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Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 08.

Another week of no mystery solved. I have to say that it was the most ill-directed episode that I have seen in Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai so far. No scene matched to the other but one thing that matched were the dresses, making the scenes look related in absolutely no right way.

At one point Narmeen who’s wearing this dress is being asked to choose her dresses for Arham’s wedding & then in the very next scene she enters her room in the same dress to know from Shahiq that the function is about to begin, she must get ready. I don’t know where did what go wrong but something just isn’t right certainly.

I felt that the whole Areeba’s home-coming scene was a bit too stretched & poorly executed with no dialogues making sense & Narmeen’s attitude was just annoying. Every second, one family member or the other were going to her just so that she could come to do the ‘rasm’. First Shahiq then Sarah, then Shahiq again, then her mother & once again Sarah tried to call Narmeen so that she could do the honors. Arham’s mother asked her brother i-e Narmeen’s father to ask her & he gets up. The very next moment, without any conversation shown, they are seen sitting once again. & during that scene Narmeen’s mother is shown ranting on Sarah for leaving her daughter alone. But at first where she tells Narmeen that she is being irrational & calling out for trouble for herself, she is again telling Shahiq & Sarah to let go of Narmeen. Plus I really don’t get that when she already yelled at Shahiq in front of everyone, why would the rest of the family expect her to get involved in the whole family drama?

Narmeen & the photographer’s spat was just so funny. I loved how the photographer delivered his dialogues – absolutely expressionless with a poker face. Man, I really didn’t know that he was a professional photographer & these are those people who have the expertise in the photography & are well-qualified for it, I just never knew that. :) I don’t really get that those who are not at all to be shown, get so much show-time in this drama for instance the photographer & so for his dedication to the photography, I am dedicating a whole paragraph to him. :)

Arham & Areeba’s post-wedding conversation in their room sounded just so repetitive where Arham again & again went on saying you don’t know about me, you don’t, you just don’t. But I am glad with the no usage of our very favorite & ultimate dialogue this week i-e ‘Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai’. I kind of have a difficulty in keeping up with Arham’s mood swings & his attitude as well because he looked like a different person in front of Areeba but then again I didn’t find his reasoning rational for not having a breakfast with the family. I know he will eventually change but then I really can’t keep up & move along with the phrases ‘jo hua tha, jo nahi hua tha’. We need to know the reality, bas!

Shahiq’s conversation with Arham was just like the whole episode; meaningless. He knows that his wife is wrong & she certainly has some issues then how can he convince Arham to tell Areeba what happened. Shahiq has always told Narmeen to let go of the past & plus he even says that he trusts his brother as well so what was the need of Shahiq swooping in & telling Arham what he should do just so that Narmeen’s ego could be put to ease. Shahiq is seen least-bothered about his brother & in fact about everyone in the family, so how could he just jump out of no where to dictate what should be done & what not. I feel that the writer did write the story but forgot to build the characters. For the writer it was just some family of 5 but no relations or their characters were built, therefore, we get to see different patterns of their attitudes.

Another week of fail episode, for me at least, hence I made some additions in the genre section of the drama! :) The preview did show something about some girl emerging from Arham’s room; a whole new box of miseries will unlock so let’s see what impact does the actual revelation do on us; the viewers.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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