Rishtey Kuch Adhoorai Sai – Episode 11

Rishtey Kuch Adhoorai Sai – Episode 11

On serious note, I had no expectations from today’s episode but I enjoyed watching it this time.I got tired of roti dhoti Gaiti but today I saw her smiling. How refreshing.

Arsal is now realizing that his efforts are of no use, Gaiti will get comfortable with him with the passage of time.

It was so predictable that Gaiti won’t be able to utter a single word in front of Arsal when she called him while he was in office. I found Arsal so keen to listen what Gaiti wants to say and I was cent percent sure that he would have never applied those strict rules to his wife (if she told him the reality) which were ironically told by him to his employer.

Gaiti,by nature, is loving and easy-going girl but her life took such a fierce turn that she had to become rigid and stiff for Arsal though she had feelings for Arsal right from their first meeting. Gaiti loves to have chit chat with Salaar, she feels satisfied after getting loads of prayers from Daado and what not. Arsal knows that Gaiti is not finding it easy to get herself emotionally attached to him but he cannot help to stop praising Gaiti all the time.

Aliya and her mother’s discussion about Gaiti and her mother’s meeting was fun to watch. At one side, mother was asking Alya to not indulge into Gaiti’s matters and at another side she was keen to know minutest detail of the meeting she had with her mother. How typical of her. By the way, Alya proved her cheapness and envy for Gaiti by creating a story of her own that Gaiti and her mother are planning for Salaar and Kiran’s wedding.

Now coming towards the serious part where Gaiti’s yelling was heard by Kiran; I was kind of surprised by her reaction to the situation. She neither seemed happy nor was she sad. It was,without any doubt,a shock for her and she has developed a sense of enmity and hatred for her mother as soon as she came to knew that it was merely her mother’s fault. In spite of knowing everything, she did not take any serious step, instead, she remained quiet and asked Gaiti to Let-it-go.

I have now started enjoying Gaiti’s father harsh attitude; Just tell me one thing which makes him happy ..I mean har cheez sai he masla. He really needs help man. 😛

That call on Alya’s phone sounded fishy to me. Is she still in contact with her ex-husband or her divorce was just a drama to create hype and fuss. Whatever the reason maybe, it will be unfolded in upcoming episodes soon.

Rishtey Kuch Adhoorai Sai has to eradicate the Adhoorapan now and needs a strong twist in story otherwise I am afraid, it will lose its few remaining  followers too.

Let’s see what this show has to offer next.

Do share your views about this week’s episode.

Stay Blessed
Rabia Basharat.