Shak – Episode 2

Yet another well-packaged episode came to an end. Story of the show is unfolded very skillfully and brilliantly by director today. Whole team is performing to its best and is compelling us to expect more and more from this show.

I was pretty much relieved when I saw Romaan Ali Khan Sahab completely safe and sound after he met through an accident. Sehrish’s reaction to the situation was predictable ; she had no children, still she cared for Romaan more than any woman who is blessed with the blessing of having a kid. I literally enjoyed ┬ábandage part where Sehrish was following the commands of King Roomi with a lovely smile on her face :)

Sehrish had a yearning desire to have a kid and Romaan was somehow fulfilling her intense craving. Because of Roomi, she met Sania and yelled at her to the worse. Accha, I was expecting same Kashaf or Mina kind of reply from her but her character is completely contrary to the role of Kashaf or Mina.She stayed calm and quiet as it was the part of her nature.

Sania is spending her life with Roomi and her mother in law(Badar Khalil).Her disability to walk somehow developed sense of inferiority complex in her that is out bursting on Sania every time and every step she takes in presence of her. From giving medicines to every meal, Sania is always wrong for her. For that, she complaints her son, Ali (Sania’s husband) whenever he calls him.

One thing, I really like about this show is that both couples, Sehrish and Ehteshaam, Ali and Sania are etched out perfectly and portrayed as happily married. Where Sehrish and Shaam share lovely informal chemistry, Ali and Sania’s relation was of give-and-take-respect kind. Ali trusts Sania to the fullest and Sania forgets her pain and sorrows whenever Ali share his hard times with her. Ali was betrayed by his business partner and he is striving hard to earn his living and pay back all the loans while living in South Africa.

Unlike Sania’s fate, Sehrish was lucky enough to get a dream mother- in-law. I enjoyed every bit of light chit-chat that Sehrish and her MIL had with each other. The exercise part, Maham’s call and Sehrish’s reply sounded so cute and interesting to me. Sehrish knows that she is among few women who are fortunate enough of having this kind of MIL and she was too possessive about her and values her.Both of ┬áMILs are like obverse sides of a card ; where one is brutal and harsh in nature, other is always easy-going and delightful.

Sehrish realized once again how lucky is she when she went to Sania’s place along with a cake and heard her MIL scolding and yelling at her. And then That Nazar utaarnay wala part was laughable one and fun-to-watch.

Sania recalled her past when she had an encounter with Ehtesham and her mother as her neighbors. She was once engaged to him and it can be seen that both of them had no emotional attachment. There relation didn’t work because Shaam wanted to marry Sehrish.For them,this relation initiated and ended in a glimpse of time and both of them had no regret of it.

Sehrish is still unaware of the fact that Shaam and Sania were engaged once. I am expecting that her unawareness will lead this serial towards its main theme “Shak”.

I am looking forward to more of this show as I am getting addicted to it.

Do share your views about this episode.

Stay Blessed,
Rabia Basharat.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.


  • I love the episode :D this drama is very interesting, entertaining !! All actors are doing great… Sanam is looking different n nice :) I enjoyed sehrish n her mother in law’s relationship… for a moment i thought she is sehrish’s mother but then, sehrish when called her saas it became clear :D Overall drama is amazing.. i enjoy watching it… scenes r well directed and everything seems perfect.. i didn’t feel any need to forward the scenes while watching it as i do for other dramas like numm :D

    Btw Rabia this was a good review :) Keep writing !!

    • Hahahaha.. Same was the case with me. I thought the same way that Shamim ge is Sehrish’s mother but as soon as Sehrish called her saas, I was kind of shocked with the fact that itneeeeeee achi saas .. LOL :D..

      Indeed,everything about this show is going perfect till now but I am afraid to expect more from this serial because every time we raise the bar of expectations, show turns out to be disappointing. I hope this wont happen with Shak.. :)

  • I love this drama! It was so realistic and everything was 10/10.It’s finally good to see everyone in a different role.The phone scene b/w Sania and Ali was very cute.How calmly Sania responded to him.This is the first time Adeel and Ayesha have been paired together and i must say,it has been successful.Their chemistry is really adorable and sizzling.Like everyone,i also thought that Shamim was Ayesha’s mother.The way she greeted and complained haha :D Please keep reviewing this drama.You have done it wonderfully.I will look forward to both the drama,and your review :) Finally,finally a good drama among all the horrible one’s from this year!!

    • Thanks for your appreciation Hammad.

      Yes, I enjoyed that phone part where Ali and Sania had such a nice discussion regarding their issues. They were understanding each other with such an ease and advising each other too. I have hardly seen such couples where both Husband and wife are calm in nature.

      I am expecting a lot from this drama as none of the shows till now compelled me to involve into its story to the fullest.

      I hope pace of the show maintains the way it is maintained in first two episodes.

  • I started watching this drama after reading your review of first episode, thanks for that.

    this drama proved a treat on weekend. I already switched to aseerzadi from numm, and now switched to this. Best part of this episode i like is the comprehensive manner in which whole engagement and breakup of sania and ahtesham is shown in some brief scenes, they connected the dots one after other and completed the picture without consuming half an episode. In urdu it is called as “darya ko koozay mein band karnaa”

    Association and affection of all characters looks quite realistic, ayesha khan, shamim hilali and adeel hussain look perfect in the frame.

    I am eager to see from where this element of Shak will appear either from husband of sania or wife of Ahtesham and why would it appear as despite engagement there was not a great sentimental relationship in between Ahtesham and Sania.

    • Thank u so much.

      Truly said Rashid. Those engagement scenes were neither prolonged nor they were lacking any detail. They were just perfect to watch and understand that Sania and Shaam had no bonding in between them due to which engagement will work.

      Ayesha,Adeel and Shamim share perfect onscreen chemistry. But there was a time when even Sehrish was in doubt that her MIL was speaking against her as she dont have any kid after 7 years of marriage. But I guess that was just Come-and-go kind of situation,she wont keep that in her mind forever.

      Preview is making us to expect that Ali will hear all ongoing discussion between Sania and Shaam.. Daikhna ye hai whether he will trust her the way he does before or he will develop a sense of “Shak” in him.

  • Nice review..

    Really liking the show. The actors are great and I am already a fan of Yasir Nawaz’s direction. I wish Adeel Hussain was paired with Sanam though, they look good together.

    • Thanks for your say Mariam.

      No doubt, Yasir has the spark in his direction that forces its viewers to look forward to next episode always.

      Mmmm.. I guess Aisha has that bubbly factor in her and it was requirement of that character due to which she was given role of Shaam’s wife and she is performing well too. I think I have started liking her more after watching her mind blasting performance in Waar.

      I wouldnot mind even if Sanam was given role of Sehrish either. But that would then be a challenge for Sanam because she haven’t tried such roles till now.

    • Thanks u so much Aimen.Our hard works pays off when you people appreciate us.Keep on reading and giving us your precious feedback.. :)

  • Oh to yeh “MOL” se “MIL” ho gaya..shukar warna maine aapse sachi muchi MOL ka matlab poch lena tha…lolzz….wese aapka style acha laga mujhe..humour jo mix kia hai na aapne..nice riview..
    As far as this drama is concerned…loved every bit of it!! esp Aisha Khan ka har scene..chahe woh kissi k bhi sath ho….m so happy for Jibran..finally kissi ne isko bhi aik bare project main lia..i used to feel so bad for him..k itna acha versatile aur gud luks wala actor hai but sooo under rated!!
    woh scene jab Sehrish apni saas ki nazar utarti hai..jhoot nahi bolongi..but itne arse baad koi Pak drama dekhte howe main itna ziada hansi hoon keh bata nahi sakti…..
    Aisha aur Adeel ki chemistry, unki timing..bohat achi hai..m jst lvng thr couple!
    Shamim Hilali aur Badar Khalil k toh kia hi kehne..Seniors hain na toh kaam bhi wesa hi kerte hain..baghir kissi khami ka!
    and Sanam and Jibran kaafi ache lage mujhe as couple..shukar Jibran ek normal insan hai warna promos se toh koi villain lag raha tha…..u knw m hating the fact keh aage ja ker yeh sab kuch change ho jai ga cuz of “SHUKK”..

    • Hahahaha .. Aimen you are such a keen reader girl.. Yes, it was a typing mistake.I uploaded the review and when I read it next day just to confirm whether everything is perfect I came across this MOL thingee,which I edited immediately LOL..

      Thanks for ur appreciation. It means a lot to me.

      I guess, Jibran will turn evil when he will come to know that Sania was engaged once and she is still meeting with the guy she got engaged with. I hope everything remains fine, but I know it wont because plot of the show is all about Shak.. :)

      Fingers crossed..

  • Personally i got confused after watching the 2nd episode. Why on earth did she go to Sehrishs’ house whn she knew Ehtesham is her Husband. Ok lets say tht’s fine, y ON EARTH wud she work in the same place as Ehteshaam.
    I remember Sanam said in a goodmorning pakistan tht her character is Bewakoof and that she cud ignore those things, and tht is EXACTLY wht Sania is. I mean I wud NVR visit my ex fiance’s house nor work in the same office, tht is plain stupid.

    ANyways other than tht i am loving the couples ofcourse i wud love 2 see Adeel and Sanam oppo each other ONE day lol
    And evry single actor in this drama is spot on, i mean perfect for their role.
    I am really looking forwad for more

    • Well, She went to Shaam’s house because he is no more important to her. Where as office part wasnt aired today. Maybe it will form a part of upcoming episodes.. :)

      And Yes, this show is getting good viewership because people are sick of repeated and same kind of plots and story lines used these days.

      Hope to hear more from u someone.. :)
      Thanks for your feedback.

      • Whether he is imp. to her doesn’t matter. But going to ur ex-fiance is stupid. I wonder how many girls ACTUALLY do tht.
        Also u can actually still feel tht Sania is a little curious abt his family, since she asked abt mother in law 2.
        Last but not the least as a married girl u can make friends but there will arise issues if ur present husbands gets 2 know abt tht.

        • But she is not friends with Shaam dear. She went to Sania’s place just to give those kababs in return of cake that she baked for Roomi.

          And next episode preview clearly depicted that she is least interested in Shaam who is taking interest in her personal life for whatever reason.

          Keep ur fingers crossed.. :)

  • sehrish ehtisham n her mother in law r a dream family…i seriously wish aisha gets kids as she adores them so much…n thn dat wd b the most perfect n complete family….love aisha khan’s role in it…outwardly happy n content but inwardly insecure …she expreses her strong desire to get kids only infront of her husband…her earnest yearning for babies mke me want to see her having her own babies…[lov the part where aisha does that nazar utarna…it ws cute n hillarious…

    • Thanks for your say Kiran.

      No doubt,they are dream family and I like everything about them. You are so right that she seems to be happy but deep inside her urge to have her own kids makes her insecure maybe because she thinks that Shaam will marry someone else or her MIL will compel him to do so.. Whatever the reason maybe, I am liking this show.. and I am eagerly looking forward to next episode.

      Keep on reading and giving us ur valuable feedback. :)

  • epi 2 was amazing. Aisha khan my fav, she is mind blowing actor.. cant wait to see coming episode’s.. good review. will wait for next epi

    • Thanks for ur say Xanib.
      Keep on reading and yes I am also waiting what this show has to offer next.
      And yeah, After watching Waar, I admit I have started liking Aisha Khan too.. :p