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Shak – Episode 2

Yet another well-packaged episode came to an end. Story of the show is unfolded very skillfully and brilliantly by director today. Whole team is performing to its best and is compelling us to expect more and more from this show.

I was pretty much relieved when I saw Romaan Ali Khan Sahab completely safe and sound after he met through an accident. Sehrish’s reaction to the situation was predictable ; she had no children, still she cared for Romaan more than any woman who is blessed with the blessing of having a kid. I literally enjoyed  bandage part where Sehrish was following the commands of King Roomi with a lovely smile on her face :)

Sehrish had a yearning desire to have a kid and Romaan was somehow fulfilling her intense craving. Because of Roomi, she met Sania and yelled at her to the worse. Accha, I was expecting same Kashaf or Mina kind of reply from her but her character is completely contrary to the role of Kashaf or Mina.She stayed calm and quiet as it was the part of her nature.

Sania is spending her life with Roomi and her mother in law(Badar Khalil).Her disability to walk somehow developed sense of inferiority complex in her that is out bursting on Sania every time and every step she takes in presence of her. From giving medicines to every meal, Sania is always wrong for her. For that, she complaints her son, Ali (Sania’s husband) whenever he calls him.

One thing, I really like about this show is that both couples, Sehrish and Ehteshaam, Ali and Sania are etched out perfectly and portrayed as happily married. Where Sehrish and Shaam share lovely informal chemistry, Ali and Sania’s relation was of give-and-take-respect kind. Ali trusts Sania to the fullest and Sania forgets her pain and sorrows whenever Ali share his hard times with her. Ali was betrayed by his business partner and he is striving hard to earn his living and pay back all the loans while living in South Africa.

Unlike Sania’s fate, Sehrish was lucky enough to get a dream mother- in-law. I enjoyed every bit of light chit-chat that Sehrish and her MIL had with each other. The exercise part, Maham’s call and Sehrish’s reply sounded so cute and interesting to me. Sehrish knows that she is among few women who are fortunate enough of having this kind of MIL and she was too possessive about her and values her.Both of  MILs are like obverse sides of a card ; where one is brutal and harsh in nature, other is always easy-going and delightful.

Sehrish realized once again how lucky is she when she went to Sania’s place along with a cake and heard her MIL scolding and yelling at her. And then That Nazar utaarnay wala part was laughable one and fun-to-watch.

Sania recalled her past when she had an encounter with Ehtesham and her mother as her neighbors. She was once engaged to him and it can be seen that both of them had no emotional attachment. There relation didn’t work because Shaam wanted to marry Sehrish.For them,this relation initiated and ended in a glimpse of time and both of them had no regret of it.

Sehrish is still unaware of the fact that Shaam and Sania were engaged once. I am expecting that her unawareness will lead this serial towards its main theme “Shak”.

I am looking forward to more of this show as I am getting addicted to it.

Do share your views about this episode.

Stay Blessed,
Rabia Basharat.