Advertisements These Days!

I’m writing this piece just to have a general idea about what our viewers think of the advertisements that we see these days. Advertisements are the strongest brain-feeding strategy that we have because it’s just a matter of few seconds but it does the trick of getting a message across completely. Just some catchy jingle or punch line can end up being with you forever. I remember back in those days I loved diamond supreme foam’s jingle which went on like ‘kaam kaam kaam’, plus punch line of Waves appliances has stayed with me which stated ‘waves, naam hi kaafi hai’. Shaan’s ‘Allhamdullilah, Shaan masalay aik munfarid naam’ is also something that often pops up in mind but I am kind of saddened to see the current advertisements that are running on our TV screens these days.

Right now, it’s just & ALL about Naach Gana. Let it be Sunsilk, Sooper, Q-Mobile, Sprite, Sanitary Napkins, Omore, 7UP, Coca Cola, Tarang, Pampers (kid doing belly dancing) & so on, all that we see in these ads are a bunch of youngsters or stars – basically a group that is dancing. I never knew that dancing was the best strategy to sell a product & attract customers. As far as I learnt during my Marketing sessions, it was all about making people aware of what your product is, not about how you’re going to act after you buy or use it. Right now, I hardly remember any ad or the punch line but what I do remember is jumping jacks dressed differently in each & every commercial. I do understand that someone might jump with joy by the sight of Tea tray approaching them but what I fail to understand is the need of people dancing just by seeing some sort of a tea-milk (Referring to Tarang)? Is it really such a joy? If anyone would dance while shampoo-ing, they’ll end up in the hospital because of the slippery surface it may produce. One might choke to death if they’d jump while drinking fizzy drinks & a biscuit will make you cough too if you eat it while dancing. Ice cream will melt because you’d be focusing more on the moves plus no one ever has been seen using a mobile while being air-bourne, it’s just not right. The ads look exactly as pointless as the arguments I’ve written.

Back then there were so many perfect advertisements that ran on the TV without being obscene or meaning-less. Currently, a couple is giving some sort of weird looks to each other, some girls dancing because they’re being free, boys dancing because they found something kewl to drink, these are the strategies our commercial makers have opted for because they think it’s the best way to make a mark in the viewers minds. No offence to Faisal Qureshi/Jawad Bashir’s team but I must confess that the useless comedy in Ufone commercials actually gets to our nerves now, we’ve seen you making us laugh for like a decade so it’s better to resort to something else, please.

I must say that Ramzan’s ad by Olpers every year has to be my favourite amongst all, where it doesn’t only focus on the festivity that month carries it also very decently promotes the product too. I think that’s the best way to make an impact & that is by emotionally stirring a thought rather than hiring people to dance for you just because you perceive your product to make someone dance like a lunatic in the middle of the road.

It looks like marketing people do not want to brain-storm & come up with the creative ideas or ways but in stead they just rely on the easiest way out because that involves lesser thinking. I hope that the commercial makers step back a little & re-think at how they want to promote their brands because these days it’s nothing more than a musical hideous headache that one sees in the form of our commercials & the only preventive measure is to change the channel.

Voice your opinions please.

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Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


  • very nice review zahra by choosing a very different topic. i do got sick of these dancing numbers airing on all the time on all channels. it definately coz of lack of ideas…

    • Thank you so much Qudsia. I agree, it’s just a lack of compassion for what others might feel about these hideous ads & as you rightly said so, lack of ideas too!

  • Whoa, we have so much in common Zahra ji!!

    I agree the ads nowadays concentrate more on how to celebrate that you have brought the item. I can’t help but compare them with Indian ads.. They are so decent and likeable.

    Tarang ads are full of so much galmour, colours and it is easily understood that much money is spent on it. But it never convinced me to buy Tarang ever..

    I never really got Q-mobile ads.. They are the second on my list after Tarang who spent such huge amount of money..

    I dont know whetheryou have seen the oreo ad or not. But I found it so cute. No naach gana, simple and conveys the message perfectly.. Pakistani people seriously need to grow up and give some good ads.

    • Thank you so much. Accha, I haven’t seen Oreo’s ad but will watch it on YouTube if it’s uploaded there.

      I know, Tarang ads never sold their product but did give great ideas to young girls for how their Mehandi dresses for the siblings’ wedding should be, lol. They are just so colourful & good to be worn for Mehandi functions. ;)

      • Haha.. But I can’t imagine boys running around in purple kurtas… People might lke to wear but me, seriously not!!!

        Did you catch the national ad? Just the other day, I saw a mattress ad where as usual singing and dancing and it made me roll my eyes.. It just showed that mattress is not for to lie down but to “worshipped” by “dancing”!

        • LOL, nahi I might’ve seen those ads that you’ve mentioned BUT due to the similar content in every single ad, I really can’t recall those because jiss mai dekho SIRF naach gana ho raha hota hai but yeah not to forget the worst ad I ever saw was Coke’s BRRRRRRRRRR….which was aired a couple of years ago, it was PATHETIC!

    • Agreed! by the way, that oreo ad wasnt really impressive probably because it is just a remake of the Indian ad of oreo.

      • Actually, by seeing similar ads on both Indian & Pakistani televisions, I thought one copied the other but the company sets the ad campaign itself & tells the respective regions to make their versions, therefore, we see similar ads which are not copies of one another.

        For instance, Sunsilk shampoo for Hijabi’s ad was the same one being aired in Indonesia as it was in Pakistan showing Ayyan in Hijab. So, no copies, just the main idea which every region sticks to! :)

  • Woww zahraaa…this is just sooo awsumm….MIND Blowing..hahahaahh..!! Greattttt article….mere dil ki baat cheen li

  • Good article Zahra! Completely agree…and among all, I HATE those ajeeb dance moves in sunsilk ad! :( I am suspecting this whole ad-strategy has been successful after seeing our public response to Pakistan Idol!

    • Thank you Candy, lol @ Sunsilk’s ad, my mother hated her moves especially & would comment every time we saw that ad. As far as Pakistani Idol is concerned, it started off way after the commercial makers jumped into the bandwagon of nachna gana, the ads started to get hideous from last 2 years I believe whereas Pakistan Idol is mid-2013’s sensation!