Rishtey Kuch Adhooray Sai – An Unsolved Enigma

Finally, we have seen some developments in this serial today. Aliya received divorce papers and went into serious mental trauma after that.

On hearing Aliya’s divorce news, Gaiti’s father made it very clear that Arsal could have taken a step to eradicate that fuss created by him only because of his marriage.His one step could have saved Aliya’s life. He was,no doubt, right at his place but at the same time Aliya’s parents were also right that if they would have accomplished one of his demands now,he will ask for more and more in future.They were not expecting him to be such a coward and narrow minded human who can ruin his own life just to pamper and spoil his sister much more than before.

Gaiti is now realizing that she should take some serious step to solve out Nikah issue and for that she is continuously thinking to dug out a possible way through which she can solve out the issue. To maintain her relations, she also went to talk to Kiran that she went through a phase of tension soon after that Nikah incident and for that Kiran owes an apology from her.

While their discussion, Kiran came across shining Kangan that were carried by Gaiti so beautifully. Kiran is now getting serious for Arsal.Even if she is not ready to ruin her sister’s life still she can’t stop herself from thinking and observing every step that Gaiti takes. Her curiosity while Gaiti was on call with Arsal said it all.

Germs of jealousy are getting multiplied in Kiran with every passing day.She cant bear Gaiti’s late night phone calls. It can be easily observed that Kiran is messed up between her concern for her sister and that Nikah. All we have to wait for is which aspect of her will lead and which will lag.

On hearing about telephonic and asking about a situation closer to Gaiti’s issue, Gaiti’s mother considered it as a ray of hope that this Nikah is not a problem anymore. Still, Gaiti wants to confirm this matter from some religious scholar.

Last scene was quite interesting as Gaiti goes to her father and narrates everything to him.His fierce and angry looks were enough to kill any one.I was thinking that after that angry look,he will slap Gaiti but he stood up and went out of the room. And then,we heard a fired bullet sound..

Is this a dream of Gaiti or her father has seriously committed suicide? What will happen  after Gaiti’s  mother will come to know that Gaiti is not wed locked with Arsal.? Will she be able to get a possible way out of trouble or not ?

For all that and many more, Keep on reading.

Rabia Basharat.


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