Three Worst Novel Based Dramas

Novel based dramas are not new for our TV screens.Since the times of Ptv various novels of A.R.Khatoon, Zubaida Khatoon and Naheed Sultana Akhtar have been dramatized under the titles Shama,Afshan,Uroosa,Tasweer and Aanch etc.The advent of private television programming took this trend further and the stories,novels and novelettes of different digest writers were dramatized. Some of them proved to be super duper hits while others fail to leave a mark.In the following,we present our list of three worst drama based novels. You are free to disagree or present us with your own list

1- Amar Bail
This is a very popular story of Umera Ahmed.It is a love story of Umar Jahangir and Aleezay Sikandar set against the backdrop of Pakistan’s bureaucracy. How these two individuals fight their battles and complexes is the crux of the story. TVOne made a drama on it which was aired a few years ago. It starred Adnan Siddiqui and Maria Rabab (of Daak Time fame). However, Maria Rabab couldn’t do justice to her role and was much criticized by everyone for her poor acting skills and physical features also. A remake of the story featuring Fawad Khan and Nida Khan (Sanam’s friend in Kadoorat) was doing the rounds on social media sometime back but it remained a rumour as no such drama is under consideration atleast for now.It remains the most hated drama specially by fans of Umera Ahmed.


2- Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu
It is a popular novel by ace novelist and superhit drama writer Farhat Ishtiaq.The story revolves around Ibaad Uzair (Aabi),his extreme love for his parents and what happens when he comes across Haniya Sajjad in foreign land and falls for while his parents has selected someone else for him back home in Karachi. The tragic death of Aabi as he’s coming back to convince his parents to accept his marriage with Haniya was the turning point of the story and the events thereafter took the graph of the story upwards.A drama was made on it and aired by Hum TV. It was scripted by Farhat herself and directed by Mehreen Jabbar.However,the suspense factor was missing for the large part in the story plus the casting of Adeel Hussain as Aabi disappointed a lot of Farhat Ishtiaq fans and was probably one of the reasons that the drama never saw the kind of ratings that the earlier blockbuster Humsafar had seen. It would be pertinent to mention here that Fawad Khan was originally to play Aabi but he couldn’t get the visa on time,hence came in Adeel Hussain.


3- Jo Chalay To Jaan Se Guzar Gaye
This novel of Maha Malik has been dramatized not once but twice, however, both times the drama version failed to impress the audience. It was a tale of a powerful person falling in love with a girl and getting her forcefully. The girl initially hates him but with time their relationship evolves. The second drama version starred Nauman Ejaz and Saba Qamar in leads but due to many differences from the actual story, added twists and turns and change in events led to this drama not getting much popularity.



What do you people say?


Haseeb Ahmed


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • please add serial “Mann o Salwa” written by Umera Ahmad, to the top of the list, it was also a disastrous novel based drama :/

    • yes, mann o salwa was quite different from what was there in novel, also though resham acted well, but she was not as pretty and young as the character in novel is described, the section of past regarding karam daad was missing in drama. But there is an interesting fact about mann o salwa that first it was written for television and then it was written as a novel. so perhaps it was a drama which was turned into novel not novel turned into to drama. also drama was finished before last episode of novel has been published.

  • A nice article haseeb, I would also like to mention “husna aur husan ara”, based on novel of same name of umera ahmed for TV One, it was a 8-10 episode mini serial with meera in leading role with worst acting and production for any play of umera ahmed.

  • i haven’t read other novels except amar abil mentioned here it is a supereb novel and it should really be redramasized..

  • Please include ZGH in it. I know, people will disagree with me. But those who have read the novel, they know that the drama went completely out of the track..

    • I agree, I tried just so very very hard to become a fan or jump into the bandwagon of Zindagi Gulzar Hai or as we say ZGH but failed, not once, not twice, but again & again. & Thank God what proved me right was the abrupt ending & I actually cringed when I heard Kashaf say ‘Abb mere Shikway Allah se KAMM ho gaye hain’.

      I mean after getting everything like the understanding husband (who supported her through thick & thin), a sound background, twin baby girls & a peaceful life, like totally different than what she wanted or complained about in life, all she could say was Shikway KAMM ho gaye hain, so why were we kept in a wait to hear her say ALLHAMDULLILAH when she just couldn’t come to that point?

      Ohkay, she was a one-man self-made girl & she didn’t need to rely on Zaroon for any of such luxuries of life as she earned them well herself, so at least she could have been thankful for becoming capable of all such things by herself. Not thankful for herself & then for her post-married life, then what was the tag line for?

      I read half of the novel & felt it was simple but just PERFECT but just in the course of dramatizing it & to fit the image of Fawad, they literally spoiled it.

      • Looks like I’m not the only one here. The Kashaf in novel had “shikwas” that I don’t know but I think everyone of us has them in some time of life. They sounded more real. Whereas in drama, they were just about how “betiyan bojh hain”.
        And sorry to say but Sultana Siddiqui spoiled the whole story by:
        1) Concentrating more on sending a message that “Education for all”, which in the process got lost as well
        2) The unnecessary romantic element. I mean okay, Zaroon was a flirt. But still his portrayal was not that which was in drama. He appeared more sphosticated and i dont know. I just can;t explain it but I liked the novel one Zaroon better.
        And how did the shikwa ended in just 1 scene???!!! And yes, I agree what were the shikwa. Was it just “beti issue”
        At the end of book, Zaroon was a changed man. I didn’t find such drastic changes in Zarron of drama.
        The Kashaf in drama is just too much straight forward and confident. Kashaf in novel looked like a strong personality but in real she was so fragile! I felt more for her character in novel

        And i still can’t get how it became “most hyped drama!”

        • Yeah, it was most hyped because of Fawad Khan of course. & for the same reason I disliked Humsafar because the story was just so typical & predictable so I didn’t find any reason to go gaga over the serial. It was just a simple story with good looking protagonist. I am sure if any average looking leads would’ve done Humsafar, it wouldn’t become such a hit. Plus the story was totally taken from Umera Ahmed’s ‘Meri Zaat Zarra e Benishaan’ which was another masterpiece of hers with amazing story & equally amazing dramatization.

          Yes, it was emphasized that all the girls of this age should be self-made & khud-dar. Ohkay, fine. There are so many like that but it doesn’t mean that you have to be so cold.

          Plus the ending ‘I love you’ scene seemed just so hideous where she had such a huge emotional baggage which she carried against Zaroon but it was justttt sorted out with a simple I love you. LOL! Then why did they bring up the whole Asmara scene once again, making Zaroon look like a typical male with dual standards. Anyways, in a nutshell….NOT A FAN! ;)

          • And the constant chant of “do you love me?” , “say you love me” and the holding hands just used to make me vomit!

            WHOaA!! I have the same perception about Humsafar.. Where have we been that we didn’t know this partiuclar fact about us!!! :)

          • Where were you my long-lost-having-a-similar-taste-critic-buddy? LOL!

            I mean people raved about Fawad & Sanam’s chemistry in Zindagi Gulzar Hai but I am sorry to say her ‘poker face’ killed the whole essence of their one-on-one conversations.

            Yeah, Humsafar had some chemistry but I really liked that they didn’t stoop to some meaningless touchings even though they were playing the modern day ‘miyan biwi’. That’s the only thing I liked about Humsafar & I truly believe that you don’t have to actually touch your lead actress to prove a point. ;)

          • Sitting in front of the telly, with a bad mood watching ZGH AND Humsafar.. LOL!!

            Ya, the only postive was neither Ashar was lovey dovey nor Khirad

          • thanx God..Koi to Meri tara h bi sochta hai..zgh novel was really awesome but drama was hopeless..character zaroon was much much better than zaroon of the drama…n hamsafar got fame just bcaz of actors..story was typical..ameer saas andr ghareeb bahu who is unluckily her husband’s neice also…i thnk mata e jan was much better than humsafar..

        • totally agree xactly my thoughts in novel both of main characters were growing smoothly n story had a flow but in drama i got really confused how kashafs charcater was shown she seemed more stubbron then understanding n i also liked the zaroon of novel more than zaroon of drama

          • Thanks for agreeing ayesha!! I agree Kashaf’s character was too stubborn instead of a nashukri one

      • totally agree novel was way better but atleast this proves that fawad was not entirely responsible for the success of humsafar story nd other characters had lot to do with it

      • The editing of ZGH sucked! They tried to change the story line to depict that a woman can be successful on her own, which was a good idea but the drama was still a drag. The Zaroon-secretly-meeting-Asmara was a fazul twist and the script failed to reflect Kashaf’s true character, which made a lot of people hate her. I loved her character in the novel. I blame the script because SS’ acting was really good in ZGH. So the actors did well but the script was a failure.

        • Yes I agree, even if the script was nominal (as Umera Ahmed changed the actual novel to fit the drama & to dramatize a simple story more) I guess the direction failed at that point because the director didn’t work on making their characters come across more appropriately.

      • Umera ki script, her dialogues and good direction were main reason jo bohat se logon ne zgh ko dekha aur pasand kia..Fawad has star power but ek drama ko superhit toh kia but hit bhi kerne keh liye sirf star power kaafi nahi FK was in Ashk but Ashk wz superflop drama..and now a days Numm…abhi start howa hai but Geo k official na abhi se isko officially flop karar de dia hai….

  • Agree abt Amar bail..woh to kissi ko acha nahi laga tha…Umar Jahangir aur Alizey ki on-screen mout tha woh drama……but Mata e Jaan sirf un logo ko bura laga tha jinho ne novel perha howa tha but viewers ki woh majority jinho ne novel nahi perha howa unko toh bohat acha laga tha as far as i knw…..aur novel pehne wali majority of audiance har us drama ko jo novel based ho kubool nahi kerti except exceptions like Humsafar or ZGH…
    ZGH Umera ka sub se bura (Umera k standards k lihaz se) novel hai..shayad is liye bcuz woh unka Pehla novel tha..but as drama unke Best dramas main se ek tha….
    BTW include LAHASIL in this list as well…Angeline as Khateeja Bano..thooooo!!!!

    • I watched a scene of LAHASIL and didn’t appeal me at all.. Haven’t seen the drama yet.. AS for ZGH, I took the book as an average and good story.But the drama for me, was a huge flop. As the main essence that was “shikway sai shukar ka safar” was completely lost somewhere..

      • Actully Sultana Siddiqui ne Fawad k fans ko Romance ki loly-pop dene keh liye bohat ziada cheesy banadia tha…Umera ki script k sath cher char keri is liye Umera ka woh makhsoos touch nahi tha kuch jagahoon per…but i still LOVED it……

        • I agree.. She said it herself that UA said to her she cannot write romance. And in return she replied “I would take care of it”, so ya, we can deduce where the holding hands came from :)

          • I dont knw y Umera thinks keh woh Romance nahi likh sakti…bcuz Umar aur Alizeh ki love story se ziada achi love story mene ab takk ki zindagi main nahi perhi…even Salar and Imama….woh Jhumkeh wala scene Uff!!! Still Umera thinks keh woh Romance nahi likh sakti ..strange!! ya phir shayad unka matlab tha keh woh chipakne wala Romance nahi likh sakti..bcuz unke romance main bhi Purity hoti hai…..

        • Yes Amna & Aiman, it is the same Umera Ahmed, who disowned Shehr-e-Zaat just because of one controversial dialogue, we’re talking about! She clearly said that the dialogue ‘sharam ankh mai hoti hai’ didn’t match her perspective or her beliefs that’s why she backed out & was enraged when the episode got on-air, because she said she was not responsible for getting the wrong message across. So how can she approve of all this!

          • Well actully SS aur aur Sarmad main ek bohat bara difference hai….Umera ka SS se kafi salon ka aur bara respect wala relation hai..infact Umera chahti thi keh SS ek dafa toh unki koi script direct kare..on the other hand Sarmad k sath unka pehla drama tha i think aur woh buss ek aam sa director hai Umera keh liye like any other director, jabkeh SS k sath unka ek rishta hai…aur SS industry main ek VETERAN DIRECTOR keh torr per jaani jaati hain… i think sirf us Respect ki wajah se Umera let her do Cher Char with her script…but drama k end main show main unhon ne apne Fans ko yeh baat batana zarori samjhi k woh sub chipakna wagera unho ne nahi likha bcuz ofcourse woh sub dekh ker UA k bohat se Fans disappoint howe the keh UA aisa kese likh sakti hain, she is losing her touch etc but thank God unhe ne clarify ker dia tha…
            Dosri baat Shehr e zaat ka woh dialogue sirf ek chota sa dialogue nahi tha woh poori ek Soch hai…jo UA ki nahi aur joh UA ki bohat bari fan following keh liye ek bohat bara dhachka tha keh UA bhi yehi sochti hain..toh UA k liye bohat zarori tha aisa reaction show kerna….aur mere nazar main toh Sarmad ne drama ko us dialogue k sath end ker keh poore drama ka msg change ker dia tha…..atleast Sultana jee k Romantic scenes ki addition se koi ghalat SOCH to perwan nahi charhi thi na but Sarmad keh us dialogue se ek bohat ghalat Soch ko aageh barhaya ja raha tha…woh bhi Umera k name se…jinkeh Novel, jinki Batain bohat se logo k liye source of inspiration hain…..

          • Thanks a lot for clearing a lot more things. Yes, yehi to mai bhi keh rahi thi k ye wohi Umera Ahmed hain jo aik dialogue k upper a k pura drama disown kar deti hain to definitely unhon ne ye sab nahi likha. Isi liye yahan pe sab yehi baat kar rahay thay like jo Umera Ahmed k novel k aur simplicity k fans hain k she wrote their relation in a very simple way, no such meaningless touches were included ever or even aggar hon bhi to reading ki baat alag aur actually dekhne mai sab alag lagta hai.

            That dialogue was actually said to save the industry itself basically showing k jo hamare yahan jo bhi karta hai karne do kyunki beshak wo jaisay bhi hon ho sakta hai unki nazar mai sharam ho, which is just so wrong but they actually had to protect their industry & their wrong-doings so without her consent the dialogue was added. Sad!

          • Bilkul sahi keh rahi hain aap…it was said to justify their wrong deeds keh sharam toh aankh main hoti hai bhai jaan..aap apni aankhen band ker lain agar itni sharam aa rahi hai humari harkatoon se……Ek toh itni ghalat harkat kari SK ne upar se uska attitude dekho..har forum per ja ker “I disown Sez”…yaar ghalti kari hai toh except bhi karo na agar mard k bache ho….but nahi aisee batain ker keh logo ki hamdardi haasil kerne keh Umera attitude dikha rahi hain zara si baat per..Bechara Sarmad..huhhhh!!!!

          • I know, but loyal fans & not only fans, actually those who understand her eye for a life, they didn’t doubt Umera Ahmed for sure. Even when I saw that episode, by then no such conspiracy actually surfaced, so when I heard that dialogue on my own, I immediately felt that this was something which Umera Ahmed wouldn’t say because it defies her own take & approach on a life to be lead according to Islam. But then it got clarified & we knew who the culprit was.

          • I agree loyal fans pehchan jate hain..but main ne unke official pages per bohat se logo k comments perhe the jo bohat disappointed the…

          • UA romance likhti hain. But wo kabhi aisa nahi hota jis ko parh kar ap sochain kai “kia yai likhna zaroori tha?”. She has higlighted such dark secrets of our society yet they never produce “ghalt khayalat” in our minds. I love the Umar/ Aleezay or Salar/Imama or any toher other charcter.. Her stroies always touch my heart. But like we all said ZGH did not had that spark and to which they turned was not at all acceptable to us! :)

          • Aiman ab khud dekho ager zindage gulzar ha men new characters na aate aur waisa he drama bnate jaise novel men tha to drama dekhne ka maza na aata bilkul b

          • Dramas are never exactly based on novels. A few changes I guess are necassary but chaning the story completely is different. And that is exactly what ZGH had gone through

          • Amna/Aiman/ Zahra – Good discussion, I had been very turned off by UA because of the points hi-lited in your discussion.
            “sharm ankh mein hoti hei” didn’t quite settle with me. Really, so we can all strip as long as we have ‘sharm in our eyes’
            “shikwa se shukar tak ka safar” – Woman! you practically got served the most comfortable life – Shukar is kind of convenient now, ain’t it.

            Zahra, keep writing – great minds think alike!! Wink

          • Aw thank you so much Erum, but about the line of ‘sharam ankh mai hoti hai’ this is what we said that it wasn’t written or supported by Umera Ahmed & she clearly objected it.

            & about Shikwa se Shuker, I think Umera Ahmed had conveyed it nicely in her novel but the drama people focused more on the drama & didn’t quite succeed in getting the idea through. I hated to hear that after all she’s got all she could say was KAM ho gaye hain Shikway…if she had said Allhamdullilah in the end, I think it would’ve sufficed. ;) Hai na?

            Great to hear from you. :)

            & Aiman, I know log yahan ziyada EMOTIONAL hain LOGICAL nahi, aur sirf parhna aik hadh tak appko fan banata hai but to actually understand what the writer is telling makes you open to her opinions more, isi liye logon ne baghair soche samjhe jo bolna tha bol diya without even knowing k Umera Ahmed ne ye sab nahi kaha, I don’t think if they couldn’t understand their favorite writer, they have a right to be called her fans either! ;)

          • I am really happy to read all these comments and glad to see there are many more people like me who are die hard fan of Umera ahmad. One thing i want to say that their is a huge difference between a novel reading and watching a drama. When a novel is being dramatised many things should be changed according to needs. so sometimes these changes are not accepted by the viewers that’s why problem occur.

          • ya totally liye jab log kehte hain na keh novel main aisa tha drama main change ker keh bekar ker dia drama..ya yeh character kion add kia…to mjhe samajh nahi aati kese samjhaon keh drama aur novel main fark hota hai….ek novel ko dramatise kerne keh liye changes kerni perti hain…buss ek baat hai jiska i think producers/directors ko dihaan rakhna chahiye keh har character aur esp leads ko wesa hi lain jaisa woh likhe gai the…aur chahe jitni bhi changes hoon story ki theme nahi change honi chahiye….

    • Well, I think Lahasil’s drama did justice to Lahasil’s novel. I was not happy with Faiza Hassan playing the character of Mariam but over all the drama was really appealing & had us overwhelmed at the last episode. It was a very very nice effort at least better than the MUCH-OVERLY-HYPED Zindagi Gulzar Hai!!!

      • U knw kuch novels sirf novel nahi hote source of inspiration hote hain…Lahasil, Peer e Kamil, Hasil etc bhi un novels main se hain mere liye jo sirf Novel nahi bohat kuch hain mere liye…..Angeline as Khateeja Bano…us bandi ne us character ko destroy ker dia poora….u knw Khateeja Bano ko imagine kerte howe mere zehan main ek Soft chehra aata hai but Angeline…flat face,expressionless women…..even Faiza as Marium bhi bilkul ghalat choice hai…..Meri liye toh they destroyed it completely…
        Kuch logon k liye Humsafar bhi Over-Hyped chill..mere liye ZGH is 1 of the best drama i have ever seen……

        • I agree & I respect your opinion. Everyone has their own imagination. I know Angeline Malick had to put a lot more effort given the types of roles she used to do but over all she did an amazing job as a director of the drama because the execution was perfect & no MAJOR changes in fact no changes were made to the story at all & all the things were kept in mind. Therefore, I find Lahasil’s drama just as perfect as the novel itself. :)

        • Sorry I have to disagree with you here. You are definetly in minority. Majority thinks Humsafar as the best drama in recent years.
          You seem to be a die hard fan and blind follower of Umera Bibi. So I don’t expect you to make a balanced, objective conversation.
          So I rest my case.

          • Yes i m a Die Hard fan of Umera…and meri nazar main toh aap ka view bhi iss kabil nahi keh usko ek sahi aur balanced baat maani jai bcuz mjhe aap UA ki “Blind hater” lagti hain…….UA ka drama dekh rahi ho ya nahi aapko Tankeed zaror kerni hai..even aap keh comment per bhi mjhe bura is liye laga tha keh aap ki malomat bhi poori nahi but apni aadat keh mutabik aapne UA ko criticize kerna shoro ker diya tha…..atleast banda “valid criticism” kare toh sahi bhi lage….but aap ki toh lagta hai UA se koi paidaishi dushmani chal rahi hai..kabhi unke liye koi achi baat aapke comment main nahi perhi mene…..

            Aur jahan takk humsafar ki baat hai..bibi aapne meri baat samjhi??? ya buss aadatan tankeed kerni shoro kerdi??

          • hi aiman, hamnah here! thumbs up for your straight forward comment & replies! (Y) totally agree with you

          • Hey Hamnah..kidhar ho yaar aaj kal?? kabhi kabhar comments bhi ker liye karo..i really miss zgh discussions….aur jahan takk mere comments ki baat hai..yar buss jo baat zehan main aati hai likhti rehti dil se..

          • yar parhai jaan nahi chorti :/ yup, I really miss the discussions & I really miss you aiman! It seems like, it’s a telepathy that we share ;)

          • Exactly Amarbail is the worst ever drama literally i was shocked to see heroine. It had so many flaws in direction, cast etc. whereas novel is one of my favorites.

    • I agree Mata-e Jaan was a hit serial but I want to ad Tahir-e Lahooti, Saiqa and Shehre zaat. Actually I don’t want to see novel base drama It disappoint us Now a days Kankar. I think most people are watching serial only for Sanam Baloch.

      • Shehr e zaat was superhit and Kankar aswell is a hit drama…Mahira did an awsome job as Falak and so is Sanam doing an awsome job in
        Kankar…but yeh dono actress kabhi bhi in dramas ko hit nahi bana sakti theen agar Umera itni zabardast script na likhti… infact Mata e jaan was a flop serial…bcuz of wrong casting..

  • plzzz include shab e arzoo ka alam az well ….. a very disappointng drama…..
    khushbu ka ghr……… n Shehre zaat too

  • I think we need to put at least 20 more serials on this list. I know some people will hats this but we need to put few more dramas of Umera Ahmed in this list. Yaar aik insaan kitney drama like Dakota hai. Difficult to do justice when your are constantly writing at least one tv drama all the time. I feel she has exhausted herself.

    • just to inform u unhe ne saal main 2 ya kabhi kabhi 3 dramas likhe hain……inse kahin ziada dramas har saal dosre writers likhte hain…..8 years main unhe ne koi 20 dramas likhe hain bsss…..aur bakool Umera k unke saare dramas Main se agar Half Novel based hain to Half ORIGINAL SCRIPT hain….so aapki baat ek joke se ziada aur kuch nahi sorry to say…kissi per tankeed kerne se pehle bhi na uske baare main achi khasi malomaat honi chahiye takkeh khud humara hi mazak na ban ja….

      • aur bakool Umera k unke saare dramas Main se agar Half Novel based hain to Half ORIGINAL SCRIPT hain….so aapki baat ek joke se ziada aur kuch nahi sorry to say…kissi per tankeed kerne se pehle bhi na uske baare main achi khasi malomaat honi chahiye takkeh khud humara hi mazak na ban ja….

        • Yar yah kia prob hai..main apna koi comment delete karti hoon toh woh baad main as “guest” k name se aajata hai….confused!!

      • But you will agree that few more of her plays should be part of the list.
        Umera Ahmed is a popular writer, we respect her but that doesn’t mean she is beyond criticism. Discussion mei Tina ghussa nah in dikhana chahiyeh. This forum is for discussion and difference of opinion loi buri baat nahi on. Have a glass of ice cold water.

  • Also include tair-e-laahoti and shehr e dil k darwazay. Both were far different from original story and actors didnt match the characters. Especially sunita marshal’s role as mah noor was not matching with the original character.

  • totally agree on it…amarbail is such a beautiful drama..hoping that fawad and nida will do justice to umer and alizay

  • no , Mata e jaan was a v nice drama. adeel hussain acted v nicely the role of ibad..
    although m a big fan of Fawad but its not necessary that everytime fawad is to cast as hero in all best novels.. :)

  • ummar bail and jo chaly tu jaan sy guzar gae both are the best novels but unfortunately dramatization was worst even they moulded the rel story of novel.

  • I agree with the above list except Matae jaan as it did attract a lot of viewers. also I disagree about ZGH comments as it was a super hit and got highest rating throughout. It had a good social lesson specially the dialogues by Samin Pirzada to her stubborn daughter Kashf. It was very close to our society as we have seen lot of family problems in lower middle classes due to the birth of daughters. I must say drama was far better than the novel.

  • Mr. Haseeb Ahmed asked us to comment in the above three flops and some of us are so busy commenting on mega hits of recent times..just can’t get my head into it..we as society needs to appreciate if some one does good work but then it would not have been our state if we were so good.
    All above were failures and Mata-e-Jaan was the biggest and yes it was because of Adeel Hussein(soory to say), he just couldn’t fit into the role, even though Sarwat Gilani and others did justice to theri roles.

  • Mata e jaan was not a disapointment. It was good. Adeel hussain acted well. And if you really want to name a disapointing (novel turned) drama, then ‘ Zindagi Gulzar hai ‘ should be named.

  • ZGH’s novel was also very bad and the drama was the worst ever. I seriously hate it. Mata e Jaan was good. I like it very much but I know you have your own choice. I liked it because of the sweet couple and Adeel is my favourite actor. He is improving. The other two I haven’t watched.

  • would any writer, director, or production house dare to dramatize the novel- Dastak na do- It can be a wonderful play. A period drama like Downton Abbey. I would like to do it myself also but I dont know any producer/ director

  • zgh is best drama acting of fawad andsanam was superb and zgh is better than humsafar ap log usko novel based se mat dekho it was superb drama

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