Aseer Zadi Episode 6 – Misunderstandings!

This show is getting more interesting by the week. This week’s episode concentrated on the development of Maira and Shahab’s relationship, and the problems both of them faced in their relationship.

photo(42)The stark reality of the people in the haveli was revealed in front of Maira the very first day. She had every right to be upset and disappointed with the way things had turned out. Her conversation with her mother showed her frustration, and how she feels about the whole situation. Like any parent, her mother was also upset after seeing her daughter so unhappy. If she thought that the situation was going to get better after she speaks to Badi Sarkar, then she was wrong. Amna gave her a reality check and made her realize what she had done to her daughter’s life. She seemed worried and scared for her daughter’s fate after that; but she also knows that it is too late to do anything for her daughter now.

photo(43)Shahab does not know how to deal with the situation he is in right now. Yasmeen is becoming more and more difficult to handle. He got a very cold response from her when he went to apologize to her for the slap, on the behest of Maira. Technically, he should have gone and apologized to her before Maira told him too. I love the fact that he always discusses all his problems with the Bibis, and give importance to their suggestions. Amna always cracks me up with her extremely weird suggestions.

It was a very sweet gesture from Maira’s side to think about Yasmeen’s feelings. But if she expected Yasmeen’s behavior to improve with her after that, then she was totally wrong. Yasmeen never leaves a chance to taunt her and always remind her that she would also suffer the same fate as her. This show highlights how some people believe in traditions that are pure nonsense. The concept of getting the heir from the third wife beats me! It is hard to believe that some people follow and believe in orthodox traditions which are highly illogical. Hopefully, Maira will break their highly illogical tradition very soon.

photo(48)I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between Shahab and Maira, and all their conversations were the highlight of the episode. First the cute breakfast scene and then the ‘honey’ and the ‘moon’ scene was a total treat to watch. Maira is slowly realizing now that Shahab is very different from what she had initially thought, and is finally opening towards him. Shahab and Maira’s laughter during the scene where he gives her the present seemed a bit forced to me though. Ainie Jaffri and Noor Hassan have excellent chemistry and I am looking forward to see more interaction between them.

photo(45)Just when Maira and Shahab were finally adjusting to the new situation; Fatima had to come and create problems for both of them. Her indecent behavior was ridiculous, and Maira’s anger was totally justified. But unfortunately, Shahab got all the blame even though he was innocent. Shahab can barely stand Fatima, but he has no say in who he wants to marry. Fatima is Badi Sarkar’s choice to be Shahab’s third and real wife, and Fatima always uses this to her advantage. She was gloating when Badi Sarkar was insulting Maira, and purposely showed the picture of her and Shahab’s house after marriage to Badi Sarkar in front of her.


Fatima became the reason for Shahab and Maira’s first argument. A little credit also goes to Yasmeen who instigated Maira in the first place. The preview for the next episode seems promising as Shahab will show Fatima her true place, and her reaction will also be worth looking forward too.

Fatima will not spare Maira for insulting her, and she will get back to her through Badi Sarkar. Next week’s episode will definitely be worth watching.

Do share your opinion about this week’s episode. I would love to hear your views!

Till Next Week

Mariam Shafiq


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  • Nice review. Glad the story is moving forward. The breakfast and honey-moon present scenes were nice, as you pointed out correctly the laughter seemed forced and prolonged. Let’s see how the drama progresses, hopefully Maria will bring about some changes to this household and Bari Sarkaar’s strong hold and control.

  • Maira told her mother how sad/upset she was but her mother hid the truth from her husband and said Maira is really happy. It was her father who had emotionally blackmailed Maira to agree to marry Shahab by saying very negative things about Maira, he had rejected Bilal’s proposal. The father should have been told that Maira is very unhappy ‘dozaq mein bheij diya’ in her words.

    • Even i found this weird. Maira’s father is to blame for her condition but i guess her mother did want Maira’s father to know how she really is. It would be a huge shock for him. Both of them are helpless now, even if she told him about Maira’s condition, they cant really do anything.

  • I love the reviews you write. I watch this drama for phenomenal script an amazing cast. I love looking at Noor Hassan’s scenes. He looks so in to this character and I have to give him credit for his flawless masculine voice and brilliant dialogue delivery. Hats off to this good addition to the list of male actors we have. After Fawad khan he is definitely my second favourite and out of Numm and Aseer Zadi I’d definitely choose Noor for his performance.
    Ainy jaffery is so pleasant to look at on the screen. I have a feeling that this drama is going to be the next Humsafar of its time.

    • Thankyou so much Ayla!

      Yes, Noor Hasan’s performance in this show is a huge surprise. He had improved soo much!

      Well, both Fawad and Noor performed together in Humsafar and I personally feel that Hasan did not get much recognition after the show. It was mostly Naveen, Fawad and Mahira that people keep on repeating when they talk about Humsafar.
      I won’t compare Fawad with anyone because he is a very good actor.

  • After watching this episode I have only two things to say; Parents cannot be insensitive
    for their only daughter. In this regard this serial sounds a bit too far from

    Secondly, Maira lets Fatima into the bedroom first and then she blames Shahab for his
    inappropriate behaviour. Either she had stopped Fatima or if she couldn’t, she
    shouldn’t have blamed him for it. After all she is well aware of Fatima’s nature.

    • Thanks for commenting Sofia!

      Oh some parents can be insensitive! There are a lot of child mariages in our society and some even sell their children for money! Maira’s parents did it because they were in debt of the family without thinking about Maira’s future.

      Oh yes, even i found that weird! Why did she let her enter in the first place! Shahab was just stuck in an extremely awkward situation.

  • I think the serial is very unrealistic and filmi. Also, I hate the way they show men having multiple wives, moving on to the next one very easily and giving ‘thapars’ and slaps to the previous one when ever they feel enraged! This trend needs to be discouraged. Men in our society are quite violent and aggressive anyway. The role models on our TV are making things worse. It is not villians who are doing this. The heroes of our dramas (Shahab in Aseerzadi and FK in Numm) are doing it. I find this very repulsive!
    The whole concept of only the third one getting pregnant in Aseerzadi and the other two wives wearing widows garbs would be pathetic if it was not so very hilarious! Where have you ever heard of such things??? Can’t understand why Hum TV has spent so much money for a trashy story like that? They usually come up with very true to life stories so this one is just too difficult to digest.
    The whole ‘bari sarkar’ thing is very filmi and though Sania Saeed has acted very well, the character and the story line is quite nauseating.

    • I wouldn’t say that majority of men in our society is violent, but what I totally agree with is that they are aggressive. Besides, I would add that it is sexist as well. (I
      am really sorry to say this in case there is a man over here.) Sexual harassment
      is quite common in our country. I hate the way they gaze at women, as if they
      haven’t seen one in their life. All women in our county should wear a Sulemani Topi beside the Hijab.

      I don’t think that it is a trashy story. Some of its main elements are ironically meant, particularly polygamous one. May be the characters like Bari Sarkar really exist in our society!

      Well, in case of Numm the “victim” wanted the slap herself.

      • It is not a case of whether the slap was deserved or not. To many men who indulge in domestic violence, the slaps they confer on their wives are well deserved! Everyone has a different view point. But when you see role models who are supposedly the heroes slapping their wives and then getting away with- it is very repulsive.The trend seems to be increasing. Another is the use of alcohol and cigarettes. “Kankar” is different as the issue of domestic violence has been tackled head on and so the violence by Fahad is necessary and needed in the story.
        I belong to a rural set up and though there are many horrifying customs, the one portrayed here, where the women wear white because they cannot or WILL not have children just because they are no 1 and no 2 is way beyond everything. I have never seen or met anyone from such a family or one headed by a ‘ bari sarkar’ ( has anyone ?) We already have very bad customs , please don’t add new ones. Next we will see women expected to dress in white because they are childless! Story is very unrealistic and silly! Expected better from Hum!

    • Hello NDL!

      I agree some shows show a lot of violence, but I think Yasmeen had gone overboard with her words and that is why Shahab slapped her! Her words were plain cruel. And i agree with Sofia that the girl in Numm made the situation worse for herself.

      Trust me, people like these still exist. In rural areas and many places that we have never been to, some extremely pathetic customs are followed which will only disgust us.

  • Thank you Mariam for such a nice review. I actually started watching the drama from the 5th episode & my mother got the previous story covered for me. :)

    I really liked Maira & Shahab’s scenes as they were done really decently. Hated seeing the women in the whites actually suffering for something they had no choice about but I wish that after getting married to Maira, Shahab breaks the monotony. & I absolutely hate his 3rd wife-to-be. I am definitely going to watch it from now on. :)

    • Hello Zahra, thank you! :)

      This show is good and why i started watching this show in the first place was because of Sania Saeed. She is spectacular in her negative role. Then eventually, i started liking the story too. The concept of previous wives wearing white is so weird :/
      And so is the concept of having children from only the third wife. Its so hard to believe that people still have such backward and illogical thinking.

      Fatima is truly very annoying. A spitting image of Badi Sarkar..

      • Hai na. Uff, I was gutted to see those white wali’s suffering & the 3rd one acting up all arrogantly just because she had a child. LOL! But even if it’s sad, such concepts are still practiced by so many out there. Would love to see what happens next. ;)

        So from now on will be having a lot more conversations heheheh!
        Plus I think 7 is my number now because started following Kankar from the 7th episode & now this one too. LOL! ;)

        • Well, I know one thing about whats going to happen next; Maira will definitely break the tradition of having child with the third wife.

          Haha, looking forward to the conversations! :)
          There are so many good shows on air nowadays. I just don’t know which one to watch!

  • Nice review…mjhe iss drama keh liye bohat bura lagta hai keh itna acha drama hai but just bcuz of Numm or should i say FK isko sahi audince nahi mil rahi……but i think in up-coming epis isko woh audince mil jaigi jo yeh drama deserve kerta hai..bcuz Acha drama ek Ache Chehre se bara hota hai….
    Aur ek baat..woh scene jisme Sania ek damm se cheekti hain Mahira keh uper keh Joti utha ker marongi…God!!!!! kia scene hai woh…mene 3,4 bar rewind ker ker keh dekha usko phir bhi dil nahi bhara….Sania wz awsm awsm awsmmmmm!!

    • Thankyou for commenting Aiman!

      Numm has its USP that is Fawad and so people watch that. But you know what? The surprising part is that Numm and Aseer Zadi got the same ratings this week. Numm might have Fawad but it is a pretty slow show.

      Sania Saeed is amazing, no doubt about that. Her performance is so power packed that it leaves you in awe of her.

    • Numm is not being watched only because of FK. Sania saeed is superb in it. The story is very deep and well written, the Direction also is very good. The feudal set up is very real and true to how it is today. I personally know of many scions of feudal families who have returned from London school of Economics/ Oxford, with no change in their feudal mind set. The reasons vary from being cowards to enjoying the status quo as it suits them. Hence, to me the story , the feudal set up and the complex characters of Numm are much more thought provoking then indian drama type ‘bari sarkar’ bit in aseerzadi.

      • sorry to say but aap ka comment perh ker mjhe hansi aa gai….Sania is fab actress but logo ne is drama ko Sania k liya nahi Fawad Khan ka drama liye dekhna shoro kis tha..infact ab bhi jo bachi khuchi audiance Numm ko dekh rahi hai 90% of them are FK fans…its actully gud thing k FK can pull audiance..warna aaj kal Numm se ache dramas aa rahe hain but Numm ko dekhne wali 80% overseas audiance ne unko try bhi nahi kia hoga infact unko patah bhi nahi hoga….bcuz woh sirf FK ya Mahira keh drama ka wait kerte hain….dosri baat Numm jis topic per based hai us topic per Numm say 100 times better dramas past main ban chuke hain..infact abhi kuch aarse pehle Hum Tv per hi “Muhabbat Ruth jai toh” bhi feudal based topic per banna tha but uska to name bhi nahi patah hoga 90% logo ko jo Numm ko dekh rahe hain through internet….

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