Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 08.

Another week of no mystery solved. I have to say that it was the most ill-directed episode that I have seen in Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai so far. No scene matched to the other but one thing that matched were the dresses, making the scenes look related in absolutely no right way.

At one point Narmeen who’s wearing this dress is being asked to choose her dresses for Arham’s wedding & then in the very next scene she enters her room in the same dress to know from Shahiq that the function is about to begin, she must get ready. I don’t know where did what go wrong but something just isn’t right certainly.

I felt that the whole Areeba’s home-coming scene was a bit too stretched & poorly executed with no dialogues making sense & Narmeen’s attitude was just annoying. Every second, one family member or the other were going to her just so that she could come to do the ‘rasm’. First Shahiq then Sarah, then Shahiq again, then her mother & once again Sarah tried to call Narmeen so that she could do the honors. Arham’s mother asked her brother i-e Narmeen’s father to ask her & he gets up. The very next moment, without any conversation shown, they are seen sitting once again. & during that scene Narmeen’s mother is shown ranting on Sarah for leaving her daughter alone. But at first where she tells Narmeen that she is being irrational & calling out for trouble for herself, she is again telling Shahiq & Sarah to let go of Narmeen. Plus I really don’t get that when she already yelled at Shahiq in front of everyone, why would the rest of the family expect her to get involved in the whole family drama?

Narmeen & the photographer’s spat was just so funny. I loved how the photographer delivered his dialogues – absolutely expressionless with a poker face. Man, I really didn’t know that he was a professional photographer & these are those people who have the expertise in the photography & are well-qualified for it, I just never knew that. :) I don’t really get that those who are not at all to be shown, get so much show-time in this drama for instance the photographer & so for his dedication to the photography, I am dedicating a whole paragraph to him. :)

Arham & Areeba’s post-wedding conversation in their room sounded just so repetitive where Arham again & again went on saying you don’t know about me, you don’t, you just don’t. But I am glad with the no usage of our very favorite & ultimate dialogue this week i-e ‘Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai’. I kind of have a difficulty in keeping up with Arham’s mood swings & his attitude as well because he looked like a different person in front of Areeba but then again I didn’t find his reasoning rational for not having a breakfast with the family. I know he will eventually change but then I really can’t keep up & move along with the phrases ‘jo hua tha, jo nahi hua tha’. We need to know the reality, bas!

Shahiq’s conversation with Arham was just like the whole episode; meaningless. He knows that his wife is wrong & she certainly has some issues then how can he convince Arham to tell Areeba what happened. Shahiq has always told Narmeen to let go of the past & plus he even says that he trusts his brother as well so what was the need of Shahiq swooping in & telling Arham what he should do just so that Narmeen’s ego could be put to ease. Shahiq is seen least-bothered about his brother & in fact about everyone in the family, so how could he just jump out of no where to dictate what should be done & what not. I feel that the writer did write the story but forgot to build the characters. For the writer it was just some family of 5 but no relations or their characters were built, therefore, we get to see different patterns of their attitudes.

Another week of fail episode, for me at least, hence I made some additions in the genre section of the drama! :) The preview did show something about some girl emerging from Arham’s room; a whole new box of miseries will unlock so let’s see what impact does the actual revelation do on us; the viewers.

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Zahra Mirza

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  • Yes this week the audience wasnt even given a single clue about the big secret.By now most viewers have figured it out anyway.Thanks to the non impact verbal secret revealing in previous episode,the revelation went unnoticed.

    And I have to agree with zahra,Areebas home coming scene was not only stretched but also the video focus lied more in capturing the size of the living room and decoration rather than on the bride and groom.Areebas stumbling should have been more zoomed.
    Watching Narmeen´s jealousy was amazing.Aysha khan did a great job here.

    And regarding the wedding night scene,well I saw Arhams dialogues coming,and it fitted according to the situation.Glad he didnt reveal the ugly story in this night.Once again I have to raise my fingers at the direction.Thanks to the bad lightening (daylight coming in from momals side),it ruined the intimate atmosphere of a wedding night.

    Even after all the critics,I still have a favourite scene- Areeba and Arhams first morning after the wedding.(Almost) everything was perfect.The dialogues,chemistry,outfits,looks and finally momal´s best make up in the entire drama so far.

    Arhams hesitation of not having breakfast together was understable,who knows what more awkward and embarrasing scenes narmeen would create after the day before.Despite the hesitations he came down so all is good.And his mood swings are natural,depressions dont cure overnight.His loving attitude towards Areeba is enough for the moment.

    Shaiq might give the impression of not being much bothered about his brother,but i do feel sorry for him.He hasnt deserved the witch Narmeen.It was wrong of him to tell Arham to be the bigger man.But may be shaiq has no more energy left dealing with narmeen.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback about the show. Yes, I do agree that the only favorite scene was that of their wedding morning. I liked their chemistry & Arham’s attitude towards Areeba, even liked how he was restless & waited for the time to pass so that he can go back to pick her up from her father’s place.

      You’re right & I hate to say that technically the whole drama & direction is just so weak that I feel some novice has directed this drama but it’s absolutely shocking to see some really aged & experienced director has directed this show.

    • Ya, I agree.. They dedicated most of the wedding scene to cover how they have managed to get such “a grand place” for thier drama. And that they did not compromise on the budget.. Only if they ahd not compromised on the storyline, I think the set wouldn’t have been a problem.. Aunn Zara a perfect example

  • what a wast of time , money an talent. this isuch a dabba that it is making the worst dramas look good. who is this worst director ?

    • I am sure the writer had a lot in her mind while writing this drama but sadly even though the high-end production & the heavy star cast isn’t working together to make this drama a hit. Sadly the director is Barkat Siddique.

  • I like the storyline of this show but however I feel like it has been dragging the past couple of episodes and todays episode was a drag too. However Ahsan, Ayesha, and Mikhal are doing a good job with their acting however I feel like Momal and Sara could improve with their acting skills because some of the expressions and dialogue delivery is really weak and makes the scene awkward. Also Momal’s makeup artist needs to go back to school cuz her makeup is awful.
    There direction of this show is really awful because there is no flow in any of the scenes and again it makes it awkward. I agree with you that writer need to show character build up.
    Some positives I like about today was the morning after and how Arham was desperately waiting to pick up Areeba. Both Ahsan and Momal looked stunning in that scene. Those scenes were too cute! Hopeful next week we see progression and the story speeds up.

    • Thank you for your say & yes, the only good thing about the show currently is Arham & Areeba’s relationship. I am sure they would’ve been able to create more impact IF the direction was good but sadly, I only find the director to be blamed for such a flop product.

      I agree that Momal Sheikh should either change her makeup artist or should do something about it because she looks awful especially in the scene where she was travelling to her father’s place after wedding. Such high & vivid sunlight & her shocking pink lipstick gelled in together to make her look awfully bad, which she is not. Technically speaking, the viewers have more know-how of what should’ve looked better & what not.

  • I agree with you on
    the direction and editing… one had to understand himself when the scene and
    the day had ended. Even the dresses didn’t help much like you pointed out.
    For example (if I saw it clearly) when Arham encounters Narmeen when he
    so excited to visit Areeba, Shahiq is wearing some black shirt. And the next
    scene where Arham is outside in the garden, Shahiq appears wearing a blue
    shirt. I mean how much time passed that Shahiq got time to change his clothing?

    Narmeen’s constant fidgety
    was making me sick… She kept saying that “Do you think I’m mad” and
    I kept telling her “Yes, dear, you are mad, mental, idiot and all its
    synonyms”… (Pity she couldn’t hear)…

    No need to see the
    next episode cause the “gunah” has been revealed, thanks to the
    promo. J

    PS: Could someone
    please ask Arham to change his sense of clothing… His sherwani was already
    making me go eww… And the “shiny green inner/kurta” made my eyes

    Zahra Mirza: Yes, we didn’t
    hear our favorite dialog, although I was ready for counting its frequency!
    Lol! But there were other dialogues which you mentioned and I hope they
    won’t ever be heard in this drama again. Or else it’s going to make me suspicious
    of the writer’s vocabulary/education :)

    • LOL! I know, Arham’s dressing & Narmeen’s kurta’s need to change as well. I am sure you’re right about Shahiq changing the shirt quickly & even on the breakfast table, Narmeen is wearing this black shirt but after that one she has this scene with Shahiq & there she is dressed in some other kurta. I mean it just makes the drama look more technically faulty than anything else.

      Did you check the genre section of the review Amna? I need your comments there lol! & did you learn more about who the photographer is? I learned a lot, trust me. :P

      • Yes, and Zahra “ji” you better watch out.. Coz the admins of MKPYH Page are now going to put another appeal that “Sad, some people don’t know the story behind the serial and are taking a serious issue in comedy. ” And then you are going to have an angry mob behind you.. Piece of advice: Please keep your “Danda” near you at all times.. I do not want to lose my “long-lost-having-a-similar-taste-critic-buddy”.. :)

        Yes, the photographer has taught me what my once-a year visit to the photo studio haven’t!.. Here’s when we were thinking he is just a “phony”, he corrected us.. “I am qualified”.. Thinking I’m going to invite him soon to cover any upcoming event. Atleast I will be at ease that “he knows his job”.. :P

        Aisay drama sai na aj tak pala para aur shayad hi kabhi paray ga!!

        • LOL! I am running if some sob-fan comes with a danda towards me but first they’ll get a bucket & some tissues from my side to shed & wipe their tears.

          I swear, I never thought that the experienced drama director would come up with such a low-skilled drama in terms of execution. SAD!

          • Ya, give them from my side too.. Don’t know if they would accept it.. I’m categorized as “sad people unaware of the reality”..

            The discissions seem more entertaining then this drama..Keep it coming guyz!

      • Want to defend Narmeen and shahiq´s dressing on the breakfast table; may be this was their nightwear and they hadnt changed for the day yet.The outfits which they wore later on were more suitable for daywear.
        Tip for u Zahra: Instead of writing MKPY review in title next time,just name it ´Dress rehersal show´.rofl

    • Its enough that Arham decided to wear something different on his wedding,rather than wearing Ahsan Khans own wedding sherwani :-P. Arham looked nice in his wedding sherwani,but the footwear was awful.

      • I have never really seen his kurtas at his outlet. Buy ya, i could easily detect his kurtas because he’s got 7 dramas running.. And its not hard to see which clothes are being repeated often..
        Do you remember the scene where Arham has a beard? Well, he’s wearing this white kurta which has some orange-brown embriodery. I have already spotted it in khoya khoya chand. And I think Mirat Ul uroos also..!

        • In which scene is he wearing it in Khoya khoya chand?
          Are you sure the embroidery is orange-brown and not yellow?Because he is wearing that white kurta with yellow embroidery in MKPY as day clothes in beard days and in khoya khoya chand he wore it as night suite lol.
          Ahsan khan should be known as an actor who adds or minus things from his outfits and wears them as day clothes/night suits/wedding occasions (be it as guest or his mehndis,engagements,small wedding etc).If one isnt watching many of his dramas than nobody would assume elsewhere he wore it at a very different occasion haha.Creative guy

          • LOL! I love your discussions on their dresses people. I agree that Shahiq who wears the most decent dress shirts was shown wearing a sherwani similar to what SRK wore in the song ‘Mahi Ve’. What we justttt missed was some background music & our poker-faced Shahiq dancing on it. LOL!

            I agree that the director just wanted to show their mansion from different angles & lacked dialogues & continuity in the scenes. No scene matched the previous & no dialogue had ANY impact!

            Poor Drama of the year!

          • Ya, i think its yellow.. (What happened to my eyesight lol!). Its the same one he’s wearing it as night suit.. Qadar to dekho zara kaprun ki!

      • I don’t like these fancy sherwanis so no surprise Arham’s and Shahiq’s ones didn’t appeal to me :)

    • re-watched the garden scene,and not only has shahiq changed within few minutes his shirt but also Arham.He was wearing a black shirt inside the house and in the garden his shirt is brown.When and why would Arham change his shirt this quick?! Never seen a drama with such obvious flaws o.O

      • Hhahaha thanks a lot for adding more fun to this drama experience. Let’s join in hands to pin-point more flaws. What’s more funny is that they have made mistakes on such basic things too. I wonder why didn’t the actors point the obvious & helped the director?

        • I think that actors got bored with repeating the same dialogues again and again that changing thier clothing seemed a great idea.. Atleast it would give them the satisfication of something “new”

      • I want to take this comment back,Arhams shirt inside the house was brown [clearly seen when he knocked on saras door], may b due to camera lights it appeared black.But on a serious note,the characters should stop the sudden clothes

  • Arham and Areebas present is more interesting than finding out Arhams past.Looks like next episode will mainly revolve around the GUNAH.

    • Yes, I want to see more of their wedded-life together & how Areeba will give a tough fight to Narmeen, that’s going to be more interesting. :)

  • Yet again, watched this episode in fast forward mode, Mikaal looks bored and Ahsan Khan’s character seems somewhat like the one he is playing in KKC. Is being harassed by your bhabis and saalis In nowadays? You are right Zahra, the direction is very poor – to an annoying extent! I also find some of the dialogues a little too simple, nothing about them that truly stands out. The writer, like you mentioned wrote a very weak script, something that is quite common nowadays. Writers come up with a good plot but they do not do a very good job of etching out the characters and carrying the story forward.

    • Haha, I think being miserable is the new trend these days Fatima. I know, nothing in the whole show is interesting except a few scenes of Arham & Areeba for a change but then just for a change & not to be taken seriously obviously. LOL!

      I think the writers these days come up with extremely hideous ideas that they conceive either when they’re bored or when they have nothing to do. No doubt we have a million writers these days but we’re short of creative writers for sure. I think if the writer had paid heed to building some of the characters, it would’ve made a whole new impact on the execution of the drama.

  • Just caught up with this episode!! Looks like a rough script being aired….. We had to wait 8 episodes for the wedding and the wait wasnt worth it….. As a perfectionist I was itching to fix the pillows in the newlyweds room and spread the bride lehanga out neatly…

    • Hahaha lol! Thanks a lot for adding more fun & as someone who’s interested in the interiors, I wanted to change the striped bed-sheet to some nice & decent embellished bed-spread to make it look like a wedded couple’s bed, not a bed of a misery-ridden bachelor. :D

  • To the drama-makers: When the focus of the viewers shift from the actual drama to the dresses of the cast, you are doing things wrong.

  • yaqeen nahi aata ke Arham jo tanhai pasand hogia tha eik hi din mey apni biwi se itna wabasta ho jaiga.Areeba ka itemaad Arham pe dekh kar bohot acha laga.Koi aur hota tou zaroor shadi se pehle aise shaqs ki quredi karta.Waqai mai Areeba jaisi larki aaj kal ke zamanay mai bohot kam hoti hain chahe dramon mai ho ya haqeeqat zindagi mai.Kash dramoun mai phir se shadi aur muqaddas rishton ki ihemiat wapis aajai.

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