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Rishtey Kuch Adhoorai Se – Disappointed Gaiti

This episode opened new chapter in this serial.  Initially,when Gaiti’s mother asked Kiran to sit and act as if she is Gaiti and she was apparently wed locked to Arsal,I thought that none of them are wed locked to Arsal according to Shariaah.But this episode gave a twist to this drama serial.

As expected, it was Gaiti’s dream that her father shoot himself after becoming aware of everything.And as soon as she woke up, she was a bit relieved and a bit tensed.Relieved because it was her dream and sad because she can never narrate the reality to her father.

Gaiti asked Arsal about Nikah and like every sensible gentle man, Arsalan searched everything related to ambiguity told by Gaiti. As he knew half truth, he declared that they are wed locked according to Islamic norms and bride’s silence is considered as signal of agreement from her side.

Arsal asked Gaiti to relax but who knows what is going inside Gaiti.Every single second pinches her from inside,her eternal soul shouts every moment to tell this world that this not fair and is not according to Islamic teachings but then as soon as she look upon the culture she is living in, she convince herself to stay quiet.

Gaiti and her mother lied to her father that they are going to saloon. They visited a religious scholar instead. And his explanation made me a bit sad.He told them that Gaiti wasnt there at time of Nikah so her Nikah with Arsal wasnt possible at all.Kiran was sitting at her place and she was the one who agreed to get wedlocked so she is Arsal’s wife according to Deen. And then, Gaiti and her mother were not in their senses.What will be Gaiti’s future?  A question mark,indeed.

Gaiti and Kiran relation is going nowhere. The way Kiran said I miss you Gaiti said it all.Gaiti loves her sister and so does her sister,Kiran. But from one month everything went upside down. Gaiti and Kiran ended up into serious rivalry.

I really like Gaiti’s father concern for his daughters always.The way he cares,the way he ask them for anything if they want and every single aspect that engage him with his daughters takes me to another world.Its because fathers of nowadays dont have time for their children(not all obviously). Despite of his strict nature,he asked Kiran that she can invite as many friends of her as she want on Gaiti’s wedding.

Preview of next episode shows that Gaiti will get married to Arsal and this Nikah thing will remain secret till next episode. Whether Gaiti be able to live with this harsh reality of her life or not?What will be reaction of Arsal after knowing everything.

For all that and many more,Keep on reading.

Do share your views about this episode.

Rabia Basharat.

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