Desperate Attempts To Promote Upcoming Serial MOL

The competition between channels, writers, producers and everyone associated with the drama world has never been as intense as it has been in the past one year or so in particular. The reason being that there are innumerable entertainment channels that are readily available to the viewers, not to mention the fact that the drama makers do not only have competition from the local market but the foreign dramas are very popular among the masses too. Add to that the different mediums that are now available to promote these dramas – different entertainment sites, facebook, twitter and what not. In such a scenario the producers usually work very hard to sell their product to the viewers. We all know only too well that the viewers do get influenced by the hype created by the people concerned and automatically look forward to a certain drama.


Anyone who uses facebook would know how hard the people behind upcoming serial Mol are trying to get noticed. When all else fails post a picture of Fawad Khan and keep on telling people that he maybe part of the drama when there is nothing definite about it. I find it highly unprofessional that such tactics are used to gain people’s attention and also people who use Fawad Khan’s name to get fan following should also know that Fawad Khan does not have the credibility that he had once. The facebook pages keep on giving different kind of information every second day. One day they will tell you that Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan will be playing the lead and the next day they will give you names of five different actors who are being considered for the role. Yes, people do watch Fawad Khan’s plays till the end even if they are as bad as Ashk and Numm but isn’t it a insulting towards the actor who may actually end up playing that role? Also there is more to the play than just one person. How come we don’t see these facebook pages promoting the writer or the director? What is even more interesting is that the Mol’s official facebook page describes it is “an upcoming mega drama serial”…err talk about being over confident!

How many people still fall for these things? I find such attempts very desperate whether they are made by artists or producers. If an artist acts well, he or she is bound to have a good fan following even if the viewers do not see his or her fan page being advertised ten times a day on ten different pages. And at the end of the day it is the quality of the drama that counts and not the amount of effort that has been put into promoting it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • I totally agree with you! The cast is not the only thing that matters. I understand that the cast of a serial creates hype among viewers but the director, the producer, the writer and everyone else are equally important. You might watch an episode or two because your favorite actor or actress is in it but if the direction, story, and the production values are not good, you’ll probably give up on that serial. People need to understand that cast is not the only thing that matters and one person can not be the only reason for a serial to become a hit.

    By the way, I heard Noman Ijaz is going play the lead along with Mahira Khan in Mol, is that true?

    • Ashk and Numm are big examples of what you said Alia.Why did they flop even having such a heavy cast? Of course the direction and story failed to impress.

        • Dear impact of cast is always there.. Despite poor story and script, Numm trp is among top 10 of the Week from Episode 1 to 9, and surprisingly its above all other serial telecast-ed on Saturday.. All this is due to Fawad Khan mainly!!

          • for ur kind information….numm ki 2nd ya 3rd episode baad hi GEo Channels k Officials ne Numm ko OFFICIALLY FLOP karar de dia tha….they were regretting keh y they wasted this much amount of money in promotion….

          • Acha then how it got top rating among saturday dramas till last episode.. Just explain that.. No one has criteria to say what is flop except trp.. And admit it with such slow and non-commercial topic numm has produced average ratings which is not upto expectations but its not flop.. Its just not upto expectations

          • Geo channel k CEO ne numm ko flop karar dia tha….samaj aai baat…aur geo ne aaj takk numm ki trp officially release nahi ki….as far as i knw…aapko patah nahi kahan se mil gain……infact issi web per mene aseer zadi ko trp wise numm se aagey dekha tha….but woh official nahi hoti…

          • I don’t think so Ali.Even Aseer Zadi was giving it a tough time but now Shukk is going stronger!

          • Han bilkul hain, par yeh bhi toh dekho keh numm is not a commercial drama.. Uski appeal aik limited audience tak hai.. Aur woh uss limited audience ko passand aa raha ha that’s why its in top 10 rating till now, baqiyon ko agar passand nhi aya tohyeh matlab nahi keh woh flop ho gaya hai..

          • But ooper toh nhi gaya.. Close aya but remained low!! And Numm is still there with such non-commercial topic!!

          • Yeah but the question is for how long? Ashk was in the top ten too when its first few episodes went on air but people got tired of it and finally gave up.

        • Absolutely!! Haters gonna jealous from him.. But reality is this that he is most paid star in Pakistan and also most famous tv actor.. And soon will be most famous Film actor also.. Wait and watch!!

  • ‘the biggest serial of Pak”..smthing like that wz written as intro of page……mujhe bhi ajeeb laga tha..y so over confident? Bt thy hv deleted it nw..
    I liked tht page cuz of MK…bt thn i thought admin is faking us…bt jaise jaise he started revealing story lit bit…mjhe laga yar asli hi hai….aur mene admin ko bola..agar mk,fk,noman,sanam r nt ‘confirmed’, sirf roles abhi offer kiye hain to abhi names reveal nai karne chaiye the log baad main dosre actor ko jo inko replace karega (incase wo reject kar dain) galiyan dete hain..he said its already written in info k its all ‘tentative’
    And i think aisa pehli baar howa hai warna aaj tak aise nai howa k cast batadi gai ho final hone se they r taking audiance k suggstns k ‘2nd best’ kia hoga jo mjhe lagta hai koi buri bat to nai…unless or until log dosre actors ko galiyan ya ulta seedha na kahen.
    And mjhe nai yad parta koi drama jisme mk,fk k names pehle le kar baad main mana kar dia ho except fr mata e usme Fk final jab ho gaya tha tb bataya tha unhone..ab woh last moment per visa prob ho jai to becharon ka kia kusoor..
    Yeh jo ‘pak drama pages’ hain na..asal kusoorwar yeh hote hain..cuz i remember with BIN ROE ANSU..a drama page said Sanam,MK&FK r ‘final cast’..farhat ishtiaq page admins were continuously denying k cast is nt final yet…these r jst romours…unho ne to ek dafa bhi FK ya Sanam ka name nai liya sm drama pages were spreading the word..jaise humare news channels ‘breaking news’ dete hain aise hi sm drama pages bhi ‘breaking news’ dete hain takkeh ziada se ziada ‘likes’ hasil hoon..Amar Bail ki eg le lain..aik drama page ne news di ‘cast is final FK is Umar “for sure” ‘…but Umera Ahmed page k admins ne foran deny kia aur kaha is ka remake arsa howa delay ho gaya tha..aur agar kabhi Amar Bail ka remake banega bhi to tab bhi FK Umar nai hoga kabhi….so yeh drama pages hain asal culprits hain….

  • You have no idea for how happy i am to see this article Fatima.I was going to ask someone on this page to write one about it and THANK GOD you did.
    The admin of that page is mentally sick and ill.He mixes up so many things which starts a clash between the members.For instance,i,myself said that i want someone other heroine with Fawad,and if Mahira is confirmed,i want someone else to co-star her.But after that comment,so many people were fighting with me because i simply expressed my opinion.Ignoring all that,the admin would post another thing which would create another fight.Why does he/she enjoy doing that? And i would definitely say that there are so idiotic women who see nothing other than Fawad Khan.I mean come on,don’t we like him too? But just as an actor.We did not implement him on our lives.These women are so over that they find dramas like Ashkk and Numm entertaining because it has Fawad in it.’Pata nahi logo ko F and M q nahi hazam hote’ ‘Log jalte hain unse’.These comments were making me so angry.And simply they want to cast F and M only for the good TRP’s.They know how that worked in Humsafar.Even though if the actors aren’t suitable for that role! I have joined a lot of pages of dramas before they were being made.But none of them did like this page does.ZGH’s page was so simple.Just some photos from the set,a little something about the cast was all.
    The admin of MOL said something about the character Ayesha,and as everyone was recommending different actresses,i said Sanam Saeed because that role would suit Sanam pretty much.Did you know what did the admin reply? ‘But Ayesha’s character is beautiful,young and charming’ now tell me,does Sanam not have all these qualities? I am so annoyed by that page that i can go on and on.You know what Fatima,someone from this page should make a page about it,so we can know that this page is in trusted hands and not in hands of someone who loves to see people fight.

  • Yesterday when I check this page I had a weird feeling what type of Admn they are then looking at whole I become assure It’s all fake they are spreading rumors to have promote only their page.

  • Thank you Fatima , for putting all our feelings into words. I cannot agree more . IT is not that I don’t want this to happen , I would love to see such a serial but this would have been better kept under wraps till there was firm agreement from everyone involved . I still remember the rumours about a Nadia Jamil written script which so far have come to nothing . Again I hope that drama is made too ,but why not wait till everything is finalised before announcing everything ?

    • Sadaf, if you go on Nadia Jamil’s official fan page or twitter page, in her older posts, you’ll see that Nadia Jamil herself has said that she is almost done writing a script for Haissam Hussain so do check out her pages.

  • Salaams Fatima, I do agree that Mol’s admin shouldn’t have said that it will be a mega drama serial but other than that, the admin, like you said, has not confirmed the cast. If you check the Mol’s page daily, it is saying that Fawad is still reading the script and has not accepted the role. However, All Pakistani Drama Page on the other hand has said that Mol’s cast is finalized as Fawad Khan part of it- now that’s wrong.

    Mol’s admin has not finalized the cast. If you check the Mol page daily, they are not being desperate as they have not immediately told people that fawad khan is part of the cast.

  • o my gosh n i have been the victim too? :O but anyways,regardless of the final outcome of the serial i must say the news had got me glad for the moment which is what matters more to me actually,’THE HAPPINESS’. . although a temporary or better it be called a fake :D and yes that what gets us the distinction all around the globe,making upTHE FAKE STORIES.okay so finally putting a fullstop to my being so disappointed n more a sarcastic :/