be grateful to him at least a little.

aaliyan 1Natasha is a confused girl, and she really does not know what she wants from Aaliyan. Her conversation with her father proved that. On one hand, she does not want to leave him and on the other hand, she wants to either forget him or get back at him. Aaliyan had tried his best to make Natasha understand the situation, and the only thing he expects from her is to trust him. I completely agree with Aaliyan’s statement that there is no relationship without trust.

Mehmood has a bad perception about Aaliyan mainly because he judges him through Sultan’s character. Sultan and Aaliyan’s nature are poles apart. Aaliyan has gone after her mother which has been observed and mentioned by Dudi and his step-mom many times. Another mystery that has emerged is about Aaliyan’s mother. Why she left him and why Aaliyan gets angry when someone mentions her, these are all questions that I am really curious about.

aalyan 5

Another trait of Aaliyan which I found pretty admirable is that he never hesitates to speak up when he sees something wrong happening. He stood up to his father when he purposely changed the company’s policy to get back at Zaheer and his family for trapping his son. He also interfered during Qudsiya’s marriage when her in-laws were making demands.

The only sensible person I find in the house is Dudi who understands the whole situation perfectly. She believes that Qudsiya and her family are not after money and they consider the nikkah real, and she tried to explain this to Sultan and Aaliyan both. Aaliyan has not solved their problems by doing the nikkah; on the contrary, he has created more problems for them.

Sheheryar’s acting definitely needs improvement. His expressions are over done at times and you can notice how hard he is trying to act. Natasha’s (Sanam Chaudhry) acting was better in this episode and even her hair style was much better than last time. Sajjal Ali was simply mind blowing. Her dialogue delivery, expression everything is always spot on!

Really looking forward to the next episode!

Do share your opinion about this week’s episode!

By the way, for those who do not know this show will now air on Friday 8:00 pm instead of Wednesday.

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Mariam Shafiq


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  • this show has proved a golden egg laying duck for geo, so to get more golden eggs from this duck, they have shifted its time to weekend, when viewership is high and also rates of commercials are high as well.

    but this drama is surely interesting and entertaining

    • Hello there!

      Oh yes, GEO people are pretty smart. How could they miss out this golden opportunity to get more ratings. I noticed one more thing, they changed all the billboards of Meri Zindagi Hat Tu with APL’s boards.

      I think they were expecting MZHT to get the ratings because it has Ahsan, Ayeza and Maya as the leads, but surprisingly it did not get the rating they were expecting and surprisingly APL did.

      • Honestly speaking, Meri Zindagi Hai Tu has nice storyline, brilliant artists who are living up to our expectations but this is also the fact that viewers give priority to watch Hum tv shows rather then Geo or Ary. Same is happening with MZHT; Friday is Kankar day on Hum tv and it has already gained good viewership, so its difficult for people to shift from one serial to another by leaving one half-way.

        APL has gained followers because of its cast out of which Shehryar is at the top of the list whereas Kankar has a strong plot. Ab daikhna ye hai, which show will get more TRP on friday..Kankar or APL..

  • I really love Aliyan…………and I agree with Maryam Shafiq that he may be careless and immature but he sure is a loving and kind person…………..and I hate Natasha’s hairstyle………..:)

  • I found it a bit hard to believe when he didn’t remember her name! I mean how many times did he call her “Miss Qudsiya” when they had their first fight. I think he was trying to make a point to her how unimportant she is to him :(

    • Hello there!

      Umm… I don’t think so. Aaliyan might be careless but not rude.
      I think he had too much on his mind plus he was not expecting her to call him.

    • Hello there!

      Umm… I don’t think so. Aaliyan might be careless but not rude.
      I think he had too much on his mind plus he was not expecting her to call him.

  • What ever so there are many things to discuss in this drama. But viewers found this drama is full of entertainment I really enjoy this serial bcz of Sheheryar and Sajjal.

  • such a bad drag they doing n obviously they are obliged to do so because with the final patch up or better i say the resolution between the two leads, nothing much would be left to get us all into the show yet still hoping for Aliyan’s getting a life.n natasha?she has to get that too >:(