Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 11

Ohkay just when I thought that the drama has gotten rational in terms of direction, the director proved me wrong & by all means I admit that this was another one of THOSE episodes that I enjoyed watching the most. ;)

Even though Areeba is counselling Arham continuously but their conversations make it a bit confusing as to how much time has lapsed between Arham-Narmeen’s breakup, Narmeen-Shahiq’s wedding & then Areeba-Arham wedding too? During the past scenes Narmeen’s mother suggests that her daughter should get married to Shahiq directly so I really couldn’t understand why Arham went into a shell because even after the whole ‘gunnah’ incident happened it looked like Shahiq got married just in a few days. So, I was just wondering why did Arham, at first, made it sound like it happened a few years ago & did he actually get the time to go into a deep seclusion because even after the incident happened, he is seen normal, going around to people’s places & fighting for himself, so I just want to know k usay chup kab lagi?

A little fails are obviously the spirit of the drama that’s why I couldn’t help notice Arham’s shirts changing, firstly a black one when he was at Narmeen’s to threaten her, later in the continuing scene when he was conversing with Shakeel, he was in white & blue & it was made to look like he was just coming back from Narmeen’s house & later when he is seen in his room on a praying mat, he is once again back to the black shirt which he wore in Narmeen’s home! I think he must’ve kept a change of clothes with him in the car, just to feel fresh, you know!

Shahiq who at first hated the idea of getting married actually yelled at Arham for going to her house? When did Shahiq start to have all those sympathies with Narmeen, I wonder. Now when he has gotten married to her, he has gone into a state of escape where he just likes lazing around wherever Narmeen is not present, lol! But I must say, I am getting bored of Mikaal Zulfikar’s up-tight personality & acting, he makes the character looks absolutely boring & his formal dressing up doesn’t help either.

Ohkay I once again couldn’t help noticing the background sound effect when Shahiq went to Narmeen’s place. I think there was no need to add that spooky music which later turned into a tabla, making it look like Narmeen’s mom will start belly dancing at the sight of Narmeen going away with Shahiq. That music was never heard before & doesn’t even belong to the theme tracks of the drama that we’ve heard. Sarah tells Arham & Areeba that the food is ready dressed in some green coloured suit but later at the dinning table, she is wearing grey. I wonder how does this family find a time & courage to change dresses in a jiffy? When Areeba enters the dinning room she says Asalam Alaikum & I think by the sight of rice, they were having a lunch already, so I guess Areeba must’ve said her Salams first thing in the morning while having breakfast, so was there a need of saying it again? That scene was worse-directed too because a few were already eating while the other’s plates were clean to the core. Narmeen’s changing hairstyles in this episode must get a special mention here too, from straight worn down hair to the side braid & then later in a continuing scene a complete back-combed braided hair…I mean was it really necessary for the crew of the drama to be paying attention to these hairstyles when there was not a substance in the drama itself?

What Areeba did & how she changed the situation was commendable, Narmeen definitely needs someone to play mind-games with her that too of the calibre she has, but I actually hated how Ayesha Khan looked in that scene, that smirk, that ramp walk-like modelling was just so annoying & later Shakeel sahab’s over-the-top acting made things a bit more PERFECT. I loved when he said to Areeba ‘mujhe tum pe yakeen hai’. Ya Allah! Mujhe yakeen pe hi yakeen nahi raha abb. 

Shahiq has started to give Narmeen the idea of what he thinks of her, which definitely Narmeen needs the most but the best part was when she & her mother were busted. That was a one perfect moment in the series of comical perfect moments of this drama. I actually couldn’t understand that Narmeen who actually promised to make Shahiq fall in love with her was insulting him & his family straight away, I wonder how’s she going to earn that LURVE she is so keen to get?

Another one of those funny episodes which I loved & can’t wait to see more…;)

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • OMG…..that tabla part was sooooo funny zahra….ur review is more enyertaining than the epi…i just came from school nd WAS feeling sooo tured but my face has lit up now….i even imajine narmeens mother belly dancing….my godd..haahahahahah ..nd yeah een i agree with u that these people changes clothes alot more than alott ….arhams father…he act nicely but one thing i get irritated is UNCLE BOHOTTT JAZBATI HAIN…!

    • LOL! I am obliged to have brought a smile on your face. :D & thank you for your straight-from-the-heart appreciation, heheheh!

      Yeah, Shakeel is not only jazbati but he is emotionally blind because he just follows the leagues of others without even putting a single thought of his own, Shahiq’s beztiyaan may be good but his character is worst & he is a plain BORE!

      • Haha…thnx for ur comedy review….u should be writing articles…ur reviewe are just fab…nd ya even i m bored frm SHAIQ….itni der mein uss pagal ko khayal aya hai k he is frced into marrying with narmeen….really narmeen desrves him….:P

        • Hehe, I do write some articles when I sight the mood & find a good topic, but thanks for such an encouragement, it means a lot. :)

          I am actually on my limit of reviewing 3 dramas per week as I’m reviewing Aunn Zara, MKPYH & Kabhi Kabhi. The moment one of the drama ends, I will take some other for reviewing. Thanks a lot. Jazak Allah, Allah Hafiz. :)

  • LOL :D.

    I literally love your sarcastic approach. Best part of review was that belly dance one and Ya Allah mujhe yakeen par he yakeen nahi raha.. :D .. Though, I am not a follower of this serial but every time I come across your review, it forces me to watch the show that is it really a serious comedy :P..

    And then I sat in-front of TV to watch the show, and I am sorry to say but I was unable to bear it for more than 5 mins, you are so right in narrating every single thing.. This serial is a big failure due to poor direction,worse production and repetition of same yakeen wala dialogue..

    • Yeah, trust me my expectations from the show went down the drain quickly so I still managed to watch it because I was hooked to the comedy this drama was showing. Even if you don’t watch the drama, don’t worry you aren’t missing much…heheheh!!!

      Thanks a lot for your appreciation, it means a lot. :)

  • belly dancing??? hahahaha..u r jst fab!!! by the way hv u watched shukk?? if u hvnt then i think u shld atleast try….

    • Haan jee, Belly Dancing! AHAHAHAH!

      I wanted to watch Shukk but I think I’d have to muster a lot more courage to actually follow that drama because I am already on a high-dose of Aisha Khan & Sanam Saeed….can’t tolerate these two actresses for now. :/

      By the way, thank you for the compliment. ;)

  • OMG,thank you Zahra for the great laugh.Fantastic review!!!!! :D
    You surely noticed all the flaws from Narmeens hairstyle to the sudden clothes changings.
    As to regarding Arham ko chup kab lagi ; it started after slowly everyone confirmed him he is the sinner especially the lack of trust of his mother,than Shaiq and narmeens baat pakka hona and lastly narmeens constant taunts of “itaraaf karo” after getting married. Some flashback scenes from the recent episode should have been showed at the start of the flashback. The direction is beyond bad.

    I thought they were having dinner rather than lunch, because otherwise narmeen must have barely been in back-combed hair for not even a few hours.Or did she only make this hairstyle especially for the “did you miss me” conversation??!! Ridiculous

    The flashback was in total given alot of time,in compensation the director could have given the viewers Arhams confession of the magic 3 words or watever he must have said aswell.

    And yes absolutely loved how Areeba changed the situation but was dissapointed how she was saying earlier that its ok to reject sunnah.Thank god Arham didnt agree with her and I like how he is realising the root of his problems on his own account.

    Also noticed a dialogue flaw in the end; Narmeen tells shaiq Arham harassed her the other day in her mother´s house.Seems the director has forgotten this was a scene from the past.
    Lastly I had to laugh the way Narmeen yells jhooti and all to Areeba before storming out of Arhams room.
    No doubt Shaiq is a bore but thank god he has started opening his mouth.
    Despite all the flaws the drama has turned to an interesting point,with hopefully more Arham and Areeba scenes. Its lovely seeing them together.

    • Thanks a lot for your say, I agree that the drama has gotten a bit more interesting but not to forget, a bit more funny too. LOL!

      Yes, these two were the points that I had in my mind but they slipped when I was in a flow of words. I noticed too that Narmeen says Arham harassed her at her parent’s house & you’re right, he harassed her in the past & that scene was shown when Arham was telling the story to Areeba but the director obviously forgot.

      Yeah, they could be having dinner but the background light showed that the sun didn’t set as yet, therefore I concluded it to be a lunch time.

      I know Areeba’s convincing dialogues were poorly written but I also wanted to mention that Arham, Shakeel, Areeba everyone is just roaming around Arham’s Beard….as if his Islam was complete & he reached some sort of a sainthood when he had one. This is a poor mind-set of us Pakistani’s that we believe everything is measured on accounts of a man’s beard & woman’s scarf. Ohkay, even if he shaved it, there was no point in dragging his beard into every conversation because HELLO PEOPLE! That is NOT the only Islam. I find his accusations on himself way too childish….

      Plus every-time they come into present, I find Arham stuck on the past & looks like it’s been 3 episodes now, he is still telling Areeba the whole story…I think it’s a high time the story should move on & Arham must focus on current Areeba in stead of a bygone Narmeen!

      • Yes, Islam isnt just about an Islamic appereance but also the inner faith. However one can not ditch one for the another. Arham payed and is still paying a great price for ditching a major practice. However Allah is most merciful and for one sin he gave him one punishment. And for his other good deeds hes being rewarded in the face of Areeba.

        And yes it is not ok that everyone is measuring Arhams piousness or unpiousness on his beard.

        The blame for your last paragraph goes to the “best” director of the year.The flashback should have been more compact.It took Arham a day or two with breaks to tell Areeba his story.Hence it appears he is always stuck in past.
        Arham once mentioned in past episodes to his mother or Sara, taht he wants to move on, but the family members and especially Narmeen isnt letting him. And the last incident of the current episode will surely remind him of the first time.I highly doubt it Narmeen will let this current incident rest.

  • LOL! What a splendid review.I see you have even named the category ‘Serious Comedy’ hahaha :D :D The crew of MKPYH has been very irresponsible! Or maybe that also goes to the director.He should have been wise in selection.Meekal,Ayesha and Ahsan.They all need some real good break.And i don’t want to see Meekal unless he comes in a different role.Fail it might be,but at least it was a little different for Ayesha and Ahsan.And how easily Narmeen went with Areeba to enjoy food? I mean lady,you hate her so much and she just said two nice words and you’re ready? Oh and harsh it may sound,but i have never hated Shakeel Sahab so much.You know when he speaks it seems like his 101% fake beard might fall off.And Ayesha’s lens also keep on changing.And the scene where Shaiq says that he only married her because of his mom and dad,i thought her eyes will pop out!! Ahsan’s beard also continues to appear and trim again and again! If there’s one thing that MKPYH is doing right,it’s your reviews Zahra :D You make this drama a lot more hilarious than it already is :)

    • Haha! With all might & pride, I take your compliments. Actually the drama has nothing, seriously NOTHING to offer, so why not introduce a masala of our own? That’s my strategy. LOL!

      Even I feel bad for Shakeel Uncle because given the experience he has in the industry, even his acting failed in front of our very own Director Barkat Siddique. Most of the time every cast member looks like they have nothing to do or say so they’re just doing things their way.

      I swear I couldn’t miss her lenses too & I so wish Shakeel uncle had chosen some other wig for beard (if it is a wig) or may be a monotone beard to suit his age….we’ve named him something more ridiculous but I can’t say it here because it would mean disrespect to the actor & I don’t want that to happen! *wink*

  • hahahahahahahha serious comedy,belly dance, he changed his clothes in the car just to feel fresh and finally muje yakeen pe he yakeen bahi raha OMG hilarious, what a review, simply awesome. I don’t have courage to watch this drama anymore so depending on ur reviews these days, and it was fantastic,still laughing :D

  • Zahra u made me laugh :D i didnt watch the episode but i read ur review and i luved it :D u r toooo good (Y) i think i should read reviews of mjhy khuda pe yakeen hai whenever i feel down :p U r a very keen observer i must say… how do u guys notice such minute details which we also miss most of the times ? Drama would be so hilarious i didn’t know that :D i think i should start watching this drama cum comedy serial again :p
    “usay chp kb lagi , belly dancing, chnging of clothes (like we chnge our tissues :D ) ” perfect :D :D and Lol @ Ya Allah! Mujhe yakeen pe hi yakeen nahi raha abb.

    U r just awesome zahra :D

    Keep writing !! All the best :)

    • Hehehehhehe, that’s good that you didn’t watch the episode but if you want to enjoy my review more, you must because then you can relate & understand it a bit more easily, or else if you’re not in a mood then my reviews are obviously here to do the drill.

      Thank you so much for your response & encouragement. :D I’m over the moon, heheheh!

  • wow nice review.but 9th episode review was much funnier than this one.aap ke reviews is kamzor dramay ko entertaining bana dete hain you are such a good reviewer.waaqi mein arham ki shirt to pata nahi kitni baar change howe hai aur jab arham narmeen ke ghar mein tha to woh us waqt clean shaved tha aur jab apne ghar aaya to shirt bhi badal gaye aur beard bhi barr gaye hahaha.direction and editing is so poor in this drama and when did arham saw bezaari in shaiq’s eyes for narmeen and when narmeen screamed jab arham ke haath mein us ka dupatta tha aur narmeen keh rahi shakeel ke saamne ke woh chillai.i mean direction is so bad in this drama which ruins the good script.

    • LOL, thank you so much for your appreciation & thanks a bit more for highlighting those bits which I might’ve missed mentioning. Mujhe abbhi tak khud yakeen nahi hota k director itni ghaltiyaan kaisay kar sakte hain? Mujhe Director Pe Yakeen Nahi!!!!

  • I wonder just how worse ad OTT it is going to get. Zahra, I think the cast shot one set of scenes wearing one set of clothes. Then they all changed clothes and shot another set of scenes. It would have worked if those scenes were continuous and not spaced apart. LOL! The entire result is comical! I just wonder how easily Narmeen can pull off her OTT harkatein. Honestly, only in a drama serial!

    • Yeah, this is called lack of attention to detail. Even if they were shooting scenes lot by lot, the actors should’ve at least memorized the dresses they wore in the scenes before so that they didn’t look like ultimate fools in the next ones…!

      I wish this drama was in Black & White so that we could’ve picked less flaws than these deceiving colourful ones. :P

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