Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 12.

Ohkay, that was a time-pass episode with nothing much going on & no scene matching the other. Just a few tid bits were new & the rest were just repetitive.

Areeba & Arham’s scenes were enjoyable. Namaz scene was the best & it showed Areeba’s mentality in comparison to Narmeen’s. Areeba may be simple but she has a lot more compassion than anyone else. At least her feelings for Arham are honest & that’s what makes her a good wife. I apologize for having a keen eye towards details & for that I noticed Areeba being in the car when Arham stopped by the flower shop but later when he gifted her those flower bracelets, she looked so surprised as if she never knew Arham went to a florist. I mean…really?

It is good to see Arham being open & honest to Areeba about his inner-most feelings & tells her everything straight away but what’s annoying & in fact unnecessary is the comparison he does of her with Narmeen every time he is either praising Areeba or having a happy time with her. Areeba’s ‘safai dene wala’ question to Arham seemed so odd at this time because when he was actually telling her the story, it would’ve been a perfect fit at that point of time but here after he has told her every single detail & for us, after so many episodes, her question ‘appne safai kyu nahi di’ was a miss. Areeba has counselled Arham in every way possible, she is all ears to his problems but still he says he feels this ‘ghuttan’, I think it’s a high time Arham should snap out of it, I mean please!!!

I have been saying it & I will say it again that I am bored of bored-looking, not-bothered look that Mikaal carries around in every drama. His not-interested, least-involved characters & those stuck up expressions are simply annoying. At this point, I feel he lacks acting skills because he looks so stiff & uncomfortable. I have seen so many similar roles that he has played in fact the only kind of roles he has done but still I can’t seem to grasp those expressions from him because he looks tired actually. A high time either he should change his style, be more picky about the roles or the casting directors should stop casting him for ‘Bezaar Shohar’ sort of roles.

Now tuning into my typical mode, couldn’t help reading between the lines because that’s what keeps this drama interesting to follow for me. Narmeen who actually tells Shahiq to sleep while Arham took a walk in the garden was dressed in purple but later while Arham & Areeba are on their way to their room, Narmeen makes an entry in the red dress. Plus wasn’t she the one who told her own husband to sleep & not meddle in Arham’s affairs so what was the point of her making that appearance that too after changing the dress late at night? I once again heard the specific tabla during Narmeen’s mother’s scene & couldn’t help laughing at the imagination that rolled (if you can’t get what I’m talking about, please refer to the previous episode’s review, lol).

I must say the stylist should’ve opted for a better beard wig for Arham’s character because it looks like a completely dried out piece that was once soaking in water but it was wrung out & hanged in the balcony for the sunlight to evaporate the remaining moist. LOL. Please, get some nice beards or else don’t degrade it by showing such ‘sookhi darhi’. Fazool!

Accha, Arham told Areeba that he saw Narmeen getting infatuated with & attracted to Shahiq…but when did it actually happen? Arham all this while kept on asking Narmeen ‘tumne aisa kyu kiya’, ‘tumne aisa kyu kiya’. Plus wasn’t THIS fact supposed to be treated as a final revelation of Narmeen’s nasty tactics & the main reason of why she plotted against Arham? Wasn’t it supposed to be revealed in the end that too after everyone found out as to why she accused Arham for his insincerity? But in front of Areeba, he sounded just so normal that he saw it coming because Narmeen started taking interest in Shahiq whereas all this while he was just oblivious & kept on asking why he had to go through all this? I must say that the conversations stir without any base here in this drama just like Shahiq (even before Areeba got a proposal of Arham) told Narmeen that Areeba is over the moon with the idea of getting married to Arham because she likes him. I mean c’mon!!!

Accha, the biggest flaw was Shahiq’s arrival to his home after office hours. At first he was seen coming too late & tells he had 3 ohkay, not to forget ONLY 3 cups of chai in his office but the next time he came, scorching sunlight was sneaking through the window & later his mother asks ‘tum itna late kyu atay ho office se, hum tumhe DINNER pe miss karte hain’. It was shown as if he was quite late once again but it was almost an afternoon time. I mean really? Didn’t they themselves laugh while saying those dialogues because either we can’t be fools or they shouldn’t be. Shahiq is shown as a glutton whose only concern is the food. Teen cup chai & later ‘mujhe bhook lagi hai’. Aaaa, no one’s actually interested to know those petty details, really. My point in discussing these dialogues is that at one hand Arham/Areeba’s conversations sound like some excerpt from profound Urdu novel & on the other some dialogues are based on gharelu masail. Whoever the dialogue writer is deserves a salute from me plus I want to thank him/her for making me cringe with the excessive wrong use of two words Khuda & Mazhab. It is ALWAYS Allah & then Deen, Islam being a code of life is not a mazhab, it is deen. I hope they get their facts RIGHT.

The episode ended at such a cuteeeee note. Arham jiss ki appni Ammi se koi frankness hai nahi actually had the guts to pass a statement frankly about Narmeen in front of his mother awwww, LOL! I love this drama. :)

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  • Time-pass episode?? Well not for me.As Arham-Areeba couple fan, I thoroughly enjoyed their long screen time.And it was a treat watching Narmeen getting cold shoulders from everyone.The namaz scene was obviously the best followed by arham putting the rose bangles on areebas wrist.

    Although this was a feel good episode as usual it wasnt flawless:
    1)Areeba praying Namaz with nail polish on (seen on thumb whilst tidying the side table after fajr).Also some visible hair.
    2)What a coinsidence Arham and Areeba both are wearing in the car the exact same outfit,which they wore when Areeba apologised to Arham for the hamdardi comment before marriage :-P. Another addition to the long mismatching clothes changing timings list.Sigh
    3)Not entirely a flaw,but it was awkward how the privacy concious Areeba (and Arham) leave their bedroom door (wide-)open or ajar whilst having personal conversations or candid moments.The chances are high Narmeen must have overheard-/seen that scene in their bedroom.
    Talking of privacy,yes Arham has the right to make Narmeen jealous,but he shouldnt go overboard.Rather protect his marital bliss from Narmeens evil eyes.

    Narmeens outfit change after telling shaiq to mind his own business seems planned. It was evident she was craving for Arhams attention,and dolled up just for him o.O.I always had the feeling somewhere Narmeen is proud,that once upon a time she was associated with Arham,the way she was showing off to Areeba.Staying on Narmeens topic,she is quick to point out to shaiq how Arham treats Areeba but overlooks the input which Areeba has given in her marriage.

    Ahsan and Aysha are still rocking the show!! Momal is tolerable thanks to her character.Mikaal not only has to chose better roles but also needs to control his developing double chin.

    • I think you’ve missed where I have written that their scenes were enjoyable. Flaws are the part of this drama obviously. I would’ve bought that idea that Narmeen glammed up for Arham but given the history how they change their dresses in a jiffy, I failed to grasp Narmeen’s idea of attracting Arham.

  • that sookhi dari joke was awesome i think it could be a better drama with good editing team and direction.

    • LOL! Thank you! ;)
      & as far as the drama is concerned, I have NO expectations & I’m just enjoying. :D

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