Kadurat turns controversial-Is it a little too much?

Hum TV’s Kadurat is currently the most happening drama serial going on air which is enjoying a huge viewership and decent TRP in general. The drama is more like a ride where the viewer often lands up in a difficult state; all confused whether to hate Mina for her silly pranks she plans with her friend Shaheen to take revenge of her sufferings or to feel for her for all what she has been witnessing from her childhood.

The drama, written by Zoha Hassan, is a beautiful script which is quite near to the real world where the children suffer really hard when their father remarries, bringing them a step-mother after the death of their mother. However, Kadurat is now taking a new turn where the excitement of the plot is turning all controversial, especially after the recent promo which is now going on air. At one end where a pious relation of a brother and sister is put on stake with Mina now offering her brother to marry her, Shaheen’s greed and Mina’s revenge has crossed all the boundaries of decency with their latest move.


As been shown in the promo, Shaheen calls Mina’s father Mehmood at her place, telling him a lie about Mina’s health where Mehmood is drugged and the two girls capture his indecent photos while he lies unconscious.  Deepak Parwani is all exposed shirtless giving a real sick intuition to the audience about the story.


Watch Promo here.

The drama no more seems to be a Pakistani project but reflects an old Indian touch where all one can do to avenge is to make the story go this way. Knowing that we have some very broad minded readers here, I would not be passing my personal views over the issue, but would definitely like to add that watching such promos while your father and brother been seated beside you is really awkward and there seems no difference in between our culture and the foreign traditions we are often criticizing. 

Share your views about it please,


Nida Zaidi



My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • Agree with you 100%.. Even watching the promo alone made me feel uneasy.. I strongly believe that without these “scenes” and “stories”, our writers can come up with strong scripts

    • Exactly Amna, I wonder why do we now associate success with vulgarity only. A drama is hit for its script and acting, not for the added spice which is really unwanted here at least!

  • Haha! Thanks for pointing this out. I actually detest this drama ever since it started because I really can’t handle so much of a negativity, but now this has gotten cheap to some other level. The promos are actually sick & we had our fair shout of ‘HAWWW HAYEEE’. LOL!
    I am actually waiting for the actual review & will write about it there on the thread. I mean this is now far off from reality, even if we ignore the reality & take it as a drama seriously, I then think we really don’t need the dramas like these.

  • Totally right, television especially our drama is considered a program to be watched by whole family its not like an award, film or some special show, so element of decency is a must for drama.
    scenes of seduction or any situation like that has been shot in past, but within limits, and normally whole scenario is portrayed through dialogs and expressions. the most open or explicit one I remember was from bol meri machli on geo on tooba sidiki and javed sheikh. I must say such scenes can be equally well portrayed through some careful written dialogs without getting too explicit.
    On Sanam Saeed and Imran Aslam, I would say they are not shown full brother and sister, he is step brother of Mina he is not half brother. As per our religion marriage relationship among step brother and sister is permitted while half-brother or sister are same like full bother sister. This situation has been subject of many dramas even famous drama of 70’s afshan written by Fatima Surrayia Bajiya also has similar part in story story, where step brother of heroine afshan was her second hero. There was a recent drama on geo, where Sajid Hassan and Atiqa odho get married and their step children Mohib Mirza and Aminah Sheikh also get married later.

    • Thanks a lot for your share Rashid Bhai, yes, even I thought of Bol meri Machlee and Jalpari while i was compiling my work before this write-up.

      On Mina and Asad, yes, there is nothing wrong or against the law if they are even shown married on screen, but again, it is really unethical to promote this idea now.

  • Mina is doing all this to seek her father’s love all alone but in doing this she forgot her father’s respect

  • Very true.HUM always does that.A drama is going normal when suddenly they bring something which shocks everyone seeing that drama.Kadurat had been one fine,enjoyable drama,but unfortunately there’s this another thing again.And it wasn’t necessary at all.Just talking about such pictures would have been enough.The main thing is they want viewers to accuse Mehmood of such a behavior.Talking about it would have been fine.

  • You’re right it’s bit too much but I think we shall wait for the episode and then judge it, I don’t know why but I think Mina won’t be involved in this particular act it would only be Shaheer’s planning! I’m pretty sure I’ll be wrong but that’s my gut feeling, I don’t think any daughter can be so low. If Mina is involved in this, it’s very unrealistic.I think Shaheen will get married to Mina’s dad and then she’ll be very rude and bossy towards Mina.
    As far as Asad and Mina’s relation is concerned they aren’t siblings! Even according to Islam they can get married, there isn’t anything unethical, if Islam allows such a thing who are WE to judge! I think it would be better that we don’t make a fuss about Mina and Asad.

  • totally agree….whatever they are showing is not right. Respect for relationships should always be there…..in other way, they are teaching the already spoiled new generation to go beyond any limits for fulfilling their wishes…..

  • yeh kuch zyada ho gaya hai…. I was enjoying the drama till scene comes up. it’s no more a family drama. Writer should take these things in account before writing a drama

  • I am surprised to see so many sane people watching this show. I detest Kadurat.
    Unfortunately most if not allopurinol dramas are negative or parochial.
    Our drama industry needs a shake, and I think we need few more Spanish and Iranian drama ps to wake our industry from deep slumber.

    • agree with you nida zaidi. kamxkm ye xehn me rakhna chahye drama banaty k wakt k ap pakistani drama bna ray ho. jo pakistani apni families k sath beth k dykhyngy. na k akely akely…

  • Kadoorat just doesn’t seem that real in that a friend like shaheen can be such a committed friend to Mina that she is ready to marry her dad and do what she did in episode 11. Everyone has their own problems but that doesn’t mean that one friend is ready to do anything for his/her other friend.

  • Agreed its a prime time where the entire family is together, the kids too. this portrayal was despicable. Should not have been too open. Editing could have been done. Viewers would have understood what happened. Shaheen and Mina are mentally sick.

  • Shaheen had a bad eye on Mehmood since childhood. She has done it for the money and luxurious life. Mina will suffer through this act.

  • We need to remember that as Muslims and Pakistanis we have to remember our Modesty and Shame, it is a form of respect and it prevents us as a entire community to go beyond our limits that Allah SWT has set for us. We all need reminders and we are no one to judge, because only Allah SWT can do that. As far as our Pakistani dramas and Movies are concerned, many have become very bold and they are no longer comfortably viewed with the family. I don’t understand what is the necessity to add vulgar into our entertainment industry? What is the goal of it? It is only causing confusion for people and the youth on our values. It is time for the ones who are making the dramas and films to remember this.

  • Ok it is sick but why do you always drag India into it ? It is not an indian touch , there is plenty of indecency we need to stop which originates in Pakistan

    • good point. Also consider that many Indians watch Pakistani dramas because they are also sick of the vulgarity found in Bollywood.

  • HUM TV shuould be informed of their responsibility, this is not the way nor norms of our society..good that i didn’t watch the drama at all.

  • Nida Zaidi please go get a life. You are acting as if they showed the sex scene. Get a grip. HOW CAN OUR DRAMAS BE SUCCESSFUL WITHOUT MENTIONING SEX?
    On one hand, you complain that you want to move beyond cliched saas-bahu dramas and on the other you say that showing a man’s torso is crossing all boundaries. Make up your mind. If our industry is to progress, it must be at the stake of the “morals” of high-minded idiots like yourself and others commenting here. Good day.

  • The problem here is that, Pakistani audiences are failing to realize that HumTv is not a family channel. It is targeted towards women in our society. I have not seen a single show on Hum Tv that is meant for children. So maybe what audiences need in Pakistan is to segment timings properly and realize that not all entertainment on Pakistani channels is meant for children (which is a natural evolution, and should be this way). ‘Viewer Discretion’ system should be applied. HumTV is doing a great job. And if you see only from an adult’s point of view, Kadurat is a totally plausible albeit extreme story, which addresses issues that are prevalent in the society that is shown in the Serial. I do not see anything wrong with its content in the context of the story.

    Moreover, the description of the story given in the above article is not accurate at all.
    Mina is not a character that should be sympathized with. She is a psychopath and a deviant. I don’t know where the writer got her info.

  • I totally agree with you nida zaidi…n how they have promote such thing thst a daughter can be so shameless about her father and making him marry her friend for the revenge..its really ugly n pathetic notion ..I dont know what lesson r we elders conveying to our youngsters.:(((

  • very true, this drama Kadurat is not Pakistani version but looks like a Agatha christy novel a foreign version or a star plus drama music n thrill i am loosing interest in watching this drama any more BAKWAS but would definitely like to add that watching such promos while your father and brother been seated beside you is really awkward and there seems no difference in between our culture and the foreign traditions we are often criticizing.

  • ya sub india or turky dramas ma be to hota ha wo to pakistan ma bohat hit hota ha.to pakistani directors na be wohi stories bnani ha na. plzzzz criticize bade ma kury pehlu turky or indian dramas dekna bund kury:(

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