Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 05.

Finally the moment has arrived that the story has moved from the present to the past. The misunderstanding that we all have been waiting for is going to unveil soon & I feel the drama has actually began now with a great kick.

So many things got clear today & I enjoyed watching the drama for the first time. Didn’t see much of the flaws as they tried to cover the past by merging it with the present appropriately. It was actually saddening to see Arham being a happy, content person because now what he has become is absolutely opposite to whom he was. Arham looked like a man of substance & devotion till he got rid of his own personality just to make Narmeen happy. Narmeen played her way into their family very cleverly by literally showering her feelings on Arham & her mother was supportive of the idea as well but what I just couldn’t digest were the little conversations they had about one’s personal beliefs. ‘Deen mai darhi, darhi mai deen nahi’ reminded me so much…in fact only of the movie Khuda Kay Liye, but the context was different this time. Arham actually liked showing what he believed in as he was not fishing for a disguise of innocence or religion behind the beard. He liked carrying what he felt & believed in but Alas! Narmeen changed it all for him.

The looks Shakeel & Narmeen shared in the promos were some mystery to me but now I got hold of the situation pretty well. It was interesting to know that Shakeel didn’t approve of Narmeen for Arham as he thought she was bold & this is why Shakeel seemed uncomfortable during their engagement ceremony. I actually disliked seeing Arham change completely for Narmeen where he took her out for a date etc. It just showed that he has was a shallow person who had no ideas of his own & just wanted to please someone who just once confronted him about his lifestyle & choices.

Coming to the present, Narmeen’s mother actually stirred a lie saying Shahiq hit her, I mean before blaming her mother it is actually Narmeen who should be blamed. She is one of those who can never be satisfied or be happy in life because when she got a caring partner like Arham who turned everything upside down to make her happy, she got over him & later she got Shahiq again according to her will, she is ready to ruin his life too just because she doesn’t know how to be happy. Shakeel saw the right moment & spoke about Arham & Areeba’s wedding. I really liked how he shunned Narmeen & told her that she ain’t the decision maker of the family.

I hated seeing Shakeel turn against Arham because seems like he loves him a little too much. He was furious when Arham changed his lifestyle because he was actually proud of who he was & loved him out of respect for his feelings towards being a practicing Muslim. He was furious for the unknown reason which turned him against Arham once again, I feel Shakeel loved him completely but failed to understand his own son.

The episode was a reasonable one out of the total 5 that we have seen till now. I am liking the past phase of the drama & want to see more of how things changed once Narmeen walked into this family.

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Zahra Mirza

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