The Biggest Disappointments Of The Season

The promos and the cast and crew of many plays seemed very alluring and promising in this season but sadly many of the shows which I personally was looking forward to turned out to be big disappointments. Expectations from a show vary from person to person depending on personal likes and dislikes. There are some writers and directors who we expect will always deliver and then there are actors who make you look forward to a drama. There have been a number of shows which attracted my attention because of the cast and there were others which seemed very promising because of the promos. Here is a list of plays some of which had tons of potential and which I believe many viewers looked forward to but they have failed to impress at least till now. The rule is simple, the higher the expectation the greater the disappointment.


I think we all know only too well why Numm tops this list but I am going to narrate the reasons nevertheless.

Firstly, the viewers were promised that the story revolved around the tradition of Vani, which meant that the tradition and its outcomes will be highlighted in this show. To begin with everything seemed out of place because in reality only very young girls are given away as Vanni to old men – which makes perfect sense! Secondly, in the real world they are treated as slaves, physically abused and what not because of apparent reasons. It was very difficult to relate to Mahjabeen as Vanni because she just came across as the first wife who never got the love and attention of her husband and not really Vanni in the true sense.

numm1Secondly, until now viewers have been waiting to find out what actually transpired in the past. The mystery guy who was shown in one of the episodes never reappeared in flashbacks or otherwise, Amtul seems to have been missing in action although in the beginning we were made to feel like she may have a big role to play in the story or that at least we will get to see her often enough. Wali’s character is anything but likeable and Kanza Wayne is just plain annoying mostly.

Numm started off quite well – there was mystery and intrigue but now it has become another story of a man stuck between two women. The play seems to have lost its focus already and it seems like it is going to be yet another one of those plays which you watch for the sake of your favorite star, out of sheer curiosity and also in the hope that it may get better.

numm2The promos of Numm were very enticing indeed – like it was going to be a magical ride; a masterpiece but until now it has been all about unresolved mysteries coupled with bad editing and direction with a few rewarding episodes in between. The thought of looking forward to another play with Fawad Khan in it actually scares me because he has proved that he may be a brilliant actor but sadly he is quite capable of making very bad choices.


The promos of this show were mind blowing; Sanam Saeed’s powerful screen presence made this show a must-watch for me. The story appeared to be very novel and the cast was also very unusual. It was good to see faces which we don’t see very often on screen and that was also one of the reasons why the viewers were led to believe that this drama will deliver.

kadurat 1

Kadurat’s rapid pace, different storyline, crisp editing and of course outstanding performances kept the viewers looking forward to more but things went from bad to worse when Mina’s character’s innocence and vulnerability was completely taken over by evil alone. The character which appeared quite grey shaded and pitiable in the beginning was turned into a completely negative character and therefore the audience failed to empathize with the main protagonist. It actually leaves the viewer’s clueless and annoyed to see two young, intelligent and educated girls putting their life on stake for no apparent reason. What’s more, the fact that there is no hope for them, does not help too.


It has to be another one of those plays which viewers continue to watch because of Sanam Saeed in particular and also because those of us who have invested so much time into following the play till now want to find out how the story will unfold in the future.


Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai

This play was being promoted especially on the FB pages for the longest time, like it was the next big thing. Ahsan Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Aysha Khan particularly are credible actors and you expect them to work in quality dramas. Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai also was quite watchable in the very beginning. Unlike many viewers who got annoyed with the “mystery” element of the play I actually looked forward to the moment when the mystery would be revealed but very soon (well a little too soon!) the dialogues became very repetitive and the story went haywire. The writer had a plot in mind but she failed to carry the story further in a convincing manner. Also, the direction of the play has been weak throughout these 11 episodes. Some of the actors seem unfit for their roles and some just look utterly bored! Ahsan Khan and Aysha Khan’s acting held my attention for some time but the characters are not very well-etched out and obviously even outstanding performances cannot possibly make up for that.


A drama should be a full package in order to keep the interest of the viewers intact. Good acting goes to waste if it is not supported by convincing character development and of course a compelling storyline. There are times when I feel for the actors because they have to settle for mediocre scripts perhaps because they do not have a better choice.


Syra Yusef has made very intelligent choices ever since she stepped into the drama world. All her plays and the characters that she has played in them have been commendable staring from Mera Naseeb to Tanhaiyaan Naye Silsilay. Honestly speaking until I watched Darmiyan Syra Yusef’s name guaranteed a quality script and an entertaining show. Also of course, Adnan Siddiqui and Sania Saeed both are very reputable names in the industry.

The fact is that Darmiyan never appealed to me; Syra Yusef has definitely acted better in the past and she has played much better characters too. Darmiyan’s story is highly unbelievable and also most unlikeable. The direction is very mediocre as well.


The trend from the mazloom aurat seems to be shifting to ghazabnak young girls who are out to seek revenge. The idea may sound good on paper but that too for a three hours movie perhaps but watching these heroines stoop lower than low to achieve their objectives and enjoying themselves while they are at it, is not at all entertaining but actually pretty repulsive!


Ek Kasak Reh Gayee

Yes, I confess, I am a big fan of Sanam Saeed and I look forward to any play or telefilm which has Sanam Saeed in the cast. One of the reasons for that also is that mostly even if the dramas that Sanam Saeed works in may not deliver in terms of story, direction or production values but she always gives her best. Also, after watching Talkhiyaan, I have been hoping to see her in another serial that is equally powerful.

Ek Kasak Reh Gayee failed to meet my expectations mainly because of its slow pace, low production values and also because some of the stereotype characters that you get to see in the play make you yawn! The play has a very depressing feel to it which almost seems forced at times. Unfortunately, Mikaal Zulfiqar yet again plays the same role which he has played so many times – the man who cannot get along with his wife and is interested in another woman.


Ek Kasak Reh Gayee is another play which focuses on a troubled marriage and is definitely full of clichés! But the thing that really puts me off is the dark and gloomy atmosphere.

Many other new plays also started in this season like Shehr-e-Yaran, Mere Hamrahi, Tar-e-Ankaboot, Rishtey Kuch Adhoorey Se, Kabhi Kabhi, Meri Zindagi Hai Tu, Sannata, Aasmanon Pe Likha, Aseer Zaadi, Khoya Khoya Chand and some more. I didn’t have high hopes attached to any of the other plays so even the weak storylines and other flaws didn’t disappoint me much. But the fact remains that there are hardly any plays on air right now which guarantee quality entertainment. The writers are compromising on the quality of scripts and even some good directors have not come up to people’s expectations. The viewers have a lot more options now than they did many years back but does quantity ensure quality? definitely not!

Were there any shows in this season which you truly looked forward to but they failed o impress you when they went on air? Do share your list with us.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • I agree with the list 100%! Even though I have only watched Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai & Kadurat but even a single episode of Numm was enough of a convince for me to believe that it was a fail as a drama.

  • everyone thought Kadurat was going to be a great hit because of it’s cast, storyline and plot. But at the end, i learnt a lesson: Never judge a book by it’s cover.

    • Agreed Maliha in fact the saying “Never Judge a book by its cover” holds true for all the above mentioned serials.

  • A plus dramas are much better but why writers stretch the story to kill the beauty. Mediocre script may be entertaining if its confind to 13 episodes.

    • A-plus have hired Noor-ul huda shah as head of script writing a post she previously held in HUM TV, perhaps that is why A-plus is progressing a bit.

    • Shamim I will definitely tune in to Aplus now. I usually stick to Geo, Ary and Hum. You are so right stretching the story seems to be a norm now, hardly any drama ends decently without testing the patience of the viewers!

  • We should credit HUM TV this season for the most pathetic dramas ever.You know Kadurat was never bad.I enjoyed everything about it,but that rape-to-nikah scene was unbearable! I started hating it from that.IDK why,but Numm never appealed me.Proabably because i had enough with Fawad’s first venture into GEO,ASHK.And waise bhi Numm and Ashk are almost synonyms :P While 2013 was the year of the Pakistani cinema,it was certainly not very good for TV!

    • lol so true about Numm and Ashk being the same on so many levels. How could FK do this to his fans AGAIN! He is ruining his reputation by working in such substandard serials. And its not like he works in 4 serials at a time, he is so “selective” and even then he makes the most unwise choices.

      • Exactly! and not only Fawad but Sania as well.She’s pretty commendable in the other two.But there’s this boring spell or some kind of thing on Numm.

    • totally! and u know why? coz Pakistani TV Industry is committing the same folly which our film industry did…”Formula working”. If drama like ‘Meiree Zaat Zarra-e-benishaan’ or ‘Mein Abdul Qadir hoon’ gets hit, everybody just follow the idea without even having any clue on a journey from ‘Ishq-e-Majazi’ to ‘Ishq-e-Haqeeqee’. When plays like ‘Maat’ or ‘Yehan Piyaar Naheen Hai’ gets hit every other serial will be on sister’s rivalry. And same goes for Comedy serials like sub pehle ‘Family Front’ ko copy kerte rehe aur ab ‘Bulbulay’ ko. they don’t know why these plays were phenomenal success is their ‘Originality’.

      • I agree, Pak TV loves picking on one hit idea and dragging it on each channel. What about morning shows? Why must each morning offer a show of same kind on each channel. What if someone doesn’t even like a morning show? You have nothing but a morning show with same types of segments one each channel and same type of name of the show.

  • Pakistani dramas downfall has started, few reasons are weak scripts, stories that lack emotional value and only show conspiracies, monopoly of few actors, actresses, writers directors and production houses.. Even locations are repeated again and again in different dramas….

    • Agree. Over the years, I have done some research and watched guide a few old PTV dramas. Old dramas like Kiran Kahani, Zer Zabar Paish, Ankahi, Tanhaiyyaan were nice family dramas. Our dramas were refreshing and progressive.
      Sadly the next generation of writers(Zia ul Haq’s children they are called) turned the clock back. Now most of our dramas are parochial and regressive.

      Now we rely on mediocre writers, cliched stories and over used over rated actors.
      Masses watch the dramas as it’s the only freely available entertainment.
      But that’s nothing to feel smug about.
      I think a bit of healthy competition will be good for our drama industry. They shouldn’t take viewers for granted. Few more Turkish drama may do the trick.
      About time our directors, writers, producers and actors put their act together.

      • anwar you are rite, old dramas especially in zia era were good, but that doesn’t mean there were bad dramas in Zia’s era, there were dramas of Quetta and Peshawar center in Zia era which were quite boring.

        Also PTV is still there, like private channels, PTV dont have to worry about revenue, as it is government funded, it never bothers about viewer choice and make its own way, i seldom met anyone who follows a PTV drama nowadays, means that PTV stuff is good but perhaps it is no more in demand by viewers.

        Hit PTV writers like amjad islam amjad, mustansir hussain tarar, haseena moin, asghar nadeed syed, fatima surrayia bajiya, younis javed are still alive but their pen is barren now, plays of haseena moin proved toothless and last serial of Asghar Nadeem, bol meri macchli was also like a copied indian drama a tale of five sisters.

  • totally agree with the list, apart from kankar, most of the dramas are not something to cherish about, this quartet of hum tv has been the most pathetic one, apart from kankar and zara si khalish rest are just time pass. I also had expectations from drama ‘yeh shadi nahin ho sakte’ on ARY to be a light entertainment, but it was dragged with no real meaning and proved a disappointment too.

    Out of all this one drama Saari Bhool hamari thee on Geo has been a bit better for me, where exploitation under the cover of affection and love is shown.

  • Despite having healthy interest in showbiz, and despite following pakistani dramas, I have to admit that by and large I’m not impressed by the standard of our dramas. Handful of good dramas out of dozens if not hundreds, reflects poorly.
    I’m glad I didn’t watch any of above dramas(including Kankar), the only drama that appealed to me was Numm. And how wrong and gullible we were. It’s no more than a bad joke.
    We should watch our dramas in objective, detached manner, without bringing skewed patriotism into it. If we set low targets, and appreciate substandard stuff on different forums, our drama industry will just be cesspool of mediocrity.

    • It might be your opinion but let’s not forget that pakistani dramas have come a long way to regain their lost position and mediocrity perhaps does not define the standard of pakistani dramas. It is another thing if you compare it with international stuff (keep in mind the production costs and profits). Secondly high targets or low targets, it is all about commercialism and money. Rona dhona, mazloom aurat and love triangles work for ratings and as long as the ratings will come we will continue to see these same concepts.

      • That’s called Twisted logic.
        Are you stating that commercialism and artistic standards are bipolar.
        You sound happy and resigned to low drama standards, shame.
        Sad it is but with few exceptions, our shows are mediocre.
        And please don’t blame viewers for poor standards; that will be short sighted ness

    • Anwar Suhail I know only too well how passionately you feel about Pakistani dramas and can totally relate to how you feel. I agree with Ehsan the masses are partially responsible for the current situation too. People still fall for the rona dhona alone, UBFN was shifted to 9pm slot and that only happened because it didn’t get enough attention.

  • very nice article.waaqi mein numm to kaafi boring drama hai and why fawad and sania signed this project.i was watching humsafar few days ago because i never watched it but i must say that its direction and editing is awesome and the acting is also brilliant abhi sirf 3 episodes dekhay hain although its story is nothing new but direction of sarmad khoosat is superb fawad should sign such projects or he must work with hum channel only.darmiyan jab poster is ka fb per dekha to laga ke wohi husband wife ke beech doosri aurat aayrgi aur darar dalegi but when i started watching this drama then it was different in the start but what i predicted before has happened now ke ab syra apni behen ka badla lene ke liye ab adnan siddique ke saath affair chala rahi hai i mean badla aur bhi kisi doosray tareeqay se liya ja sakta hai and kadurat well it was good in the beginning but now it has become worst and rishtey kuch adhooray se to waise hi bekaar hai but you didn’t mention kaash aisa ho which was also boring and dissapointing.and mujhe khuda pe yaqeen hai well zahra’s reviews are much entertaining than the drama and khoya khoya chand another dissapointing drama from ahsan khan.well only kankar is a good drama nowa days on tv because of good story by umera ahmed and good direction.i dont know what has happened to our writers why they are not writing good stories aur mere humrahi to haniya aur ahmed ki kahani kum aur samina aur ahsan ki kahani ziada lagta hai.aisa lagta hai jaise hania aur ahmed to dramay ke leads he hi nahi.well but a good article.

    • I am glad that you enjoyed reading the article fahad. I agree with you completely Khoya Khoya Chand and Rishtey Kuch Adhoorey Se are also examples of dramas with twisted story lines. But then honestly speaking I didn’t expect much from them either because of the writer and the director. Our writers directors and actors are losing their creditability, I wish they would realize that. I haven’t watched Kaash Aisa Ho, it was another play that never appealed to me. Thank you so much for taking time out to share your views I really appreciate it.

      • The most unbelievable drama is rishtay kuch adooray se,the writer tried to copy indian drama serial “susral simar ka” but failed miserably is it possible,that after nikah ,none of the susralis went to geeti to give her susral simar ka ,the bride immediately replaced her sister, after pheras.. now the way geeti is behaving with arsal ,is it possible any man will tolerate this ,even i would like to slap her face..11 episodes are gone still waiting when will she tell him the truth..hum channel has gone down the drain ,,sadly..

      • If you want to have negative energy and feeling just watch Kaash Aisa Ho, the drama was so depressing that it took me some time to watch it. We already are having depress life and to add more depression into that is like adding fire into fire.

  • I agree with the list you have! The only reason I find most of these dramas lame and boring because they seem copy of Indian dramas. Again the Pakistani television is back to copying Indian culture. Why can’t we show our culture and religion in our dramas. Why can’t producers, directors, writers see that has worked more than copying the indian television.

    • Totally agree with you many of the things we see in our plays nowadays seems inspired from Indian dramas. Although Pakistani dramas have always been much more realistic and credible than Indian ones.

  • Dont know cox of fk or what but numm still doesnot upset me. I do watch and enjoy it…
    Well baqi sub cases me i agree…:)

  • Salaams Fatima, shehr e yaaran and aseer ziadi are really going great till now, they have a nice pace and really interesting story. Sannata is also interesting.

    I also looked forward Mujhe Khuda pe Yakeen hai for a long time as it had a strong cast but when i saw the director and writer(Barkat siddiqui and atiya dawood), I had figured out that it will be a boring drama and hey it was. Kabhi Kabhi is also a fail as it has a similar storyline to Mere Qatil Mere Dildar where Mehwish Hayat is shown to be tortured by her in-laws after Ahsan Khan marries her.

    i also looked forward to darmiyan, taar e ankaboot, and kadoorat and dropped all of them after 8 or 9 episodes.

    Ok, so i know there are many haters of ullu barae frokht nahi and many who like it. There is an assumption on social media that this drama focuses on mazloom aurat and the feudal system-NO- it’s not like that all. Just because Noman Ejaz has done the Mera Saeein type of role and yet shows him to be a feudal in UBFN, it does not mean UBFN is the same!
    The writer is too good and takes the storyline to a continuous fast and gripping pace. The story is very unique and excellent acting by the main roles. It doesn’t focus on the same, old boring cast like today’s many dramas have where there is one boy and two girls or two girls and one boy. I strongly recommend anyone to watch UBFN.

    • I agree with you Aisha UBFN is an outstanding play that definitely keeps you glued to your seat but isn’t it sad that it had to be moved from the 8pm slot? Doesn’t that say something about the kind of dramas people really want to watch.

      • I was disappointed to know that it was moved from the 8 pm slot and replaced with MKPYH. The problem is that people are more interested in stories such as one girl-two boys or two girls and one guy and i don’t why directors and writers are not tired of having this type of cast in a drama. With this type of cast, similar type of romance stories are being produced. If directors and writers can compose a drama that has a mixed cast of various good actors who interact with each other, then definitely a good drama can be produced.

  • Has anyone watched Ek Aur Ek Dhai on ary-it’s a sitcom and is not hillarious but it has funny moments. Also, unlike other sitcoms-it comes once a week so u don’t have to follow it everyday. It airs every Friday, surely give it a watch!

    • I am glad we are on the same page Mona:) I thought some people will disagree but apparently Everyone here feels the same way about these plays which should technically be a wake up call for our drama makers!

  • Compare to foreign content serials I must say their are some good serials which are worth watching people like it. Adhoori Aurat, Sari bhool Hamari thi, Aasmanon pay likha and Aunn Zara are giving us entertainment. Few days back people were arguing there are no good serials rona dhona and muzloom aurat but if you are watching for entertainment then it’s okay but now a days HumTv airing worst dramey of this season no one have story-line and directions are also very weak.

  • I too like the majority of the audience agree with the article. However, it cannot be said that the industry is on the decline. The reason is that drama production has increased drastically over the last few years. There are 3 main channels which all air dramas daily from 8-9(this is without counting the soaps and sitcoms) 7 days a week. This means that we get to see 21 dramas from the 3 channels every 4 months after which new ones come out. So in a year there are around a 40-60 dramas we get to see. It is inevitable that the stories and concepts will relate to each other, at times be the same. Yet if we look closely there are still around 10-15 good dramas still coming out every year. It is these dramas that have raised our expectations so high that the rest are not able to meet like the ones included above. Perhaps more time is needed, more critical articles like these are needed and above all there should be a limit to the number of drama productions. I think soon young writers and directors will come and they will bring different dimensions to dramas.

      • Well Atif it is my opinion and secondly “a year” does not mean specifically 2013 but on average of the last few years. If you do the math then 10-15 means 2-3 good ones in a quartet and most would agree that we have two good ones in this quartet namely AZ, Kankar and also UBFN. Secondly I just mentioned good, not excellent or perfect or exceptional.

    • I agree with you Ehsan, all the honest feedback from the viewers will help our writers and directors mend their ways and the actors will think twice as well before opting for mediocre scripts which obviously effects their credibility. I am so glad that readers take time out to share their thoughts on different forums because that bridges the communication gap between the drama makers and the viewers. Thank you for reading the article and for giving your feedback:)

  • pathatic dramas all these. and please i request to pakistani dramas writters please dont go beyond the our culture. and dont make stories like star plus.

  • You should have mentioned “Khoya khoya chand”. that’s the most pathetic drama on air these days. I simply cant understand the plot of this drama. Kadurat, no doubt, was very interesting in the beginning mainly because of different cast and storyline, but then the story turned towards something unbelievable and unbearable. Thus, have stopped watching it. As far as mujhe khuda pe yaqeen is concerned, it was simply a failed production. the production mainly focused on the cast and locations and didn’t work on the story, dialogues and episode content. We were just tired of listening to the same dialogues and watching similar scenes again and again. and even when the GREAT MYSTERY was revealed, it was full of flaws. These days I am specially bothered by the slow pace of our dramas. even those with good scripts are dragged to an extent that viewer loses interest in it. there are almost 5-6 drama channel in Pakistan but I wonder none of them can produce a good quality comedy program or sitcom. Just tired of having dramas with scripts like that of “Bulbulay”. why cant we have good entertaining sitcoms???

    • Kankar is the only play worth mentioning. Aseezaadi is too larger than life kind of stuff and rest all are purane zamane ke rote dhote.
      e aurat kee mazloomiat ke drame. So boring

  • I watch kadurat bec of sanam saeed I think tha tshe had only one a gr8 job in this serial…don’t like any other characters

  • Personally i like Kadurat and Ek kasak reh gayi. And i evn read on fb, tht someone ommented on ek kasak reh gayi was had the best actors and an amazing story etc etc. So it’s kinda up to a person. I do get y ppl are disappointed by kadurat. But ek kasak… is not a disappointement. Numm was just blahhhhh i didn’t need to watch the any episode, but evry single promo of Numm told me tht this is going to be one of the worst drama’s of the year.

  • I read your article interesting. I don’t think so we can say 2013 is worst for drama industry. We forget Zgh was finished few month back after Zgh Kankar drama Started Dil-e- Muztar was a good one serial Aunn Zara is still on Air. I love these serial which are the biggest hit of this year. Now a days people Aasmanon pay likha so much So first i watched their promos and Ost which are interesting but after watching 2 episode I get disappointed with unrealistic story but this week when my daughter was watching this serial I am really impressed with the heroine she act very well and especially the thing I like in this drama and In Zgh when a man who respect his wife but also his family then automatically her wife not only love him and give him respect too.

  • I dont think Num belongs in this category. It has a different story line. It is a little slow but the unique story is a plus point.

  • Pertinent analysis Fatima. Thanks for reading and answering to all comments. Agree with you on all accounts. There seems to be mass production of dramas with little attention to quality. Numm has been a great disappointment.

  • Completely agree with you Fatima. All these plays are a total waste of time. I am watching some random stuff for pure comic relief , like asmano per likha tha is atrociously hilarious!

  • Fatima, you must watch Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahin. That and Kankar are the only good ones on air right now. I am 100% positive that aasmanoun pay likha hai is a copy of an indian movie. The story is highly unlikely for Pakistan! You are right, Fawad Khan is a good enough actor but has been making surprisingly bad choices lately! Even though I am a fan of FK and Sania, I cannot sit through Numm anymore.

  • Agreed about disappointment. Really! this season none of the dramas are even at the par except for Kankar. unfortunately, I also watch all the dramas you criticized with great disappointment, but continue to follow then in hope for some interesting twist but they are nothing but a burden to be completed because I have started following them now :D

  • I Agree Num,Kadurat Were really boring
    As For Num it was airing on GEO And you can’t expect anything else from that Channel But When I heard Fawad was in it and saw the promo I thought he did it for money because seeing it made me just feel like watching 4.4 rated movie which is boring as hell
    Kadurat was looking like a thrilling drama but then I just Said I don’t get it..I did not expect hum to do this I mean they had blockbusters in a row but then why? Why nothing the whole season
    As for ARY’s Darmiyan I thought it was fun to watch but then just a american film watching in parts
    This year what I’ve watched is Turkish drama’s because I don’t know what else to watch

  • i don’t know what’s wrong with hum tv. Yes, it produced some good quality plays like kankar but majority are all flops. Last year, it flourished.

  • U didnt mention Kadoraat drama…same fake rape case n buddha easily admit it wdout any proof n went fir nikah wd dat fake girl…tobba hy

  • I agree with all except Kadurat.
    I think Kadurat is a very interesting play, with lots of characters and their relationship to the central character (Minaa), who happens to be psychotic.
    She is not evil, she is mentally ill. Its getting a bit boring now and i hope that they end it fast enough.

    Also, I absolutely hate Khoya Khoya Chand. It is so bad that I want to punch my TV

  • All the above are waste of time and you should have added Khoya Khoya Chaand in that also. I watched Numm and still watching and have the same feeling. I can never really understand what exactly is the story or the plot or whose the main character. Bad choice Fawad, better luck next time.

  • dirmiaan bht different story hai.. esay events humhri society me hote hain bt play 1st time bna hai aur mujhe lgta hai ke ke dirmiaan aik acha play hai..

  • I dont agree I think Num is something worth watching we bored of watching same stories abt sisters fighting with each other for man its something different its may not have masala like other dramas but it has story and super acting skill shown by each and every actor they all are doing their job well at there is some thing different in it i always enjoy watching this drama i think now we all want dramas full of masala like star plus woe sas bahu ki larai nhin tu sisters k bech larai sazashiaan yah sab es drama main nhin thats y people dont like this

    • Totally agree.. Numm is something different!! Not usual rona dhona.. And above all those who think this is poor direction then please br quite.. Director has been trying to make audience feel the scenario from the way takes a scene.. And then actings have been very good too..

  • dont understand why NUMM is included here…the initial promos and trailers pretty clearly showed that it was going to be a boring and slow drama…only relying on fawad….

  • Dont forget KHOYA KHOYA CHAND and RISHTEY KUCH ADHOOREY. stupid idiotic stories that can ONLY HAPPEN in fantasy world!!
    they are gloryfying shameful behvaiours! like having a crush on sali and hoping all of a sudden wifey will die leaving you way to marry younger hot sali. AND having the hots for BEHNOI cos you thinkkkk youre married to him !
    aweful aweful aweful!
    starplus bloody crap!

  • Aseer zaadi, mere hamrahi, rishtay kuch adhooray, kabhi kabhi and sannata are something bearable to watch on TV in this season. The rest are the most boring dramas ever!! cant believe that we have no choice to watch good dramas this season!

  • Really sorry writer, its just your personal choice but its not truth actually.. Trps of above mentioned dramas especially Num and Kadurat has been in top 10 of the Week from last 2 months which depict that they are not flop, one can agree that they are not huge hits but they are not flop as per weekly trps.. And dear Numm has better trp than many of your favorite serials like UBN [Which had equally huge cast like Numm].. You can’t say that UBN is hit and NUmm is flop because you didn’t like it.. Dear at trp Num is not exceptional but decent..
    Really disappointed to give read such a pathetic article!!

  • once i was biggest supporter of pakistan dramas when there was MAAT, HUMSAFAR, MERA YAQEEN etc.BUT now a days i am bgigest fan of TURKISH dramas, they just rock! see muhtesem yuzil.. kool, and look now adays pathetic paki dramas … omg

  • aik kusak rah gye to abi start hoa ha os ko abi flop nai kaha ja sukta.
    kudurat is not bad tek response aya ha.
    num! bigest disappointment.
    mujy kuda pa yaken ha: them different ha bus.

  • I think Kadurat. Darmiyaan and MKPYH are somewhat better than others mentioned in the list. As for A+, I think u should watch Ranj-e-Aashnai, it’s awesome!

  • kadurat is one of he bst drama of the season they are tell us abt the reallity of every gul i guess bcz guls luv their father the most and if u love some one then we ussually say every thing is fare in love and war so one of the bst drama fazool k baki serial say bht acha bare bhen k husband ko choti lyk kasre that is a pathetic thing

  • >