Rishtey Kuch Adhoorai Se – Gaiti’s life in hell

Ohkay, now I am completely fed up with this Nikah issue of Gaiti. The issue is dragging so slowly and unnecessarily. But point is, whole plot of this show revolves around this sensitive issue. Still,they shouldn’t test viewers patience level.

Gaiti,as expected, was not at all easy after all the post-wedding scenes where she happened to be all alone with Arsal.She is acting completely right to the situation in which she has been put in. But on serious note,I am completely fed up of watching Sohai Ali with that sad face and with same expressions always,I dont know why anyone cast her for some role other than that or why she take similar kind of projects and not experiment her acting skills.

1    Arsal’s life is half-messed up. Every time he tries to make Gaiti comfortable, he himself gets irritated that why his wife is acting this way ? But, I must appreciate Arsal’s take on what Gaiti thinks and feels for him right now.He is taking everything positively and not at all creating any drama. But there are times his patience goes beyond limits and his angry nature comes out.

Gaiti’s mother is sad at her place.For Gaiti, she was the culprit of everything that was done. And Gaiti’s mother is accepting the fact that all of issue arose because of one wrong step she took in immense pressure and tension. All she is doing is haunting herself and will keep on haunting till everything won’t be revealed in front of Arsal.


No wonder why Kiran is still acting immature. Her every action tells that deep inside she has started liking Arsal. She was sad when Gaiti went along with Arsal after her wedding not because her sister went ,but her sadness was primarily for Arsal.And when they took breakfast for Gaiti,Kiran’s eyes were continuosuly on Arsal and after she came back,she was still thinking of her and Arsal’s interaction.


Interesting point is that ,Aliya is actually liking Kiran and finding her more friendly as  compared to Gaiti. The way she said that its difficult to distiguish that which one is bride and which one is not as both of them are wearing red dopattas ,somehow made Kiran happy and Gaiti and her mother a bit worried.


I don’t like Gaiti’s father attitude towards Gaiti’s in laws. Though he is portrayed to be a man of rules,still he could have drew a border line while uttering every word in front of Gaiti’s inlaws. There are times when I was kind of surprised that he is carving ways for his own son in law to speak up harshly in front of him anytime in forthcoming days. And this will happen soon after Arsal will come to know about Nikah matter. He will then ask his father in law that where were you rules and regulations when all three women of your family made Nikah,a joke for him.


Very last scene of episode depicted thta Arsal will take some serious step for his Nikah with Gaiti again but preview is telling another story.Gaiti will not be ready for Nikah for sure as her sister is already wed-locked to Arsal. Kiran’s expression on being asked by her mother whether she likes someone or not was suspicious one.I am looking forward to the time when Arsal will come to know that Kiran is his wife,not Gaiti.

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Rabia Basharat.


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  • The writer is promoting such a wrong concept. To think of this tedious and comical situation of the nikah, any rational and smart person can realise that Arsal isnt nikahofied to either of the sisters. Arsal accepted the nikah thinking of Gaiti as his wife, not Kiran. Even the Qazi sahab must have asked Arsal if he wants to get married to Gaiti (not Kiran) but Gaiti wasnt there so technically the nikah shall not exist. I dont know what that mufti sahab was thinking when telling Gaiti and her mother that it is Kiran who is in Arsal’s nikah when Arsal didnt even accept. These type of plots only further confuse the masses, people dont realise the tediousness and start applying such concepts to their lives especially our lower class who dont go to the depth of this matter and take it as it is. I wonder what happened to the simplistic yet interesting story lines.

  • This is a complete mess of a story. The Nikah isn’t valid with either sister. I am surprised at the length to which our playwrights are going, just for the ratings.

  • a compltely wrong concept portrayed here Arsal ki jab kiran se nikkah ki niyat he nai thee to nikkah hoa he nai his intention was to marry Gaiti not Kiran and nikkah aint about sayin Qabool hay it has to do with intentions………. so a pretty useless topic here coz neither of the sisters is married to Arsal

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